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💳 | Already damaged ... Call from home electronics mass retailer, actually fraudulent woman who believed 200 million yen Damage Financial institution notices / Saitama / Ageo

3 photo cards are deceived = Ageo City

Already damaged ... Call from a consumer electronics retailer, in fact a fraudulent woman who believed 200 million yen Damage Financial institution notices / Saitama / Ageo

If you write the contents roughly
I received an inquiry from a financial institution and noticed the damage, so I dialed 110.

On the 26th at Ageo Police Station in Saitama Prefecture, an unemployed woman (80) in Ageo City tricked two cash cards and one credit card ... → Continue reading

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Financial institution

Types of major financial institutions in Japan
SortApplicable organization
Central BankBank of Japan
Ordinary bankCity bank,
Local bank,
Trust bank, etc.
中小企业Financial institutionCredit union,
Credit union etc.
Agriculture, Forestry and FisheriesFinancial institutionAgricultural cooperatives,
Fisheries cooperatives, etc.
Securities financial institutionSecurities companies, etc.
Insurance companyLife insurance companies,
Non-life insurance company, etc.
Non-bankConsumer finance, etc.
GovernmentFinancial institutionJapan Policy Finance Corporation,
Development Bank of Japan,
Japan Housing Finance Agency, etc. 

Financial institution(Kin Yuukikan)Is金融An organization that conducts business related to transactions. In a narrow senseFinancial institutions handling deposits and savingsBut in a broad senseInsurance company,Securities company,Non-bankIncluding.

The essence of finance is資金Is gathered from the surplus destinations and used to accommodate the lacking destinations. Due to the nature of this project, which is extremely public, it is necessary to raise funds for this project as well as sales (Individual,CorporationandBusiness personIn most cases, regulations such as a license system, a license system, or a registration system are applied. A corporation that is authorized, permitted, registered, etc. by the government can be defined as a financial institution in a narrow sense.

A common example of this type of business isbank,Credit unionetcdepositIn the form ofLoanTo goInsurance company Insurance feeTo collect and lend in the form ofIndirect financingformat,Securities companyIs a business corporationstock,Corporate bondIssueDirect financeThere may be mentioned a form of mediation of.

These financial institutions function as important players in various positions in the financial markets.

Major financial institutions in Japan

The specific scope of “financial institution” is not always clear. For example, various laws and regulations have been defined in accordance with the purpose of the law, but in many cases, only the “deposit and deposit handling financial institution” is included among the following. However, here we list the organizations that can be widely called financial institutions according to the legal classification.

Central Bank

Bank of Japan - Bank of Japan ActBased in JapanCentral Bank.

Financial institutions handling deposits and savings


bank - Ordinary bankTomo. Banking lawLicensed byBankingRunLtd..Japan Post Bank Co., Ltd.Or a policy financial institutionDevelopment Bank of Japan Inc.And so on.

Foreign bank branch

-Under Banking Law, it is considered a bank.

Long-term credit bank

Long-term credit bank -Not a bank under Banking Law, but considered a bank under other legislation. Currently does not exist.

Cooperative financial institution

Cooperative financial institution -Unlike banks that need to be commercial corporations,Non-profit corporation.

Norinchukin Bank

Norinchukin Bank -The credit departments of the agricultural cooperatives and fisheries cooperatives mentioned belowCentral organization.

Credit cooperative

Credit cooperative -Also known as "credit union". It mainly accepts deposits and provides loans for small businesses, micro enterprises and workers. Compared to Shinkin Bank, the organizational structure is smaller, and the organizational base is regional (corporates and residents of the same region), occupational area (employees of the same place of work), operational area (doctors, fruits and vegetables dealers, etc.) Depending on the company), there is a strong color of mutual support in businesses, such as business finance of a scale that is difficult to be financed by banks, and mutual finance within business areas and occupations. The system central organization isNational Credit Cooperative FederationIs equivalent to

Co-operative Federation

-Cooperative financial institutions include those that accept members' deposits or time deposits.

Credit union

Credit union - mainly中小企业Accepting deposits and financing for employees and local workers. Originally, this is a business format in which a medium to high credit co-operative has moved, and it is ranked higher than the credit co-operative in terms of the scale of the organization and sales.

Shinkin Central Bank

Shinkin Central Bank -The above-mentioned central bank system of Shinkin Bank

Labor union

Labor union -Mainly a memberUnion,Consumer cooperativeAlso, it accepts deposits from general workers and provides low-interest loans for the organizational management of members, business activities, consumption of general workers, and stable living. Workers can also receive loans as members even if they are individuals, but if they are members of a labor union or co-op, they will be used as a member of that member.

Labor Bank Federation

Labor Bank Federation

Agricultural cooperative

Agricultural cooperative(Agricultural Cooperatives, JA)-Those that accept savings or time deposits of union members are included in cooperative financial institutions.

Agricultural Cooperative Federation

Agricultural Cooperative Federation -Those that accept savings or term deposits of members (who directly or indirectly form the federation of agricultural cooperatives) are included in cooperative financial institutions.

Fisheries cooperative

Fisheries cooperative(Fisheries Cooperative, JF)-Those that accept savings or term deposits of members are included in cooperative financial institutions. Whereas agricultural cooperatives target farmers, hereFishermenTarget. Although the business form is almost the same as that of the agricultural cooperative, the credit business is smaller than the entire agricultural cooperative.

Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives

Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives -Those that accept savings or time deposits of their members are included in cooperative financial institutions.

Fisheries processing cooperative

-Those that accept savings or time deposits of union members are included in cooperative financial institutions.

Fisheries Processing Cooperative Association

-Those that accept savings or time deposits of their members are included in cooperative financial institutions.

Chuo Bank, Ltd.

Chuo Bank, Ltd. -Based on special lawSpecial companyPolicy financial institution. Formerly a cooperative financial institution, it became a joint stock company due to privatization.

Financial institutions that perform insurance business

Insurance company

Insurance company - Insurance lawLicensed based onInsurance industryRunLtd.orMutual company.. The insurance premiums collected arestock,BondOperate by securities investment and lending.

Life insurance company

Life insurance company -A person who has a life insurance license from an insurance company.

Non-life insurance company

Non-life insurance company -An insurance company that has a non-life insurance business license.

Small amount short-term insurance company

Small amount short-term insurance company -A business that only underwrites small amounts and short-term insurance within a certain business scale.

Mutual aid system

mutual aid -Small-scale compensation system similar to non-life insurance and life insurance.

Foreign insurance company

Foreign life insurance companies, etc.
Foreign non-life insurance companies, etc.

Underwriter of a specified corporation

Specified insurer

A financial institution engaged in the financial product trading business

Financial instruments business operator

Foreign brokerage

Securities finance company

Securities finance company

Mortgage securities company

Mortgage brokers-securitized real estate collateralMortgage SecuritiesA company that sells to general investors.

Inexhaustible company

Inexhaustible company --Mutual aid in which each person makes a small investment and the person who needs it is flexible by lottery or successful bid.InexhaustibleBusiness to do.There are inexhaustible goods and inexhaustible money, but the only existing inexhaustible company (Inexhaustible Japanese housing,Mitsubishi UFJ BankMoney is inexhaustible. MostlyMutual bank(CurrentSecond regional bank).


Pawnshop - Pawnshop business lawA person who runs a pawnshop business with a license based on.

Short-term business

Short-term business -"A person who mainly lends call funds or mediates the lending and lending, designated by the Commissioner of the Financial Services Agency". A company that acts as an intermediary for short-term (about one month from the next day) lending or borrowing (call funds) between financial institutions such as banks and credit unions.

Money lender

Money Lending Business LawRegulated by

consumer loan

consumer loan -Also known as "Sarakin", it lends to consumers at high interest rates.

Credit company

Credit company -Intermediary for installments and postpay for individuals (Credit card, Individual product installment purchase arrangement).Loan(Cashing) and leasing for business operators.

Housing finance company

Housing finance company -For individualsHousing loanTo handle.

Commercial and industrial loans

Commercial and industrial loans -Lending at high interest rates mainly to micro businesses.

leasing company

leasing company -High-priced machinery and equipment (mainly for businesses and corporations)computerSuch asInformation equipment,FurnitureSuch asfurnitureFromShip,airplaneIt will be easier to introduce by using the method of purchasing () and renting it for a certain period. Depending on the companyLoanI also work.

Other policy financial institutions

Popular name,Government financial institutionsAlso called. The original purpose is to lend long-term funds to areas where it is difficult for banks and other private financial institutions to lend. In addition to the aforementioned Development Bank of Japan Inc. and the Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd.

Commercial regulations for banks, credit unions, and credit unions

in Japan,1990Until the first half of the year, banks, credit unions, and credit unions are standalonePoster,News (Chinese)Other than so-called still media such ascommercialInability to act (CM of the governing body was also broadcast media.Banking lawDue to the revision, there will be a notice of Saturday closure notice, etc.) At the time of regulation operation,Credit cardWas used to make indirect commercials in the form of "○○ (= bank name) card, application to bank". In addition,Mutual bankIs a mutual bank that has loose commercial regulations and issues credits before conversion to ordinary banks.[Annotation 1]Although there were some cases, the same regulations as for temporary banks, credit unions, credit unions, etc.

From the second half of 1990radioLimited to the commercial part of the broadcast media limited to. In the case of radio, there were no restrictions, so some programs such as banksCrown sponsorThere were some cases where the program was provided as.

1991From Octobertv setThe commercials at were also lifted. When the program started,Credit providedDo not put (ParticipationHandling), because there were restrictions such as the broadcasting time can only be broadcast on a fixed time frame, there were many activities mainly in spot commercials.

Since then, regulations have been relaxed, and now it is possible to issue credits like other companies.


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110(Hyaku to Oban)[1]ByJapanese policeTo the institutionTelecommunications number specified for emergency calls(Phone Number).


PolicemenFor reportingTelFor emergency calls to police agencies, also known asPhone NumberIt is,1948ToGHQBy request fromNational local police(CurrentNational Police Agency)WhenMinistry of Communications(CurrentMinistry of Internal Affairs and Communications) Discussed, the same yearMay 10Started from[2][3].

at firstTokyo Ward-Osaka-Kyoto City-横 浜 市-Kawasaki City[4]-Nagoya city-Kobe City-Fukuoka City[4]It started in only 8 cities.Tokyo was 110, but Osaka / Kyoto / Kobe was 1110, and Nagoya was 118, which is not unified nationwide.1954(Showa29 years)May 7NewPolice lawIt was unified to 110 with enforcement[2][3][5].

1954, self-replaceableSubscriber phone[6]It is said that the reason why the telephone number for making a call to the police agency was unified to 110 is the result of consideration based on the following three items.

  • Make the number easy for the people to remember
  • Make the number 3 digits so that there are few false alarms
  • Black phoneIncrease the number of "1" s that have a short distance to the stopper (119There is also a theory that the longest dial is set to "0" to prevent false alarms.[7])

In modern times, Article 11 of the Telecommunications Number Regulations stipulates that "emergency calls" to police agencies should be dialed 110.

Telecommunications Number Regulations (November 9, 11, Ordinance of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications No. 17)
(Emergency call)
Article XNUMX  Telecommunications number for emergency callsIs as follows.
一 Report to the police agency shall be XNUMX.
(Ii) Report to the Japan Coast Guard shall be XNUMX.
(Iii) Report to the fire department shall be XNUMX.

Named after 110May 1Is "110th dayIt is said.By the way, there are times when you have to wait, such as when reports are concentrated, but if you call back because you can not wait, the turn will be the last and it will be late after all, so it is better to wait until the turn (it will be connected as soon as the reception table becomes available) ).Outside of JapanGermany,People's Republic of ChinaIn addition to the same 110 number being usedThe United States of AmericaIs number 911,The United KingdomThen it is the same number 999 as the fire department.

In addition, 110 is a telephone dedicated to emergency calls, and for inquiries and consultations that do not require an emergency, the "Police General Counseling Center"#9110(Sharp Kyuichi Ichimaru) and general telephones at each police station, etc.[8].

Flow from report to arrival of police officer

If you call 110, as a general rule,Landline MA areaOrMobile phoneHas jurisdiction over the base station ofPolice headquartersCommunication command room (the department in charge isRegional DepartmentConnect to (Communication Command Division) (TokyoIfSakuradamon OfMetropolitan Police Department"Communication Command Center" at the headquarters or Tama General Government Building,HokkaidoIfHokkaido police OfPolice headquartersOrAsahikawa-Kitami-Kushiro-HakodateCommunication command room of each area headquarters).Such areas are called "110th centralized containment area", but some islands are directly connected to the police station under their jurisdiction.

In addition, when making a report using a mobile phone from the prefectural border, the base station that received the radio wave may connect to the police headquarters in the neighboring prefecture, but since it is linked with the police headquarters in the neighborhood, there is no need to call back, and the police side Transfer the call[9]..警察本部には1か所もしくは管内遠隔地等に複数の通信指令室が設置され、110番受理台で担当のThe police headquarters has multiple communication command rooms set up in one place or in remote areas within the jurisdiction, and is in charge at the XNUMXth reception desk.Police officerResponds.

The reception desk that received the 110 number immediately listens to the situation, but if necessary, it is possible to listen to the call at the same time at the command stand, and it is patrolling around the site.Police carToPolice radioThen, "From (police headquarters name) to (police car identification signal). (Case content) occurs at (site location). Meet the whistleblower at the site and grasp the event. The number can be commanded as "XXX"[9]..Once on a police car, an automatic location reporting device (GPSOf applicationCar locator system) Was not equipped, the place where the incident occurred was announced and called "Near station (moving radio station ≒ police car) please!", But now the car locator system andRegional Police Digital Radio System (PSW and PSD)In addition, the police triple eye keeps track of the locations of all stations (limited to police stations) and mobile stations (limited to vehicles equipped with car locations) other than public security vehicles in real time.

If there is no police car nearby, the current locationPolice stationWhat"Police box, OrRegional section,Transportation sectionLet the police officer go to the scene "(JR OfRailway facilityIn the case of an incident or accident that occurred withinRailway policeWhat,highwayAbove(service area,Parking areaIn the case of an accident or incident that occurred (including facilities attached to the internal expressway)Highway traffic police forceIssue a command to).If it is judged to be highly incidental or urgent (a traffic accident, a robbery case, a sound of shooting, a report that a person is bleeding and falling down, etc.), "Immediately rush to the site while paying attention to prevent injury accidents!The police vehicleサ イ レ ンBlowRevolving lightFlickerEmergency drivingTo do.

The national average "response time", which is the time from receiving the 110th call to the arrival of the police officer at the scene, is 7 minutes and 25 seconds (the first year of Reiwa).Police white paperThan).

The telephone line used for 110 is different from the general public line, and even if the caller unilaterally disconnects the call, the connection status is maintained unless the line is opened on the 110 reception stand side, and the 110th reception stand side. You can call back from, and even if you add the non-notification setting 184 to the beginning of the phone number,Reverse detectionIs being carried out.This is to enable listening to necessary information even if the call is interrupted during the report.

Function of the 110th receiving table

It has the functions illustrated below by matching (map matching) the map information incorporated in the receiving table system with various databases such as telephone number information.

  • Display unannounced or payphone numbers.
  • Identify the calling location from the landline phone number.
  • Identify the caller's calling position from the GPS of the mobile phone or base station information[9].
  • Even if the caller does not recognize the addressing system, the location of the call is specified by the nearby road sign or telephone pole number.
    • In the case of a public telephone, the calling position is specified by the box or stand number.
  • Even if the caller hangs up, the connection is maintained and the call can be called back unless the receiving stand opens the line.[9].
  • Link with information from the Inquiry Center (123) to identify victims of domestic violence and child abuse.
  • If you have made a report with the same phone number before, the contents of the past report are also displayed on the screen of the command room.

Emergency call to 110 reception desk in other areas

For mobile phones, you can call the 110 reception desk in other areas directly with 110-each area number.[10][11]



Overall, once every 3.5 seconds,PeopleThis is the rate at which 14 in 1 reports.Mobile phoneReported from 71.5%, a record high.In addition, the annual number of cases handled by the top police stations in Japan exceeds the annual number of cases received by small-scale prefectural police.

AnnualNumber of cases accepted
2007(19)8,980,981 of
2008(20)8,923,369 of
2009(21)9,043,401 of
2010(22)9,309,415 of
2011(23)9,372,379 of
2012(24)9,354,015 of
2013(25)9,414,827 of
2014(26)9,350,926 of
2015(27)9,228,841 of
2016(28)9,092,710 of


Hyaku and Oban

The reading of 110 is "Hyaku to Oban".この読み方が世間に広まったきっかけは、日本で最初のIt was the first time in Japan that this reading became widespread.Criminal dramaThe serial drama "Dial 110』\ Opening police officer's line[13].

False rumor

Around August 2015, "iPhoneBy pressing "1" twice and "2" once and then pressing the call button, the communication restriction will be lifted. "False rumor インターネットThere were a series of false reports to 110 by people who believed it and were disseminated above.[14][15].Hiroshima OfTwitterThe official account calls attention[16].


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