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🎁 | What are the steps and points to note before vaccination with the new coronavirus vaccine? 【Nagasaki】


What is the flow and points to note before vaccination with the new coronavirus vaccine? 【Nagasaki】

If you write the contents roughly
On the day of inoculation, what you bring is an "inoculation ticket", a "preliminary examination slip", and an "identification document".

Reservations are required to receive the new coronavirus vaccine.On the day of inoculation, what to bring is an "inoculation ticket" and "... → Continue reading

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Vaccination ticket


IdentificationWhat is (Mibunsho Meisho)?Social lifeAbove, it is a document used to show a person's identity and legal qualifications.Government office,Dedicated to pre-school and extra curricular-Company-Groupな どpublic agencyCertificates issued by are used.[1]identityProof(Mibunsho) Tomo. In addition, "identificationProofIs wrong.ID(English: Identity DocumentAlso called (from the abbreviation of).


Identification (Identification) Is generally requiredDriver's license,Passport-Health insurance card-Basic Resident Register card(Juki card) ・My number cardな どpublic agencyIs a certificate issued byName-Address-Date of Birth-Sex-Face photoSuch,Personally identifiable informationIf it is written and pasted, it can be used as an ID card.

2000 eraFrom now on, about the word "identity"Status systemEspecially because some people show discomfort by associating with or as a word indicating social order.customerFor such things, we often replace it with the expression "identity verification documents" or use euphemisms such as "public documents that show your name and address".
As for the Juki card, the one with the photo attached is treated the same as the official certificate,Financial institution OfaccountCreate orMobile phoneNew application (Agreement), In order to prevent unauthorized use of the Juki card, it may not be possible to receive an application by itself ()Basic Resident Register Card #Practicality as a unified ID cardreference).

Company-OfficesWhat is issued to employees and tradersCash card,Credit cardSimilarly, for holding holder information recordsMagnetic stripeIs stretched (2006ToPrepaid CardThe method has begun to appear), entry / exit records andTime-cardThere are things that can also be used as.

If you leave the country, your passport will be the official and most valid ID card.


Law-enforcement bureaucrats support the universal adoption of identification cards because they believe that criminals can be easily monitored and sought out. However, in countries that do not have a national identification card, the estimated huge costSmart card with advanced technology(British: hi-tech smart card) Is worried about the possibility of abuse.

Many countries, especiallyAustralia,アイルランド,New Zealand,The United Kingdom,The United States of AmericaIn English-speaking countries like, there is no government-issued mandatory identification card for all citizens. IrishDepartment of Employment Affairs and Social Protection By (DEASP)Public Services Card Is not considered as a national identification card.[2]But many say it is becoming a de facto one, and there is no public debate or legal basis.[3]

Such cards and their centralized databasePolicies,human rightsThere is a debate in these countries as to whether it constitutes an infringement of. Many criticisms are directed at a strong state-secret database that can be understood as an enhanced possibility of concentrated and extended abuse. BritishOpen universityA 2006 survey of students inIdentity Cards Act 2006 Planned underCentral government OfDatabaseWe conclude that the mandatory identification card combined with is the most negative response of the several alternative configurations. The countries listed above do not require possession of identification cards, but they also have de facto equivalents as they also require identification in many situations. For example, all car drivers must have a driver's license, and young people are specially issued when buying alcohol.Card to prove age May need to be used.In addition, and independently, among the original English-speaking countries that do not have an ID card, the United States of AmericaConscription systemの た め にSelective service systemMen aged 18-25, including foreigners, need a place of residence for it to register with.[Source required]

Claim of necessity

Claim (need) identification as follows:

  • Wrong combination of people, as wellscamTo prevent this, these would be one of the safest ways to verify a person's identity.
  • It is extremely difficult for each human being to forge or abandon his or her personal identification (in the sense of modification).DNAIt has the shape of. One individual for the purpose of identification, even for non-national commercial and private interactionsDNA typingIs to submit a one-state-issued identity card, less harmful than its potential widespread privacy hazards associated with everyday use ofidentifierThis may not be enough.[4][5][6][7][8]

Claiming the need for national identification:

  • If only private alternatives, such as the issuance of identification cards by banks, are used, the inherent lack of coherence in considering issuance policies can lead to downstream problems. Private Swedish companies, such as banks, refuse to issue identification cards to individuals without a Swedish card. This forces the government to start issuing national cards. It also makes it difficult for private companies to control the use of information, such as when a map of a credit card issuer or social media company obtains behavior to help target an ad.

Opposition claim

Claims against identification, such as:

  • Identification card system(British: identity card system) Development and management costs can be very high. Prices from £ 30 (US $ 45) to £ 90 or moreThe United KingdomSuggested the abandonment of the ID card.チリIn countries like this, ID cards are paid by each person up to £ 6;ベネズエラIn other countries, such as, ID cards are free.[9][10]This, however, does not disclose the true cost of issuing an ID card, which would result in additional parts by ordinary taxpayers.

Identification card for all citizens(Or national ID,British: national identity documents) Opposition:

  • An existing driver's license, rather than a replacement on a government-issued ID card,Small arms handling qualification(British: firearms licenses) And private cards, alternatives that encourage the type of identification system,(English: Federal law)Has.

Claims against excessive use or abuse of ID:

  • Card credibility in a centralized database can be used to track the physical movement and personal life of any person, and thus personal freedom.PoliciesCan be an infringement. The proposed British ID card (see lower section) is(English: marketing intelligence)by. The management of an essentially different linked system, across the range of institutions and any number of individuals, presenting a family of linked databases is alleged to be a developing security hazard.[11]
  • If racial identification is required on your ID card, this information will beRacial attributeCan lead to.

World ID

All public institutions overseasPeopleSome countries have a system for issuing ID cards, and many countries require that the ID card be carried at all times, but there are voices who oppose the introduction of such a system. EspeciallyThe United KingdomandThe United States of AmericaThen, if such a system is established, the ID card forcibly issued by the government and linked with itDatabase Policies,Citizen freedomIt has been controversial as it would infringe on sensitive information, and criticisms have been made that a comprehensive centralized database that stores sensitive information could be misused on a large scale.

The United States of America

The United States of AmericaThen,State governmentA driver's license issued by (Road Bureau or Automobile Bureau) is the most popular identification card.casinoAdmissionliqueurKind・tobaccoYou may be required to show proof of identity at the time of purchase for age verification[12].

2008"Real ID Act" has started. All the people are numbered, managed in one database, classified into good people and harmful people, and good people can fly or enter government facilities,terroristHarmful people, such as reserve forces and criminals, try to stop it. Numbering is "United States Federal GovernmentWith a driver's license that complies with the anti-terrorism standards set by the company (= IC chip is built in, etc.)2011It is done from. The first introduction deadline is2009It was set at the end. The reason why driver's licenses are used is that 2000% of the cases of identification fraud that occurred between 2006 and 35 were carried out using fraudulent licenses (Federal Trade Commission survey).[13].

California,HawaiiIs issuing an ID card called "State ID" for a fee (not limited to US citizens)ForeignerEven residentsvisaCan be obtained if there is).


GermanyGerman citizens over the age of 16 are required to have an ID card (personalausweis in German) or passport, but they do not have to carry it with them.Police officerEtc. have the right to show their ID, but they are not obliged to show it on the spot when requested. If necessaryPolice stationYou can take it to the city hall or present it at home. Personal ausweis is valid for 24 years under the age of 6 and 24 years for those over the age of 10. The card isEuropean Union member states-Schengen areaWhen traveling to, it has the same effect as a passport. It is also effective for travel to some other countries / regions, but conditions such as the number of days you can stay, the need for a visa, and the means of entry are different. For example, if the holder of the card travels to Turkey, the card alone will allow entry if the stay is up to 180 days out of a 90-day period.


スペインAn ID called Documento Nacional de Identidad will be issued to people over the age of 14.


ベルギーID cards (eID cards) with digital certificates are issued to all citizens aged 12 and over, and citizens aged 15 and over are obliged to carry the card at all times. This also applies to foreigners living in Belgium, who will be issued an ID card with an electronic certificate, although the binding is different. In the EU, ID cards with digital certificates will be changed at any time, but only in a few countries including Belgium. There, a printout was given separately at the time of issuance, and it was instructed to use it outside Belgium.[14].


オーストリアThen, instead of making a dedicated card, you need an electronic certificate etc. for existing cards that you are already using (health insurance card, bank cash card, etc.) that meet the specifications in function and performance. I put in information and use it as an eID card.

Possession of an eID card is not mandatory, but health insurance card cards that can be converted to eID cards are widespread among almost all citizens (about 800 million people).[15].


JapanThen, when proof of identity or proof of identity (reference:Act on Prevention of Transfer of Revenue from Crime), Mainly listed belowpublic agencyTo issuedocumentsEtc. are generally used in society as identification cards.

Among them, it has the widest range of use and authority for identity verification.公 文書The issuance procedure is the strictest, as the basis is resident registration and receipt is limited to the applicant himself / herself.Japan passportIs. Documents required to be presented at government offices for identity verification are required by strict Japanese passport issuance procedures.Passport lawIn many cases, it complies with the items listed in Appendix XNUMX of the Enforcement Regulations.

ID photoAny attached official document looks good,Hazardous materials handler diplomaFor example, since there is no process such as submitting identity verification documents when issuing a diploma, all personal information described is self-reported, and although it is an official document, it is actually confirmed at the time of examination. It is only the face by collating the photos, and even if it is an official document by a famous official office, it is possible that the document not listed in Attached Table XNUMX was issued without minimum confirmation. is there.Local governmentSome companies accept a hazardous materials handler's diploma as an identity verification document, but there is a possibility that they do not understand this background at all.

The qualification certificates, etc. listed in Attached Table XNUMX are handled by dangerous materials, while the government offices directly perform the basic identity verification and license issuance work, even if the examination work is carried out by a private organization. Like a driver's license, the outsourced private organization handles everything from examination work to the issuance of a diploma, and even if it is an official document, the national governmentPrefecturesThere is also a no-touch in practice, so the recipient must understand the actual situation and background of the presented certificate.Be spoofedIt cannot be said that there is absolutely no possibility.

Also at the government officeFamily register,Resident cardWhen requesting a copy, etc., the government office is stipulated as a document requesting presentation in order to identify the person who is in charge of the request.Family register lawThe Enforcement Regulations Appendix XNUMX has the same contents as the Passport Act Enforcement Regulations, except for the nursing notebook.

Passport Act Enforcement Regulations Appendix XNUMX


For corporations

If you don't have the above ID

  • Copy of resident's card (Government officeIssued by and stamped with official seal. The issued one itself is a "copy" (copy / extract) of the original, and it isCopyIt is not a (copy). A transcriptCopierIf you copy with, the result will be "copy"Latent imageIs coming out)
  • Seal registration certificate (individual)
  • Electricity / water / city gas / telephone bills or receipts
  • Tax payment notice
  • Recently sentpostmarkMail

In some cases, it can be substituted.

What kind of certificate should be brought must follow the designation of the person requesting presentation, and non-designated certificates will not be accepted.[22]Most of the time. In some cases, multiple IDs may be required instead of one. In the past, a copy of the ID card presented was sometimes taken with a copier, but nowadayspersonal informationFrom the point of view of protection, it is often the case that only the number is written down.

If you are asked to show your ID

In Japan, presentation may be required mainly in the following situations where identity verification is required.

Notification of name, address, etc. under tax law

When conducting certain financial transactions, the name or name and address will be announced to the other party, and documents such as a copy of the resident's card stipulated by the tax law will be presented, and the company will use the documents to provide the name and address. The tax law stipulates that you must confirm[25].. It should be noted that some identity verification documents under the Criminal Proceeds Transfer Prevention Law are not included in the tax verification documents and vice versa.

Basic Resident Register card

2003Than2015Until,Basic Resident Registration ActBased onBasic Resident Register card(Juki card) was being issued. Until now, as a general identification card in Japan, a driver's license with a face photo has been common, but for young people and elderly people who do not have a license, it is not possible to respond to the request for identification. There were occasions when I was forced to be free (many of them are not essential items when going out, they are large and inconvenient to carry, such as pension notebooks, and one household cannot occupy one such as a health insurance card).

The Juki Card is an ID card issued by a public institution with a photo of your face, and anyone registered in the Basic Resident Register = Japanese nationality registered as a resident can easily obtain it at a low cost. is there. On the other hand, since the issuer is a local government, there were many inconveniences compared to a driver's license, such as having to return it and obtain it again at the new location when moving out of the region.[26]. But,2009Due to the revision of the Basic Resident Registration Act, you can continue to use your existing card by obtaining proof at the municipal office of your new address.[27].

Movement to strengthen identity verification since the 2000s

"Identification card" issued by the municipality


Publicly prove the above two items,Civil lawIt is a document certifying whether the person is a person who is not specially deprived and restricted of the above ability to act, or who is restricted. This identification card cannot be used to identify the individual owner as described above.

It is often used in combination with the "certificate of non-registration" described later, when the company is established orcurio dealerAt the time of permission, at the time of a large contract,securityPolice officer at the companySecurity guardWhen you are hired as a person, you will be asked to submit it to confirm your ability to act. If any of the above three items apply, each "not notified of ..." changes to "notified of ...".

The system was revised from April 2000, 4, and after that date, the names of injunctions were changed to adult guardians, and those of semi-injunctions were changed to guardians, and registration duties were also carried out.Permanent domicileGround市町村からLegal Affairs BureauWas transferred to. If it is registered after the same day, it will be registered in the Legal Affairs Bureau, and matters registered before the same day will not be automatically transferred to the Legal Affairs Bureau, and unless otherwise notified, it is still registered and certified by the municipality of the domicile. Matters concerning bankruptcy continue to be carried out by the municipality of the domicile. At present, we do not notify you simply by receiving a decision to start bankruptcy proceedings, but only when the disclaimer of liability is confirmed or when it conforms to this, we will notify you of bankruptcy.

To prove that you are not a forbidden person (adult guardian) or a quasi-forbidden person (guardian)

  • "Identification card" issued by the municipal office (not registered by March 2000, 3)
  • "Certificate of non-registration" issued by the Legal Affairs Bureau (not registered between April 2000, 4 and the date of certification)

Two copies are practically required. However, for those born on or after April 2, 2000, only the "certificate of non-registration" from the Legal Affairs Bureau is sufficient.


MalaysiaAll citizens over the age of 12 are required to carry an ID card called "My Kad". Mykad2001Multipurpose that appeared inPrepaid CardSo, a car license, immigration information record,Electronic wallet, Has an ATM function.


People's Republic of ChinaThen, a "resident ID card" will be issued to citizens aged 16 and over.The issuer is the Public Security Bureau under the jurisdiction of the address (the municipal office / office in Japan).The issue number has 18 digits,societyThe chances of using it will increase so much that everyone can recite their personal number. The issue numbers are the province number for the 1st and 2nd place, the city / ward number for the 3rd and 4th place, the prefecture / town / village number for the 5th and 6th place, the date of birth for the 7-14th place, and the individual for the 15th-17th place. The number (even number is female, odd number is male), and the last 18th place is the identification code. In 2004, the second generation style with a built-in IC chip was issued, and in 2, the first generation style without an IC chip was abolished. IC chipTrain OfAutomatic ticket vending machineIt is used as identity verification in.

Hong Kong

Hong KongIn the special administrative region, ID cards (Hong Kong identity card /English: Hong Kong Identity Card) And always carry it. At the time of acquisition procedure, nameCitizenship・ In addition to filling out documents such as the status of residence, you will also be required to imprint your fingerprint.

Hong Kong residence right (Permanent residencyDifferent types of cards are issued for those who have lived for 7 years or more and those who do not (permanent residence holders have the word "permanent", and short-term residents have the word "temporary". ). By police officerJob questionIn addition to being obliged to present at the time of immigration control,Finding employmentIt is used for identification at the time of contracts.

If you do not carry it when a police officer asks you to show it,fineIs imposed.

in recent yearsICTo "Intelligent Identity Card" with a built-in chipPrepaid CardSwitching is in progress,Driver's licenseLinkage with and publiclibraryIt is planned to be used for identity verification at public institutions, such as usage slips, and some of them have been put into practical use.

This systemNativeInflow at a time when entry / exit control with (continental area) was not donerefugeesTo distinguish between Hong Kong residents and1951Was started by.


"Republic of ChinaThe official identity is proved by the "national identification card". The jurisdiction is the Ministry of the Interior (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications). Issuance work is carried out by the Tosei offices in each region. Issuance age is 14 years or older. Issued by application for children under 14 years old.

fingerprintRegistration is not required for those under the age of 14, and it is only necessary to register when the age is 14. Also, there is always a duty to carry, but for exampleInterrogationEven if you don't have it, you only need to remember your own number.

Taiwan during the Japanese ruleThen there was a system called "good people's certificate".Chinese National PartyAfter the transition to the government, a family register survey was conducted under the Family Register Act of 1931. Based on that, it is said that it was established in 1939.

Up to now, it has been revised 6 times, and the specifications are changed approximately every 10 years. The current 6th National ID Card was enacted in 2004 and renewed in July 2005. Name, date of birth, gender, (individual number: permanent address code at the time of first registration + 7 digits) and photo on the front side, parents' names on the back side,spouseThe name, place of birth, and address of the person are listed. Previously, it was handwritten, and the movement of the address and the permanent address were also described.

In 2020Integrated circuitNew withPrepaid CardMove to (7th generation).Electronic moneyThe function will be installed. Furthermore, the installation of a driver's license, health insurance card function, etc. is currently under consideration.

Alphabet numbering rules for personal numbers used in "Republic of China ID"
Currently in useAbolished due to the merger of prefectures and cities
symbolnumberAdministrative district
A10Taipei City
B11Taichung City
C12Keelung City
D13Tainan City
E14Kaohsiung City
F15New North City
H17Taoyuan City
I34Chiayi City
J18Hsinchu Prefecture
symbolnumberAdministrative district
M21Nantou prefecture
O35Hsinchu City
P23Yunlin County
T27Pingtung County
X30Penghu County
symbolnumberAbolished prefectureAbolition timeMerged city
L20Taichung County2010/12/25Taichung City
R25Tainan County2010/12/25Tainan City
S26Kaohsiung County2010/12/25Kaohsiung City
Y31Yangming Mountain Management Bureau1975Taipei City


Kingdom of ThailandCitizens over the age of 15 and foreign residents are obliged to carry a national ID card.

South Korea

South KoreaThen, when you are 17 years old, you will be issued a "resident registration card" that you must carry with you at all times.When asked about a job by a police officer, he is asked to show it first.In particularResident Registration NumberIs an indispensable item in daily life and is an item that must be filled out in application forms, etc.インターネットIt is used as a means of identity verification in membership registration in.


IndiaThere was a problem that there was no appropriate personal identification system, and a quarter of the distribution and subsidies to low-income earners were illegally received.In order to solve this, as a personal identification system, a face photo, 4 fingers of both handsfingerprint, Binocular虹彩I registered the information ofAdherHas been issued since 2010.AdherBesides, it is also used as a face identification cardpassport,PAN card,Driver's license, Student ID, etc.

In 2016,Mobile phone OfSIM cardAn adher number is required to use services such as obtaining tax returns and submitting tax returns.


エストニアThen from 2002 to the Estonian peopleeID cardBegan to publish.

The eID card serves as an official ID card and can be used as a substitute for a driver's license or health insurance card.


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