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👩‍🎓 | Explainer video of "SDGs" starring Teruyuki Kagawa and Tobira of Shigoto

Tell me the photo, teacher! What are SDGs?

Shigoto's Tobira, Teruyuki Kagawa and others appearing "SDGs" commentary video released

If you write the contents roughly
The special contents include Kaoru Nemoto, the director of the United Nations Information Center, who is working to spread and enlighten SDGs in Japan, and Teruyuki Kagawa, an actor who produces "Insect Market" as a place to promote SDGs from nature experiences through insects. Appearance.

The online social studies tour site "Shigoto no Tobira" is a special content "..." that explains SDGs in an easy-to-understand manner. → Continue reading


The educational environment, university entrance examination reform, and the environment surrounding children are undergoing major changes. Amid the changes of this era, parents' interest in the education and career of children is only increasing. Risemum will transmit accurate and useful information centered on educational information, as a medium that is close to the hearts of parents. We will promptly deliver information that parents are interested in such as education reform, international education, examinations, educational events, STEM education including programming.

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United Nations Information Center

United Nations Information Center(Kokusai Rengo Koho Center, English: United Nations Information Center, abbreviation: UNIQUE) IsUnited Nations Department of Global Communications下で国連の活動全般にわたる広報活動を行うため、世界の約60か国に設置されている。「United Nations Information CenterAlso called.

1946May 2 OfUnited Nations General Assembly ResolutionIt is located under the Strategic Communications Division (DGC), which was established in response to this.

in Japan1958It was installed in April.2014As of January, Kaoru Nemoto is the director.We are developing a wide range of public relations activities such as creating Japanese materials, setting up press conferences and media interviews, and planning and holding events.Also,InternshipWe are accepting young people who are interested in the United Nations.

UNICs in the world

外部 リンク

Teruyuki Kagawa

Teruyuki Kagawa(Yuki Kagawa, with the same real name,1965May 12[4] -) isJapan OfAn actor,Kabuki actor,talent,boxingCommentator,chairperson.Signature"Ichikawa middle carAs a Kabuki actor,XNUMXth generation IchikawaGive yourself the name "Kudaime Ichikawa." The shop name isSawaya. Fixed patternLarge peonyThe spare crest is a unicycle.

EnthusiasticboxingKnown as a fan[5]Also works as a TV commentator for boxing broadcasts.

COMS shiftAfter that, belonged to Lotus Roots[6][7]. Height 171 cm, blood type AB[4]. TokyoBackground[4].Faculty of Literature, University of TokyoDepartment of Social PsychologyGraduation[8].



TokyoBackground[9]. My father is a Kabuki actorSecond generation Ichikawa Saruhino, Mother is exTakarazuka RevueSnow setAs the top daughteractress OfHamaki cotton child, The child Fifth generation Ichikawa Tanaka. My paternal grandfatherThird generation Ichikawa Dan Shiro, Grandmother is an actressSanae Takasugi, My uncleFourth generation Ichikawa Dan Shiro, My auntIchikawa Yasuko. Maternal aunt is exTAKARAGENNEでTakarazuka Revue 47th classYurika Hama.

In 1965, his mother, Watako Hamaki,NHK taiga drama"Taikoki』\Because I was in the middle of playing Kagawa, I dropped out of the program on the way and was born in December of that year.

Parents1968Divorced.It is taken over by my mother, the beach.From elementary schoolHyosung Academy[10]Learn toTokyo UniversityGo on to[11].1988,Department of literatureGraduated from Department of Social Psychology[12].Prep school teacher OfHayashi OsamuIs the synchronization of the University of Tokyo,Hiromasa Naruzawa TheHyosung High SchoolSynchronization.HoriproChairman and PresidentYoshitaka HoriIs a one-year junior of Hyosung elementary, junior high and high school, and about Kagawa's Hyosung era, "'ActressHamaki cotton childAlso famous as "the son of", but with a clear mindFrenchWas also read in the original book. "[13].

As an actor

1989, NHK Taiga DramaKasuga stationInHideaki KobayakawaDebut as an actor. In addition, in masterpiece of this timeoriginal videothe work"Quiet Don] There is a series.

After thatToshiko HashidaTV dramas such as screenplays were the main activity, but in “Dog, Running DOG RACE” and “Independent Boys Chorus”, 2002Cannes International Film FestivalThe grand prix-winning Chinese movie "The demon has arrived!, Etc., the popularity of the movie has gradually increased. In addition, NHK Taiga drama "Toshiie and Matsu ~Kaga Hyakumangoku Story~』Hideyoshi ToyotomiIts role has become widely known.

2004, Chinese movieThe scent of hometown』Tokyo International Film FestivalWon the actor award and also the starring actress.Shinobu TerashimaIt becomes the center of the topic. In a TV drama,Continuous tv novelIn the first halfsmallpox』Appeared in. In my personal life,May 1The eldest son, Masaaki, was born.

2006ToStudio Ghibli OfAnimated movie"Tales from Earthsea], I challenged the voice actor for the first time as a rabbit who is a subordinate of a spider whose hunter is a living.

2010October,"A Note on the Gourd Point"soJapan Academy AwardWon the Best Supporting Actor Award[14].

Cannes International Film FestivalHe is three times (the award-winning work has won twice),Berlin International Film FestivalHas also been invited (winning work award).

Advance to Kabuki world

2011May 9, Kagawa takes the XNUMXth generation IchikawaAttack namedo itKabuki actorAdvance to2012Announced to appear in "June Okabuki" held in June[15][16].The trace of Ichikawa Nakasha OfNameUntil the XNUMXth generationTachibanaHowever, Kagawa is the same as the name of SarunosukeSawayaCall yourself[15].. At the same time, my father's third generation, Sarunosuke IchikawaSecond generation Ichikawa Saruhino, The second cousin Kamejiro IchikawaFourth generation Ichikawa SarunosukeIt was also announced that the eldest son, Masaaki, would make his debut in the Kabuki world as the fifth generation, Ichikawa Danko.

Kabuki actors are not allowed to act under their real names because they are known for their name, but Kagawa is a special case in consideration of various circumstances such as past careers and circumstances, and high name recognition under his real name. It is allowed to continue performing entertainment under the name of, and it is decided that the actor and the actor and the Kabuki actor will use the two names properly.[15][17].

The trigger was the settlement with my father and the birth of my son Masaaki. Being born in Kabuki's house strengthened his thoughts that "Sarunosuke's name lasts 140 years. There is an eldest son, Masaaki, and I can't help riding this ship."[18].

In March 2012, the performance and cast of the famous performance was announced.Shimbashi TheaterAt June Okabuki, Chobei from "Oguri's Chobei,"Super kabukiSannosuke Sandai XNUMX Fortune Yamato Takeru] Emperor. At the Shinbashi Ensemble July Okabuki, in the "Super Kabuki Sannosuke Sannosuke XNUMX Yamauchi Takeru Yamato Takeru" Emperor "Leaving Shogun Edo"Yamaoka Tetsutaro.



Originally I didn't intend to be an actor,TBS OfMidoriyama StudioIn a few months,ADI was working part-time. Although he was angry all day long, he said that he was a junior member of the newbie AD, who made a "big face" and taught him how to distribute his bento. That person laterIsao YukisadaAfter that, he was revenge when he was appointed as a director and an actor.[19][20].

After that, my parents were actors and I had nothing else to do, so ``Seven lights of parentsIt is said that he chose this path with the elimination method that there is no reason not to use. In addition, looking back at the time of his debut, he often took an irreverent attitude toward the fact that his parents' name value and his career as a "born from the University of Tokyo" were all close-up and often criticized. When I was in my 20s, I was still an actor, but when I filmed "Quiet Don,"Kashima TsutomuFrom 100 timesNGIs said to have been seriously acting since then.[21][22].

2009 years,Nanjing IncidentThe theme was "John Rave-Sindler of Nanjing-] (Original title:John Raven)Emperor Showauncle·Akamiya HatohikoAppearing in a role[23][24].royalThe comments that refer to the history of playing the role as an actor and international political issues have caused controversy, centered on the domestic rightists who challenge the evaluation and occurrence of the case itself.[24], On the other hand, this attitude was evaluated in the same yearMay 4,ChugokuBeijingWas selected as the 1st Laure Peace Prize winner in commemoration of the film production[25].

NHK special drama "Clouds on the slope],tuberculosisとSpine cariesWas affected byShiki MasaokaReduced weight by more than 5kg in 15 months due to dietary restrictions and running to play a role.[26].

In addition, the magazine "Kinema Junpo』Is serialized in the column "Nihonseikoku", which covers the face and episodes of the co-stars at the shooting site, the theory of actors, and consideration of various works. This column is2006Received the Kinema Junpo Reader Award.

In the "ranking of actors who are good at villains" in which 340 people participated in the vote, they won second place, surpassing Kenichi Endo and Houka Kinoshita.[27].

Naoki Hanzawa

A drama that made a big hit in 2013Naoki Hanzawa], the leading character rival Owada Managing Director plays a high evaluation. The final scene of the Underground sceneYasuda University Circus OfLeader Yasuda ImpersonationSeeing it as a trickAnswering machineOfficially certify, "Please do bang bang." After that, he continued to give instruction to the leader, saying, "Tame of Geshiza is shallow. Be more tense!"[28].

The original authorJun IkeidoRegarding Akira Owada, who plays Kagawa, "Ad-lib is an outstanding character that does not appear in the original, so I think it's very nice to have a free presence and liven up the drama."[29].

Boxing lovers

An enthusiastic boxing fan. It started when I was a boyGushiken High SchoolWas watching the match. He is a maniac enough to buy videos and specialized magazines of overseas games as well as domestic ones by mail order and research. He is keenly interested in finding new talents for the next generation, watching newcomers' debut games and domestic competitions more favorably than active champions' defense games and world title games.WOWOWBoxing show "Excite Match SpecialWhen he appeared as a guest commentator in ",Joe Koizumi,Takeshi HamadaEven so, I was so impressed with the tongue.

From the anonymous ageBoxing magazine』(Baseball magazine company) Was serialized in "Terunoyuki Kagawa's feverish thinking method". In the first round, "Japan's boxing, which is praised by fighters who keep guards hard and moves forward without a technique, is behind," is critically criticizing the technical level of Japan's professional boxing world at the time. .. My favorite boxerWilfredo Gomez.Puerto Rican・Kagawa, who likes boxers,Welterweight,Super welterweight,Middle classConquered the three ranks ofFelix TrinidadHe was very pleased with his success, and even devoted himself to one page. Although it was a long-term serialization in a popular column that professionals receive, he said in the final episode that he struggled to find material and decided to end the series.

2011Public live-action movie "Tomorrow's Joe]Tange Danpei"I've been watching boxing for 30 years in my private life because of this role," he said. StarringTomohisa YamashitaStarted with boxing and has advised other co-stars. In February 2011, the book "Chronic Fighting Syndrome", which describes his thoughts on boxing at the time of publication (Kodansha) Was published.

Also of former PrizefighterNishioka ToshiakiIntimate friendship with them, 2011May 10(Japan time 10nd October)Las VegasWith NishiokaRafael MarquezWithWBCSuper bantamweightHe served as a commentary on the broadcast of the title match broadcast ("Excite Match Special", WOWOW), and when Nishioka decided to defend the title for the seventh time, she wept and said, "I've seen boxing for more than 7 years. I'm a boxer, and I hope that someday someone will win a day like today with a win..." Nishioka serves as a commentary after retirementFuji Television Network, Inc"Diamond glove special] Also appeared as a guest commentary.

Furthermore, through the promotion of "Ashita no Joe"Kazuto IokaHe also interacts with him and sometimes appears as a guest commentary on the TBS broadcast of Ioka's game.

Kagawa himself has some experience of gym work from work related, and boxing itself is almost inexperienced. "I love boxing, so I want to draw a line," he said.

I like insects

昆虫Science program aboutTeruyuki Kagawa's insects are amazing!』(E Tele),Mantis OfcostumeWearing"Mantis teacher"And speaks of his extraordinary feelings about insects. "I've been working hard for 28 years as an actor, and I finally got the job I wanted to do!" "I'm sick of looking at the grass." "Today's costume is a "female" mantis, so please call me "Mother"." Produced a wise saying, it became a hot topic on the Internet because the program content was completely different from the image of Kagawa so far.[30].

After that, from 2017Kinchol』CM appeared[31]. In 2018National Science MuseumAppointed as "Konka" Meister (Official Supporter) at "Special Exhibition Insect" held at[32]. The exhibition was also held at the Osaka City Museum of Natural History in 2019, and has also appeared in advertisements as a "Konka" Meister.

Official in August 2018twitterStart. The icon image is a costume of "Kamakiri-sensei"[33]. The official mark was not attached for a long time even after the start, but it was added at the end of July 2019, which is almost one year later.

In 2018, Aranchione (HQ: Tokyo Metropolitan Government), which is engaged in businesses such as online shopping for children's clothing "Insect Collection" with insect illustrations and online salons to interact with KagawaMinato-ku) Founded[34].

Thanks for contributing to raising awareness of these insects,2018Described as a new genus and new species inRed-eyed GeckoScarabaeidaeInsect fossil (Amber fossil, Japanese nameLotus bug)'S scientific name is "Kujiberosa Teruyuki ("Kujiberotha teruyukii)”[35][36].

Educational and music program for young children in June 2019With mom』(E Tele)'S moon song "Harapeko Kamakiri" has been announced under the name of "Kamakiri Sensei".[37].

August 2019 "Insects of Teruyuki Kagawa!" (NHK Special) Was aired.E TeleからNHK GeneralThe expansion beyond the channel to was a hot topic.

In 2020, Kodansha published a natural education picture book series "INSECT LAND" with insects as a character (written by Teruyuki Kagawa, picture:Roman Toma)[38].


Relationship with my father
Since my father abandoned my house when I was 1 and my parents divorced when I was 3 years old, my relationship with my father, the second generation of Saruosuke (formerly known as the third generation of Sarunosuke), was completely broken.
When I made my debut as an actor after graduating from university, I thought of myself as a 25-year-old winter and met my father for the first time. "I was resuscitated from the moment I separated myself from my home, so I have nothing to do with you now. You are not my son, so I am your son." I'm not my father," he said, "I'll never see you again"[39][Source invalid][40][Source invalid].. Since then, there has been a feud for a long time, but in the meantime, Kagawa repeatedly watched his father's stage.
With the birth of his eldest son, Sarunosuke's second wife, a Japanese dancerFujima purpleThe relationship between the father and son was restored due to the failure of the family, and Kagawa also attended the funeral of Fujima Mura (2009) as a relative. At the time of the joint attack meeting in September 2011, he appeared in public with his father for the first time in eight years, revealing that he has lived with his father for three generations since the spring of the same year.[15][41].. Soon after, the cohabitation disappeared, and the second generation Saruhina moved to an apartment near Kagawa's house with his partner's women and disciples.[42].. The practice is that Kagawa visits Saruoh's house and puts it on.[43][Source invalid].
2016It was reported on December 12 that he had divorced his wife who had been with him for 14 years.[44].. In addition,2004The eldest son, Masaaki, was born in June 2012 at the "June Okabuki" and made his debut in the Kabuki world with his father and son.
CousinSecond generation Kamejiro IchikawaI knew of his existence, but due to the fact that his parents were divorced in his childhood, he was estranged from his paternal relative, Kamejiro, for a long time.KamejiroNHKTaiga drama"Fulin VolcanoIn 2006 before the recording ofSanae TakasugiTo visit the grave of UenoKaneiji TempleI met for the first time when I went to[45][Source invalid][46]..For Kamejiro, "Furinkazan" was his first appearance in a TV drama, and he thanked "(Kagawa) knows the staff of the Taiga drama, so he stayed for a day and bowed to each department."[47]..On the other hand, when Kagawa enters Kabuki, Kamejiro gives detailed advice, and it becomes a close relationship in private life.[46]. Kamejiro saysQuiz $ Millionaire』(Broadcast March 2008, 3), the father and son are running to cheer. Taiga drama "Ryoma-den』In the final episode, played the drama first co-star, although there are only two scenes,2020Also TBS drama "Naoki Hanzawa] Also co-stars.
The younger brother of Fujima MuraThe XNUMXth generation Nakamura Tozo, The sonMatsue Nakamura, XNUMXth generationBecame a cousin of Matsue, a classmate through elementary, junior high, and high school
Second generation Danshiro
Eighth generation middle car
The first monkey
Sanae Takasugi
Third generation Danshiro
Fourth Shiro Shiro
Ichikawa Yasuko
Fujima purple
Second generation monkey
Hamaki cotton child
Fourth generation Sarunosuke
Teruyuki Kagawa
(XNUMXth generation middle car)
Fifth generation Ryuko


TV drama

Web drama


original video


Television Animation

Theater animation


Foreign drama

Overseas animation

  • (2007)-Clapoo

Music video


Sports broadcast


  • Athlete ~ Dedicated to all challengers(TV Tokyo)-Narration
  • Hibiki of Life(TBS)
  • Shikoku Special “Ryoma Time Over”-Dissemination, Ryomaden-(February 2010, 2, NHK)-Shikoku Local
  • Close-up document! Challenge the referee of the major league (October 2010, 10, NHK)-Narration
  • Last Days "You Can Be Me" Yusaku Matsuda x Teruyuki Kagawa(December 2010, 12, NHK)-Traveler
  • Athlete's soulBoxing World Champion Kazuto Ioka(August 2011, 8, NHK)-Narration
  • Kirari! Tohoku's Autumn Hiraizumi A golden city that revives-Getting closer to the global city of Oshu-(October 2011, 10,NHKBS Premium)-Navigator
  • The power of travel"Destroy, Shell of "Actor" Teruyuki Kagawa Beijing(April 2012, 4, NHKBS Premium)-Traveler
  • Japan travelogue"240 relatives"Olympic"~Okinawa Oujima~" (August 2012, 8, NHK)-Guide
  • NHK Special"Father and Son, Saruhichi Ichikawa, Teruyuki Kagawa" (January 2013, 1, NHK)
  • Television future heritage"Brightness of Life SP" Human Science What Caused Miracles The Power to Live... The Record of Truth" (May 2013, 5, TBS)-Special Navigator
  • NHK Special "Attacking Out and Winning-Challenge to the Japanese National Team "New Tactics"" (June 2014, 6, NHK General)-Narrative
  • TV Future Heritage "" Shine of Life SP "Human Science Birth & Cancer Medical Frontline Family Decisions ... Still Wanting to Live with You" (June 2014, 6, TBS) --Special Navigator
  • Napoleon hero's real face Teruyuki Kagawa pursues! The truth of father and son 3 generations (January 2015, 1,BS Japan)[63]
  • NHK Special "Ryotaro Shiba's Travels in this Country" (February 2016, 2 (first collection), February 13 (second collection), NHK)-Navigator[64]
  • Yoshida's Travels to France: Visiting Gastronomy and Art (March 2019, 3, March 8, BS-TBS)-Narration

Liberal Arts Program

  • Teruyuki Kagawa's insects are amazing!(NHK E Tele)-Professor Kamakiri[65]
    • 1st hour Tonosama grasshopper (October 2016, 10)
    • 2nd hour White butterfly (May 2017, 5)
    • Special edition Tagame (August 2017, 8)
    • Third time Oniyama (October 3, 2017)
    • Special Edition Kamakiri☆Go to Malaysia (January 2018, 1)
    • 4th time Bear bee (May 2018, 5)
    • Special edition real story! Complete transformation (July 2018, 7)
    • Fifth hour Hanmyo (October 5, 2018)
    • Special edition Kamakiri-sensei ☆ First rampage in the winter forest (January 2019, 1)
    • 6th hour Ali (May 2019, 5)
    • NHK Special "Insect of Teruyuki Kagawa "Yabaise!"" (NHK General August 2019, 8)
    • Special Edition Kamakiri☆Go to Costa Rica (August 2019, 8)
    • Special edition "At home" Insects are amazing! (May 2020, 5)



  • National Museum of Nature and Science Special Exhibition "Insects" (July 2018, 7-October 13, 10)-"Konkatsu" Meister (Official Supporter) & Audio Guide.
  • Osaka Museum of Natural History Special Exhibition "Insects" (July 2019, 7-September 13, 9)-"Konkatsu" Meister (Official Supporter) & Audio Guide.




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  • 2018TV LIFE yearDrama Grand Prize Supporting Actor Award ("99.9 -Criminal Lawyer-")

2020 Year

  • The 105th The Television Drama Academy Awards Supporting Actor Award ("Naoki Hanzawa")[78]


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