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👩‍🎓 | Matsuo Mine Hachimantai / Kashiwadai Elementary School, which traces the transition, starts comprehensive learning

Photo A child comparing the picture of the "Midorigaoka district" where the Matsuo mine was located with the photo at that time

Matsuo Mine The transition of Hachimantai and Kashiwadai small begins comprehensive learning

If you write the contents roughly
Investigate the transition of the area that was once called "paradise on the clouds", and finally create a wall newspaper.

On the 36th, 5 fifth and sixth graders of Kashiwadai Elementary School (Principal Masaru Tamura, 6 children) in Kashiwadai, Hachimantai City, had the Matsuo Mine on the 13th. → Continue reading

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Wall newspaper

Wall newspaperWhat is (wall newspaper)?社会In情报One of the means of communication.PassersbyHouse OfwallBy pasting a piece of paper on which you wrote your claim,社会It is intended to be published to.


This method can convey information at no costMeritIt is widely practiced as.Politics,CommercialIs widely used for the purpose of advertising.This methodAncient timesTopeopleIt is also used as a way of governing, and old powers used to inform the people of things.広 場In some cases, it took the form of posting a wall newspaper.2011ToGreat East Japan EarthquakeWhen occursIshinomaki Nichinichi Shimbun TheNews (Chinese)ThePrintToFeaturesFor several days, I used to publish a handwritten wall newspaper and post it to evacuation shelters.[1].

People's Republic of ChinaThen.Cultural RevolutionFocusing on the time ofBig character posterThe wall newspaper, called, was widely used as a means of political movement, and from 1975 to 1980, the constitution guaranteed the production of big-character posters as "people's rights."


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