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👩‍🎓 | Programming workshops to move Pokemon can be held at "CoderDojo" nationwide


Programming workshops to move Pokemon can be held at "CoderDojo" nationwide

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"Let's move Pokemon by programming" is a workshop for beginners who can experience moving Pikachu and Eevee in the educational programming language "Scratch".

CoderDojo Japan is a workshop program "Let's move Pokemon by programming ... → Continue reading


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"EdTechZine" is an online media of educational ICT (EdTech) for all people who want to learn and want to teach.
We hope that our readers will be able to help themselves to become involved in society and lead a fulfilling life.

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Programming language

Programming language[Annotation 1](Programming language,British: programming language) IsComputer languageOfComputer programTo describeFormal languageIs[1].

Japanese Industrial StandardIn the standard name of JIS X 3000 series, all are "program language" (example: JIS X 3001 program language). Fortran, JIS X 3014 Program language C++) Therefore, it is sometimes regarded as a programming language according to it, but since it is a programming language in English, it becomes a programming language according to it.The name of each programming language is sometimes called simply by its name, such as Java, but in the case of a single letter such as "C", it is difficult to understand in most contexts, so only the "language" part is used.SuffixUsed as "C language"And so on.


Natural languagethe same as,Syntax rules(LinguisticsSay inSyntax theoryRule) andSemantic rules(AlsoSemanticsRule).Some languages ​​have formal or informal (natural language) specifications (often syntactic rules are formal, semantic rules are not), and some languages ​​are implementation-only. There is also a language.Programming languages ​​make it easier to understand the tasks of organizing and processing information.algorithmCan be expressed accurately.In particular,Turing completeIs a feature[2]..It was also designed for programming applications.LojbanThere is something that lies between the human language and the programming language.

Programming languages ​​are characterized by a very high demand for accuracy and completeness compared to human conversation.When humans interact with each other in natural language, even if there is a spelling mistake or a grammatical error, the other person corrects it appropriately from the situation and grasps the exact content.But computers don't work with ambiguous instructions, and programmers can't understand the intent they put into their code.With language specificationsProgramThe combination of and its input data must be able to completely specify the result (behavior observed from the outside) when the program is executed.

Many languages ​​are designed to meet new needs, combined with other languages, and eventually become obsolete.There have been some attempts to design a universal language that can be used for all purposes, but no language has succeeded in that sense. [Annotation 2]..Behind the birth of diverse languages ​​is the variety of situations in which languages ​​are used.

  • There are a variety of programs, from short scripts written as a hobby to huge systems written by hundreds of programmers.
  • Programmers range from beginners who want simplicity in their language to experts who prefer fairly complex languages.
  • Also in the systemMicro controllerからSuper computerThere are many, and it is necessary to balance performance, size, and simplicity.
  • Some programs will continue to be used once they are developed, while others will be fixed on a regular basis.
  • Ultimately, programmers may choose a language according to their taste.

A higher level of common trend in programming language development抽象 化Is trying to gain higher problem-solving ability.Early programming languages ​​were very close to the level of computer hardware.As new programming languages ​​were developed, features were added, allowing programmers to express their ideas farther from hardware instructions.Separating programming from hardware increases programmer productivity[3].

As a way to eliminate the need for programming languages ​​in programmingNatural language processingThere is also the aspect that has been proposed.However, the direction has not reached practical use, and discussions continue.Edgar DijkstraCriticized programming in natural language in the position of preventing meaningless instructions by using formal languages.[4].Alan ParisWas in a similar position[5]..The historically confusing argument around here is, after all, a kind of dogma that "programming is necessary to utilize a computer, and programming is done in a programming language" is decomposed into the following two events. It became a meaningless discussion.That is, "computerModerate utilizationIn that case, by utilizing various application software, natural language recognition and natural language processing technology (smart speakers, etc.), it is no longer necessary for users to program by themselves. " In order to make the best use of it, specifically, to create such a natural language recognition and natural language processing system itself, programming is still necessary, and the importance of programming languages ​​will increase, not decrease. " Is.

Difference from natural language

The programming language was originallyA humanIs designed to send instructions to a computer and instruct how to execute it, so that the computer can analyze it without ambiguity.In many cases syntactic mistakes are unacceptable and humans must enter sentences that strictly follow the grammar of the programming language.

On the other hand, in generalNatural languageGrammar rules are much more complex than programming languages, and there are many exceptions.However, this does not mean that the rules are generally sloppy or ambiguous.In general, the rules of natural language are profound and may be backed by surprising irrationality or surprising rationality.Sometimes it is backed by something that is neither surprisingly irrational nor rational, and sometimes it is surprisingly unlined.

In addition, the meaning of natural language is often determined by its context.On the other hand, programming languages ​​are designed so that their meanings cannot change depending on the context so that they can be easily handled by computers, but there are cases where there are parts that are determined by the context.There are some in most languages.

Natural language takes a long time due to misuse and fashion, and changes in an unintended manner due to the use of many people.However, the rules of programming languages ​​change only by the intent and work of the language designer.In reality, the language designer may be "many people" (there are many implementers for languages ​​with simple specifications, and in such cases it can be said that each implementation has its own specifications. ), Some programming languages ​​have changed over time, just like natural language, with the use of many humans (such as Lisp).In addition, programming languages ​​are also popular, and it is not uncommon for specifications to be set later for a kind of "misuse" that was not specified in the original language specifications.

Humans usually useJapaneseSuch asNatural languageUsingComputerSome people fantasize that it is ideal to be able to instruct.However, natural language is so complex, ambiguous and anomalous that it is very difficult to write a program that can compile it into machine language (not a problem that cannot be compiled, but its meaning is "complex, ambiguous and anomalous" in the first place. The problem is that it is anomalous, but those who do not understand it fantasize about it at the beginning).Although such research is underway, no general-purpose and practical program has been created yet.

Therefore, we will create a simple, strict and regular artificial language that is more restrictive than natural language and substitute it.This isProgramming languageIs.Programming languages ​​are somewhat more difficult for humans to handle than natural languages, but they are much more familiar than machine languages, reducing the hassle of human instructions.By the way, it has both formalism for computers and flexibility for humans.LojbanSome of them have different original development purposes but can potentially function as one programming language.

Most programming languages ​​are basically mostlyContext-free grammarHowever, not all grammatical restrictions in programming languages ​​can be expressed in context-free grammars, and they may be more restricted than context-free grammars or extended to context-free grammars. , In many cases, it is not completely in line with context-free grammar.


Of the programming languageSortThere are many laws.

As one classification method (and as a classification method that is mentioned as a kind of standard in computer science textbooks and information processing engineer textbooks), it is either machine-oriented (CPU-oriented) or human (thinking). It is a method of classifying by leaning orLow-level language(British: low-level programming language) / High-level language(British: highh-level programming language). As an example of a low-level language (also known as "low-level language / high-level language"),Machine language"Instruction code"[Annotation 3]And one-to-one correspondence "command word"[Annotation 4]Programming withAssembly language(British: assembly language). (Machine language may also be counted as one of the low-level languages.) As an example of a high-level language to be contrastedPerl,Visual Basic,Lisp,PHP,Java,PythonAnd so on. (Note that the boundaries are a little vague, and C language was once regarded as a "high-level language", but since many higher-level languages ​​have appeared since then, C language that does not manage memory today. May be classified as a "low-level language".)

Another classification method isExecutionThere is also a way to classify programming languages ​​by method,InterpreterFormal language(interpreted language (s)) / compilerFormal language(Compilation language,compiled language (s)).Examples of interpreted languages ​​include PHP andRubyCan be mentioned.Examples of compiler-based languages ​​are C, C ++,Erlang,Haskell,Rust,Go, FORTRAN,COBOLAnd so on.Some languages ​​can be executed by the interpreter method and can be executed by the compile method.And since there are cases such as "It can be executed by either method, but the basic is the compilation method", the classification may be a little ambiguous.Some people classify it as "pure compiled language" when they have to point to a language that can only be executed by the compilation method.[6]..Since Java is compiled and then executed, it is possible to classify it as a "compile method", butJust-in-time compiler (JIT)Java virtual machineTherefore, it is often pointed out that "Java is an intermediate method between the compilation method and the interpreter method", and it is in an ambiguous position.

In the past, the method of classifying by human use was often used.For exampleGeneral-purpose programming language / Programming language for business calculation / Programming language for scientific and technological calculation ... etc. In the 1970s and 1980s, it was written that "COBOL is an example of a programming language for business calculations, and FORTRAN is an example of a programming language for scientific and technological calculations", but in recent years such classification has become less common.Java is classified as a "general-purpose programming language".C#, Python[7], Visual Basic, Ruby, etc.

Procedural language[8]Whether it is or notProcedural language(British: procedural language) / Non-procedural language(British: non-procedural language) Is also available.FORTRAN, an example of a procedural languageALGOL, C language, COBOL,BASIC,PascalAnd so on.

Object-oriented programmingWhether or not it has a mechanism suitable forObject-oriented language(object-oriented language (s))/ Non-object-oriented language(non-object-oriented language (s)) May be classified.

Structured programmingJudging whether or not the specifications are suitable forStructured programming language(British: structured programming language) Is also available.

threadThere is also a method of classifying as parallel language / non-parallel language depending on whether or not multiple languages ​​can be generated and managed.

The 1950s (and 1960s)Theory of computationTheChomsky hierarchyAt the time when the concept and theory were announced, there was an attempt to abstractly classify computer languages ​​into "type 0 / type 1 / type 2 / type 3" based on their ability to express calculations. ..However, such classifications are rarely introduced in recent years.The interest of programming language users and language developers in the world has already moved to another level.[Annotation 5]

There are so many classification methods in programming languages ​​(as is often the case in other fields) that some people do "classification of classification methods" in an attempt to sort out the classification methods that tend to be confusing.For example, about the classification method of high-level languages,Programming paradigmSome people say that it is possible to classify by "classification method by / not by".

Since there are many classification methods for programming languages ​​as described above, each programming language can be classified into a plurality of categories.For example, assembly language is classified as a "low-level language" and a "non-object-oriented language". Java is classified as a "high-level language", an "object-oriented language", and a "concurrency language". Python is an "object-oriented language" and "Script language". Lisp is a "multi-paradigm language," a "functional language," and a "procedural language."

Besides that, "to classify the programming languages ​​that computers use to control printers (and monitors), etc."Page description languageThere is also a classification method called ".A typical example of a page description language isPostScriptCan be mentioned.For example, when printing beautifully with a printer, the command "Print" is selected from the buttons and menus on the screen. At that point, the printer control program in the PC automatically generates a program in the PostScript language, and that program Is sent to the printer via cable or Wifi, and it is executed on the side of the printer that received it, so that it is filled with beautiful printing and delicate curves.fontIs realized.

Other programming languages ​​(like jokes) that aren't very serious, but are purposely made to be difficult to understand, are especially "Esoteric programming languageIt may be classified as.

Types of programming languages

New programming languages ​​are being created almost every year. As of February 2008, "Computer Language Dictionary"[9]8152 programming languages ​​were listed in.

If you want to know the programming language whose article is posted on WikipediaList of programming languageschecking ...


Early development

Depending on the definition of "computer" (the word), if we call it a "machine driven by a computer program", then the computer program was born and raised with the computer, and the notation of that program. It means that there was a programming language.Charles Babbage Difference organizationPlanned followingAnalysis agencyIt is,Punch cardBecause it had a mechanism that was controlled by a row of cardboard with holes that could be said to be the ancestor of19st centuryIt is sometimes called "computer" or "steam-powered computer".

20st centuryIn the beginning,Tabu rating machineByPunch cardThe mechanical processing of data using is started.Not only that actual aspectTheory of computationAs1930 eraから1940 eraOveralgorithmProvides a mathematical abstract expression that expressesLambda calculus(Alonzo Church)WhenTuring machine(Alan Turing) Was devised.Lambda calculus also influences subsequent language design[Annotation 6].

In the 1940s, the world's first group of electronic digital computers was created.1950 eraEarly computerUNIVAC I,IBM 701Then.Machine languageWas using.Machine language programming will soon be availableAssembly languageIt was superseded by programming by. In assembly language in the late 1950sMacro instructionCame to be used, then FORTRAN,LISP,COBOL3High-level languageWas developed.These have been improved and are still in use today, having a significant impact on subsequent language development.[10].. Late 1950sALGOLHas appeared and has had various influences on subsequent languages.[10]..The specifications and usage of early programming languages ​​were greatly influenced by the restrictions of the programming environment at that time (program input using punch cards, etc.).[11].


1960 eraから1970 eraBy the end, the major language paradigms in use today were developed, many of which were improvements to the ideas of the very early third-generation programming languages.

The ideas of these languages ​​have been passed down to various languages, and many of today's languages ​​belong to one of these lines.

The 1960s and 1970sStructured programmingIt was also a time when there was a lot of controversy about[14]..One of the most famous of the controversies was published in the Communications of the ACM in 1968.Edgar DijkstraLetterGo To Statement Considered Harmful[15]Will.As a subsequent counterargument and guidelineKnuth OfStructured Programming with go to StatementsThere is.

The 1960s and 1970s were also advances in techniques that reduced program memory usage and increased programmer and user productivity.Early4GL(Fourth Generation Programming Language) has dramatically reduced the amount of source code compared to writing the same program in a third generation programming language.

Integration and growth

1980 eraWas an era of relative integration.C++Is an integration of object orientation and system programming.In the United States, for the purpose of using it for munitionsTo giveThe system programming language called was standardized.In Japan etc., logic programming was appliedXNUMXth generation languageSpent resources on research[16]..There has been a move to standardize ML and LISP in the functional language community.None of these were intended to create a new paradigm, but to improve the ideas that had been created so far.

One of the key language design trends of the 1980s, aimed at programming for large systemsmoduleThe point that adopted the concept of. As a language that adopted the modular system in the 1980sModula-xnumx, Ada, ML, but before that, alreadyPL / ISupported modular programming.Modular systemGeneric programmingOften used as a component of[17].

1990 eraIn the middle,インターネットThe rapid growth of the country has created an opportunity for new languages ​​to be created.PerlWas a scripting language on UNIX released in 1987,WebsiteNow used for dynamic content creation.JavaHas come to be used for server-side programming.



The appearance of a programming language is its syntax (syntax ・Syntax theory) Is determined.Use figures etc.Graphical programming languageOf most programming languages, thoughSource code TheStringIs.In file formatPlain textIetext fileIs used.

Also, in most programming languages, we first remove whitespace from the source string (called lexical syntax in English) to extract the least meaningful categorization.Words(Token) ”, and the syntax is often treated as a sequence of words.The process of cutting out words and classifying themLexical analysis, The process of checking the orderParsingThat.

To show lexical rules (for lexical analysis)Regular expressionBut and to show the syntax rules (for parsing)Backus-Naur FormIs often used.

The following isLISPA very small subset of the syntax of.

expression :: = atom | list atom :: = number | symbol number :: = [+-]? ['0'-'9'] + symbol :: = ['A'-'Z''a'-' z']. * list :: ='(' expression *')'

This is the following rule.

  • expression Theatomorlist.
  • atom Thenumberorsymbol.
  • numberIs a string of numbers of one or more characters, optionally preceded by a sign (without spaces).
  • symbolIs any string that begins with an alphabet (without spaces).
  • listIs a pair of parenthesized symbols, with zero or more in betweenexpressionThere is.

As an example according to this,'12345','()','(a b c232 (1))'and so on.

Many languages ​​are designed so that not all syntactically correct programs are semantically consistent.[Annotation 7][Annotation 8]..Also, even if they are semantically consistent, the person who wrote them may not be able to correctly reflect their intentions.

belowC languageThe code fragment is syntactically correct, but semantically problematic.p TheNull pointerSo,p-> realp-> imAttempting to evaluate is "undefined", in this case probablySegmentation faultCause.

complex *p = NULL;
complex abs_p = sqrt(p->real * p->real + p->im * p->im);


Natural languageLinguisticsSyntax (Syntax theory)WhenSemanticsThe "meaning" of a programming language is what the program expresses, as there is.For example, "a + b The value of the expression is the sum of the value of a and the value of b. "Program SemanticsFormal semantics in the fieldFormal semantics,British: formal semantics) Has also been studied, but there are also languages ​​that give meaning in natural language, such as the C language standard, and languages ​​that give meaning in informal pseudo-languages.

Type system

Type systemIs the value of an expression in a programming languageData typeabout,Type theoryIt shows how to classify and handle based on.

Also, internally, all digital computersデータ Thebinary(Binary system) Is held.

Typed and untyped languages

Typed languages ​​areType systemBy each valueData typeHas a mechanism (more or less) checked to prevent undefined operations from being performed, depending on[18].

For example,"this text between the quotes" Is a string type value.Usually, the operation of dividing a number by a string is meaningless.Therefore, such programs are rejected.Depending on the language, it is detected at compile time (static type check) and compile fails.Some languages ​​detect at runtime (dynamic type checking) and make exceptions, while others perform some kind of corement (type coercion). (Theoretically, it refers only to static systems.Type system(Sometimes)

(A special example of a typed language is a monotyped language.REXXScripting languages ​​such asSGMLMarkup languages ​​such as handle only a single data type.In many cases, the data type at that time is a character string type.

Assembly languageUntyped languages ​​such as can perform arbitrary operations on arbitrary data, and the data is simply treated as a bit string of a certain length.[18]..An example of a programming language that has some high functionality but is typeless (or single type) isBCPL,Forth(It is not without the concept of type itself. For example, there is an operator called "addition to floating point". However, the operator causes the bit pattern of the word to be a floating point number regardless of the operand. It is considered to be expressed and added.)

As I wrote "more or less", few languages ​​have "strong" type systems, and many have adopted a decent type system.[18]..Many practical languages ​​provide means to bypass or overthrow the type system.

Static and dynamic typing

Static typing(Static typed language[19]In), the types of all expressions are determined before executing the program (generally at compile time).For example, an expression such as 1 or (2 + 2) is an integer type, cannot be passed to a function that expects a string, and cannot be assigned to a variable defined to store a date (type).[18].

In static typing, when you specify the type andType inferenceMay be done.In the former, the programmer must specify the type in the appropriate position[Annotation 9]..In the latter, the compiler infers the type of the expression from the context.C++,JavaIn major statically typed languages ​​such as, specify the type.Full type inference is used in non-mainstream languages ​​(Haskell,ML).However, languages ​​that specify types often support partial type inference.For exampleJava,C#Now, type inference is performed in limited situations.

Dynamic typing(Dynamic typed language[20]), Type safety is checked at run time.In other words, the type is given to the run-time value, not the expression on the source.[18]..Like type inference languages, dynamically typed languages ​​do not require you to specify the type of an expression or variable.It is also possible for one variable to store different types of values ​​during program execution.However, I couldn't automatically detect the type error until I actually executed the code,debugIs a little difficult.As a dynamically typed language,Ruby,LISP,JavaScript,Pythonand so on.

Strong and weak typing

Semantics of execution

Once the data is entered, the computer will perform some processing on the data. "Executive semantics (British: execution semantics) ”Defines when and how the components of a programming language generate the behavior of the program.

For example, in an expressionEvaluation strategy(Advance evaluation,Partial evaluation,Lazy evaluation,Short-circuit evaluationEtc.) are part of execution semantics.Also,Control structureConditional execution practices in are also part of the execution semantics.

Standard library

A "library" is a set of auxiliary routines for writing and using a program.Many programming languages ​​are standard, although they may be part of the language specification or independent of the language itself.ラ イ ブ ラ リThe specification of is almost always present, and the implementation of the standard library is almost always attached to the implementation of the language.Typical for the standard libraryalgorithm,data structure,Input/outputOften includes mechanisms and the like.

From the user's point of view, the standard library is also part of the language, but from the designer's point of view, it's a different entity.The language specification defines the parts that must be implemented, and in the case of standardized languages, it also includes the standard library.The boundaries between languages ​​and their standard libraries vary from language to language.In fact, some languages ​​may not be able to use some language features without the standard library (for example, some languages ​​have exponentiation operators, but the compilation result is a function call on many processing systems in that language. Well, if the language specification stipulates to call the corresponding function in the standard library, it means that "some language features cannot be used without the standard library").

Macros are often included in libraries as well.For example, the C standard stipulates that some names may be provided by macros rather than functions.AlsoLispIn system languages, many so-called special formats can be implemented with macros instead of language embedding, and one is required like if and cond, but if there is one, the other can be made into a macro. There are also things.SchemeThe standard of is left to the processing implementer to decide which is the language embedded and which is the macro.

Design and implementation

The design of a computer programming language is shown as a "language specification" and the implementation is called a "language processing system".The following is an overview of them.


As mentioned above, programming languages ​​consist of syntax and meaning, so there are also syntax specifications and semantic specifications for specifications.

Syntax specification

Syntax specifications are generallyBackus-Naur FormIt is formally indicated by.

Semantic specifications

Semantic specifications are often written in natural language, but some languages ​​are given formally.

Formal semanticsProgram SemanticsAs an example of describing semantics in (see also article) Standard ML[21] , Scheme[22] There is.


In addition, some languages ​​are given specifications in the following styles.

Processing system

The implementation of a programming language is called the programming language processing system.compilerIt is,Source codeInput such asIntermediate representationIt is a processing system that converts to expressions that are easier to interpret and execute.Also,InterpreterIs a processing system that interprets and executes the input program (in hardware)ProcessorIt is,Machine languageInterpret and executeInterpreterCan be seen as).

Theoretically, the relationship between the compiler and the interpreterNimura projectionIt is formulated by.

In addition, "There are roughly two methods.compilerInterpreterIs.It is possible to implement a common language with both a compiler and an interpreter. If you understand it (although it is very common in traditionally written popular manuals), you will not understand the style of many language processing systems in recent years such as Java.

(Machine languagePoint to only those that convert tocompilerThere are some people who want to call it, and that position makes some sense, but then there is no term for a general implementation of Java).

Some people give strange explanations such as "The method of executing the output of the compiler with an interpreter may make the distinction between the compiler and the interpreter ambiguous." However, as mentioned above, the wrong dichotomy method is used in the first place. Because I think about it, it becomes such a strange way of thinking.

Generally translated into machine language (Executable file) Is much faster to run directly in hardware than to run it in the interpreter.As a technique to improve execution in the interpreterJust-in-time compilerSuch asDynamic compilationThere is a method.

Measurement of language usage

It is difficult to determine which programming language is most commonly used.Also, the meaning of use differs depending on the context.Programmer man-hours,Number of lines of code,CPU time[Source required]Etc. can be considered as a scale.Some languages ​​are often used only by applications in a particular field.For exampleCOBOLIs a corporate data centermain frameIs still used in (often)FORTRANIs often used in scientific computing,C languageIs used in embedded systems and operating systems.

There are various scales of language usage as shown below, and it is better to think that there is a kind of bias regardless of which one is selected.

  • The number of times the language is mentioned in job advertisements such as programmers[24]
  • Number of copies of books related to languages ​​(introductory books, etc.)[25]
  • Estimate the number of existing lines of code for each language.Languages ​​that are easily overlooked in open surveys tend to be underestimated.[26]
  • Number of references to each language found by search engines

Example of actual index


"There is something programmable other than a computer" "There is a programming language for it"[Source required]


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Related item

外部 リンク

List of Pokemon (102-151)

List of Pokemon(Pokemon Ichiran) is a game software "Pokemon seriesThe fictional creature that appears in "Pokemon(Pokemon) "list.In this section, out of all 898 species, "Pokemon red and green』Appeared from, common to the seriesNational PokédexSpecies numbered from 102 to 151 are listed in.

table of contents

113ラ ッ キ ー
122Mr. Mime


Exeggcute No. 102
classification: Egg pokemontype: Grass / Esperheight: 0.4mweight: 2.5kg
Characteristic: ChlorophyllHidden characteristics: HarvestBefore evolution: NoneAfter evolution: Nassie

CrackedeggA Pokemon that is made up of six things like.One of them is exposed.The body that looks like an egg is actually a body tissue that resembles a plant seed.SometimesPigeonIs preyed on.

Even if only one is pulled aparttelepathyHas a habit of gathering quickly by the short film "Pikachu tank], To the exeggcute that is missing oneTogepiWith the addition of, there was a depiction that the five animals thought that Togepi was a companion and did not leave.Actually the remaining oneラ ッ キ ーIt is protected by, and when Lucky joins later, the Exeggcutes gather again.It evolved with the reef that had fallen nearby when it was ready.


Exeggutor No. 103
classification: Coconut Pokemontype: Grass / Esperheight: 2.0mweight: 120.0kg
Characteristic: ChlorophyllHidden characteristics: HarvestBefore evolution: ExeggcuteAfter evolution: None

ExeggcuteEvolved form of. "walk熱 帯 雨林Is calledPalmIt has a tree-like body and three fruit-like heads with faces.Each face has a will, and everyone is thinking about something else whether they are interested in anything other than themselves.When one of them falls to the ground, its head becomes an exeggcute, which is the appearance before evolution, and telepathically gathers friends.

Because you can learn excellent works such as "reflector", "yadorigi seed", and "explosion"Nintendo cupIt was often used in (especially the competitions held in 1998 and 2000). "Red / Green / Blue / Pikachu" "Fire red leaf greenIn 』, rivals may use it if you do not choose Zenigame first,Gold, silver, crystal''Heart gold soul silver] But Green, who became the gym leader, will continue to use it.

According to data released by the Pokemon Daisuki Club, it is the second longest-screaming Pokemon among the first-generation Pokemon.[1].

In 1992, when "Red and Green" was under development, Nassie was ranked first in the in-house popularity poll published in the internal newsletter of Game Freak.[2].

In October 2020, it was designated as the image character "Miyazaki Daisuki Pokemon" at the time of cooperation and cooperation agreement on regional revitalization with Miyazaki Prefecture.[3].

Exeggcute before evolutionSnoverAlong with the strain, it has the most weaknesses among Pokemon (7 types).

Region form
Type: Grass / Dragon, Height: 10.9m, Weight: 415.6kg, Characteristics: Frisk
The appearance of Nassie in the Arora region.Characterized by an unusually long neck[Annotation 1].. The environment of the Arora region, which is exposed to strong sunlight all year round, has brought about a change in appearance.The people of Arora are proud that Nassie in the Arora region is what they really are.He is good at making his long neck bend like a whip and hitting his hard head like a hammer to attack, but sometimes his neck becomes a weak point.Unlike other exeggutors, it has a fourth head on its tail, which independently manipulates its tail.GirafarigConfront the enemy behind you, which is beyond the reach of your head.Occasionally, I mistaken for a normal palm tree when trying to practice a stretchMakuhitaYou can also see him getting angry and blowing off Makuhita.
Since it is a dragon type, you can also use the legendary technique "Ryuseigun".Since the grass / esper was changed to the grass / dragon, the damage of the fire technique and the worm technique was halved, but as mentioned above, the ice technique was four times weaker.You will also learn "Dragon Hammer" as a new special technique.Attack by lowering your head like a hammer.
It often appeared as a supporting Pokemon in the anime "Sun & Moon", and appeared in groups on uninhabited islands.In the Arora League, he appeared as the principal of Orchid, Pokemon, and was defeated in a battle with Howe's Arora Raichu.
Since its long neck has a strong impact, it was used as a collage material immediately after this figure was discovered, and many collage images were spread on Twitter.[4].
"SUPER SMASH BROS. ULTIMATE] Appeared from Poke Ball.There is no damage even if you touch it, and you do nothing except occasionally move left and right, but the stage is divided by the long neck above and below.It is treated as a wall, and some characters can stick to the neck or make a triangular jump.

In addition,Pokemon cardIn the second "Pokemon Jungle" package, a long-necked Nassie appears like an actual palm tree, but it has nothing to do with the region form.


Karakara No. 104
classification: Lonely Pokemontype: Groundheight: 0.4mweight: 6.5kg
Characteristic: Ishi Atama / Hirai ShinHidden characteristics: Battle ArmorBefore evolution: NoneAfter evolution: rattle

mainlyGraveyardOr unpopularcaveA small dinosaur-like Pokemon that lives in lonely places.He holds a bone in his hand and wears the skull of his bereaved mother on his head.When I'm lonely and crying, my skull makes a rattling noise and sounds sad.I heard that voiceBarginaMay be targeted by.Although only the left and right eyes can be seen from the covered skull, no one has seen the real face, and no bone-covered caracara has been found yet.It is unclear whether the karakara before the death of the parent is not covered with bones or when it is covered with bones.Karakara, which hatches from eggs, has been covered with bones since it was born.The bones in his hand become weapons, and he is good at attacks using bones such as "Hone Konbo", "Hone Boomerang", and "Bone Rush".

"Red-green』In the motherrattleKarakara appears who is killed and protected by a girl in Zion Town.Also, talking to a woman in a private house reveals that the culprit who killed her mother was Team Rocket.According to other residents, the bones covered by the rattles and rattles are traded at high prices, which suggests that the team rocket was illegally overfishing. "HumanegoThroughout the series, he had a rather heavy theme: "Pokemon are killed and become orphans."

In the anime version, it appeared as Seiyo's Pokemon in episode 9.Electricity does not work because it is a ground type,PikachuThe skull is turned around and the field of vision is deprived, and Pikachu is defeated by physical techniques such as "scratching" and "biting" that Pikachu does not originally remember.I was still crying after that.It also appeared as a Pokemon of Go, and was obtained by Go when he found a place where he was in trouble because he lost his bones.It was a rare Pokemon that Gou got, and I got it.

Live-action movie "Detective Pikachu], A wild individual appears.Tim is about to get the place where he was crying after losing his mother, but because he failed, he got angry and sent out "Hone Boomerang".


Rattle No. 105
classification: Bone Keeper Pokemontype: Groundheight: 1.0mweight: 45.0kg
Characteristic: Ishi Atama / Hirai ShinHidden characteristics: Battle ArmorBefore evolution: CaracallaAfter evolution: None

CaracallaEvolved form of.The mother's skull, which covers her head, fits snugly, the cracks disappear, and the shape of the bone changes sharply.Compared to Karakara, who was lonely and crying, her personality became bullish and rough.Originally timid, it became ferocious by treating bones as a weapon.Fly aroundBarginaHe sometimes throws bones at him and tries to shoot him down, which is rumored to be a slaughter of his companions.Get in touch with your friends by hitting a fallen tree with your bones.There seems to be a rattle graveyard somewhere in the world.

"Red / green / blue / pikachu''Fire Red League Freene], A rattle ghost appears in the Pokemon Tower[Annotation 2]..Because the bones on my head sell wellTeam RocketThis rattle was killed on the way to escape with a child.Karakara's mother, who lives in a private house in Zion Town, has a grudge against children and a grudge against humans.Earthbound spiritAlthough he could not become a Buddhahood, he was safely called to heaven after the battle.[5]..The first Pokemon is an RPG "MOTHER series』Is modeledTajiriBecause of this, there is a glimpse of such heavy depictions, settings, and dialogues.

After "Gold / Silver", there is "Futoi Hone" as a special item for Cubone and Rattling, and if you have it, "Kogeki" will be doubled.

In the TV anime version, it appears in the hands of Saizo.Should not work originallyPikachuI was able to defeat it for some reason with the electric shock attack.Due to the team rocket, he left Saizo and was temporarily isolated, but soon he remembered the bond and made up.

Region form
Type: Fire / Ghost, Height: 1.0m, Weight: 34.0kg, Characteristics: Cursed Body / Hiraishin / Ishiatama (hidden characteristics).
The appearance of rattles in the Arora region.It is a little thinner than normal species and has relatively long arms.The color of the body is blackish, and the back has patterns like the shoulder blades, spine, and pelvis.There is also a black pattern on the forehead of the bone on the head, which isMatchIt has a role equivalent to a box file.By rubbing the bones in your hand with your forehead, green flames ignite at both ends.
A large number of grass-type Pokemon, which are natural enemies due to their lush greenery, inhabit and travel to the Arora region, which is harsh for Cubone and Marowak. Acquired and changed its appearance.Compared to normal species, it has a tighter bond with its fellow herds and has a habit of burying them in the corner of the road when they die.The bones in his hand belong to the mother of each individual, and by rubbing the bones with his forehead like a match, a mysterious green flame filled with the remorse of the mother who still thinks of her dead child is put on.People in the Arora region are afraid to be called a magician because they dance a dance that rotates bones with fire on both ends.In battle, by hitting with a bone that wears flames, you can burn the cursed flame that does not disappear even with water, and by shaking the bone, you can shoot it as a fireball that tracks the opponent instead of having low power.
It evolves when Karakara becomes lv28 at night[Annotation 3]..As a special technique, you will learn the attack technique "Shadow Bone" that hits with the bone that the soul dwells in.A ghost-type physics technique that may lower the opponent's "Bougyo" by one level after an attack.

Appeared as an oyster Pokemon, and also appeared as an oyster Pokemon in the TV anime version "Sun & Moon".At first, it was a wild Pokemon, but it robbed the treasure of Vera volcano, "The Crown of Vera," and once defeated the oyster Turtonator who tried to recover it, but lost the crown in the rematch the next day.He was captured by an oyster and became his Pokemon.


Hitmonlee No. 106
classification: Kick pokemontype: Fightingheight: 1.5mweight: 49.8kg
Characteristic: Limber / SutemiHidden characteristics: UnburdenBefore evolution: bulkyAfter evolution: None

A ♂-only Pokemon with the nickname "Kick no Oni".It looks like limbs growing from a brown oval body.bulkyIt is one of the species that evolves from, and when it evolves, it becomes a hitmonlee if "Kogeki" is higher than "Bougyo".The legs are more developed than the arms, and the legsSpringIt expands and contracts like, and extends up to twice the length, so it can attack distant enemies.Enemies fighting for the first time are surprised at the wide range.After fighting, I often knead my legs.Also, if you walk in a hurry, you will have a habit of gradually straddling.As an existenceHitmonchanIs a pair of Pokemon.As you can see from Kick Pokemon, you can learn many kick-type techniques such as "Megaton Kick", "Tobi Kneeling", and "Blaze Kick", but you can also use punch techniques such as "Kiai Punch", "Bakuretsu Punch", and "Bullet Punch". I remember not a little.

"Red / green / blue / pikachu"and"Fire red leaf greenIn 』, if you defeat the Karate Great, the master of the fighting dojo, you can get it by choosing between Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan.

In the anime, it was used as a Pokemon that the Team Rocket stole from the players, but was defeated by Satoshi's Primeape. In "Mewtwo's Counterattack", he appears as a Pokemon of Sorao and battles with copy.In addition to this, separate bodies have appeared several times, but in "Miu and the Hero of Waves Lucario", Boss Godra and Satoshi's rival Jun's individual are both superior to Shinji's Ringma but defeated. In many cases, they appear in a role of being killed.

"Nintendo Wall Star! Super Smash Bros.], Appeared from Poke Ball.Deliver "jumping" to the nearest enemy[6].

It is one of the Pokemon that is modeled on a real person, and the origin of the name is originalKickboxer OfSawamura Tadashi..Names in English, German and French "Hitmonlee"[7]"The origin ofBruce Lee.


Hitmonchan No. 107
classification: Punch pokemontype: Fightingheight: 1.4mweight: 50.2kg
Characteristic: Keen Eye / Iron FistHidden characteristics: emotional strengthBefore evolution: bulkyAfter evolution: None

Has the nickname "groaning fist",boxerA ♂-only Pokemon in the shape of.It looks more like a humanoid than Hitmonlee, and has both handsBoxing glovesI am wearing.bulkyIt is one of the species that evolves from, and when it evolves, it becomes a hitmonchan if "Bougyo" is higher than "Kogeki".It is said that the soul of a professional boxer who was aiming for a world champion has changed, and for that reason he has indomitable spirit, but after fighting for 3 minutes, he wants to take a break.

ShinkansenThe punch can be delivered at the same speed as, and the fist can be scratched like a burn just by scooping.Even if it looks like you're not doing anything at first glance, you may actually be punching at high speed.Also, punches are all punches to increase their power.Corkscrew blowRelease while rotating the fist like.As a result, even concrete walls are drilled and pierced.As an existenceSawamulaIs a pair of Pokemon.Because it's just a punch Pokemon, it's called "Megaton Punch", "Honono Punch", "Kaminari Punch", "Reito Punch", "Mach Punch", "Bakuretsu Punch", "Bullet Punch", "Ren" I learn a lot of punching techniques such as "Zoku Punch" and "Glow Punch", but I also learn a lot of kicking techniques such as "Tobi Kneeling" and "Low Kick".

"Red / green / blue / pikachu"and"Fire red leaf green』, You got either Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan when you defeated the Karate Great, the master of the fighting dojo.In addition, the color of the glove is usually red for individuals, but the color of the glove is blue for different colors.

In anime, they often appear as supporting characters, but like Sawamura, they are often played as supporting characters.It also appeared as a Pokemon of Gou, and Gou chose Hitmonchan from the two bodies that can be obtained from Karate the Great as in the main game.

It is one of the few Pokemon modeled on a real person, and the name comes from a former professional boxer.FlyweightAlso a world championHiroyuki Ebihara[Annotation 4]..The weight of 50.2kg is almost the same as the flyweight in the real world.The origin of the name "Hitmonchan" in the English, German, and French versions isJackie Chan.


Lickitung No. 108
classification: Licking Pokemontype: normalheight: 1.2mweight: 65.5kg
Characteristic: Donkan / My paceHidden characteristics: Cloud NineBefore evolution: NoneAfter evolution: Lickilicky

A bipedal body with a pale pink body, patterns on both legs and abdomen, a large, thick tail and a very long tongue that is about twice the height (2 m).SalamanderA Pokemon that looks like this.Normally, the tongue is wrapped around the mouth and stored, but sometimes the tongue is extended by about 1 m, which is a gesture to allow the tongue to be stretched immediately.Lickitung with its tongue completely in its mouth can only be seen in the wild or when sleeping calmly, which is extremely rare.

The nerves are developed to the tip of the tongue, and it can be manipulated dexterously by subtly moving and stretching freely with the tongue, and can perform all actions from combat attack, defense to predation.The first thing you see is licking it with your tongue, remembering the other person with taste and sensation, and seeing if you can make it a prey.However, spit out anything that you feel is foreign or dust.salivaContains a component that numbs the opponent, and when licked, it becomes numb and unable to move.

"Red-green''Fire red leaf green], Wild individuals do not appear and can only be obtained in exchange for trainers during the game.

"Diamond pearl』From the evolved formLickilickyHas appeared.

In the TV anime versionTeam Rocket OfMusashiAppeared as a handheld Pokemon.In MUJI 146 episodes, the boy Teru suddenlySonanceExchanged for, and sent off in the form of becoming his Pokemon. In the DP edition, it appeared as a Pokemon entrusted by Aoi, but by mistake it evolved into Berobert. In "Sun & Moon", he also appeared as a partner of Mao's older brother, Ur.

In the live-action movie "Detective Pikachu", he appeared as a Pokemon on the train.I licked Tim's face (although he intended to be kind).


Doggers No. 109
classification: Poison Gas Pokemontype: Poisonheight: 0.6mweight: 1.0kg
Characteristic: LevitateHidden characteristics: NoneBefore evolution: NoneAfter evolution: Weezing

One of the Pokemon born from the waste substances produced by humankind.It features a round purple body that swells like a balloon.Weapon factoryPoisonous gasFirst discovered in a storage warehouse.Exhaust gasThe body is formed by stuffing with poisonous gas.Because the body is thin, when approaching, the body can be seen through and the highly toxic gas swirls inside the body, but it smells very bad.

There is a skull and crossbones pattern on the belly, and this pattern is from the movie "Mewtwo counterattackThe pattern of the pirate trainer bandana that appears at the beginning of ""Pokemon Mystery DungeonIt is also used in the team flag of.Also, only in "blue", there was a skull pattern on the forehead.

In the TV anime versionTeam Rocket OfKojirouAppeared as a handheld Pokemon. At AG, a flock captured by Pokemon Hunter Ryo appeared and escaped to the depths of the forest while being protected by Weezing who broke up with James. In BW, he appeared as a Pokemon of gym leader Homika, and is a strong man who defeated many trainers as one.He defeated Satoshi's Boldore and Unfezant, but was defeated by Leavanny.The voice actorKensuke Sato.

"Nintendo All Star! Super Smash Bros.], Appeared from Poke Ball."Cannot be guarded around"smog"Is sprayed and attacked.The enemies eaten are blown away to be drawn to the doggers[8].. 『Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS], Appeared as an enemy character in one of the game modes, "Field Smash".The fighter who eats it weakens by injecting "doku gas" to the surroundings. In "Super Smash Bros. Smash Brothers for Wii U", he appeared in the event of "World Smash", one of the game modes, and covered the board with "Enmaku" for one turn.Voice throughout the seriesIshizuka UnshoIs in charge.


Weezing No. 110
classification: Poison Gas Pokemontype: Poisonheight: 1.2mweight: 9.5kg
Characteristic: LevitateHidden characteristics: NoneBefore evolution: DoggersAfter evolution: None

DoggersEvolved form of.Very rarely, twin doggers that can appear in places where two poisonous gas components have been blown for a long time or by mutation.It consists of a dogger with large fangs, a medium-sized dogger (the skull and crossbones on the belly is only the skull), and a dogger that is slightly smaller and has no face in the process of being generated, all of which are attached.Faceless doggers seem to be just underdeveloped, rarelyMagnetonIt seems that weezing with three faces can be found like this, but it has not appeared yet.When one dogger swells, the other dogger deflate.By repeating this, the poisonous gas in the body is mixed and made stronger and smellier.

Garbage dumps, incinerators, recycling centers, landfills, etc.TrubbishIt also appears in territories.He seems to like the bad smell of rotten kitchen waste, so he lives in an uncleaned private house and smokes it at midnight.Dilute the gas produced by Weezing 1000 times to make the finest perfume.

There are quite a lot of techniques to learn, and in addition to the poison type techniques, there are other types of techniques such as "Kaenhosha" and "Daimonji" that are typical of gas Pokemon, as well as "Reito Beam", "10 Man Bolt", and "Aku". I also remember "how about" and "daibakuhatsu".

In the TV anime versionTeam Rocket OfKojirouAppeared as a handheld Pokemon.It was mainly a cause of escape due to the smoke screen.In order to protect the flock of doggers caught by the hunters, he broke up with James in tears.

"Super Smash Bros DX], Appeared from Poke Ball. Inject "smog" to attack and float surrounding fighters.It may be left behind on the forced scrolling stage.The voice actorIshizuka Unsho.

Region form
Type: Poison / Fairy, Height: 3.0m, Weight: 16.0kg, Characteristics: Levitate / Science gas.
The appearance of Weezing in the Galar region.Body color is gray.Green gas floats around the mouth, and the gas clinging to the mouth like a beard is also green. A top hat-shaped chimney extends high above the crowns of the two heads.It used to be a normal figure, but with the development of industry, factories began to line up, and at the same time air pollution became serious, and it changed to this figure at about the same time.
It ingests dirty air and poisonous gas, extracts and absorbs only toxins and harmful substances, and as a result, the washed gas is discharged as feces from the chimney on the crown like white water vapor.Hit the chimney of your head when attacking with a blow.The special technique is "Wonder Steam".Mysterious smoke can be thrown at the opponent to attack and confuse them.
In the trainer, "Sword Shield" is used by Jim Leader Poplar, and "Sword" is used by Clara.
Appeared as a wild Pokemon in the forest of sleep in episode 7 of "TV Anime 46th Series".


Rhyhorn No. 111
classification: Spikes Pokemontype: Ground / Rockheight: 1.0mweight: 115.0kg
Characteristic: Ishi Atama / Hirai ShinHidden characteristics: RecklessBefore evolution: NoneAfter evolution: Rhydon

SaiA Pokemon that looks like this.Inhabits the grasslands.It has rounded thorns all over its body and has a single corner at the nose.The one with the longer horn is the male.He's not very smart, but his bones are 1000 times harder than humans, and when he starts rushing, he doesn't care about everything on the road.Forgetting the reason why he started to rush because of his illness, he continued to rush endlessly without worrying about anything.Karos regionThen it's called Rhyhorn RaceHorse racingThere are competitions like this, and some roads have places where you can move while riding the Rhyhorn to run through the thorny ground.

Appeared in episode 35 in the TV anime version.SatoshiTrying to captureSafari ballI threw, but I happened to try to cross betweenKentarosHit the flock, and instead Kentaros was caught.Also, in "Pokemon XY", an individual in her house in Asame Town where Serena lives, and in XY & Z episode 16 "Trial to the master class, what to do with Serena !?", a separate Rhyhorn appears, and Serena appears. I missed it.

In "Mewtwo's Counterattack", it appeared as a Pokemon of Sorao, and although it was "hit" by Mewtwo, it was played as it was.After that, play against the copy.

"Let's Go! Pikachu/Let's Go! Eevee] Appears as a rideable Pokemon.The speed is slow.

Until the 5th generation, the sounds of Lizardon and Rhyhorn were exactly the same.[9].


Rhydon No. 112
classification: Drill pokemontype: Ground / Rockheight: 1.9mweight: 120.0kg
Characteristic: Ishi Atama / Hirai ShinHidden characteristics: RecklessBefore evolution: RhyhornAfter evolution: Rhyperior

RhyhornEvolved form of.As it evolves, it will walk on two legs.Bipedalism promotes the development of the brain, and there is an improvement in intelligence compared to the Rhyhorn, which only repeatedly rushes, but there is no change in the violent personality and the severity of forgetfulness.The tip of the nose has a drill-shaped horn, which is rotated to pierce the opponent.Like the Rhyhorn, the one with longer horns is male.Its power is said to be enough to destroy skyscrapers with a single blow.In addition, the tough skin like armor can withstand cannon bombardment and 2000 degree magma, but on the other hand, it is insensitive to stimuli such as tickling.

"Diamond pearl』In a new evolutionary formRhyperiorHas appeared.

It is used by many trainers in the game, and the one of Kanto region champion → Tokiwa's gym leader Green is known. In "Red and Green", Team Rocket boss and Tokiwa's gym leader Sakaki is also used as a trump card (also appeared in the anime "Pokemon THE ORIGINS").

In "Let's Go! Pikachu / Let's Go! Evey", it appears as a rideable Pokemon like the pre-evolved Rhyhorn.The only Pokemon that can be ridden before and after evolution.The speed is the same as the pre-evolution Rhyhorn.

In the TV anime version, it appeared as a wig Pokemon in episode 57.Satoshi OfPikachuAlthough it doesn't take the electric shock, it collapses when it is exposed to "Kaminari" on the horn.In the Orange Islands edition, a larger than usual Rhydon (almost the same size as Satoshi's Snorlax) appears.There are two stories in the anime where Rhydon, who remembers "Naminori," appears.

ラ ッ キ ー

Lucky No. 113
classification: Egg pokemontype: normalheight: 1.1mweight: 34.6kg
Characteristic: Natural Cure / Serene GraceHidden characteristics: Healer's heartBefore evolution: HappinyAfter evolution: Blissey

A Pokemon that looks like an egg and has only ♀.It has a light pink round body and holds an egg in its abdominal pocket.It was said that the trainer who is lucky will be happy because of its appearance and very small number of habitats.I usually walk with care not to break the eggs I have, and when I'm still, I often put my hands together.Eggs are very nutritious and are quite delicious when eaten.Therefore, there are many humans and other Pokemon who aim at eggs, and it is presumed that they escaped faster while desperately escaping from them. "Gold and silver』From the evolved formBlisseyHowever, "Diamond pearl』From before evolutionHappinyHas appeared.One of the most rare Pokemon in normal rarity.

In the game, HP and Tokubo are high, and it is a very tough Pokemon.There is "Egg Umi" as a special technique for Lucky and Blissey.

At Pokemon Stadium, there was a scene that floated in the air with my ears.

Lucky for the TV anime version is everywherePokemon CenterHe is assigned to and supports Joey.The first appearance was the second episode, and he was seriously injured.PikachuPut onstretcherI pushed. There is also a lucky school called "Lucky Nursing School".I accidentally entered a lucky nursing school in the pastMusashiHowever, I became friends with a lucky one there. In "Diamond & Pearl"Takeshi OfHappinyAppeared in the form of evolution.The voice actorMiyako Ito.

web animation "Pokemon Generations], Appeared in episode 10 as a fir Pokemon.The voice actorSatomi Korogi(Common to the English version).

Lucky collaborates with Fukushima Prefecture, and collaboration manholes (commonly known as Poke lids) are set up in various parts of the prefecture.2019May 8In collaboration with Fukushima's specialty peach, "Rakimomo carrying Fukushima" was sold.[10].

"Pokemon 4-panel manga theater』MainlyMagikarpThe material is the mainstreamKaoru FujinagiAlthough it appears as a thruster in the work of, this lucky is drawn in yellow unlike the official one in only two volumes.Fujinagi recalls on his homepage, "At that time, there were only monochrome materials, and I didn't know the colors."[11]..Only females exist for gender, but at first there was no concept of gender except for Nidoran and its evolutionary system, so in manga there is also a lucky first person "I".Anakubo KosakuEven in the manga version of, the first person was "I".

"Nintendo Wall Star! Super Smash Bros.], There are those that appear from Poke Ball and those that appear as gimmicks of the stage "Yamabukishiti".In both cases, "eggs" are used to place eggs around them.Eggs can be thrown, and when they break, another item comes out, but there is also an occasional exploding "egg bomb".Lucky of the stage gimmick recovers the damage of the fighter who touched it, and can attack and blow it away. "Super Smash Bros DX] Appears only from Poke Ball.In addition to some eggs that recover damage when acquired instead of being thrown, the lucky body can now be attacked and blown away.


Tangela No. 114
classification: Vine Pokemontype: Kusaheight: 1.0mweight: 35.0kg
Characteristic: Chlorophyll / Leaf GuardHidden characteristics: RegeneratorBefore evolution: NoneAfter evolution: Tangrowth

A constantly moving blueVineCovers the main body, a strange Pokemon whose main body is not well understood.Only the round eyes and red boot-like feet come out of the vine.Kusa, whose main means of attack is leaves, petals, and poison. It mainly uses vines, which is peculiar to Pokemon.It has a unique scent from the vines and is used as an herb in Garal.

"Diamond pearl』From the evolved formTangrowthHas appeared.

Since wild monjara does not appear in "Diamond Pearl", it is necessary to send it from the GBA version via Pal Park or by communication from "Platinum" and "Heart Gold Soul Silver".

In the TV anime version, used by Erica at Tamamushi Jim.In the gym matchSatoshi OfFushigi DaneAlthough he was rushed by the "vine whip", he won by spraying "numbness" at a close distance to block the movement.CharmanderLose to.


Garula No. 115
classification: Parent Pokemontype: normalheight: 2.2mweight: 80.0kg
Characteristic: Hayaoki / KimotamaHidden characteristics: emotional strengthBefore evolution: NoneAfter evolution: None

It looks like a monster and raises a child in a tummy bagmarsupial OfKangarooPokemon with characteristics like.The larger brown one is the parent and the smaller blue one is the child, and there are only females in the setting.There are still many mysteries about its ecology because there is no evolutionary lineage and there are already children in the tummy bag since humans hatched eggs.Sleep in a sitting position so as not to crush the child.Children leave their parents in about three years.There was also a record that the childless Garula raised an orphan child. I also remember many punch attacks such as "Megaton Punch", "Piyo Piyo Punch", and "Glow Punch".[Annotation 5].

In "Red / Green", it was a type of Pokemon that appeared only in the safari zone and was difficult to capture.

"X/Y], Achieve a mega sinker to "Mega Garura".

Mega Garura
Type: Normal, Height: 2.2m, Weight 100.0kg, Characteristics: Parental Bond.
The explosive energy of the mega-sinker acts on the child in the bag rather than the parent, temporarily growing to a more Garula-like appearance and popping out of the bag.The height remains the same because the parents have not changed in appearance, but the weight of the child's growth has increased.
Although the energy of the mega sinker acts on the child, it is rather the parent individual who is enthusiastic about the growth of the child that the fighting power increases as a mega galula.As a mother, the child becomes more defeated, so he is happy as a mother, but he is not worried about it.
Mega sinker will increase all abilities except "HP" in a well-balanced manner.The characteristic is "Parental Bond", and it is possible to attack twice in a row.

In the TV anime version, it first appeared in episode 34 "Garula's Komori Uta".A story about wild human children who form a flock with each other and grow up in the flock.In KangaskhanVoice actor TheSachiko KobayashiWas in charge. Appeared in the first episode of "2019 Edition".When Satoshi's Pikachu was Pichu, it appeared as a Pokemon with a deep connection.The voice actor of the child GarulaMarie Iide.

In addition, Sachiko Kobayashi sings "Pokemon Ondo" under the name of "Garula Kobayashi".In the video of the song, she appears in a flashy costume with a Garula motif.

Appeared as a rideable Pokemon in "Let's Go! Pikachu / Let's Go! Evey".Put the hero on your shoulder and move Pikachu Eevee in your stomach bag.The speed is normal.

SmartphoneApp for "Pokémon GO""Oceania(Australia-New Zealand) Is set as a regional Pokemon that appears only[12].


Horsea No. 116
classification: Dragon pokemontype: Waterheight: 0.4mweight: 8.0kg
Characteristic: Sui Sui / SniperHidden characteristics: DampBefore evolution: NoneAfter evolution: Siedra

SeahorseA Pokemon that looks like this.Spit ink from your mouth and run away.You can swim freely with your back fins and move backwards while facing forward.[13]..Early official illustrations had a pair of pectoral fins instead of no dorsal fins.The classification is Dragon Pokemon, but after evolutionSiedraLike, it does not have a dragon type, only a water type, and has evolved furtherKing DoraOnly then will it include the dragon type.

In the TV anime versionTentacoolFirst appeared in the story of a large number of occurrences.Spitting ink and with Tentacool on the surface of the seaDoc jellyfishI tried to inform him of the danger by drawing a picture of.After the case is resolvedKasumiJoin in on hand.GoldeenLike the other, he had little activity outside the water, but he showed a clever side of continuing to spit ink on the ground on the way when he was kidnapped by the team rocket, leaving a mark of the way.


Seadra No. 117
classification: Dragon pokemontype: Waterheight: 1.2mweight: 25.0kg
Characteristic: Poison Point / SniperHidden characteristics: DampBefore evolution: HorseaAfter evolution: King Dora

HorseaEvolved form of.A type of marine Pokemoncoral reefIs the residence.The fins on the whole body of Tatsuu changed to sharp poisonous needles, and the appearance was aggressive with the eyes.Genetic changes have also occurred during evolution, but did this affect the appearance of Seadra, orKing DoraIt is not clear whether it is a stepping stone to evolve into.The poisonous needles throughout the body secrete paralytic poison, and careless attempts to contact may result in stinging and fainting.He has a strong territorial consciousness, and there are no end to accidents where divers trying to collect coral are stabbed around Seadra's nest.On the other hand, poison needles and bones are also prized as raw materials for Chinese herbs.He is good at swimming, and can not only move forward, but also spit out the sucked water at once and swim backwards.It spins in the water to create whirlpools, weakening its prey and then swallowing it.It has a habit of raising children by males.

"Gold, silver, crystal』After thatKing DoraCan now evolve into.

In the TV anime version, it appeared as the second comb in episode 76.Satoshi OfKinglerHowever, he was defeated by the momentum of Kingler immediately after evolution. In "Miu-Two's Counterattack", it appeared as a Pokemon of Fergus, and unlike Gyarados and Tentacruel, there are no scenes of battle or action on land, but there are scenes of standing on land.


Goldeen No. 118
classification: Goldfish Pokemontype: Waterheight: 0.6mweight: 15.0kg
Characteristic: Suisui / Water VeilHidden characteristics: Lightning rodBefore evolution: NoneAfter evolution: Azumaou

GoldfishA Pokemon that looks like (Tosakin).Unlike the actual goldfish, it has horns on its head.The one with the longer horn is the male.It is also called "Underwater Queen" or "Water Dancer" because it swims gracefully in the sea at a speed of 5 knots by moving its developed caudal and pectoral fins.Many trainers are fascinated by its elegance and miss it.I have a strong pride in my beautiful appearance.At the time of spawning, the group climbs the waterfall.However, the rushing force of the corners is tremendous, even breaking the glass window.

In the TV anime versionKasumiAppeared as a Pokemon.Although it is just bouncing on the ground, it shows off an elegant and pretty swim in the water, making a big success in underwater battles.Cry with a sexy voice.The voice actorOtani Ikue..Another separate body attacked Pikachu, which had fallen into the pond, with its horns.

"Super Smash Bros. SeriesIn the item "monster BallAppeared as one of the Pokemon that appears from.After its appearance, it is treated as a so-called loss only by "bounce", but the director's explanation about how Tosakinto was adopted for this roleMasahiro SakuraiIs said to have been inspired by Tosakinto's voice in the TV anime version.[14].


Seaking No. 119
classification: Goldfish Pokemontype: Waterheight: 1.3mweight: 39.0kg
Characteristic: Suisui / Water VeilHidden characteristics: Lightning rodBefore evolution: GoldeenAfter evolution: None

GoldeenEvolved form of.Like GoldeenGoldfishIt looks like (Azumanishiki) and is characterized by many black spots.When males gather upstream of the river to court females, one side turns bright red.Males during this period get fat on their bodies and become more vibrant in color.Make a hole in the rock with a horn and lay an egg there.This is to prevent eggs from being washed away by the flow of the river.Be vigilant, males and females patrol alternately around the nest.Like Goldeen, the one with longer horns is male.

In "Book of Pokemon Masters", "I don't know if seaking can be eaten, but it's a fish. It seems that it has a lot of fat on it, so it's best to bake it," as if the writer was aware of it as an ingredient. There was a description[15].

In the TV anime version, "Pokemon Advance Generation』Used by Jim Leader Adan of Rene City.There is also an event called the Seaking Fishing Tournament, where you can compete for the size of the seaking caught in the Johto edition.Satoshi also caught a seaking for a while and got it, but it is unknown whether he left it at the laboratory or missed it.


Staryu No. 120
classification: Star Shape Pokemontype: Waterheight: 0.8mweight: 34.5kg
Characteristic: Natural Cure / HakkoHidden characteristics: AnalyzeBefore evolution: NoneAfter evolution: Starmie

ヒ ト デA Pokemon that looks like this.Body color is brown.Actual starfish have sex, but starfish are hermaphroditic and gender is not defined.It has a luminous body called a "core" in the center of its body, and the core flashes red at night.Like an actual starfish, it regenerates even if a part of its body is missing.

How to get it in "Fire Red Leaf Green"ShellderIt is paired with.

In the TV anime versionKasumiAppeared as a Pokemon.Among Kasumi's Pokemon, there are many active machines, and the unique cry of "Hair!"UltramanParody of.The voice actorShinichiro Miki.

"Super Smash Bros. Series], thenDXAfter that, the item "monster BallAppeared as one of the Pokemon that appears from.Attach it to the side of the enemy character and shoot "Speedster" in rapid succession to attack.


Starmie No. 121
classification: Mysterious Pokemontype: Mizu / Esperheight: 1.1mweight: 80.0kg
Characteristic: Natural Cure / HakkoHidden characteristics: AnalyzeBefore evolution: StaryuAfter evolution: None

StaryuEvolved form of.Five-pointed starIt is shaped like a stack of two.The body color also turned purple.The core in the center of the body is octagonal, and the color is more vivid.At night, the core flashes toward the night sky with Staryu.At this time, radio waves are emitted from the core.In addition, due to its geometric shape, it has been whispered locally for a while as "an extraterrestrial life form", and it has been suspected that it has a tail fin in the rumor as an invader from space.The bait is plankton.

StaryuEvolves when you give "Mizu no Ishi" to.Even though it is a water type, you can also learn electric techniques such as "10 man bolts". In "Red, Green, Blue, Pikachu", it was a particularly popular Pokemon in the battle.

"Red-green"and"Fire red leaf green』In Hanada JimKasumiIs a Pokémon that comes out and uses "Jikosaisei" (only for "Fire Red Leaf Green"), so it becomes a strong enemy in the early stages.In addition, it is used by Zumi of the Four Tennos in "X / Y".

In the TV anime versionKasumiAppeared as a Pokemon.Next to Staryu, there were many turns and the number of battles was reasonable.The voice actorOtani Ikue..Also, in the gold and silver edition, a professional baseball team called "Starmie" has appeared.

"Nintendo Wall Star! Super Smash Bros.], Appeared from Poke Ball.After tracking the enemy character, shoot "Speedster" in front of you to attack[16].

Appeared as a rideable Pokemon in "Let's Go! Pikachu / Let's Go! Evey".Despite being a water type, it cannot move underwater for some reason.

Mr. Mime

Mr. Mime No. 122
classification: Barrier Pokemontype: Esper / Fairyheight: 1.3mweight: 54.5kg
Characteristic: Bowon / FilterHidden characteristics: technicianBefore evolution: MimeAfter evolution: Barikool

A humanoid Pokemon that walks on two legs.PantomimeHe is good at, and it is said that a wall made of pantomime actually appears because the air is solidified by the mysterious waves emitted from the fingertips.When he disturbs Pantomime, he gets angry and attacks with "Oufuku Slap".Initially, the number of fingers was four, but after "Fire Red Leaf Green", both the graphics and official illustrations in the game have become five fingers.The English name is Mr. Mime.[17]It has Mr., which is the honorific title of a man, but there is also ♀. "Diamond pearl』From before evolutionMimeHas appeared. A new fairy type has been added from "XY Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire".

In the game, "Red, Green, Blue, Pikachu, Fire Red, Leaf Green, Gold, Silver, Heart Gold, Soul Silver" is Yamabukishiti Gym Leader Natsume, "Diamond Pearl Platinum" is Goyo of the Four Tennos, "X"・ Used by Marsh, the leader of Knoe City Gym in Y.

In the TV anime version, two bodies first appeared in episode 63.The individual Pokemon Circus had been sloppy under the guidance of abuse from the leader, but then the leader changed and Mr. Mime accepted the leader.The other one is a wild individualSatoshiI missed the fact that my mother, Hanako, served me home cooking, and since then I have been helping with housework at Satoshi's house.Hanako is called "Bali-chan". In the 2019 anime version, he stayed at the Sakuragi Institute to take care of Satoshi, and since then he has been active as Satoshi's handheld Pokemon.The voice actorYuji Ueda.. In "Diamond & Pearl", Kijurou (voice- Rikiya Koyama) Appeared as a Pokemon. He defeated Satoshi's Buizel once with "Kaminari Punch", but lost to Buizel who learned "Reito Punch" in the rematch.

Live-action movie "Detective Pikachu] Appears as a Pokemon who knows the incident.He explained the contents of the case to Pikachu and Tim with his favorite pantomime.

SmartphoneApp for "Pokémon GO""EuropeAlthough it is set as a regional Pokemon that appears only in[12], From August 2017th to 8th, 9 in YokohamaRed brick parkandCup Noodles Museum ParkMr. Mime appeared for a limited time at the venue of the real event "Pokémon GO PARK" held in[18].

Mime in the Galar region, which has many cold regionsBarikoolBy imitating the movements that he longs for with his master, he evolves into a Mr. Mime who is good at tap dancing, which creates an ice floor instead of pantomime, which creates a mysterious wall.

Region form
Classification: Dance Pokemon, Type: Ice / Esper, Height 1.4m, Weight 56.8kg, Characteristics: Yaruki / Barrier-free / Ice body (hidden characteristics).The appearance of Mr. Mime in the Galar region.The body color is blue overall.GlovesMittensIt is shaped like an ice tie on the chest and ice on the back of the shoes.Unlike normal, not pantomimeTap danceBecause he is good at it, he stopped building walls, but he made a floor with the cold air emitted from the soles of his feet and made it a "barrier". I practice tap dancing all day long.Evolves into Bali Kooru.


Strike No. 123
classification: Mantis Pokemontype: Bug / Flyingheight: 1.5mweight: 56.0kg
Characteristic: Swarm / TechnicianHidden characteristics: SteadfastBefore evolution: NoneAfter evolution: Hassam

MantisA Pokemon with a similar appearance to.The body color is green, but the different colors are slightly darker.It features large feathers and a sickle.Cut the prey with a sharp sickle.The movement is so quick that only afterimages can be seen.Especially in the grass, you can hide yourself to the extent that it is convenient.It is rarely seen flying with wings, but it seems that he is not good at flying for a long time due to his weight.The difference between male and female is hardly noticeable,HassamSimilarly, females are hungry.

How to get "Red / Green" and "Diamond Pearl"KairosIt is paired with.

In the Pokemon Stadium series, it was quite forward leaning to sometimes lick the sickle or pose as if holding a sickle, but in Pokemon Battle Revolution, the forward leaning is a little modest.

In the TV anime version, it appeared as a Pokemon of Yasujim leader wearing green clothes in episode 41.When I see a red thing, I get excited and rampage.ElebuFought with. In "Mewtwo's Counterattack", he appears as a Pokemon of Sorao, and is caught by Mewtwo and plays against a copy.In the Orange Islands editionKenjiIt has appeared as a Pokemon, and it is set as an elderly individual from the beginning of capture, and it is impossible to fight for a long time.The voice actorIshizuka Unsho..He also appeared as a guest several times. In the anime broadcast in 2019GoIt also appeared as a Pokemon.I battled with Hibani and got it.This voice actor isShinichiro Miki.


Jynx No. 124
classification: People Pokemontype: Ice / Esperheight: 1.4mweight: 40.6kg
Characteristic: Donkan / ForewarnHidden characteristics: Dry skinBefore evolution: SmoochumAfter evolution: None

A female Pokemon with long yellow hair, big lips and a unique face with round eyes, which looks like a human female in a red dress.The inside of the skirt is hollow, and there is no part that looks like the lower body, so it is actually floating.Walk while swinging your hips from side to side.Jynx in the Arora region is said to have excellent movement.Some people study this cry because it makes a cry like human words.Garal's Jynx has many beautiful and delicate voices and fans, but in some areas it is feared to be the Ice Queen.

In the game, it has the longest bark of any Pokemon currently confirmed.According to the data released by the Pokemon Daisuki Club, it is the number one Pokemon with a long cry among the first generation Pokemon.[19].

First appearance in the extra edition "Christmas of Rougela" in the TV anime version[Annotation 6]..I have a grudge against having taken away the broken doll (actually, I brought it back to fix it)MusashiTryes to take revenge and monopolize the present, but Jynx and others repel it with "Psycho Wave".Voice actor TheMayumi Tanaka..Since then, it has often appeared as a separate body, mainly as a trainer's Pokemon.

In the 1st generation battle, you can use both "Akuma's Kiss" that puts the opponent to sleep and "Fubuki" that gives an additional effect of the ice state (a state where it is virtually impossible to fight in the 3st generation specification) with a 1% probability. Because of that, I was advancing into the metagame[20]..In fact, the Nintendo Cup 97 has been adopted by 15 out of 5 finalists.

At Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon, there was a scene where hair like banana peel remained when defeated.

"Pokemon 4-frame cartoon theaterAfter Guriko Magami was appointed as a story, the ugly character became established and was made into a story by various manga artists' works.It is also common to think that you are beautiful.

In 2000米 国CriticCarole Boston WeatherfordHowever, Jynx's early design (black skin, thick lips)RacismCriticized as being targeted.In response to this, Jynx's body color is "Fire red leaf greenAfter that, it turned purple[Annotation 7]..Due to this problem, some episodes such as "Christmas of Jynx" are missing numbers overseas.


Electabuzz No. 125
classification: Electric Pokemontype: Telephoneheight: 1.1mweight: 30.0kg
Characteristic: Static electricityHidden characteristics: YarukiBefore evolution: ElekidAfter evolution: Electivire

A Pokemon with a black tiger pattern on a yellow background.The forehead has a V-shape, and the abdomen has a lightning-like pattern.It has a gill-filled face, has two horns like an antenna on its head, and has bounced hair on the crown.He likes strong electricity and eats electricity when he appears at power plants.It seems that disappearing from the power plant will cause a big blackout.Until now, it was suspected that the cause of the power plant trouble was the Electabuzz, but since it was discovered that it was actually just a human error, many power plants have recently set up a ground type as a countermeasure against the Electabuzz.Has the ability to discriminate colors and has a habit of particularly favoring red.When the Pokemon series first appeared, "Red / green / blue / pikachuWas not set before or evolved, but the subsequent work, "Gold, silver, crystalElekid before evolution appeared from "", and "Diamond Pearl Platinum], An evolved electivire has appeared.

In "Red / Green / Blue / Pikachu", only the wild appears in the "Unmanned Power Plant" of "Red", and in each version, the trainers in the game are everyone, including Matisse, the gym leader who uses electric Pokemon. It was a very rare Pokemon because it was not used.After that, Matisse used Electabuzz as a new trump card in "Gold, Silver, Crystal" and "Heart Gold, Soul Silver" (at the time of the first war), and in the rematch, the evolved electivire was inherited as the prize money.

At Pokemon Stadium, when you run out of physical strength, you suddenly think that you have a painful expression and suddenly stand up and collapse as it is, which is a comical production.

In addition to appearing as a guest character Pokemon in the TV anime version, in "Diamond & Pearl"ShinjiAppeared as a handheld Pokemon.On the other hand, in the gold and silver edition, the existence of a professional baseball team called "Elebouse" was revealed, and there is a cheering song for Elebuze, but it seems that the team's performance is not very good.Appeared as an opponent of Masamune's Beldum in the Hoenn League qualifying. "Mamoru" prevented "Tosshin" while eating "Kaminari Punch", "Denkou Sekka", and "10 Man Volts", but Dumbal evolved into Metang just one step away. Defeated by eating "Tosshin" when "Kaminari Punch" was prevented by "Nenriki".


Buber No. 126
classification: Hifuki Pokemontype: Fireheight: 1.3mweight: 44.5kg
Characteristic: Flame bodyHidden characteristics: YarukiBefore evolution: MagbyAfter evolution: Magmortar

Although it is a Pokemon that lives near the crater of a volcano, there are few cases of discovery.He has a stupid expression between his sharp lips and his drooping eyes.The whole body is wrapped in a boiling red color.magmaIn addition to being able to work calmly, the camouflage effect is produced by the pattern of the body when wrapped in flames.Body temperature reaches as high as 1200 degrees.The prey is also burned down with a flame, but it is often overkill and burnt, and I regret it.

Like the Electabuzz, it's the second generation and pre-evolvedMagby, 4th generation after evolutionMagmortarHas appeared.

"Red / green / blue / pikachuAppears only in "Pokemon Mansion" of "Green", and all of "Red, Green, Blue, Pikachu"ElebuSimilarly, it was a very rare Pokemon because no trainer in the game used it.Like Electabuzz, not only ordinary trainers, but even Katsura, a gym leader who uses fire Pokemon, did not use it, but in "Gold, Silver, Crystal" and "Heart Gold, Soul Silver" (first match), a new trump card In addition to having it on hand, it has evolved into a booburn at the time of the rematch.

Grangem in the TV anime versionGym leader・ Appeared as a trump card for wigs.Satoshi OfPikachuDodge the electric technique of using the air lens of the nail (the phenomenon of bending light with heat), and defeat Pikachu with "Fire Punch" and "Daimonji".Satoshi later played against Jim at the crater of the volcano.CharizardRematched and fought evenly, but lost due to "Chikyu Nage".He also owns Shigeru and was defeated in the Shirogane tournament by fighting Satoshi's Heracross and receiving the "Megahorn".Shinji also got Boober and has evolved into Magmortar.There are many turns as a guest character's hand.


Kairos No. 127
classification: Stag Beetletype: insectheight: 1.5mweight: 55.0kg
Characteristic: Hyper Cutter / Mold BreakerHidden characteristics: MoxieBefore evolution: NoneAfter evolution: None

As the name of the classification "Kuwagata Pokemon"Stag beetleA Pokemon with a form similar to.However, there are many parts that are significantly different from the actual stag beetle, as you can see the mouth with sharp teeth arranged side by side and the appearance without wings and antennae.

He is good at tactics of swinging a huge horn on his head to pinch a target, and the pinched prey is cut off by the force of folding even a big tree, or otherwise it is swung around and thrown away.Weapons have the power to lift opponents twice as much as their own weight, and innumerable thorns growing on the surface bite into them, making it difficult to escape if caught.

It lives in warm regions and slows down in cold climates.Therefore, in cold weather and at night when the temperature drops, it hides in the depths of the forest, climbs on trees, and dives into holes dug with horns at the base of trees to sleep, so it is difficult to see them.

In most regionsHeracrossIt is said that they are not on good terms with each other, but in the Arora regionVikavoltThey are fighting for territory, and they tend to get along well with Heracross, who also has a rival of Vikavolt.Also, probably because it is a pair with Heracrosse, it has a huge horn, but I don't remember "Megahorn".

"Pokemon green, "Blue" and "Pikachu".It rarely appears in safari parks and is difficult to capture, and although it appeared as a slot prize (excluding blue), it required a considerable number of coins and was a fairly rare Pokemon.

"X/Y], Achieve a mega sinker to "Mega Kairos".

Mega Kairos
Type: Bug / Flying, Height: 1.7m, Weight: 59.0kg, Characteristics: Skyskin
With the energy of a mega sinker on your backwingIs abnormally developed and is largeElytraAnd wings are generated and the flight ability is acquired.The shape of the thorns on the horns of the head becomes larger and sharper, and the color of the eyes turns yellow.A part of the arm also changes to a shape suitable for high-speed flight.
In addition to being always excited by the influence of the mega sinker, he always flies and rarely descends to the ground.It is also possible to aim at the opponent's gap while flying at a tremendous speed of about 50 km / h, pierce the enemy with two huge horns and then tear it, and hover while grasping the prey even if it is 2 times its own weight or more.
All abilities except HP will increase, especially the attack will increase significantly.The type changes to leaf beetle / flight, and the characteristics change to "skyskin".As a result, the range of type matching techniques such as "Abareru", "Double Attack", "Ongaeshi", "Feint", and "Giga Impact" has expanded, and high attack performance has been obtained.

In the TV anime version, Samurai in episode 4 (voice:Yukiji) First appeared as a handheld.Despite the incompatibilitySatoshi OfPigeonWas easily defeated and put out in turnTransel"Pinch", but the protrusion of the corner was crushed and defeated by the "hardening" of the transel.Gou also has Kairos, but his gender is timid and shy, contrary to what he looks like as a female.It is also a companion to YouTuber Rayemon.


Tauros No. 128
classification: Wild Bull Pokemontype: normalheight: 1.4mweight: 88.4kg
Characteristic: Ikaku / Anger PointHidden characteristics: Sheer ForceBefore evolution: NoneAfter evolution: None

buffalo,BullfightA Pokemon that looks like this.Dark brown hair grows around the brown body and neck. As the name "Abareushi Pokemon" suggests, it is extremely temperamental and warlike. Hit the body like a whip with three tails to increase the fighting spirit and accelerate.The horns of the boss of the flock are full of scratches.Also, only ♀ exists in the wild etc.MiltankIn contrast, there is only ♂,Dr. OrchidSpeculates that "Miltank and Tauros are the same species."[21].. In "Heart Gold Soul Silver", you can see the excitement of the Tauros when they take them with them at the Momo Ranch where the Miltank is located.The Tauros, which live in the Arora region, have a milder nature than other regions and are raised on the ranch as Ride Pokemon.It can move fast like the item "Jitensha", and by rushing at the same speed, it can also crush rocks that block the way like "Iwakudaki".Individuals living in the Galar region dislike having people on their backs.

From "Red / Green" to "Crystal", it was a Pokemon that was often used in online battles.

TV anime versionThen.SatoshiAppeared as a Pokemon.Every time I tried to catch another Pokemon such as a Rhyhorn in the safari zone, a flock passed by and spent all 30 safari balls provided to capture the Tauros.[22]..A herd of 30 animals runs around on the vast site of the Orchid Institute, which was later transferred.The leader of the flock is in the Orange League etc.MukActive together.Sometimes it's in the hands of another trainer, sometimes it's a herd of wild, and sometimes it's a ride Pokemon.

SmartphoneApp for "Pokémon GO""North AmericaIt is set as a regional Pokemon that appears only in[12].

"Let's Go! Pikachu/Let's Go! Eevee] Appears as a rideable Pokemon.The movement speed is a little faster.


Magikarp No. 129
classification: Fish Pokemontype: Waterheight: 0.9mweight: 10.0kg
Characteristic: Sui SuiHidden characteristics: ChatterBefore evolution: NoneAfter evolution: Gyarados

KoiA Pokemon that looks like this.It is said to be the weakest and most pathetic Pokemon that has no power and can only "bounce" with a flutter.[Annotation 8]..And while it's bouncingPigeonAnd so on.Even if it bounces high occasionally, it finally exceeds 2 meters[Annotation 9].

The sea, rivers, and ponds live everywhere, let alone puddles, but their swimming ability is weak.In places where the flow is stagnant, multiple individuals are densely packed, and in places where the flow is fast, they are simply washed away.Weak but very vital, it can survive any dirty waterfront.It seems that it used to be a slightly stronger Pokemon.

Covered with red scalesRed snapperIt has a round body like a crown, a golden dorsal fin and abdominal fin that imitates a crown, and a long beard.The color of the beard is gold for males and white for females.

"Red / Green / Blue / Pikachu" and "Fire red leaf greenIn the version, you can purchase Level 5 Magikarp for 500 yen at the Pokemon Center in front of the entrance to Mt. Otsukimi.Also,"Black WhiteYou can purchase it for 500 yen after clearing it, but the man's line at this time is the self-line of the Magikarp merchant at the Pokemon Center of "Red, Green, Blue, Pikachu".TributeIt was done.In addition, it is customary for all six Magikarp anglers to appear.

The graphics in the game are like lying down and bouncing on the spot.

Smartphone app "Hanero!In "Magikarp", not only the conventional appearance but also various appearances such as Nishiki pattern will appear.This phenomenon seems to be seen only in Hop Town[23].

In the first episode in the TV anime versionGyaradosAppeared with.Also,Team Rocket OfKojirouI had also possessed it.Also,SatoshiIs "Magikarp on a cutting boardI have used the idiom.HoweverKasumiAccording to it, it seems that it is not edible because it is almost only bones, skin and scales, and in fact Meowth has failed to eat.In the gold and silver edition, only the name of a professional baseball team called "Magikarp" appears. The strongest Magikarp appears in "DP", the different-colored gold Magikarp appears in "XY", the child star Magikarp appears in "SM", and the giant Magikarp appears in "2019 Edition".Also appeared as a diving mechanism for the team rocket.

Appeared as a boy trainer Rikuo's Pokemon in "Magaikarp" of the WEB animation "Poketoon".I like music and I like the roots of Rikuo's flute.At one point, he was entrusted to a grower because of his parents' opposition, but after a while he reunited with Rikuo (who is a little older than when he met) and evolved into Gyarados.

Once, the project of Shogakukan's academic year magazine "Jewel beetle university, A magikarp that remembered "Ryu no Ikari" was given as a gift.In addition, the image of "Golden Magikarp" was published in the same grade magazine.It was only revealed that it "exists", and a clear appearance method was not written, but in reality it only appears with a very low probability like other different color Pokemon, and special appearance conditions There is no such thing. In March 2013, Pokemon Center NagoyaMatsuzakayaTo commemorate the move to the Nagoya store, "Black 2 and White 2" were presented with golden (different colors) Magikarp.This Magikarp has a level of 99 and remembers a great hydro pump.

You can now learn "Hydro Pump" in "Sword Shield", but it is not very useful because it has the same power.

In 2016, the theme song of Magikarp was played, and a special page with plenty of Magikarp material was officially released.[24].

To commemorate the reopening of Pokemon Center SapporoWood carving bearWood carving that resemblesRingmaThe figurine was commercialized by pre-order production.Original wood carvingBrown bear salmonOn the other hand, this is an image of "the moment when a bouncing Magikarp hits the jaw of a ringma on all fours".


Gyarados No. 130
classification: Atrocious Pokemontype: Water / Flyingheight: 6.5mweight: 235.0kg
Characteristic: MenacingHidden characteristics: MoxieBefore evolution: MagikarpAfter evolution: None

MagikarpEvolved form of.carpTurned from Magikarp in the shape ofIt looks like this, but it is not a dragon type.The form of evolution in which a carp transforms into a dragon isClimbing gate OfStoriesRepresents.Although there are few opportunities to appear in public, it has a habit of appearing when humans begin to fight, and it is said that their anger will not subside until the surroundings are burned down.In addition, it is said to be the god of destruction, and it is full of anger so that there are records that destroyed the city and continued to rampage for a month.It is said that the sudden change in personality is due to the recombination of the structure of brain cells by the energy of evolution.As with Magikarp, gender can be identified by the color of the beard. Males have blue beards and females have white beards.

During the game, trainers such as gym leaders, four heavenly kings, and champions are also frequently used. In "Red / Green / Blue / Fire Red / Leaf Green", rivals may use it, and Wataru of the Four Tennos is the starting lineup. Wataru, who became the champion in "Gold, Silver, Crystal, Heart Gold, Soul Silver" and Green, who became the leader of Tokiwa City Gym, will continue to use it, and Ibuki, the leader of Fusve City Gym in "Heart Gold Soul Silver" (1 body) OcularDragonair(Instead of), Mikuri in "Emerald" and "Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire" (Champion in "Emerald", Rene's people in "Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire"), Maxi, the Nomose City Gym Leader in "Diamond Pearl Platinum" And the Ginga boss Akagi, used by the flare boss Hradari and the four heavenly kings Zumi in "XY" (the Hradari individual is a mega sinker).In "Gold, Silver, Crystal, Heart Gold, Soul Silver", a red Gyarados will appear in Ikari Mizuumi.

At the beginning of "Red / Green", there were few techniques that could maximize the high ability due to the specifications of the technique, but now it is possible to learn quite a lot of techniques, and the power was raised with "Ryu no Mai". In addition to physical skills such as Giga Impact, Aqua Tail, Takinobori, Tobihaneru, Jishin, Kamikaku, and Koori no Kiva, Hakaikousen, Daimonji, and 10 Man Bolt I also learn a lot of special skills like this. In "Sword Shield", you can also learn "Power Whip".

In "Hanero! Koi King", an evolution event will occur by destroying the item "Kazunari no Ishi" and then raising it to level 20.

"X/Y], A mega sinker to "Mega Gyarados" was added.

Mega Gyarados
Type: Water / Dark, Height: 6.5m, Weight: 305.0kg, Characteristics: Mold Breaker
The color of the horns and abdomen changed, and the torso, fins, and beard became enlarged and enlarged.Super largeLeviathanIt has a more intimidating and majestic appearance. The huge back fin, which is divided into two parts, opens and closes in conjunction with the bending of the torso.In addition, the color of the beard became white for both males and females.The different colors make the whole body vermilion, giving it a more magnificent appearance.The color of the beard that distinguishes between males and females is dyed red.
Mega-sinker energy acts on the brain and becomes the instinct of destruction that burns everything down.Submarine volcanoWhile generating a water column of several hundred meters reminiscent of an eruptionMachIt is said that it is dangerous because it emerges from the water at an unstoppable speed, and if it gets caught, even a large ship will fold in half.However, they obey the orders of trainers who really trust them, even against their instincts.
The type will be "Mizu / Aku" and the Tokusei will be "Mold Breaker". The ability to remove HP and quickness increases, and Kogeki, Bougyo, and Tokubo tend to increase in a well-balanced manner. The number of weaknesses is four times that of the weaknesses, but the number of weaknesses is such that the grass type and fairy type techniques, the kakuto type and the bug type, which have not been effective until now, are more effective and the ground type technique is also received. It will increase.It is used as a trump card by the powerful trainer who appears in the battle tree, the green of the battle legend, and the flare boss Hradari.

It is one of the six selected members of the Pokemon WCS 2014 winner.

In "Gold / Silver / Crystal" and "Heart Gold / Soul Silver", different colors of red Gyarados will appear in "Ikari no Mizuumi" at level 30.Normally, Pokemon of different colors will appear only with a very low probability, but only this Gyarados will definitely appear.Also, if you evolve Magikarp in different colors, it will become red Gyarados.In addition, "Diamond Pearl" also says "Oh, Akai Gyarados!" At the beginning of the story.TV programIs being broadcast, but there is no event in which a specific red Gyarados appears in the game of the same work (although it has been changed to a different program in "Platinum", the story of the red Gyarados itself comes out).Also,2015May 6Opened inPokemon Center Hiroshima(Hiroshima cityNaka-ku) Is also drawn on the logo mark.Red Gyarados is the first Pokemon in a different color to be selected as the logo mark.

In "Let's Go! Pikachu / Let's Go! Evey", it appears as a rideable Pokemon for underwater movement.

In the TV anime version, it often appears in the sea scene, in the first episodeMagikarpHas appeared with,1997May 7Around the end of the 16th episode of the broadcast, "Pokemon Hyoryuki," he was blown away by a tornado with the wrath of a dragon on the sea.Team Rocket OfKojirouI had it for a while. In "Miu-Two's Counterattack", he appeared as a partner Pokemon of Fergus, and although he is a Pokemon today, he has a fragile side such as tears at the petrified Satoshi.In the gold and silver edition, Ikari Mizuumi will have a red Gyarados as in the game.It was the four heavenly champion and was obtained by Wataru of Pokemon G Men.Appeared as Kasumi's Pokemon in the side story. In the XY & Z edition, like the game, it appears as a Pokemon of the flare boss Hradari, but this is an individual of a different color.Like the head family, it is a mega sinker.In the wild, it often appears as a ferocious Pokemon that attacks Satoshi.

Live-action movie "Detective Pikachu (movie)』Also appeared, Pikachu stimulated Magikarp, evolution is promoted, and the main characters will be saved.

SmartphoneApp for "Pokémon GOIn ", it is a specification that you have to collect 400" Magikarp candies ", which is the largest number among all Pokemon, in order to evolve.


Laplace No. 131
classification: Transport Pokemontype: Water / Iceheight: 2.5mweight: 220.0kg
Characteristic: Shell Armor / ChosuiHidden characteristics: Moisturizing bodyBefore evolution: NoneAfter evolution: None

PlesiosaurIt is a Pokemon that looks like this, and features large ears and a thorny shell on its back.Prefers to swim with people on the shell[Annotation 10]..Can understand human language with high intelligence.Sing with a clean voice when you feel good.It was carefully protected because it was endangered due to overfishing by humans because it was used in reverse because of its mild-mannered personality, but now the number is increasing again, and it is increasing for a while. I have passed.It is used as a ride Pokemon in the Arora region, and can move on the water like the hiden technique "Naminori" and can be fished as it is. Also appeared in "Let's Go! Pikachu / Let's Go! Evey" as a rideable Pokemon for underwater movement.

You will learn not only the Mizuya ice type but also various types of techniques such as "10 man bolts", "psychokinesis", and "gekirin". Once in "Sword Shield"AchilleineYou can learn "Utakata no Aria", which was a special technique of, as an egg technique (however, until the Pokemon HOME is lifted, only when you get it in the Pokemon's nest).It is also one of the few Pokémon that can learn a lot of blows such as "Two Drills", "Zettai Reido", and "Jiwara".

"Gold, silver, crystal"When"Heart gold soul silver』In every Friday at the back of the" connected cave "Symbol encounterAppeared in the form of.Even after being defeated or captured once, it will reappear in the next week. You can get it at Sylph Company in "Red / Green / Blue / Pikachu / Fire Red / Leaf Green" and on the 12th road in "X / Y".

In the trainer, Kanna of the four heavenly kings will play as a trump card, and in "Gold, Silver, Crystal, Heart Gold, Soul Silver", Kasumi, the leader of Hanada City Gym, will say "Black 2 / White 2] InIsch regionUsed by champion Iris. Appeared as a red Pokemon in "Heart Gold / Soul Silver"[Annotation 11], Participate in the Pokemon World Tournament of "Black 2 and White 2". In "Shield", the gym leader Melon uses it as a trump card.

Kyodai Max
The shell of the back has become larger, and it is now possible to carry more than 5000 people.Around the bodyStavesAnd icenoteBecause they are lined up like this, you can sail in the frigid sea without drift ice.Kyodai Max The move is "Kyodai Senritsu".After the attack, put "Aurora Veil" on allies and become resistant to physical attacks and special attacks.

Extra edition in the TV anime version[Annotation 6]First appearance in "Christmas of Rougela". (voice:Chiharu Suzuka).Appeared as Satoshi's Pokemon in the Orange Islands edition.The ending theme for the Orange Islands edition is "On Laplace(song - Mayumi Iizuka)"was.Reunited with the flock and broke up with Satoshi.After that, he happened to meet Satoshi in a grown-up form (I didn't know it was his Laplace until he noticed it), and became the leader of the flock at the end of the game.

In the first generation battle, there was a demand as a Pokemon that could release "Fubuki", a technique that was unreasonably strong at that time, in a form that would benefit from type matching, and high HP was also useful in the battle.[25].

SmartphoneApp for "Pokémon GOIs set as a Pokemon that is powerful but has a very low appearance rate, and traffic troubles due to its appearance have also occurred.[26].

In July 2019, he was appointed as "Miyagi Support Pokemon" and will collaborate with Miyagi Prefecture.Since then, various events have been held in Miyagi prefecture.[27].


Ditto No. 132
classification: Transform Pokemontype: normalheight: 0.3mweight: 4.0kg
Characteristic: LimberHidden characteristics: AlternativeBefore evolution: NoneAfter evolution: None

TransformOne of the few Pokemon with abilities.Purple (some pink)SlimeIt has a similar body tissue and may transform into other Pokemon, non-living organisms, and humans.This allows you to be friends with any Pokemon or human.When you laugh, you lose power and you can unravel your transformation.When the metamons meet, they actively move to look exactly like the other.The relationship between Ditto is bad.When sleeping, it transforms into a stone to protect itself from foreign enemies.There are individual differences in the reproducibility of transformation.Originally a fairly small Pokemon, it can be expanded and contracted when transformed.Since Ditto itself is not born from eggs, it is unknown how it breeds.The origin of the name is "metamorphose".

In the game, the skill "Henshin" is used to copy the abilities of the opponent except HP and level to fight.On the other hand, if it has the hidden characteristic "Imoster", it can be immediately transformed into the Pokemon that the opponent is currently using immediately after entering the battle stage.Also, by depositing other Pokemon and Ditto together in a grower, you can get eggs of the same type of Pokemon as the other party.The target covers almost all Pokemon that can obtain eggs.This method is the only one for Pokemon of unknown gender such as Coil, Baltoy and Cryogonal, and for Pokemon with only males such as Nidoking and Braviary.As a result, the demand for Ditto has increased as a means of obtaining eggs since "Gold / Silver", where the system of "increasing Pokemon with eggs" was established.

In the TV anime version, in episode 37, impersonation imite (voice:Orine Fukushima) First appeared as a Pokemon."Meta-chan" when it first appeared had the drawback that "the face does not change even if it transforms", and overcame this drawback in the story.The new "Metapyon" that was brought when it reappeared had the drawback that it did not change in size even if it was transformed.I haven't been able to overcome this, but I succeeded in gaining popularity around me with a performance that used it in reverse.The voice actor is "Meta-chan"Three Stones, "Metapyon"Satomi Korogi..He also used the head leader Yuji and defeated many trainers with this Ditto, but there is a drawback that the original ability of Ditto does not change.In addition to this, he has appeared several times as a guest, but many individuals have the drawback of not changing their faces.

Appeared as Howard Clifford's Pokemon in the live-action movie "Detective Pikachu".It has been genetically strengthened by Howard, and has hunted down Tim with his favorite transformation (transforming into a human other than Pokemon).On the other hand, it is almost the same as the anime version that only the eyes remain as they are.The voice actorGoldfish Wakana.

"Super Smash Bros DX], If you randomly select your character in a tournament brawl, Ditto will be displayed in the character window (Ditto cannot be used as a player character).Initially, there was a plan to introduce Ditto as a Pokemon that appeared from item monster balls, but it was not adopted due to the development period.[28]..This concept will be the successor work "SUPER SMASH BROS. ULTIMATE], Transforms into a player character for a certain period of time and participates in a brawl as an NPC.Kotono Mitsuishi, who also played the same role (Meta-chan) in the anime version mentioned above, was in charge of the voice.

As you can see in the game version, the original transformation ability of Ditto is perfect.[Annotation 12]..However, as a result of taking advantage of the above-mentioned transformational defects of the animated version of Ditto, in related products such as Pokemon cards, the transformed Ditto is in an incomplete state (face is Metamon, lower body is gel). In most cases it is depicted.For example, in the case of Ditto that has changed to Pikachu, it is often called "Ditto Pikachu".

SmartphoneApp for "Pokémon GO』Will appear from November 2016, 11[29]..It transforms into another Pokemon and appears, and when it is caught, it returns to its original form so that you can see if you have caught Ditto.[29]..In Jim Battle, you can transform into the first opponent Pokemon and fight by imitating the type and skill of that Pokemon.[30].


Eevee No. 133
classification: Shinka Pokemontype: normalheight: 0.3mweight: 6.5kg
Characteristic: Run Away / AdaptabilityHidden characteristics: AnticipationBefore evolution: NoneAfter evolution: See text

A four-legged small animal Pokemon.Big eyes with black eyesRabbitWith long ears likeFoxHas a tail like.The body color is brown, and it features white hair that wraps around the neck.The owner who changes the structure of the body according to the surrounding environment.By changing its appearance, it becomes possible to respond to various harsh environments.Emitted from some ores (and where they are) and celestial bodiesradiation, Due to good friendship with the trainer, etc.進化To[Annotation 13]..At present, it evolves into 8 types of Pokemon.When it is obtained, it gradually resembles the face of a trainer who became a parent.Dedicated Z trick is "Nine Evol Boost』.With the help of all the evolutionary systems of Eevee, "Kogeki", "Bougyo", "Tokukou", "Tokubo", and "Swiftness" are raised by two levels each, which is the only change technique for exclusive Z tricks.Also,"Let's Go! Eve』From Eevee is now provided with a gender distinction, males have a jagged pattern as before, but females have a flower pattern when viewed from the tail side[31].

"Red-greenYou can see Eevee and its evolved form by examining Masaki's computer that lives in the cape's hut, and later you can get only one at the jewel beetle city condominium.In the same work, with the item "Mizu no Ishi"Vaporeon, With "Kaminari no Ishi"Sanders, With "Fire"boosterEvolve to.The evolution form at the beginning of the appearance was only the above three types, but "Gold and silverFromEspeon,Blacky,Diamond pearlFromLeafeon,Glaceon,Pokemon X/YFromNymphiaHas appeared, and there are currently eight evolutionary forms.Eevee and its evolved forms are sometimes collectively referred to as "Eevee Friends," "Eevee," and "Eevee (unofficial)."[32][33].

The evolution conditions of Affi and Blackie are determined by the degree of attachment, and evolve by leveling up in a fully attached state.The evolution destination differs depending on the time of day ("Gold, silver, crystal"as well as"Diamond pearlAfter that, morning and noon, "Ruby sapphire emeraldEvolved into Espeon in the afternoon, "Gold, Silver, Crystal" and "Diamond pearlAfter that, it evolves into blackie at night, and in Ruby Sapphire Emerald in the morning).Leafeon and Glaceon evolve using "Leaf Ishi" and "Ice Ice".[Annotation 14].

Sylveon evolves by leveling up while Eevee's friendship level has risen to 2 or higher and he remembers fairy-type techniques.

Eevee, which meets multiple evolution conditions, evolves in the order of Leafeon / Glaceon → Nymphia → Effie / Blackie from the highest priority.

Kyodai Max
Height: 18.0m.A special Eevee with Kyodai Max.With Kyodai Max Power, the fluff around the neck covers the head, wrapping and captivating the enemy.The innocence is spurred, and any opponent is crushed by fluttering.In this state, the normal type move changes to Kyodai Max move "Kyodai Hoyo", and all opponents of different genders can be put into a mellow state.This special Eevee cannot evolve.

In the TV anime version, in episode 39, Taichi, the youngest of four siblings (voice:Touma Yumi) Appears as a Pokemon.RespectivelySanders-Vaporeon-boosterAlthough he was forced to evolve by his three older brothers who used the game, Taichi chose to grow it as Eevee without evolving it.From episode 3SigelAppeared in Pokemon on hand and played against Satoshi's Pikachu and won. At the time of re-appearance in "Gold / Silver"BlackyWas evolving to. "Advanced generation] InHarukaAppeared as a Pokemon.The voice actorMegumi Hayashibara.. 『Diamond & Pearl"soGlaceonEvolved into and reappeared. "XY] Inセ レ ナAppeared as a Pokemon (voice is similar to that of Shigeru)Kana Mika). In "XY & Z"NymphiaHas evolved into. "Sun & MoonFrom episodes 93 to 98, there is a mini corner "Where are you going?"MantineI drew it across the sea to the Arora region, where I met Pikachu and others.After that, in episode 99Water lilyWas obtained and named Nagisa (voice:Goldfish Wakana[34].. 『Pokemon (Anime 2019)], The female Eevee of the Eevee Evolution Research Institute became Koharu's first Pokemon.Koharu's partner Pokemon.In addition, it will be the first female individual with a distinction between male and female on the tail.The voice actorKei Mado.

Pokemon CenterWhen Sapporo opened its permanent store in March 2009, it was adopted as one of the store's logo marks along with Pikachu and Piplup. As of 3, the renewed Pokemon Center Yokohama and Kyoto have Eevee objects, and the Okinawa Pokemon Store has Shisa-style Eevee objects in Windy costumes.

The designer is exGame freakEmployeeMotofumi FujiwaraIs.The origin of the name is said to be from the first two letters "EV" of "Evolution" which means "evolution" in English.[Annotation 15].

It is very popular overseas as a cute Pokemon, and it is ranked first in the ranking video released on January 2016, 1 on the game news site "WatchMojo.com".[35]..It is also one of the most popular Pokemon in Japan from the beginning.

Because the popularity exploded mainly among fans2017May 11Is,Project Eevee』Special site and Twitter and Instagram accounts were created and details were revealed the next day.TwitterThen, we will focus on public relations and company visits for Eevee and its evolution.InstagramThen, I was working with Eevee, a stuffed animal, to improve the state of domestic and overseas tourism. The four-frame manga "Projek Toibuidayo" became popular and became a LINE stamp.In addition, a special exhibition EVs + cafeRoppongi HillsWhen it was held at Hills Cafe, the painterYuko HiguchiAnd art directorKenjiro SanoIllustrations of Eevee Friends such as were exhibited. With the puns of "Ibusuki" and "I like Eevee"KagoshimaIbusukiAppointed as Sports and Cultural Exchange Ambassador201812All nine types of manholes depicting Eevee and its evolution were installed in Ibusuki City.[36].2018May 11IsInstituteJapan Anniversary AssociationThan,"Eevee dayWas officially recognized.From the beginning of this project to the present, "11:21 am" and "23:21 pm" are still called "Eevee time".In addition, it should be noted201812The main activity was completed with, but Twitter is only introducing goods under the new system.

2018May 11In the game "Let's Go! EveWas released as the main game.Appears as a companion and main character of the main character.This work"Pokemon Pikachu], Which is derived from the fact that Red (the main character) uses Pikachu, while Green (rival) uses Eevee.The voice of Eevee from the same workYuki AoiIs in charge[37], A partner and a wild voice. "Sword shield』Since then, Yuki's voice has been used, and there are several newly recorded voices.

2019May 1In the Pokemon series and "TamagotchiEevee was appointed in collaboration with "Eevee x Tamagotchi" was released.Evolve to one of 8 types depending on how you grow it[38].

Yomiuri ShimbunSerialization PokemonFour character idiomatic compoundsThen, "Sensabanbetsu"[39], In English, "That's rare." Introduces EeveeTaglineWas used as. October 2020, 10Yomiuri ShimbunIn (morning edition)Pokemon CenterThe recruitment project "Kimi no Evolution Daisakusen" was posted as a message advertisement.Gunma,Tochigi,IbarakiThen Eevee adorned the front[40].

"Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U], "monster BallAppeared from.When I find a fighter


Vaporeon No. 134
classification: Bubble Jet Pokemontype: Waterheight: 1.0mweight: 29.0kg
Characteristic: Water AbsorbHidden characteristics: Moisturizing bodyBefore evolution: EeveeAfter evolution: None

EeveeOne of the evolutionary forms of, which has changed to a water type.FishesmammalianAround the neck, as if they were mixedElizabethan collarlikeエ ラhave.The tail is similar to that of a fish, and the ears change to a shape like a fish fin.Because of its appearance, it can be mistaken for a mermaid.The body color is based on blue such as light blue.A species adapted to the water's edge and water, the structure of the cells of the body resembles that of water molecules, and it dissolves in water and can disappear.In addition to the ability to manipulate water, it has the ability to detect rain, and when the rain approaches, the fins of the whole body begin to quiver.

In the TV anime version, Eevee 4 brothers Mizuki (voice:Kentaro Ito) Has appeared as a handheld, and is used by many trainers. Umio's Pokemon in "Miu-Two's Counterattack".

In 2020Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismHowever, from the setting that I like the clean waterside among Pokemon,May 8 OfWater dayAdopted for the design of enlightenment posters[41]..The following year, in 2021, he was in charge of the water cycle policy.Kazuyoshi AkabaneMinister of Land, Infrastructure and TransportAppointed as "Water Day Support Ambassador"[42].


Sanders No. 135
classification: Kaminari Pokemontype: Telephoneheight: 0.8mweight: 24.5kg
Characteristic: ChikudenHidden characteristics: Quick FeetBefore evolution: EeveeAfter evolution: None

EeveeOne of the evolutionary forms of, which has changed to the electric type.The body color changes to yellow, and the hair around the neck and waist is sharply pointed.The sensitivity is very strong, turning from the calm Eevee.Even a slight stimulus changes emotions, and cells throughout the body generate electricity and store electricity, and in some cases, charge 1 volts of electricity.The charged body hair stands upright like a needle, and it also has an attack that pierces the opponent by flying it.Also, in the gaps between body hairnegative ionIs occurring, and the sound of popping electricity is always emitted.However, it usually has a normal coat and can be touched by the trainer.

In the battle, it was the mainstream in the first generation battle due to the quickness of the highest class, the interference performance by "Denjiha", and the attack performance by the high special numerical value.

game"Pokemon platinum], With the expansion of the Sinnoh Encyclopedia, Jim leader Denji adopted it as a new pioneering Pokemon (also used in the rematch).

In the anime version, it appeared as an examiner's Pokemon in the Pokemon certification test.Satoshi TheArbokI used, but when I wrapped it, my thorny body got stuck.

Yomiuri ShimbunSerialization PokemonFour character idiomatic compoundsThen, "Shiden Issen"[43]Was used as a catchphrase to introduce Sanders.


Booster No. 136
classification: Fire Pokemontype: Fireheight: 0.9mweight: 25.0kg
Characteristic: Flash fireHidden characteristics: GutsBefore evolution: EeveeAfter evolution: None

One of the evolutions of Eevee, which has changed to a fire type.Covered with orange-colored fluffy hair, it looks as if it is wearing flames.900 when the body temperature is very high and the body is burningIt gets hotter than that.If you have an organ called a "flame bag" in your body and take a deep breath, you can exhale a flame at 1700 ° C.Body hair also has the role of dissipating excessive body temperature to the air.Since the body temperature is often raised during battle, the trainer can also come in contact with it under normal conditions.

In the trainer battle, the over of the four heavenly kings will come out as a new flame type Pokemon in "Pokemon Platinum"[Annotation 16].

In the TV anime version, Atsushi of the Eevee 4 brothers (voice:Kosuke Okano), Koume of Enju 5 sisters (voice:Kana Mika) Are used respectively.


Polygon No. 137
classification: Virtual pokemon[Annotation 17]type: normalheight: 0.8mweight: 36.5kg
Characteristic: Trace / DownloadHidden characteristics: AnalyzeBefore evolution: NoneAfter evolution: Polygon2

polygonAn artificial Pokemon composed of shaped bodies,Lottery horseIt looks like.The body color is red, and the mouth, legs, and tail are blue.Sylph Company, a major company that develops and manufactures scratches and monster balls, located in Yamabukishiti, which appears in the film (Team Rocket(See) is a Pokemon that was intentionally created by imitating the structure of a Pokemon using computer technology.Still more than a living thingMech robotIt is close to, does not breathe, and can only perform programmed movements.It is the effect that the body is angular.Convert yourself into dataElectronic spaceYou can come and go freely.In addition, it is already obsolete and there are some outdated parts.

"Red / green / blue / pikachu''Gold, silver, crystal''Fire red leaf green''Heart gold soul silver], It is a prize in the game corner of Jewel Beetle City, and can be obtained by exchanging coins at the prize exchange.The number of coins required depends on the version.

"Gold / Silver" is an evolved formPolygon2Has appeared.Evolve by having the item "upgrade" and exchanging communications.

In the Pokemon Stadium series, there are scenes where the body falls apart when defeated.

Appeared as a stage gimmick at Stage Yamabukishiti in "Super Smash Bros. Smash Bros. Series". Blow away the fighter at "Taitai".The voice actor is unknown in the first generation, but in "SP"Megumi HayashibaraIt is fresh green.

Learn "texture" and "texture 2" as special techniques. "Texture" will be the same type as one of your move types, and "Texture 1" will change to a type that is resistant to the type of move you last received.[Annotation 18].

In the TV anime version1997May 12Was broadcast onPokemon] Appeared in Episode 38 "Denno Senshi Polygon".At this time, the viewers gathered together due to the intense light emission effect in the video.Photosensitivity attackCommonly known as "Pokemon shockHas happened, and polygons have not appeared in the main part of the animation since the 46th episode.[Annotation 19]..Under the influence of the Pokemon shock, polygonal products such as "Monster Collection" were temporarily removed from stores.Even now, many Pokemon posters have few polygons on them, and few polygon products are on sale.Also,2020May 9The official Pokemon Twitter account outside Japan (US version) muttered "Porygon did nothing wrong." [44][45].

"Red-green』DirectorTajiriIs myselfDot pictureDespite being particular about, people around me said, "From now onpolygon(3DCG), So he said he released a Pokemon called "Polygon".[46].


Omanyte No. 138
classification: Spiral Pokemontype: Iwa / Mizuheight: 0.4mweight: 7.5kg
Characteristic: Shell Armor / Sui SuiHidden characteristics: Weak ArmorBefore evolution: NoneAfter evolution: Omastar

NautilusAn ancient Pokemon (extinct species) that looks like this.CurrentlyfossilIt is said that only remains, but there is a story that it still lives in the deep sea. It swims with 10 legs twisted and preys on fish and marine life smaller than itself.When attacked by an enemy, it hides in a hard shell,CarracostaYou can eat the whole shell.Also, among the fossils foundArcheopsSome of them had the tooth profile of, and it was found that they were also preyed on by Archeops.A troublesome person who runs away as soon as it is restored.

"Red / green / blue / pikachu"When"Fire red leaf greenIn "Mt. Otsukimi,"Diamond pearlIn the underground passage, "Heart goldIn the ruins of Alf, "Black White], It can be obtained by restoring the "Kai no Kaseki" found in the screw thread.


Omastar No. 139
classification: Spiral Pokemontype: Iwa / Mizuheight: 1.0mweight: 35.0kg
Characteristic: Shell Armor / Sui SuiHidden characteristics: Weak ArmorBefore evolution: OmanyteAfter evolution: None

OmanyteEvolved form of.An ancient Pokemon (extinct species), it is the same as Omanyte up to the point where it has a spiral shell and 10 tentacles, but the shell has spines along the outer circumference and a mouth with sharp fangs on the front.ShellderI broke the shell and preyed on the contents, but on the contraryCarracostaThe whole shell was preyed on.Eventually, it is said that his shell became too heavy to prey on his prey and became extinct.Among the expertsOctaneIt is whispered that it may be an ancestor of.

At the time of the release of "Red / Green", the Pokemon popularity poll held at "Famitsu" received only "unpleasant" voices, and the result was minus 4 votes and minus votes indicating unpopularity.[9].. The graphic of "Blue" has a scene where the pose is fine.

"Gold, silver, crystal"andRemake versionThen, it is used by Jim Leader Takeshi of Nivicity.

Appeared as a resurrected fossil Pokemon in the anime.Rotate your body and attack Satoshi and others around you.


Kabuto No. 140
classification: Shellfish Pokemontype: Iwa / Mizuheight: 0.5mweight: 11.5kg
Characteristic: Kabuto Armor / Sui SuiHidden characteristics: Weak ArmorBefore evolution: NoneAfter evolution: Kabutops

Horseshoe crabA Pokemon that looks like this.The body is covered with a hard shell and has eyes on the back and abdomen.The eyes on the back are used to look around.Swim in the sea and prey on prey with its claws. Moult once every 3 days to harden the shell.Although it is supposed to be an extinct species, it is rare that a living individual can be found in the same form.Furthermore, it seems to be common in some areas.

"Red / green / blue / pikachu"When"Fire red leaf greenIn "Mt. Otsukimi,"Diamond pearlIn the underground passage, "Soul SilverIn the ruins of Alf, "Black White], It can be obtained by restoring the "Kora no Kaseki" found in the screw thread. "Sword shield], A wild beetle was found in the snowy field of the crown.

Appeared as a resurrected fossil Pokemon in the anime.Attack Satoshi in a group.


Kabutops No. 141
classification: Shellfish Pokemontype: Iwa / Mizuheight: 1.3mweight: 40.5kg
Characteristic: Kabuto Armor / Sui SuiHidden characteristics: Weak ArmorBefore evolution: KabutoAfter evolution: None

KabutoEvolved form of.It is a kind of ancient Pokemon (extinct species), and its whole body is covered with an exoskeleton.The shell of the beetle became the head, and the body was born from it, creating a sharp humanoid silhouette.It developed so that it could walk on two legs on its hind legs and be active on land, but it is said that it became extinct because it could not adapt to changes in the environment.It has a ferocious personality that is the exact opposite of the quiet beetle, and sucks the body fluids of the prey caught with the sharp sickles of both hands.Sea turtle,RanatraIt has an ecology like aquatic stink bugs.When swimming in the water, fold the limbs into a small shell before swimming.

"Red / green / blue / pikachu"and"Fire red leaf green』The fossils are exhibited in the museum of Nivicity.

"Gold, silver, crystal』And in the remake version, used by Jim Leader Takeshi of Nivity (common with Omanyte). "エ メ ラ ル ド』But Tsutsuji uses it at the time of rematch.

Appeared with Kabuto in the anime.It often appears as a position to attack Satoshi and others.


Aerodactyl No. 142
classification: Fossil Pokemontype: Rock / Flyingheight: 1.8mweight: 59.0kg
Characteristic: Ishi Atama / PressureHidden characteristics: nervousnessBefore evolution: NoneAfter evolution: None

A type of Pokemon that became extinct long ago.AmberIt was regenerated and restored from the genes left in.At that time, several scientists were killed.An extremely ferocious carnivorous Pokemon that is believed to have been raging as the king of the sky at that time.It seems that he was flying in the sky without knowing anything scary while screaming in a high voice.The overall appearanceRhamphorhynchoAs if it had grown in size, it was sharp enough to bite the enemy's throat into its big jaw.sawIt has shaped teeth and a long tail, and is associated with its name.Pteranodon (PterosaursThere are many parts that differ from the characteristics of).

"Red-green], And many other works can be obtained by restoring "secret amber".It is the only Pokemon that can be restored from fossils and does not evolve. Used by the four heavenly kings in "Red / Green" and by Wataru, who became the champion in "Gold / Silver". "platinum], The gym leader, Hyota, comes out first in the enhanced version.In addition, it was used by a friend Trova in "XY" and by champion Daigo in "Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire" after strengthening.

"Red-greenThe grandfather who visited the Nibi Science Museum in Japan saw the fossil of Pteranodon and said, "Thank you! Thank you! What is the praise of Ryujin-sama! (What is the bone of the dragon god!)" It was.

In "Let's Go! Pikachu / Let's Go! Evey", it appears as a rideable Pokemon for aerial movement.The speed is almost the same as Lizardon.

"X/YAfter that, he achieved a mega sinker to "Mega Ptera".

Type: Rock / Flying, Height: 2.1m, Weight: 79.0kg, Characteristics: Hard claws
The genes lost by the mega-sinker have been revived, and some researchers claim that this mega-ptera was the true figure that lived in ancient times, rather than the ptera that was originally restored from fossils. ..Petrified everywhere in the bodyobsidianSharp rock protrusions such as are generated, giving a more aggressive appearance.
GyaradosSimilarly, the excessive power of the mega-sinker puts a strain on the body, and the ferocious temperament is refined to the extent that it attacks everything that is very frustrating.
The characteristic has changed to "hard claws", and it has become possible to make use of contact skills to learn various types of things.All abilities except "HP" will increase mainly to "Kogeki", and will acquire the top class "quickness" among all Pokemon.

In the official article of Nintendo, it is introduced as a member of the player who won the elementary school division in the 2005 national tournament Tokyo tournament national team deciding match.[47].. In the 2005 national tournament junior high school and above, it was used by one in nine finalists.

First appeared in episode 46 of the TV anime version.Satoshi OfLizardThe lizard was regretful and angry because he made a fool of himself.CharizardEvolve to.Also"Diamond & Pearl] InTeam RocketThe restored Aerodactyl goes out of control in Oreburgh City.Hikari OfPiplupBunearyBy the activity ofmonster BallWas returned to.In the side story, there is a scene where Shigeru, who retired as a trainer, revives Aerodactyl in the laboratory.


Snorlax No. 143
classification: Sleeping Pokemontype: normalheight: 2.1mweight: 460.0kg
Characteristic: Thick Fat / MenekiHidden characteristics: KuishinboBefore evolution: GombeAfter evolution: None

GombeEvolved form of ("Diamond pearl』After), a Pokemon that looks like a monster with a body color based on greenish navy blue and cream. "Gold and silverUntilWeightIt was a heavy Pokemon. It is estimated that the amount of food it eats per day is 1 kg.For foodMoldI don't care if it grows, and the digestive juices in my stomach are very strong and do not cause abdominal pain.Very poisonousMukEven the body fluids of Snorlax are just a little spice for Snorlax.When he is full, even moving his fingers becomes a hassle.I don't usually act except for meals, but it seems that somehow it can exert tremendous power.However, contrary to the image of environmental destruction and monsters, it has a very mild personality, and human children and small Pokemon do not shake it off even if it is a playground on a big belly.The basic eyes are closed, but in some games and manga, there are scenes where the eyes are wide open.

"Red / green / blue / pikachu"and"Fire red leaf greenOn the 12th and 16th roadsSymbol encounterAppears in.At the time of encounter, he sleeps soundly on the field and blocks the road, but when he blows "Pokemon's Flute" right next to Snorlax, he falls asleep and attacks and becomes a battle.Also, "Gold / Silver" and "Heart gold soul silverIn front of the entrance of "Diglett's Ana" on the beak city side, "X/Y』Appears on the 7th road with a symbol encounter.SudowoodoIt is also famous as a representative of "Pokemon that blocks the road".The graphics in the game were mostly lying down, but gradually get up as the series progresses.Also,"Sun moon], As an early purchase privilege, a gombe that evolved into a "honki snorlax" was distributed.This gombe has a "Cavigon Z" that is not normally available, and if you evolve it into a Cavigon, you will be able to use the exclusive Z trick "Honki no Sukougeki" based on the "Giga Impact".When activated, it gets up instantly, jumps and runs at a tremendous speed that you can not usually imagine, and at the end it jumps high and leans from directly above.

Not only the bumping technique but also the tokushu technique is abundant, and you can learn many techniques such as "Daimonji", "Naminori", "Kaminari", "Fubuki", and "Solar Beam".

The trainers are mainly Red, which appears in "Gold, Silver, Crystal" and "Heart Gold, Soul Silver", and Dr. Kukui, who is a rival of "Diamond Pearl", "Sun Moon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon". The hop of "Sword Shield" is used.

Kyodai Max
Height 35.0m.Due to the power of Kyodai Max, grass and trees are overgrown on the stomach.Lying down like a traditional snorlax.The face is almost hidden and invisible, but the eyes are glowing red.
It hardly moves, and the attack only raises the upper body a little and flutters the limbs, and it seems that it is not motivated, but its destructive power is tremendous, and it is said to be proud of the superhuman strength that competes for XNUMX among Daimax Pokemon. ..The normal type technique changes to the Kyodai Max technique "Kyodai Saisei", and the nuts used once by all allies are regenerated with a probability.Only available in Max Raid Battles for a limited time.
"TV anime 7th series』Appeared in the fifth episode.This is the Kyodai Max Pokemon that first appeared in the anime version.This snorlax is 5m, which is larger than a normal individual.I got on the railroad track due to the influence of Kyodai Max, but I got nothing with the success of Hibani.

In the TV anime version, it first appeared in episode 40.The villagers were in food shortage because they fell asleep in the upper reaches of the river, which is necessary for domestic water and crop cultivation, and dammed the water.Appeared in the Orange Islands edition,果樹 園 OfPomeloWhere I was devouringSatoshiI got it.Since then, he has appeared as a guest several times.

"Pikachu tank』Also appeared.The voice actorHitoshi Takagi.

According to data released by the Pokemon Daisuki Club, it is the second-largest Pokemon with a short bark among the first-generation Pokemon.[48]..By the way, the first place isPoppo.

Development staff Koji Nishino (Game freakAffiliation) is the model.[49]

"Super Smash Bros. SeriesWill appear from Poke Ball.When it appears, it flies away to the sky once, and then attacks the enemy with a "squeeze" that becomes huge and falls.Has an attack judgment from the moment it appears.The voice isKatsuyuki Konishi.

Appeared as a rideable Pokemon in "Let's Go! Pikachu / Let's Go! Evey".The hero sticks to Snorlax's belly and moves steadily.The movement speed is the slowest of all Pokemon.


Freezer No. 144
classification: Freeze Pokemontype: Ice / Flyingheight: 1.7mweight: 55.4kg
Characteristic: pressureHidden characteristics: Snow CloakBefore evolution: NoneAfter evolution: None

Thunder,FireA kind of legendary bird Pokemon along with.The body is light blue, with a pair of long wings and a long tail, pale feathers, and three pairs of combs.The figure is "Red / green / blue / pikachuIt is so elegant that it is praised with an exclamation as "wonderful" in the Pokédex of "", and it flies in the winter sky with its tail fluttering.It is said that a person in distress in a snowy mountain may appear in front of him just before he dies. As in "Freeze Pokemon", it freezes the water in the air and makes it snow.Winter will come sooner in the city we visited.

Not only is it powerful in the first generation, but it also has a 1% chance of being in an ice state.[Annotation 20]Since the ice type of "Fubuki" and the ice type of this Pokemon itself match, the power is increased by 1.5 times, and because it does not become an ice state by having the ice type, it is one of the top meta in the battle. Met[50]..In addition, he is good at combo technique that surely hits "Zettai Reido" of one-shot technique by "Kokoro no Me".

"Red / green / blue / pikachu], [Fire red leaf green], [Heart gold soul silver], Appears in the cave of Seafoam Islands.The level is 50. "platinum』, After the completion of the Sinnoh book, after talking with Dr. Orchid in Hakutai City, fly around the Sinnoh region and appear as a wild individual.The level is 60. "X/Y] InChespinIf you choose, after entering the Hall of Fame and flying around the Kalos region, it will appear in "Wadatsumi no Anna" for the 11th time.The level is 70.As for the battle BGM, the arrangement of the battle BGM of the first "Red / Green" is used as in Mewtwo. "Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon』Appears in" Ultra Space Zero Cliff World "that can be reached by Ultra Warpride from" Nichirin no Saidan "(" Gachirin no Saidan ").

Garal's way
Classification: Cruel Pokemon, Type: Esper / Flying, Weight 50.9kg, Characteristics: Competitive.The appearance of a freezer in the Galar region. Appeared in "Crown Snowfield".
The body color is purple, and it has something like a mask on the eyes. It shoots psychopower from the eyes in a beam shape, freezes it by exposing it to the opponent, blocks the movement, and stops it with wings that condensed psychopower Stab.He is ruthless and has a cold personality that looks down on everything, but his behavior is elegant.Because it floats with psychopower, it hardly flaps.The special technique is "Tetsukushisen".Although it is an Esper-type attack technique, it may put the opponent in an ice state.It was named "Freezer" as a region form because it looks a lot like a freezer, but it seems to be a different species.

In the TV anime version, Toru approaches to shoot in the Johto edition,PuddingFinally succeeded in shooting with the story that also appeared.Voice actor TheTouma Yumi.. 『Advanced generation] In the Battle Frontier edition, he appeared as a friend of Frontier Brain Datsura.The voice actorKatsuyuki Konishi.

SmartphoneApp "Pokémon GOWill appear as a raid boss for a limited time from July 2017 to 7, 23 and from August 31 to September 8, 15, and will be available only if you win the raid battle and succeed in the get challenge. Was[51][52].

"Super Smash Bros DX』Appears from Poke Ball.Immediately immerse the surrounding enemies in ice with a "sounding cold".


Thunder No. 145
classification: Electric Pokemontype: Electric / Flyingheight: 1.6mweight: 52.6kg
Characteristic: pressureHidden characteristics: Static electricityBefore evolution: NoneAfter evolution: None

freezer,FireA kind of legendary bird Pokemon along with.The whole body is wrapped in yellow feathers.The tips of its wings and tail are sharp and pointed, and its beak is long.As a whole, it has a sharp design like a lightning strike.usuallyThundercloudHe lives in the house and occasionally suddenly appears from the crack.Basically alwaysElectrificationSparks are generated every time the wings are fluttered.It is said to be one of the causes of the summer storm.

"Red / green / blue / pikachu''Fire red leaf greenIn "Mujin Hatsudensho", "Heart gold soul silver], "Kanto Hatsudensho[53]Appears outside.The level is 50. "platinum], After getting the national picture book, go to Pal Park and stay in Hakutai CityDr. OrchidWhen you talk to, you will fly around Sinnoh.The level is 60. "X/Y] InFennekinIf you choose, after entering the Hall of Fame and flying around the Kalos region, it will appear in "Wadatsumi no Anna" for the 11th time.The level is 70.As for the battle BGM, the arrangement of the battle BGM of the first "Red / Green" is used as in Mewtwo. "Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon』Appears in" Ultra Space Zero Cliff World "that can be reached by Ultra Warpride from" Nichirin no Saidan "(" Gachirin no Saidan ").

Garal's way
Classification: Kenkyaku Pokemon, Type: Fighting / Flying, Weight 58.2kg, Characteristics: Defiant.The appearance of Thunder in the Galar region. Appeared in "Crown Snowfield".
Body color is orange.The image is relatively more warlike than the original, and he tries to fight even if he seems to be stronger than himself.He couldn't fly because his wings had degenerated, but instead he developed leg strength.While toying with the opponent with quick movements and light movements, he sympathizes with a strong kicking technique.The special technique is "Raimeigeri".Play with quick movements and kick the opponent like a thunder.May reduce defense.It was named Thunder as a region form of Garal's shape because it looks very similar to Thunder and makes an electric sound when the feathers rub.

In episode 243 in the TV anime versionSatoshiAppears when they reach a lake that heals electric-type Pokemon.Voice actorIs Katsuyuki Konishi. In the story of Ikazuchi Town in episode 17 of XY & Z, a tradition about Thunder and a festival associated with it appear. Go tried to get it in the 2019 edition, but failed.

SmartphoneApp "Pokémon GO』, Appeared as a raid boss for a limited time from August 2017th to September 8st, 8, and was available only if you won the raid battle and succeeded in the get challenge[51][52].

"Super Smash Bros DX] Will appear from Poke Ball.Continuously attack surrounding enemies with "Thunder Shock".


Fire No. 146
classification: Flame Pokemontype: Fire / Flyingheight: 2.0mweight: 60.0kg
Characteristic: pressureHidden characteristics: Flame bodyBefore evolution: NoneAfter evolution: None

A type of legendary bird Pokemon alongside freezer and thunder.It has a large orange to yellow body, with wings, mane, and tail imitating flames.Originally said to come from a tropical country.The arrival of fire hastened the arrival of spring.

In the Pokemon world, it has long been known as the "Legendary of the Firebird" Pokemon.Even the night sky burns violently enough to illuminate red, and its beauty overwhelms the viewer.When the body is injured, it enters the magma and burns the whole body to heal the injuries.Kosaku Anakubo's PokemonIn secondary works such as, firePhoenixMay be seen.

Among the legendary bird Pokemon, the only place of appearance in the Kanto region is divided by series, "Red / green / blue / pikachuIn "Champion Road,"Fire red leaf green"Tomoshibiyama,"Heart gold soul silver』Appears in the deepest part of Shirogane Yama.The level is 50.On the other hand, in "Platinum", if you go to Pal Park after getting a national picture book and talk to Dr. Orchid in Hakutai City, you will fly around the Sinnoh region.The level in this version is 60. "X/Y] InFroakieIf you choose, after entering the Hall of Fame and flying around the Kalos region, it will appear in "Wadatsumi no Anna" for the 11th time.The level is 70.As for the battle BGM, the arrangement of the battle BGM of the first "Red / Green" is used as in Mewtwo. "Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon』Appears in" Ultra Space Zero Cliff World "that can be reached by Ultra Warpride from" Nichirin no Saidan "(" Gachirin no Saidan ").

In the book "Pokemon Encyclopedia", it refers to the fire and is written as "she".[54], Gender is unknown in the game.

Garal's way
Classification: Dark Pokémon, Type: Dark / Flying, Weight 66.0kg, Characteristics: Gyakujo.The appearance of the fire in the Galar region. Appeared in "Crown Snowfield".
The body color is black, and it is not the flame but the evil aura that is burning in the wings.He has an irreverent personality and shows a calm behavior as his instinct goes.It emits the energy that bursts into the body as an aura like a pillar of fire, and ordinary Pokemon cannot approach it.He specializes in mental attacks that give off an evil aura to the surroundings by widening his wings, and when he eats this attack, he feels a strong sense of fatigue as if he had burned out.The special technique is "Moegaru Ikari".Instead of a fiery aura of anger, just throw it at the opponent and attack.It may scare the other party.A type of migratory Pokemon that appears in the Kanmuri Snowfield once every few decades, it looks very similar to the original fire and the evil aura that comes out of the body looks like a flame, so it is a region of Garal's shape. Named Fire as a form.

The holy fire of the Pokemon League in the Can Tho region in the TV anime version is said to be the flame of the wings of the fire.Also,Weekly Pokemon Broadcasting StationIn the side story aired in the final episode of, Hiroshi meets at Tomoshibiyama.The voice actorRiko Aikawa.. In XY, wild individuals appear and attack Satoshi and others as enemies.This voice actor isKensuke Sato.

SmartphoneApp "Pokémon GO』, Appeared as a raid boss for a limited time from August 2017st to 8th and August 1th to September 7st, 8, and can only be obtained if you win the raid battle and succeed in the get challenge Was[51][52].

"Super Smash Bros. SeriesIn the second work "Super Smash Bros DX] After that, it will appear from Poke Ball.When it appears, it will fly away to the sky by "flying in the sky".At first glance it seems to do nothing, but the fire itself has a strong attack judgment.


Dratini No. 147
classification: Dragon pokemontype: Dragonheight: 1.8mweight: 3.3kg
Characteristic: DapiHidden characteristics: Mysterious scaleBefore evolution: NoneAfter evolution: Dragonair

Oriental with round eyes and distinctive earsAn elongated Pokemon in the shape of.The number of sightings is so small that it has long been regarded as a phantom Pokemon[13]..Moulting is repeated over and over again, and it grows over and over again, because the energy in the body grows as it grows and becomes uncontrollable.[13]..Moulted skin may be witnessed.The picture book says 1.8m, but it seems that even children will exceed 2m.The protrusion on the forehead is the horn before growth.

"Red-green], You can get it in exchange for coins as a prize in the slot, and in rare cases you can catch it with a great fishing rod in the pond of the safari zone.However, the latter is easy to escape and quite difficult to catch.

In the TV anime version, it first appeared in "Kanto Edition Safari Park".The voice actorTouma Yumi..In the Johto edition, it appeared as Ibuki's Pokemon and later became Dragonair.


Dragonair No. 148
classification: Dragon pokemontype: Dragonheight: 4.0mweight: 16.5kg
Characteristic: DapiHidden characteristics: Mysterious scaleBefore evolution: DratiniAfter evolution: Kairyu

DratiniEvolved form of.ヘ ビAn oriental body characterized by an elongated body likeA Pokemon that looks like this.The head and back are pale and the abdomen is white.The head has small horns and wing-shaped ears.Also one on the neck, two on the tail,crystalIt is said that it has a ball like this and has the ability to control the weather freely with this ball.It has no wings but can fly in the sky, and when it flies, its ears grow larger.Sometimes the body has something like a mysterious aura.They live in lakes and the sea and are sometimes deified locally.

DratiniIn addition to evolving at level 30 fromPikachuAnd 'Gold, silver, crystal], Etc., there are also wild individuals with Lv.30 or less in some versions. In "Blue", you can get a level 30 individual as a prize of the slot.The trainers will be used by Wataru, the four heavenly kings and champions, and Ibuki, the gym leader of Fusve City Gym.

In the TV anime version, it appears from the lake in the safari zoneSatoshiTo save.This dragonair is the caretaker of the safari zone, Kaiser (voice:Suzuki Yasuaki) Met in the pastDratiniIt is an evolved figure of.There is a cross-shaped scratch on the forehead.Also, a child was born.The voice actorTouma Yumi..Also appeared as a Pokemon used by Ibuki, the last gym leader in the Johto region.The voice actorMegumi Hayashibara.


Dragonite No. 149
classification: Dragon pokemontype: Dragon / Flyingheight: 2.2mweight: 210.0kg
Characteristic: emotional strengthHidden characteristics: MultiscaleBefore evolution: DragonairAfter evolution: None

DragonairEvolved form of.OrientalIt looked likeDragonairFrom now on, it looks like a Western dragon with limbs and wings, and its body color has changed from blue to bright yellow.The head has horns like antennae, and it also has a thick tail with the strength to "hit" huge enemies.Fast enough to go around the earth in about 16 hours[Annotation 21]It can fly with, and its intelligence is comparable to that of humans.Sometimes he flies around the raging sea and helps a wrecked ship.It is said to be an incarnation of the sea or an incarnation of destruction because of its power, but the essence is a gentle Pokemon.Somewhere in the vast ocean, there seems to be a paradise where only dragonites live.

Height is before evolutionDragonairThis is because the measurement method has changed due to changes in body shape.[Annotation 22].

Dragonair evolves at level 55 and above. "Red-greenAs one of the four heavenly kings of the Pokemon League,Gold and silver』Used by Wataru who appears as a champion[Annotation 23]..Other,"エ メ ラ ル ド], Jim leader Nagi used it as a flying type Pokemon in the rematch. "Black WhiteThe fossils were exhibited at the Museum of Shippo City, and were targeted by the Plasma Team.You can also learn "Shinsoku" as an egg technique, but this is a technique that you can only learn when the special Dratini has evolved.

"Dragon Claw", "Dragon Dive", "Fire Punch", "Kaminari Punch", "Takinori", and "Iwana Avalanche", which have mastered quite a variety of techniques and increased their attack power with "Ryu no Mai". , "Sora Tobu", as well as "How about a dragon", "Ryu no Ikari", "Kaenhosha", "10 Man Bolt", "Reito Beam", "Bofu" , "Hakaikousen" and many other powerful special skills.

It is also called the 600 family because the total of all stats exceeds 600, which will appear in subsequent series.Tyranitar,Metagross,Bowmanda,Gabrius,Numergon,Jararanga,DrapartAnd so on.

In the strongest class Pokemon campaign, as "Dragon type special strongest class"2008May 1からMay 2Until then, it was distributed at Pokemon Centers nationwide, but this dragonite is of level 50, which is not available in normal play.Therefore, it has become possible to participate in competitions with an upper limit on the level.

In "Let's Go! Pikachu / Let's Go! Evey", it appears as a rideable Pokemon for aerial movement.The movement speed is the fastest of all Pokemon including land, sea and air.

In TV animation, it has appeared several times as a Pokemon of strong trainers such as Wataru, Ibuki, and Kurotsugu.It also appeared as a trump card for the head leader Yuji, and was characterized by learning a lot of various techniques. He defeated Satoshi's Lizardon, Zenigame, and Kentaros, but lost to Pikachu due to accumulated damage.Voice actor TheKatsuyuki KonishiIs often in charge.However, the dragonite of KurotsuguKiyotaka FurushimaIs in charge. Appeared as an iris Pokemon in "Best Wish Season 2".Unusual for a mild-mannered dragonite, his personality is wild and his eyes are very bad. At first, he hardly listened to Iris' instructions, but he gradually became more confident.The voice actorKensuke Sato.. Also appeared as Satoshi's Pokemon in the 2019 edition (see "Details"Satoshi's Pokemon (TV Anime 7th Series) #DragoniteSee).Originally a dragonair, it evolved to help Satoshi and was obtained as is.This is a gentle and friendly personality who has a habit of hugging when he sees a person he likes.The voice actorKenta Miyake, The other separate body is in charge.Also, at Masaki's time, a huge Pokemon similar to Dragonite appeared, but since this is only a silhouette, it is not certain whether it is actually Dragonite.He has a gentle personality and did not fight back when attacked by the team rocket.

web animation "Pokemon Generations] Appeared as Wataru's Pokemon in episodes 2 and 3.In the second episode, you will face the challenger (Fire Red / Leaf Green rival) Kamex.In the third episode, he is defeating the Pokemon of a team of five rockets.The techniques used are "Hakaikousen" (Episode 2), "Fire Punch", "Kaenhosha", and "3 Man Bolt" (Episode 5 above).

In 2015, the Pokemon Daisuki Club posted a combo of "Ryu no Mai" and "Gekirin" on the Web, and a type of dragonite with the tool "Totsugeki waistcoat" is also posted.In the same article, it is introduced that it is a Pokemon that can learn a lot of bumping techniques and kushu techniques.[55].


Mewtwo No. 150
classification: Idenshi Pokemontype: Esper / See textheight: 2.0mweight: 122.0kg
Characteristic: pressureHidden characteristics: nervousnessBefore evolution: NoneAfter evolution: None

Genetic engineeringByMewAn artificial Pokemon created as a result of adding various Pokemon data based on the gene of.Made by making full use of electronicspolygonUnlike, it is a genuine living body.The genes that make up the body are almost the same as those of Mew, but they are much larger than Mew and have a humanoid appearance with longer limbs and a tougher tail.In addition, there is a tube that connects the head and body behind the neck, but it is unknown what kind of organ it is.

As a result of increasing the fighting ability to the limit by genetic manipulation, it has become an organism that exists only for fighting, which can only be considered to defeat the enemy in front of you.I usually sleep deep in the cave and save energy so that I can maximize my strength in the fight.Its character is the most ferocious in Pokemon, and it is said that there is no kind heart.


Mew No. 151
classification: New Species Pokemontype: Esperheight: 0.4mweight: 4.0kg
Characteristic: SynchroHidden characteristics: NoneBefore evolution: NoneAfter evolution: None

It is said that the gene contains information on all Pokemon because it is possible to master all the techniques, and it is a phantom Pokemon that is presumed to be the ancestor of Pokemon.It has two small protrusions on its head that appear to be ears, and its body color is pale pink.Already thought to be an extinct Pokemon, but South Americaジ ャ ン グ ルIt is said to live in the hinterland of.It is very difficult to discover because it can disappear freely, but it is said to appear only in front of those who have a strong desire to meet with a pure heart.

"Pokemon Red, Green, Blue, Pikachu』, A diary with a description related to Mew remains in the Pokemon mansion on Glen Island, suggesting its existence, but basically it can not be obtained in normal play, it exists as internal data I was just doing it.But,バ グWhen the existence was revealed by such things asNintendoDecided to certify Mew as the 151st Pokemon in the form of "Distribution by Event", and it has been distributed several times since then.The exclusive Z trick is "Origin's Super Nova".

As of April 2016, 11,SmartphoneApp "Pokémon GO』Has not been confirmed to appear[29].


注 釈

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