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💬 Coconala | Presenting, preparing for presentations, practicing, creating materials [Unlimited for 5 days] Former presentation ...

Get involved in presentations, presentation preparation, practice, and document creation

[Unlimited for 5 days] Former presentation ...

Presentation / Presentation ✨ Get involved in preparation / practice / material creation

[Unlimited for 5 days] Former presentation phobia is directly instructed ⭐ Lecturer's demonstration ❗ ❓
Others (business consultation/advice)
✅ Tomorrow's presentation is too tense to sleep
✅ I'm disappointed to be told tattered at today's recital
✅ I'm worried that there was no response at the briefing session today
✅ I always feel sick when I do something to people
✅ Presentation because it is a communication disorder ...
by Coconala Butler ✨ Aneko
3,000 yen / 60 minutes
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