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🎁 | Receipts turn into money in 3 seconds ... 3 great apps you want to download before shopping


Receipts turn into money in 3 seconds ... 3 great apps you want to download before shopping

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You can try a mini-game where you can get points by scanning the receipt and the barcode of the product purchased on the receipt and keeping a household account book.

An increasing number of apps can save money just by being alive.Download a free app on your smartphone and use it ... → Continue reading

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barcode(British: Barcode) Represents numerical values ​​and characters by the thickness of the striped lineidentifierIt is a kind of.As a mechanism,数字-Text-symbolAccording to certain rules, information such asOne dimensionalConverted to the code of.This is mainly used in storesregisterAnddistributionFor various management used in the processInformation terminalEasy to read by machines such asデ ジ タ ルIt is possible to input and output as information.

Barcodes are meaningful only in the horizontal direction, and the data they represent are also sequences and character strings, both of which are one-dimensional, but dots are arranged vertically and horizontally to represent a lot of information.Two-dimensional codeHas also become widespread.To be representativeDenso Wave OfQR codeThere is.

In addition, print the barcode on the labelprinterIs called a "bar code label printer", and a scanner that reads a bar code is called a "bar code reader" or a "bar code scanner".


Most barcode scanners support one or more of these standards.

Unified product code

The unified product code is the country code (flag) 2 or 3 digits, the manufacturer number (maker code) 5 or 7 digits, the item number (item code) 5 or 3 digits, and the error prevention number (check digit) 1 digit. It is made of and all products are to be numbered differently.

Japan is1978Was assigned 49 as the country code when he joined the International EAN Association.1992Was newly granted 45 by the International EAN Association and now has two country codes.

There are two types of JAN codes used in Japan: standard type (13 digits) and abbreviated type (8 digits).Furthermore, the standard type is divided into those in which the first 2 digits are the JAN maker code and those in which the 7 digits (country code 9 digits + maker code 2 digits) are the JAN maker code.2001As a general rule, 1-digit manufacturer codes are numbered and lent to businesses that apply after January. You can number up to 9 items with one 9-digit maker code.

When applying for registration of the JAN code, obtain the "Guide for using the JAN company (manufacturer) code" sold at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Distribution System Development Center nationwide, and then apply for registration at the end of the book. Apply using the written form.Approximately 10 days-2 weeks later, the JAN maker code will be loaned.

In-store code

The in-store code is a code that can be arbitrarily numbered by shops and groups, and is used for membership cards such as point cards and fresh foods.Of course, it can only be used at that store, and has a different meaning at other stores. Codes starting with 2,4 for UPC, 02,04 (UPC compatible) for EAN / JAN, and 20-29 are available. The code starting with UPC 2 (02 as JAN code in Japan) is a NON-PLU (non-price lookup) that has the price in the code without referring to it from the database, and is especially used for weighing products. Codes starting with 4 (04) can use 10 digits, and codes starting with 20 to 29 can use 2 digits after 11. 20 to 29 are used for the membership number of the store's own membership card.


  • 1949,Drexel UniversityWith Bernard Silver, a graduate student of(English edition)Invented the barcode1952May 10Obtained a patent.
  • 1967, American foodChain storeBut,registerPractical use as a measure to eliminate the matrix of.
  • 1973,1971ToIBMBased on the Delta Distance Code announced by the United States Food Chain Association, etc., a unified code notation UPC (Universal Products Code) has been set.
  • 1978Japan, which has joined EAN, has decided to adopt the unified product code of EAN.


  • There is a so-called "design barcode" in which a part of the barcode is designed.
  • hairA thin man has a hairstyle that makes the remaining hair longer and covers the sparse parts of the hair (mostly on the crown), which is similar to a barcode, so this hairstyle is commonly referred to as "barcode".[1]Also called "barcode hair" or "barcode bald", "barcode head", "sudare head".Especially in the 1980s when barcodes became popular in Japan, at that timePrime MinisterWas servingYasuhiro NakasoneWas often ridiculed and called.In manga, etc., it is often used together with silver-rimmed glasses as one of the characteristics representing middle-aged men. 2004Ignobel AwardThe Engineering Award was given to the parents and children of Frank Smith and Donald Smith in Orlando, Florida, who invented the barcode head.The barcode head is "in English"Comb-over".
  • The two lines located on the left, right, and center of the main barcodes such as the EAN / JAN code and UPC, the left guard bar, the right guard bar, and the center bar are interpreted as "2" characters, and this is the character.New Testament OfApocalypse of johnDescribed inBeast figures666There is a theory that it is.This theory isPseudo scienceTreatTon demo bookIn addition, Kodansha "Weekly Shonen Magazine"of"MMR Magazine Mystery Report Group』It is taken up in.


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  1. ^ Source: Akihiko Yonekawa, "Japanese Folklore Dictionary (3rd Edition)", Tokyodo Publishing, 2006, p. 483

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