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👩‍🎓 | Nayaden establishes SDGs Declaration 5 goals such as health and education

Photograph Employee training that is being emphasized in the SDGs Declaration

Nayaden establishes SDGs Declaration 5 goals such as health and education

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In addition to making excellent human resources, a good working environment, and environmentally friendly products the three essential elements for the sustainable growth of the company, we have set a total of five goals such as employee health and education and clean energy.

Nayaden, which sells fuels and lubricating oils for factories (Headquarters 3, Chuo-cho, Kuwana-shi, President Yusuke Kurita, Telephone 66 ... → Continue reading

 Chubu Keizai Shimbun

★ Disseminate information on the Chubu region of the "Manufacturing Kingdom" to all over the world

The Chubu Keizai Shimbun was first published in 1946 (Showa 21) and has a track record of over 70 years, and has earned the trust of many years.
Toyota Motor in the Chubu region is the only "regional economic newspaper" among the newspaper publishers that are members of the "Japan Newspaper Association"
We are conducting detailed coverage activities from large companies to small and medium-sized companies.

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Work environment

Work environmentWhat is (workplace)?workplaceInWorkerIs involved in the companyFacilityAnd system,Working hours,bossAnd colleaguesHuman relationsIt is a term that expresses various things including.


Including the workplace of the company, administration, justice, etc.Social lifeIt is a term used in various situations related to.

Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareThen, in order to improve and improve the work environment, variousSubsidyAnd support[1]..In addition, at the Tokyo Labor Consultation Information Center, the employer'sObligation to consider safetyRegardingIndustrial Safety and Health ActAims to ensure the safety and health of workers in the workplace and to create a comfortable working environment.[2].


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