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💳 | Every Friday and Saturday in June, "d payment", shopping at convenience stores and drug stores is advantageous

Photo "D-payment at shops in the city on d-day of the week! Lottery campaign"

Every Friday and Saturday in June, "d payment", shopping at convenience stores and drug stores is advantageous

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The target member stores are Lawson and FamilyMart, Seven-Eleven, Matsumotokiyoshi, Sukiya, Natural Lawson, Lawson Store 100, Medicine Love, Simeno Drugs, Daruma Pharmacy, Dragon Papas, and Midori Yakuhin.

NTT DoCoMo's smartphone (smartphone) payment service "d-payment" is available at eligible member stores every Friday and Saturday in June ... → Continue reading

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Natural lawson

Natural lawson(NATURAL LAWSON)Lawson Co., Ltd.Handles health-oriented products developed in the Greater Tokyo Areaconvenience store.


Lawson's parent companyDaieiからMitsubishi CorporationAfter moving to2001Started the business.Developed for the purpose of differentiating from convenience stores developed by the company and other companies, and increasing the new target group for female customers.

Currently, we are developing stores in the Tokyo metropolitan area, mainly in Tokyo, and not only roadside stores but also roadside stores.subwaySmall stores are also operated inside the station.Initially, most of the stores were directly managed, but recently some stores have become franchises.

Previously, it also opened stores in the Kinki area, but withdrew completely in the fall of 2007, and the stores that remained until the end are "Lawson Plus Natural SelectionWas converted to a "Lawson Plus" store that also handles some Natural Lawson products.[Annotation 1]..Apart from this, at stores other than Kanto, "Natural Lawson SelectionThere are also places where there is an exceptional development[Annotation 2]..These stores also use the same logo as Natural Lawson.

Differences from regular Lawson

The color of the signboard is normal Lawson (blue)Unlike,Dark redOr cream[Annotation 3]..The logo mark is also unique.The uniforms worn by store employees are also very different from the ones with vertical blue-white stripes used in Lawson, which is a regular blue sign, with a plain white casual shirt and a brown apron.

In the store, in addition to products handled at other convenience stores such as regular Lawson, low-calorie lunch boxes and delicatessen items, organic foods, imported sweets, etc.Fair tradeIt is characterized by selling products that are friendly to the global environment.For Natural Lawson original products and products that are not available at other convenience stores, the prices are relatively higher than those at other convenience stores.[Annotation 4]..In addition, among the products handled at other convenience stores, those that are judged to be inappropriate due to additives, concepts, etc. are discontinued by Natural Lawson as a whole.For foods such as original lunch boxes and delicatessen items,Tanita,Soup Stock Tokyo, Anti-aging restaurant "Rire" and other collaboration products with companies and stores may be developed independently.

First Foods is also different from normal Lawson[Annotation 5]..Many stores offer freshly baked bread, and among them, the main product, Gifferi (Croissant) Is headquartered in SwitzerlandAristaAdopts the company's Tanto brand[Annotation 6][Annotation 7]..There are also stores that sell freshly brewed organic coffee and stores that have an eat-in corner with the "Bakery & Cafe" sign.In addition, seasonal first foods such as soft ice cream and Chinese steamed buns (both original) are also on sale.Due to differences in concept, we do not handle fried foods such as Lawson.

In addition, there are a few stores that offer products and services of the coffee shop "Motoya Express" and the fruit and vegetable store "Vegetable Sommelier Ef:" in partnership with specialty stores.


  • 2000May 5 --Lawson ePlanning Co., Ltd. was established as a subsidiary of Lawson Co., Ltd. to promote electronic commerce.
  • 2001May 7 --Natural Lawson's first storeJiyugaoka2-chome store opened.
  • 2004May 4 --Lawson E-Planning Co., Ltd. changed its trade name to Natural Lawson Co., Ltd.Transferred the Natural Lawson business from Lawson Co., Ltd.
  • 2005May 1 ――As the first store in the hospitalKeio University HospitalThe previous store opened.
  • 2005May 3 - ParadiseOpened a store and started opening stores in the Kinki area.
  • 2006May 2 - Tokyo MetroFrom business consignment (laterMetro PropertiesIs managed)Otemachi Metropiashop,Otemachi Nishi Metropiashop,Iidabashi Metropiashop,Hongo Sanchome MetropiaFour stores open at the same time.
  • 2006May 2 --Vegetable sommelier, coffee barista, wine cellarEbisuMinami XNUMX-chome store opened.
  • 2006 May 12 --Natural Lawson BakeryGinzaMain store opened (closed in August 2007).
  • 2007May 2 ――Become the 100th storeMarunouchi BuildingStore opening.
  • 2007May 10 --Lawson Co., Ltd. merged with Natural Lawson Co., Ltd.
  • 2008May 2 --The liquidation of Natural Lawson Co., Ltd. has been completed.
  • 2009May 11 - Shinjuku StationIn the west storeSaitamaOpened an antenna shop.
  • 2010May 4 - TsukijiTogeki BuildingIn the storeNaganoAntenna shop opened.
  • 2010May 8 —— Formed a business alliance with Quall and opened the Shiroyama Trust Tower store, which handles pharmaceutical products.
  • 2011May 4 --Online shopping site "FROM NATURAL LAWSON" opened.
  • 2011May 5 --Started developing a new brand of original products specializing in "beauty" and "health", "Always Natural".
  • 2012May 2 --Opened "Natural Lawson & food kurkku", a collaboration store with Crook Co., Ltd.
  • 2012May 8 --Opened "Natural Lawson Omiya Station West Exit Store" and "Natural Lawson Omiya Chuo-dori Store" for the first time in Saitama Prefecture.


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注 釈

  1. ^ Therefore, disposable chopsticks, plastic shopping bags, in-store BGM, etc. are the same as general Lawson Plus stores.
  2. ^ Kyoto UniversityOn-campus stores (closed in 2010), etc.
  3. ^ There are two colors, but there is no particular reason.
  4. ^ This is the priority of domestic raw materials,AdditiveIt is a relationship that suppresses as much as possible.
  5. ^ Due to space and hygiene issues, First Foods is not available at subway station stores.
  6. ^ In the past, a bakery specialty store called "Natural Lawson Bakery," which was independent of the freshly baked bread business, was opened in Tokyo.GinzaWas deployed in.
  7. ^ Based on this development at Natural Lawson, some regular Lawson stores have also started to develop freshly baked bread as "L's Bakery".The products we handle are the same.


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