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👩‍🎓 | What's in the newspaper?Hanamaki Minami High School learns how to collect information

Hanamaki Minami High School students spread photo newspapers and learn about paper composition

What's in the newspaper?Hanamaki Minami High School learns how to collect information

If you write the contents roughly
Three employees, including Iwate Nippo's Deputy Director of the Press Department, Kimigato Chisato, served as lecturers.

Hanamaki Minami High School (Principal Hirokazu Yamada, 596 students) at Nakakitamanchome, Hanamaki City will hold a "newspaper lecture" for first-year students at the school on the 2nd. → Continue reading

 Iwate Daily WebNews

This is the official website of Iwate Daily.

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Chisato News Department Deputy Director

Iwate Daily

Iwate Daily(Iwate Nippon)Iwate Nippo Co., Ltd.(head office·IwateMorioka) Is a daily newspaper published.In this paper, it is the publisher of Iwate Nippo.Iwate DailyIs also described.


The current circulation is about 17.It is the newspaper with the largest market share in Iwate prefecture.

Prefectural office locationHeadquartered in Morioka City, mainly in Iwate Prefecture,Hachinohe City(Aomori) AndKesennuma City(Miyagi) The surrounding area is also covered and covered.

In Iwate prefecture, the de facto "Prefectural paperIt overwhelms other newspapers such as national newspapers and is subscribed to in many homes and workplaces.Previously in the morningEvening paperIt was a set, but nowMorning newspaperOnly issued (described later).

The member clubs in the prefecture are Iwate Prefectural Government Press Club, Iwate Prefectural Police Press Club, Iwate Prefecture Education Press Club, Iwate Prefecture Economic Press Club, Morioka Municipal Government Press Club and others.

There are ties to each broadcasting station headquartered in Morioka, but especiallyIBC Iwate BroadcastingHas built a strong partnership since the company was founded.


Iwate Daily
Other publications
Northern literature(Publicly recruited literary magazine)

Head office/branch office

Main office
3-7 Maruoka City, Iwate Prefecture
Production center
4-350 Hiromiyasawa, Yahaba-cho, Shiwa-gun, Iwate Prefecture
Tokyo branch office
Daiei Kaikan, 7-12-14 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Osaka branch
Mansei Building, 3-1-12 Kitahama, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Sendai branch office
2-10-33 Honcho, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi 2nd Japan Office Building
Ichinoseki branch office
3-40 Otemachi, Ichinoseki City, Iwate Prefecture

Branch office

IwateIwate,Hanamaki,Kitakami City,Oshu City,IchinosekiSenmaya Town,Rikuzentakata City,Ofunato City,Kamaishi,Tono City,Miyako City,Kuji City,Ninohe City,Hachimantai City

Sales area

Besides making Iwate prefecture the main sales areaTokyoKesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture, including Chuo Ward[2],AkitaKazuno,Aomori PrefectureAomori, Hachinohe[3]Some of them deliver directly.

Paper composition

One side that introduces top news, major articles in Japan and overseas, prefecture,editorialThere are various aspects of "general", "international", "economy", "stock", "opinion", "sports", "living", "culture", "society", and "program".[4].

Regarding prefecture news, important political and economic news is posted on the "general" side, and other "events" and "town events" are posted on the "region" side. As of 2019, it is divided into "Morioka / prefecture north", "prefecture south", and "coastal".[5].

The main corners include the one-sided column "Fudokei", the so-called editorial "Article", the "Antenna" that introduces the comments of the central figures in the topic, and the "From Town to Village" that introduces local government events.For municipal councils, the summary of the proceedings will be posted.

The title is the vertical writing of "Iwate Nippo" and has not changed from the old days.Since the earthquake, the phrase "step by step together" has been posted at the bottom of the first page.

Evening suspension

2010May 5"(1)" on the first page of the morning editionMay 6WithEvening paperIs suspended, the nextMay 7ThanMorning newspaperWe will publish a company announcement article stating, "Most of the evening paper will be merged into the morning edition, and the number of pages in the morning edition will be increased from the current level.The reason is "The decrease in newspaper advertising revenue due to the economic downturn has forced the need to reduce delivery, sales and delivery costs. The spread of the Internet and mobile phones and changes in the information life of the citizens of the prefecture"[6]..As announced by the company, the evening edition was suspended on June 6th, and the morning edition's over-the-counter sales price was revised from 30 yen to 7 yen from July 1st.

Entertainment articles, culture-related articles, posting corners, movie theater information, etc. that were published in the evening edition have all moved to the morning edition.

TV / radio section

Of each station in Iwate prefecturetv setThe program guide is posted on the final page as the "program" side.From the far left, IBC TVTV Iwate-Iwate Menkoi TV-Iwate Asahi TV-NHK MoriokaSynthesis-E TeleFull size is posted in the order of (commercial broadcasting is in the order of analog opening).Most closely related to commercial broadcasting in the prefectureIBC Iwate BroadcastingNHK is moved to the right because it starts with.NHK BS1-BS PremiumThe program guide will be posted in half size on the right side.

At the bottomBS digitalWill be posted (5 key stations /WOWOW(Prime Live Cinema) ・BS eleven-Twelby).

Colored advertisements have been introduced in the program guide since April 2014.

How to post the station name of each station in Iwate prefecture on the TV side

Program side (sub) It is in the middle of the page and contains the following program guide and program commentary for commercial broadcasters (TV, radio, BS) in the prefecture.


  • Star channel,Dlife
  • Community FM --It was posted on each regional side (posted on the program side (sub) for a while).Abolished due to an increase in the number of stations.

Weekly Iwate TV Guide

  • Aside from the TV section, a week's worth of TV program listings (1 stations including terrestrial and BS), tabloid format, 18 pages in full color, delivered at the same time as the morning edition on Friday.

The cover page introduces the talents who appear on the popular TV programs.
In addition to introducing notable programs, the guide also contains the latest information on various topics such as events in the prefecture, movies, fashion, gourmet food, travel, beauty, housing, health, and fortune-telling, as well as community-based living.
First published on September 2010, 9.

Personal commemorative extra service "I WATTE"

An extra issue service for individuals based on the concept of "NOT GLOBAL BUT PERSONAL". July 2010, 7 Service provision started[7].

A3 version double-sided full-color paper and paper data will be issued to users for a fee.It's a personal celebrationmarriage,birth,birthday,Shichigosan,Sixtieth birthdayThe front side is extra for Omedetou, and the back side is composed of the entire Iwate Nippo book of the anniversary.You can enhance the joy of the celebration, and when you look back a few years later, you can look back on your own news along with the events of the day.It may also be used as a surprise at a wedding ceremony or as a gift for an acquaintance.In the marriage version, the name of the bride and groom will be published as "Today's bride and groom" in the Iwate Nippo newspaper on the day of the wedding (only with the consent of the person).Prices start from 21,000 yen for the marriage version.Childbirth version, birthday version, etc. start from 3,340 yen.

This service isCannes LionsReceived a gold medal in the 2011 media category << When exhibiting at the event,Hakuhodo DY Media PartnersIs in charge of advertising production》[8][9].


The newspaper named "Iwate Daily"1897In the early Showa period, when the financial institution that controlled the newspaper company went bankrupt, the editorial side mainly wanted "newspapers by newspaper people", and they were dismissed due to internal conflict.1938The newly established company became Iwate Nippo Co., Ltd., which is connected to today.For this reason, Iwate Nihonsha before 1937 has no capital connection with the current company.

  • 1876May 7 --The first newspaper in Iwate PrefectureIwate newspaper magazineFirst issue.
  • 1897May 3 ――After a change of management, etc.Iwate NippoFirst issue.
  • 193712 month - 1931Employees dismissed due to internal conflict triggered by the bankruptcy of a financial institution in the prefecture organized the "Iwate Nippo Employees' Union"[10][11].
  • 1938
    • May 1 --By the employee unionNew Iwate NippoIs launched.It will compete with the old "Iwate Daily"[10].
    • May 6 --Iwate Nippo Employees' Union as a motherShin-IwateshaFounded.
    • September-Former "Iwate Daily" stopped publishing due to financial difficulties[10].
  • 1945May 4 --The newspaper in Iwate prefectureNew Iwate NippoWill only be.
  • 1948May 11 --Presented the 1st Iwate Nippo Cultural Award / Physical Education Award.
  • 1951May 9 --New Iwate Nippo commemorates issue 5000Iwate DailyRenamed to[12].
  • 1961May 3 --A fire broke out at the old prefectural product building, which lives with Shin-Iwatesha, and the company building was completely burned down.Thanks to the efforts of all employees, newspaper publication continued without a break for a day.
  • 1962
    • May 1 --Company name from Shin-IwateIwate DailyRenamed to.
    • May 10 --Completion of a new office building in Uchimaru, Morioka City.
  • 1969May 12 --The company building was expanded to 5 stories above the ground.
  • 1981May 9 ――We have been advancing in 3 yearsComputer typesettingThe system is complete.TypesettingCompletely transitioned from lead type to computer typesetting system.
  • 1990May 10 --The serialization project "Challenge to open the Iwate Agricultural Market" won the Japan Newspaper Association Newspaper Association Award.
  • 1994May 12 --Completion of production center in Mitake, Morioka City.1995Operation started from printing the New Year issue.
  • 1997May 7 --Opened a homepage.
  • 200710 ――The 130th anniversary commemorative project "Mystery Pa's Le You Make" (IBC Iwate BroadcastingReceived the Japan Newspaper Publishers and Editors Newspaper Advertising Award.
  • 2010
    • May 6 --The evening edition will be suspended on this day, and the nextMay 7Published only in the morning edition.The over-the-counter sales price has been revised from 1 yen to 110 yen per copy, and the subscription fee has been revised from 130 yen / month to 3007 yen / month.
    • May 7 --Started "IWATTE", an extra issue service for individuals.
  • 2011
    • May 1 --Iwate Prefecture-themed omnibus comic "Comic IwateWas published jointly with Iwate Prefecture.
    • May 3 --Started providing the message board service "Iwate Te to Te".
    • May 6 ―― "I WATTE" is Cannes Lions (Cannes Lions International Festival of Advertising) Won the gold medal in the media category in 2011[8].
    • May 7 --Opened a pay site "Iwate Nippo Mobile".
    • May 10 ――Two works, "A series of reports of the Great East Japan Earthquake-Testimony to the 31st Century-" and the photo project "Testimony of the Heisei Sanriku Tsunami Reporter", received the Japan Newspaper Association Newspaper Association Award (both in the editorial category).[13].
    • May 10 --"Iwate no Te to Te" won the Newspaper Advertising Award in the "Newspaper Planning Division" of the 31st Newspaper Advertising Awards[14].
  • 2012
  • 2016
    • May 4 - Shiwa-gunYahaba TownA new production center equipped with two sets of state-of-the-art rotary presses has been completed in Hiromiyasawa.Color printing of up to 2 pages out of 40 pages is possible.
    • May 6 --Held the 140th anniversary of the first issue and the celebration of the completion of the production center at a hotel in Morioka city.
    • May 10 ―― “The Trajectory of Life-5 Years of the Great East Japan Earthquake” won the 2016 Newspaper Association Awards in the editorial and planning categories of the Japan Newspaper Association.
  • 2017 May 7 ――On March 3th of the same year, the advertising project "If you knew it was the last" published in this paper won the highest award of newspaper advertisement "Newspaper Advertising Dentsu Award".On October 11, the project won the Newspaper Advertising Award of the Japan Newspaper Association and the Newspaper Advertising Award of the Planning Division of the Newspaper Company.
  • 2018 May 7 ――The 23rd "NIE National Convention Morioka Convention" was held for the first time in the three affected prefectures.
  • 2019 May 5 ――Advertising project "March 3th is a day when everyone thinks of loved ones" won the 11th All Japan Advertising Federation Suzuki Saburosuke Regional Campaign Grand Prize Selection Committee Special Award.
  • 2020 May 5 --Advertising regional collaboration project "#Thank You From KAMAISHI" won the 14th All Japan Advertising Federation Suzuki Saburosuke Regional Campaign Grand Prize.

English paper

Since October 1945 at the company1947Through January, the English-language paper "SHIN IWATE NIPPO" was published with the main readers being the US military stationed in Morioka City at that time.It is an irregular publication every few days, with a serial volume of 1 issues and a tabloid version of 93 pages.Since the son of the owner of a US newspaper was assigned as a lieutenant in the unit of the US military stationed in the United States, it is said that he was mainly editing the lieutenant.By issuing English-language paper, the company is said to have aimed to gain an advantage in the allocation of newspaper paper, which was a distribution system at that time.[15].

Currently, one copy is bound at the company's headquarters,National Diet LibraryToMicrofilmIs saved.In January 2015, it was reported that the first issue to the 1th issue were found in the relics of a former reporter of the company.[15].


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