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🎁 | "D4DJ Groovy Mix" TV anime "Godzilla SP" song "Godzilla's Theme-Singi ..."


"D4DJ Groovy Mix" TV anime "Godzilla SP" in-play song "Godzilla's Theme-Singi ...

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Bushiroad will release the original song of the song "Godzilla's Theme -Singular Point-" from the TV anime "Godzilla SP <Cingular Point>" on May 4th today in the iOS / Android app "D5DJ Groovy Mix". Added.

Bushiroad is on May 4th today in the iOS / Android app "D5DJ Groovy Mix" ... → Continue reading


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Bushiroad Co., Ltd.(British: Bushiroad Inc.[4]) IsTokyoNakanoHeadquartered inCompany. mainlyCard games,Trading cards,Game software, Develops, produces, and sells character goods, and produces various contents. The core company of the Bushiroad Group.


August 2007, 5,broccoliFounder and former presidentTakaaki KitaniWas established. The company name was planned by Kitani in the broccoli era, but it was interrupted due to various reasons.Media mixthe work"Hot air sea land Bushiroad", Bushiroad is not yet animated[Note 1]It was one of the people involved in the project, and suddenly died in 2004 from Kitaya's thoughts.Nao YoshidaNamed with the consent of the parents[5].

From the time of its founding to around June 2017, the company logo used is the one used from the original title logo of the above-mentioned project[Note 2]..The company name logo has been redesigned on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of its founding in May of the same year.[6]From July of the same year, it will be used as needed for products handled, TV commercials, etc.[7].. At the beginning of the business, it was a sponsor of late-night anime on TV stations, but since 2011, it has also been active in advertising activities, such as sponsoring a variety program on the Golden Prime frame of TV stations. The program attached to the sponsorTBSseries(mainlyMBSProduction)TV Asahiseries,Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.series,Independent station systemThere are many,Nippon TVseriesとFuji Television Network, IncseriesThere are very few programs with sponsors[Note 3].. Also TBS systemCS broadcasting OfTBS channel1, 2,TBS News BirdButSpot CMIs frequently flushed.

2012May 1Formerly, Inc.Bushiroad Group Publishing 新 日本 プ ロ レ スAcquired[8][9].

2012May 12Held a large event in, as a live broadcastTOKYO MX-BS11Simultaneous live broadcast at[Note 4].

On December 2013, 12, the Atsuka Kairiku Bushiroad 31 hour special was broadcast, and the same broadcast as the previous year was carried out on TOKYO MX/BS3.[Note 5].

2016May 9ToGleeConcluded a capital and business alliance agreement with Glee, and undertook a third-party allotment by Bushiroad to invest approximately 20 billion yen (over 10% investment ratio). As a result, we will utilize Bushiroad's IP content to jointly develop game applications for smartphones and collaborate in the content business.[10].

2017May 7The use of a new logo to commemorate the 10th anniversary in sequence has been started (The B mark is applied to group companies bearing Bushiroad in different colors. Red is used for our company and overseas companies, sky for music, green for creative, media for Orange, fight gold, move blue). On August 8 of the same year, a new corporate information site (bushiroad.co.jp) was opened, and the existing site (bushiroad.com) specializes in product information.

For a period of time, Kitani was in charge of the entire company, including overseas operations, based in a Singapore subsidiary. At this time, the managing director Keiichi Totsuka also had the representative right of Bushiroad, and also served as the representative director of Bushiroad Music and the director of Hibiki (formerly also the president of Bushiroad Media).

To take the lead in the content development, Kitani left the position of President Bushiroad at the shareholders meeting held on October 2017, 10, and returned the representative right as a director, director of the Digital Contents Division/General Manager of Public Relations Department and Bushiroad Appointed President of Music[11][12], Was a director, but became president (and Totsuka is out of all positions).

For a long time since its establishment, it has been touted as "TCG Company",2018In a column in Kitani in October, he declared that "Bushiroad will change from a TCG company to an IP developer in the near future", and valued IP while valuing TCG.[13].. Then, from April 2019, we will read and provide TV programs (4 seconds or more), etc.May 6Says that even on the official company information site, it is an "IP developer".

2019XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,KADOKAWA Corporation-Kinema Citrus Co., Ltd.Announcing the conclusion of a comprehensive business tie-up in animation production between the three companies[14].

2019May 7ToTokyo Stock ExchangeMothersListed on the market[15].

Women's professional wrestling group on October 2019, 10, as of December 17, 12StardomAcquired. It will be a part of Kixroad, a consolidated subsidiary (name changed to Bushiroad Fight at the same time)[16].

On December 2019, 12, we entered into a capital tie-up with Kinema Citrus as an extension of our business alliance in July, acquired 2% of the company's issued shares (KADOKAWA also acquired the same amount), and made it an equity-method affiliate.[17].

August 2019, 12,Sanjigen Co., Ltd.Entered into a capital tie-up with and acquired 8.2% of the company's issued shares.[18].

June 2020, 6 From the viewpoint of avoiding management risk due to epidemic of new coronavirus infectious disease, we will have two representative directors in order to establish a system that can make reliable and prompt management decisions in case of emergency. The policy is decided, Kitani becomes the representative director again, and he becomes the new chairman.[19].

August 2020, 8, announced a business alliance with Social Info Co., Ltd.COLOPLAcquired in the form of being transferred from the company and made it a consolidated subsidiary[20].

On November 2020, 11, it was announced that it would conclude a capital and business alliance agreement with Broccoli.[21].

Main businesses/products

Except someBushiroad Co., Ltd. Business informationMore excerpts from Bushiroad's main business.

For details of the affiliated company-based business,Bushiroad Group # Major Group Companies and Departments in ChargeSee.

Large IP

Main IP

Bushiroad GroupIPWith a particularly large representative content

Other/Past IP

Large IP for full-scale start in 2020
Major IP in the past

Trading Card Game (TCG)

As of 2020, TCG is mainly deployed.

Trading card game event

  • Great Vanga Festival x Great Buddy Festival
    Joint event of two works representing BGC's TGC
  • Shirokuro Festival
    Weiss Schwarz events
  • BCF (Bushiroad Card Fight)/WGP (BUSHIROAD World Grand Prix)
    Card game competition
  • Bushiroad preview (Bushiroad strategy presentation)
    TCG new plan presentation. It will also be open to the public after it is released to the public.

Other/Past TCG

  • King of Pro Wrestling
  • Alice x Cross (end of support)
  • Victory Spark(End of support)
  • Bushiroad Trading Card Selection (No release after 2011)
  • Sunday VS Magazine Trading Card Game(Integrated with Victory Spark)
  • Jewelpet Trading Card Game(No release since 2009)
  • Monster collection(End of support)
  • Five Cross (Transition to Gene Cross)
  • Luck logic(End of tournament support)
  • ChaosTCG (Booster pack "Detective Opera Milky Holmes" released on February 2019, 2 will be the last product development, and user support will be terminated on February 22, 2021[22])
  • Future card buddy fight(The special pack "Revival Buddy's" released on August 2020, 8 will be the last product to be launched, the shop tournament and support will be available on May 11, 2021, and the treasure campaign will end on April 5, 31![23])

Mobile online games (MOG)

Bushiroad Mobile Japanese Logo.svg

Mainly developed around the app game brand "Bushimo". In-house IP works (Bandori, Starlight, etc.)Production CommitteeMainly on investment-based works (Love Live, Symphogear, Kemono Friends, etc.) and game original projects (Shirokuro Joker, etc.), TV broadcast sponsor works (Crayon Shin-chan, Detective Conan, etc.) and works not directly related A wide variety of games (Prince of Tennis, Cardcaptor Sakura, etc.)

Bushimo was originallySmartphoneForSocial networking services As (SNS), there is a timeline that allows you to post a short message, chat, avatar, and character point functions, and character points were given according to the playing status of the game that cooperated with Bushimo (currently, the function for linking with the game. Has been abolished).

As of 2020, content that is mainly being developed.

Upcoming content
  • Assault Lily Last Bullet
  • Argonavis from Bang Dream! AAside

Mobile online game event

  • Sukufesu Thanksgiving
    Love Live! School Idol Festival Real Event
  • Gull party! & Starira Festival
    Bandori! Girls band party! and Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight -Re LIVE- joint real event

Other/Past content

Card games
  • Gene Cross (App game, but not treated as Bushimo)
  • Cardfight!! Online (Overseas browser game)
  • Badisma!! (Completely free game app for Future Card Buddy Fight)
Consumer games
* Vanguard Buddy Fight related gamesFlueReleased from.
Browser games
Mobile games
  • Love replay(2012-2017)
  • Milky Millionaire (2012-opening)
  • Card Fight!! Vanguard Planetary War (2013-2016)
  • Toys Drive (2014-2016)
  • BOUND MONSTERS (2012-2015)
  • Forbidden Summon! Summon Master(2013-2015)
  • Kamikari Demons x Trigger (2013-2014)
  • National Hero Slash Battle (2013)
  • Dragon Strike (2013-2015)
  • Bakuso Brothers Let's & Go !! Mini 2015WD World Runner (2016-XNUMX)
  • Daiseki! Milky Holmes Turbo (2012-2014)
  • Chaos TCG (discontinued)
  • Last Gnoucia (deployment stopped before distribution started; full transfer to developer Daedalus)
  • Granadia Saga (end of service)
  • Triple Monsters (2018)
  • Kyushu Sangokushi (2018-2019)
  • Tapploji-TAP! Luck & Logic ~(End of delivery)
  • Detective ConanRunner Leader to Truth (2019-2020)


Bushiroad music, Bushiroad Music Publishing,Troupe airshipResponsible

Music software, music live, music copyright, mask play musical, etc.

MD (merchandising)

Bushiroad Creative Chief Listed only for Bushiroad

  • Bushiroad EC SHOP
    Group ofBushiroad musicInherited the goods business that
    The Bushiroad Group's mail-order business isBushiroad media), "HiBiKi EC SHOP!", which is permanently sold for general distribution products, and "HiBiKi EC SHOP!・"HiBiKi EC SHOP! Limited event mail order" is in operation, and in October 2012, when Hibiki Music (currently Bushiroad Music) was newly established, the business was succeeded. In 10, Bushiroad Music opened an additional "Bushiroad EC SHOP", which was also temporarily used for limited time sale, but it was closed on June 2016, 2016, and it was closed on June 6th. It was integrated into the renewed "Bushiroad EC SHOP". Transferred to Bushiroad on November 15, 6.
  • supply
    Trading Card Game Supplies
  • Live goods
    Official goods such as live performances sponsored by Bushiroad such as penlights, T-shirts and towels


Bushiroad mediaas well as the Bushiroad MoveThe main charge

Editorial publishing, advertising agency, video production, audio production (Hibiki-HiBiKi Radio Station-)・Voice actor office "Hibiki" Wait

As the Bushiroad body,Production CommitteeThe income management business is included in the media department.


New Japan Pro Wrestling, Bushiroad Fight and Soplatico

Men's professional wrestling "New Japan Pro Wrestling", women's professional wrestling "Stardom"Fitness club Wait

As for the main body of Bushiroad, "Amateur wrestler Ikuei's"Bushiroad ClubWas operated, but was transferred to New Japan Pro-Wrestling in June 2020 (currently "TEAM NEW JAPAN").[24].. Also, before the acquisition of New Japan Pro-WrestlingBushiroad wrestlingWas doing his own professional wrestling performance.


Outside Japan

  • TCG
    In the world, TCG has been localized and released in English (some countries remain in Japanese), and card game competitions are also being held.
  • MOG
    Worldwide distribution of app games in English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), and Korean
    Events held in Singapore and the United States

Other businesses

Antenna Shop
  • "BanG Dream! & D4DJ Store" Supported by GAMERS
    It was scheduled to open in Ikebukuro Mixalive TOKYO as "Store Mixa" in March 2020, but it was postponed due to the influence of the new coronavirus, and pre-opened on June 3 of the same year under the above store name.However, even after the store opened, the store name notation "Store Mixa" was used in parallel, and it is unknown which is the official name.
  • (Closed in January 2020) Bushiroad Store
    AEON MALL Makuhari New CityInside
    We handle all Bushiroad Group products (referred to as "Comprehensive Antenna Shop").
  • (Closed in June 2020) Bushiroad TCG Station
    JR EastAkihabara StationCampus
    We handle TCG related products.
Digital signage for card shops
  • It is installed in about 650 stores authorized by Bushiroad and delivers the latest information via video through the network.Digital Signage

Program provided by one company

Production dates in parentheses and production stations are unmarked. Production stations in the Kanto wide area (including independent stations).

tv set


BS Nippon Television
TV Asahi
  • US Open Golf (2020 Tournament-Provided under the name of "Bang Dream! Girls Band Party")


Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.series
BS Nippon Television
Independent station and others
Single/weekly/irregular period
  • Hatsune ミクIntroducing "Magical Mirai 2013" Marutto 90 minutes SP! (Single shot in August 2013, TOKYO MX only)



TBS Radio

Bushiroad Group


注 釈

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