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🎁 | Yo Oizumi & Yoji Kimura Announcer decides viewer gifts! "Let's go 1x8!" Achieved 1000 broadcasts


Yo Oizumi & Yoji Kimura announcer presents for viewers! "Let's go 1x8!" Achieved 1000 broadcasts

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First of all, the party who came to the STV Hall, the birthplace of the program.

"6x13 Let's go!" (Sunday 1:8 pm, Hokkaido local) to be broadcast on STV Sapporo Television Broadcasting on June 4th ... → Continue reading

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STV Hall

STV Hall(Estive Hall)Sapporo TV Broadcasting(STV) ・STV radioA public studio attached to the head office.


As the only hall studio in Hokkaido, it was opened in 1971 with the completion of the current broadcasting hall.There are 468 spectator seats, TV andSTV radioIn addition to the program recording of, movie previews, live concerts, events, etc. will be held.Once a rare regular event in Hokkaidovaudeville(STV Hall Masters Association) Was also held.

1985May 4Is the same as STV RadioNRNBelongs toABC Radioof"Good morning personality is Yozo MichigamiUsed for public live broadcasting[1][2].

The area of ​​the stage is 65 tsubo. Since it has a three-story atrium and a horizont, it can be operated as a normal TV studio, and it is also used for private commercial shooting and program recording.The sub-control room and equipment are shared with the adjacent T studio, and if the operations overlap, a relay vehicle will be used.

STVSapporo Media Park Spica(Closed in March 2008) was owned and operated, but "24-hour TV"Or"Weekend Variety Akio Hidaka ShowIn public broadcasts such as ", the STV hall is used even when Spica is in operation.

Chiharu MatsuyamaWas a radio program that was being broadcast live at this STV hall when he was still unknown.Sunday Jumbo SpecialAppeared every week.There, he was trained by the directors, and after that he made his debut as a singer.

Production program


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  2. ^ As of 2017, the derivative program "Yozo Dojo's Health Dojo" is a competing station.HBC RadioIt is being broadcast on.

Coordinate: North Latitude 43 Degrees 3 Minutes 41.6 Seconds East longitude 141 degree 20 min 41.1 sec /43.061556 degrees north latitude 141.344750 degrees east longitude / 43.061556; 141.344750

One line

One line(Ichigyo, Ikko, Posthumous name: Zen Master Daikei,HiromichiNew Year (683)- Kaiyuan15May 10(727May 11)[1]) IsChugoku OfTang Dynasty OfmonkAndAstronomerBut also.The common name is Yi Xing[2][3],Taien calendarWas compiled.Honuki TheWeizhouShigemizu prefecture..Great-grandfatherZhang Gongjin..My grandfather is Zhang Daeyuan.My father is Zhang Yi.

In 683XingzhouShika prefectureBorn in.Zen-Law-Tendai teaching-Esoteric Buddhism-astronomy-CalendarLearnGoodnessWithObi Roseki Nasei Buddha God Change Kamochikyo』7 volumes were translated and the contents were summarized as" 20 volumes ".Goodness and aweVajrabodhiI learned esoteric Buddhism from.Mantra HachisoOne of (the eight ancestors of tradition).

Also, it was used until thenRinde calendar eclipseBecause the forecast is incomplete,Hydraulic powerformulaArmillary sphere)Astronomical observationAnd with the northTetsurokuSouth fromJiaozhouOn a large scaleMeridianSurveyingGo andlatitudeCorresponds to 1 degree differenceMeridian arcWe calculated the result that the length was 351 ri and 80 steps (about 123.7 km), and created 52 volumes of "Kaigen Taien Calendar" based on those observation results.




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Master:GoodnessShingon sect(6 ancestors)Disciple:


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