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🎁 | Do you know "Entaro Bus"?Let's challenge the campaign quiz where you can win the original coffee by lottery!


Do you know "Entaro Bus"?Let's challenge the campaign quiz where you can win the original coffee by lottery!

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Check out the Entaro Bus, which runs through the beautiful cityscape of Tokyo.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation designated the Entaro Bus (Tokyo Municipal Shared Motor) as a national important cultural property for the first time as a car in September XNUMXnd year of Reiwa. → Continue reading


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Entaro Bus

Entaro Bus(Entaro Bus) was in 1923Great Kanto EarthquakeAccompanyTramAs a replenishment measure for city transportation after the net disasterTokyo cityIntroduced urgentlybusCommon name for vehicles.Tokyo cityBusiness bus (currentToei Bus) Became the source.

Ford Model T(T type Ford)TrackModel, Ford Model TT chassis[1]It was made suddenly using the, and from its poorness, it was in the Meiji era.Riding carriageIt has a nickname that is likened to the nickname "Entaro carriage".


1923On September 9, the entire Tokyo area was hit by the Great Kanto Earthquake, disrupting the city's transportation network.In particular, it was already an important foot for the citizens at that time.TramThe net was devastated and there was no prospect of recovery.

Operated and managed the streetcarTokyo Metropolitan Bureau of ElectricityAs an alternative until the tram is restoredbusDecided to introduce.It was mass-produced on the largest scale in the world at that time in order to speed up delivery.The United States of America-Ford OfT-type carFocusing on, TT type chassis (20HP) which is the version for the truckengineOrdered 1,000 units (with 800 units in the end).It was decided to manufacture the minimum simple bus body separately in Japan and mount it on the chassis.The bus created in this way is the Entaro Bus.

It was a quick-built bus that seated only 11 people, and initially it had a roof, a minimum enclosure, and an in-car bench, and it was a car body that even short Japanese passengers at that time could not get on without bending their heads.There is no window glass on the side or rear, and it is poor like putting a hood in rainy weather, "I disassembled the wooden box of the packaging (when the chassis was sent to Japan) and used it as the material of the car body." It was whispered to the wind.Even so, the small car body was convenient for running around the city, which was cut off by the earthquake, and it became a valuable means of transportation for the citizens.

Origin of the name

The bus that diverted the truck chassis is tall and has a silhouetteMeiji Era OfRiding carriageIt was similar to.The ride was as bad as a horse-drawn carriage.Horse-drawn carriages in the Meiji era are commonly known asEntaro carriage[2]Was called.Entaro is a rakugoka4th generation Entaro TachibanayaComes from (1845-1898)[3]..Play with itGreat Kanto EarthquakeThe Tokyo Municipal Bus, which was made in time later, was gradually called the Entaro Bus.


With the cooperation of Ford, the first flight of the chassis arrived in Japan within 1923.Entaro bus is the next day only 4 months after the earthquake1924It has been in operation since January.Initially, there were two systems, but by the end of the year, 1 cars were available and a total of 2 systems were in operation.Tram drivers, etc. urgently obtained a car license and started operation[4]..Due to its small size, the conductor's crew was omitted, and as a result, the busOne-man drivingIt became an early case in Japan.

Bus operations were supposed to be reduced as the trams were restored, but the transportation capacity of trams was so tight that they were called "Tokyo's famous crowded trains" even before the earthquake, and Tokyo. Citizens hoped that the new means of transportation, bus transportation, would continue.Therefore, in Tokyo City, the Ford TT of Entaro Bus was used to install a full-scale bus body to improve livability, and measures such as increasing the number of new large buses were taken to make it a Toei bus in the early 21st century. It became the source of bus transportation.


Buses that have been introduced in large numbers, albeit in a hurry, are also available in JapanPublic transportIt proved to work well as a vehicle, and later in cities all over Japan.Transit BusIt became an opportunity to operate.This background has been highly evaluated, and since 1955, the Entaro Bus has been available.Transportation MuseumWill be saved in[5]..After the Transportation Museum closed, from 2007Railway museumAs a collection ofTokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation Nishitakashimadaira StationStored in a warehouse[6], Private[5]..The car was in 2008Mechanical heritageCertified as No. 28[7]..In addition, in 2020Important cultural propertyWill also be designated[6](It will be officially designated after the official notification).

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