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🎁 | JR Kyushu, PIXAR Kyushu Shinkansen head cover as a gift

Photo "JR Kyushu WAKU WAKU ADVENTURE Shinkansen" inside the car

JR Kyushu, PIXAR Kyushu Shinkansen head cover as a gift

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In addition, from May 5th (Tuesday) to July 25th (Tuesday), a head cover will be given to users who purchase the target goods for 7 yen or more on the online shopping site "Travel and Order in Kyushu". I will.

From June 2021st (Tuesday) to July 6th (Sunday), 1, JR Kyushu will target D & S train passengers, etc. on the Kyushu Shinkansen "... → Continue reading

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Head cover

Head coverWhat is (Head cover)?Cylinder head coverIs an abbreviation forMover(Internal combustion engine)ofCylinder headCovers the valve mechanism provided incoverRefers to the thing. other than this,Rocker arm cover(Rocker cover),Cam coverThere are also names such as (Camshaft cover, Cam cover)[1].. FurthermoreTappet coverSometimes called (Tappet cover). In englandLocker boxIt is also called (rocker boxes), but it is not a very common name in Japan.

many2-stroke engine[2]AndWankel rotary enginelikePoppet valveIt is not equipped on engines that do not have an (umbrella-shaped valve). Also, the cylinder head does not have a valve operating mechanism.Side valveAs a general rule, there is no head cover in the engine.


Old-fashionedInternal combustionengineThen there was no cover in the valve train. This is for adjusting valve clearance, etc.MaintenanceConvenient for, but bareRocker armAnd from valve springslubricating oilWas naturally dropped or scattered. Since it is easy for dust to adhere to the oil-moistened portion and it is not preferable that the sliding metal is splashed with water, a cover is provided on the valve train. By installing the cover, the above problems have been resolved, and it has become possible to reuse the lubricating oil that had been thrown away.

After that, as the engine evolved, the practical rotation range increased, and in order to ensure the followability of the valve in the high rotation range.Push rodIt became necessary to shorten. for that reason,CamshaftGraduallyCrankshaftApproaching the cylinder head away from, and finallyOHCWas born. From the camshaft that keeps rotating at half the rotation speed of the crankshaftCentrifugal forceThe cover is indispensable because the lubricating oil is scattered.

In the early days of OHV and OHC engines, screw typeTappetSince it was common to equip the engine with tappet adjustment (valve clearance adjustment) at regular intervals, some engines were equipped with a dedicated tappet inspection hole on the head cover, but after that, the engine oil Hydraulically adjusts valve clearance automaticallyRush adjusterWith the widespread use of, there is almost no need to open the head cover today.

AutomobileThe engine also has the role of suppressing radiated noise, and the material and construction method are alsoSteel platepressFrom manufacturedAluminumdie-castMade of, in recent years general-purpose enginesEngineering plasticsIs used. Also, the cylinder head cover is at the top of the enginebonnetWhen you openOne of the most noticeable parts from the outsideBut also. for that reason,sports carSuch as a special mechanism for the enginetuningHigh performance whenAdded valueIn order to do so, letters are cast on the upper part, crystal coating (shrink coating), etc.CuttingWith a general engine of the same seriesDifferentiationIt may be used as a mark to measure. The color of this head cover is often referred to as the proper noun of the engine, such as "red head" and "black head". However, in recent years, when the maintenance of the engine has become more advanced, a resin sound insulation cover is separately mounted on the head cover, and the number of automobiles in which the head cover cannot be seen from the front is increasing.

For general automobile engines, on the cylinder head coverengine oilThere is a hole for injecting, inset, orscrewEquipped with a formula oil filler cap.Cylinder headAnd between the cylinder head cover and the cylinder head covergasketThere,シ ー ルHas been done. When this part deteriorates, oil leaks to the cylinder head, so it is desirable to replace it regularly. In addition, the head cover is located at the top of the engine, and it is hot and high pressure.Blowby gasIs easy to concentrate and gather. Therefore, on the head coverCrankcase breather,PCV valveVentilation port for mounting is provided.

Motorcycle engineThen,Honda super cubHorizontal typeSingle cylinder engine,Honda CB125SIn vertical single-cylinder engines such as, directly inside the head coverRocker armThere is a structure to attach. In particular, the Super Cub has a structure in which the cylinder head and head cover are almost integrated, and only the tappet inspection hole for tappet adjustment and the camshaft cover function as an opening for accessing the inside of the cylinder head. As a result, it contributes to the reduction of the number of parts and the manufacturing cost.

Racing carThen, sometimes the engine is used as a stress member (the engine itself is used as the car body orフ レ ー ムAlso used as part of the cylinder head cover)rigidityとStrengthMay be required. ActuallyF3In recent years, a method of ensuring high rigidity by integrating a subframe for engine mounting and a cylinder head cover has become common.[3].


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  2. ^ Uniflow scavenging diesel engineSince it has a valve operating mechanism while having two strokes, it has a cylinder head cover.
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