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🛋 | vol.71 [Renovation | Interview] "One room is enough for a man to live alone" XNUMXLDK to XNUMXLDK ...


vol.71 [Renovation | Interview] "One room is enough for a man to live alone" XNUMXLDK to XNUMXLDK ...

If you write the contents roughly
Even the cooking utensils placed on the counter, small items on the wall, and even the margins ... The balance is exquisite.

Mr. Y's house introduced this time is a full renovation from the "full skeleton" that demolishes everything. "Because there is only one man, the club ... → Continue reading

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& Reno is a medium that provides ideas for renovation all over Japan to those who seek their own way of life.
Through renovation, we want you to enjoy your own way of life even more. At & Reno, we will mainly provide practical content for renovation.

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調理(Chori,Buddha: baking,British: cooking) IsFood ingredients (ingredients)Wash, cut, etc.Boil,Bake,stir fryIt is easy to eat and alsotasteTo improve and thatTechnologyThat[1].. "Cooking" in the case of "cooking" is broader than cooking (explained below).本記事ではIn this article調理To do andCookingHandles both.


Cooking is to wash and cut the ingredients, and then boil, bake, and stir-fry them to make them easier to eat and taste better. "Cooking" is a term limited to the technical aspect of taste making. "Cooking" is, in a slightly broader sense, refers to the entire process of making a meal plan, (securing ingredients, performing cooking operations), and composing dishes on the table.[1].

Cooking has a long history and has changed with history.Cooking is also done at home.It is also performed by professional cooks in kitchens such as restaurants.The dishes prepared by professional chefs at restaurants are called "specialized dishes".In contrast to specialty dishes, dishes that are served daily at home are called "home cooking."

The various techniques and techniques used in cookingCooking method, cooking techniqueCalled.

Tools used for cookingkitchenwareSay.Kitchen knife(Knife) Kind,potKind, heat source, etc. are the basics.People who cook are widely referred to as "cookers" or "cookers."

In home cooking, the mother teaches the daughter (and the father to the son, and the grandmother to the granddaughter) how to cook, so that the cooking method and "taste" of each family are passed down to the next generation.Classes for cooking (“cooking classes”) are also held.

Professional cooks at restaurants,ProfessionalThe cooks of the restaurant are cooking, but those who cook professionally say "cuisinier" in French, and among them, the chef who leads the cooks in the kitchen (the chief cook of the kitchen) "Chef chef("Chef" is not limited to cooking, but is widely used by people in various fields.commandA person who has a decisive influence.He came to be called a "chef" because he played that role in the kitchen. ).in English"コ ッ ク, In Japanese, the Japanese cook is "ItamaeIn Japan, French cooks are called "chefs" or "cuisiniers."There is also a cook school that trains professional cooks.

Specialty dishesTechnologyAnd especially the advanced onesartIt may be regarded as a kind of.In the art of painting, the work by the artist is a painting work, and the created work itself remains in the form of posterity, but in the case of cooking, the work is a dish and is served and eaten in front of the customer (eater). , It has the characteristic that it disappears as a shape (object).However,RecipesThe excellent recipes developed by the chef continue to have timeless value.

Generally speaking, cooking does not require any qualifications.[2] Globally, you don't need a license to cook in a kitchen such as a restaurant.日本では1958年のXNUMX in JapanCook methodAlthough the promulgation of "Cook" has been legalized as a license system for the prefectural governor, cooking can still be done at restaurants without a cook license.Just making it an "obligation to make an effort" to have a cook in a restaurant does not mean that there is any particular blame for not having a cook.[3]

Academic research is also being conducted on cooking,Nutrition,tasteAbout etc.natural ScienceThere are "cooking science" that takes a specific approach and "cooking history" that follows the transition of history.


Sterilization, detoxification

What cannot be eaten as it is can be changed into something that can be eaten by heating.By heating, harmful pathogens are sterilized, and toxic proteins are altered and detoxified.

It also reduces the risk by removing toxic areas. (Puffer fishOvarian removal, etc.).

Improvement of nutrition utilization (digestion and absorption) efficiency

Operations such as cutting, chopping, and grinding have made it possible to process food into a shape suitable for digestion and absorption more efficiently than chewing with teeth and jaws.また、加熱によりAlso, by heatingproteinDeteriorates and becomes easier to digest and absorb.

However,vitaminSome are lost during cooking.

Improvement of taste

Significance in human history

Mankind used fire to heat food so that it could eat what it could not eat, drastically reducing the cost of digestion and absorption.それにより大量のエネルギー余剰が生まれ、それが脳の発達の一因となったという見方が存在するThere is a view that this creates a large amount of energy surplus, which contributes to the development of the brain.[4]


Heat source
Heating container
  • --Used to cut the baked pie.
  • Jacquard - steak,Pork cutletOf meat dishes such asLowerSometimes used to pierce raw meat to cut fibers and soften them.
Rub, grate
Crush, grind
  • Meat grinder (minced machine, mincer (Mitscher))
Hit, stretch
  • Brush - SauceIt is used to apply egg yolk or syrup when applying confectionery.
  • --For confectionery
  • Oil pull
Weigh, measure
  • Jarren-A perforated tool for removing fried foods from a wok at once
  • Skipper --Used to mix and cut pie crust before baking
  • - スウェーデンIt is a versatile cooking utensil that originated and is made to match various movements during cooking.
  • Pasta Maker (Pasta Machine)-A device that cuts pasta dough while stretching it.


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注 釈


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  2. ^ Note-If you don't say that cooking is free, you won't even be able to cook, nourish and survive for yourself and your family. It is the same as not setting or not setting that you must first take a qualification test for "breathing", which is the basis of living, and then pass it. In addition, it will be an inconvenient world where you cannot even invite friends and acquaintances to cook and entertain, so cooking is not limited to qualified people.
  3. ^ The cooking job is not something that anyone can easily continue just because it does not require a qualification, but it is a job that can only be continued after being recognized by the customer (customer's taste, customer's strict judgment). From a global perspective, if you're going to be a professional cook, you'll have to work practically in the kitchen for quite some years (for example, starting with a side-effect in the kitchen and gradually becoming a preparatory ingredient. Being allowed to touch, cut ingredients, etc., and become involved in the final adjustment of the taste at the end of many years) has been the subject of certain evaluations, and among them, it is particularly well known. Accumulating rigorous training in a kitchen with a good cook and gaining a comprehensive understanding of the excellent technical system will be advantageous in the career development of the cook, and will play a role like a kind of "property" and "assets". Fulfill.
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