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🎁 | You can save money by recording your weight and steps !? Health management app 4


Save money by recording your weight and steps !? Too much health management app 4

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An app that can record and manage various data such as weight, calorie intake, sleep time, and blood test results.

An increasing number of apps can save money just by being alive.Download a free app on your smartphone and use it ... → Continue reading

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Blood test

Blood test(Ketsukakensa) isBlood sampling methodObtained bybloodTo check for medical conditionsClinical examinationIs. mainlyClinical technologistIs in charge.

The inspection items are as follows.

Hematology test

Blood count

When requesting the following items at once, it is called complete blood count (total blood count, CBC).

  • Red blood cellNumerical test-Check the existence and type of anemia / polycythemia.
  • White blood cellNumerical test --Increased due to infectious diseases and leukemia, decreased due to myelosuppression.
  • plateletNumerical test-Used together with the coagulation test to determine the presence or absence of bleeding tendency.
  • hemoglobinQuantitative test-Used as an indicator of anemia and polycythemia.

White blood cell fraction

Bacteriainfection TheNeutrophilThere are many increases in numbers.

Peripheral blood smear

leukemiaMay have tumor cells.

Solidification/Fibrinolysis system inspection

Biochemical examination

Both ZTT and TTTserumcolloidalIn the reaction, measure the formation of turbidity and precipitation when a protein denaturing reagent is added to serum.[1].. serumalbuminDecrease ofγ-globulinReflecting the increase inLiver diseaseIndicates a high price[1].. 28 (2016)Medical feeDeleted by revision, after transitional measures, medical treatment fee calculation will not be possible after April 30, 2018[2].

Immunological test

Endocrine metabolism system test


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  • "How Much I Can Know from Blood Tests", Chemistry and Education, Vol. 65, No. 6, Chemical Society of Japan, 2017, pp. 294-295, two:10.20665 / kakyoshi.65.6_294.

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