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👶 | # 4 [Curse Words] I'm sick of the innocent remarks of the surroundings.What is an ordinary mother ...? "Because I'm a mother, is it natural? 』\


# 4 [Curse Words] I'm sick of the innocent surrounding remarks.What is an ordinary mother ...? "Because I'm a mother, is it natural? 』\

If you write the contents roughly
In his book, he wrote a comic essay "Non-standard couple" (Takarajimasha) that depicts everyday life with a husband with obsessive-compulsive disorder, and a creative comic that depicts a mother and her family struggling to escape while suffering from "Futsu".

My husband, daughter and I, a mediocre and happy family everywhere.However, since I started living together with my parents-in-law on the premises, I was forced to ... → Continue reading

 My Navi Woman Parenting

A trouble-solving information site for working moms operated by My Navi Co., Ltd. We deliver articles with the concept of "solving mom's worries." We provide reliable information that has been supervised by doctors, focusing on infertility, pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare, which are often worried. In addition, we also publish seasonal articles such as money, human relations, fashion, recipes, etc. in a wide variety.

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Essay cartoon

Essay cartoonWhat is (essay manga)?CartoonistI spelled out the events that happened around me and their impressionsComicthe work.Comic essayAlso called.Real comicsKind of.


literatureInessayIt was named after being likened to (essay).media Factory(CurrentKADOKAWA)of"Comic essay theater"Is it better to say" a comic based on the author's experience "that is different from the futu manga?"[1]..Since the emphasis is on readability and theme rather than characters and production, there is a strong tendency to draw with simple and crushed patterns.

The content of the work is basicallyNon-FictionHowever, I used the appearance of an essay comicfictionWorks that are (egHiroko Nohara"Can I get divorced?") And works that are basically non-fiction but are drawn by interweaving creations and obscuring the truth (example:Sakura Tamakichi"Mantama Diary Series",Takayuki Mizuna"Good electronics]) Is not a few.

From ancient times, cartoonists sometimes drew extra comics that spelled out recent situations and actual experiences in books.1980 eraFrom then on, such manga began to be established as an independent work.Miho Takeuchi, a manga researcher,Girl cartoonmagazine"Ribon]1986Serialized fromsakuramomoko"Chibi Maruko-chanPoints out that the simple and simplified frame division and drawing lines have spread the essay comics to a wide range of people beyond the boundaries of girl readers.[2].Nobunaga MinamiAppeared in the late 80'sPicture diaryWind cartoon (egTamako Akahoshi"Croquette communication",Natsuki Matsui"Mirin Hoshi Tsushin",gate"The Califlowers Talk") is regarded as a precursor to essay comics, and with essaysGag cartoonIn terms of fusingMiki"The rise of love』Is the beginning[3].

1990 eraIn the first half, it was mainly serialized in childcare magazinesChildcare comics(Example:Tajima Milk"I angel you devil],Takako Aonuma"Mom likes Poyopoyo Zaurus],Kei Ishizaka"Baby came』) Established as a genre[4]. Also,Seiko Otagaki Mini comicmagazine"Feature of the story"Illustration essay" that combines illustrations and sentences was announced at "Illustration and essay" to open up everyday observation manga.Nishihara Keiko OfLupo cartoon("Grudge Michelin''Torito travelogue"etcUnrulyWe will open up a new innovation.

2000 eraSince then, the magazine "Media Factory (currently KADOKAWA)"Da Vinci』Appoints the aforementioned Otagaki and others to spread the name" comic essay ".Among themSaori Oguri"Darling is a foreigner』(2002) IsInternational marriageIt became a big hit by drawing a special experience and everyday life, and became the basis of the style of "Comic Essay".After that, the number of cases where comics published on the web were published increased.Recently, manga awards limited to essay manga, such as the "Comic Essay Petit Award" held in collaboration with "Da Vinci", have appeared.

Representative work

Autobiographical comics


Diary cartoon

A work by a manga artist depicting everyday life.

Report cartoon

A manga in which a manga artist actually interviews and spells out his impressions and introduces his own special experience.TravelogueIncludes things and fight against illness.

Childcare cartoon

ParentingA manga about.

Pet cartoon

Pet(RarelyWild animals)ofObservationWas the subjectAnimal cartoon..It is also a kind of diary comic.

Gourmet cartoon

Cooking/gourmet cartoonAmong them, the one in which the author himself appears.Report cartoonIt is also a kind of.

Current affairs cartoon

The author himself appeared in the work,Current affairsA manga that depicts his own view of.


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Treasure Island

Takarajimasha Co., Ltd.(Takarajimasha)TokyoChiyoda WardHeadquartered in JapanInfomation.


1971May 9ToSeiichi HasumiWas established. At that time, we were mainly engaged in subcontracting businesses such as PR magazines and maps for local governments.JIC Co., Ltd.(JICC Publishing Bureau, Commonly known as "Gic"),1993It will be the current company name in April.

1974In 6 monthShobunshaThe monthly magazine "Treasure island(Old "Wonderland".Jinichi UekusaIs reissued (launched and edited). The approach aimed at the younger generation had a considerable influence on the publishing world after that. At the beginning of the reissue of "Treasure Island", the editing wasAkasaka"Takarajimasha Co., Ltd.", issued byIidabashi"JICC Publishing Bureau Co., Ltd." and editing / publishing were separate companies.

1975From March, dealing with political issues and subculturesSeparate Treasure Island』Launched,MookOpen up the market. 1993On November 11, the head office in Kojimachi, which had been rented, was shot and turned into an incident.[3].. The company's "employee riche plan," which put a quota on the amount of publication shipments per editor and was the source of the company's rapid growth, is well known in the industry. The number of publications increased sharply, mainly in the multimedia division centered on "Playing Windows" and "DOS / V USER".

2000In response to the unhealthy book designation from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, two magazines, "DOS / V USER" and "Playing Internet," filed a lawsuit seeking cancellation.2004The defeat was confirmed[4](For more informationHarmful booksSee section).

2003ToGunmaKita Karuizawa・ Purchase nearby areas including ・ and use it as a recreation center for the company. After that, troubles will occur with neighboring residents and local governments who love Lake Terutsuki, such as creating a riding ground, reducing the lake water once, and approaching some to cancel the display on the map on the tourist pamphlet because it is private land. ..

It is strong against brand mooks that come with famous brand goods such as fashion and miscellaneous goods, and there are many luxurious items in the appendices of fashion magazines. In addition, Takarajimasha has "Brand Mook"Trademark registrationare doing.

in recent years,"Separate volume Treasure Island Real』In East Asian countries (so-calledSpecific Asia) Andfeminism,Yakuza,Dowa interestIt is known for publishing books with political content that cuts aggressively against such things.

2015With the October issue of the signboard magazine "Treasure Island" released on July 7, the same year, the fashion magazine for teenage women "Treasure Island"CUTiEAnnounced that it will be suspended with the September issue released on August 8th of the same year.[5].

List of published magazines

fashion magazine

In recent years, Takarajimasha magazines are famous for their gorgeous appendices. Bags and pouches that are mainly collaborated with famous brands are adopted as appendices. There will also be a wide variety of special edition mooks focusing on themes such as hair, makeup, travel, and suits. All mook books are "e-MOOKIt is classified in the series.


  • "smart』――Fashion magazine for men in their 20s.
  • "MEN'S ROSES』--Late teens --For early 10sOlder brotherfashion magazine. In 2007, the third issue was released as "e-MOOK".

レ デ ィ ー ス

For 40s

  • 『』
  • "& ROSY"
  • 『』
    • "Adult fashionable notebook"

Late 20s-For 30s

  • "" --Sister version of SPRiNG. A new proposal for people in their thirties who are particular about their lifestyle.
  • "sweet』――Late 20s who like cute things ―― Flashy style.
    • "Adult Muse"

Teens-for early 20s

  • "SPRiNG』――Adult street casual fashion magazine.
  • "steady.』――The company's first OL target. Clean and casual for work.
  • "mini』――For simple-oriented Urahara girls around the age of 20. First published as a female version of "smart".

Entertainment magazine

  • "MonoMax』--Published since 2007. Goods information magazine mainly for men in their 30s. Handles digital, fashion, sports, etc.
  • "This mystery is amazing!』--Published since 1988. It will be the beginning of a series of "This XX is amazing!" Series. The abbreviation is "this mistake".
  • "This light novel is amazing!』--Regular publication from the 2005 edition. The abbreviation is "this Rano".
  • "This manga is amazing!』--Periodically published at the end of the year from 2005.
  • "Book of country life"
  • "Pachinko / Pachislot"

Suspended / discontinued magazine

  • "Treasure island-Suspended as of August 2015[6].
  • "Weekly Shonen Treasure Island"
  • "CUTiE』――The company's onlyTeensmagazine. Handles trends originating in Harajuku. Suspended as of August 2015[6].
  • "CUTiE Comic"
  • 『』
  • "NES Winning Book(→ HIPPON SUPER! → Must-have supermarket! → Rokuyon → Emperor of capture)
  • "Ultra ONE"
  • Bessatsu Takarajima Booklet
  • "BOOM" -An idol magazine with a strong subculture color. At the end of the term, the route was changed for girls.
  • "Let's do BAND--Monthly magazine published from 1988 to 2001[7].
  • "" --- When it was first published in 1999, it was an extra edition of "Band Yarouze". After that, it was published until the May 2011 issue.[8].
  • 『』
  • "NIPPON Idol Detectives』--Published from 1988 to 2004.

List of published mooks

Published books

First published in September 1999[9].. The first issue lineup is "Black bass eats killifish. The Japanese ecosystem is dangerous! (Akizuki Iwao), "How to make Utada Hikaru" (Mitsushige Takemura), "Financial Supervisory Agency" (Financial Revitalization Study Group)[10].. Best-selling "" Throw away! "Technology" (Nagisa Tatsumi)and so on[11].



Other businesses

Captain record

Once1980 eraThe second half of theIndiesLockAt the time of the boom, it was called "Captain Record" mainly by producers.Indie labelWas unfolding.Although he held the main axis at that time, there were pros and cons about bringing commercialism to indie music at an early stage, and he was ridiculed as "amateur Aoda buying".[Who?]In addition, all copyrights and master disc rights of the songs owned by Captain RecordsUltra VibeOwned by[12].

group company

  • Yosensha ――Originally, I published a minor and hard book that was not suitable for publication at Takarajimasha. However, the former editor of "Treasure Island", "Bessatsu Takarajima", and "" (currently retired and a film critic)Tomohiro MachiyamaMoved to the company and worked on "Movie treasure] Is a small hit. In addition, he was the initial editor-in-chief of "Bessatsu Takarajima" and was the actual main editor-in-chief of Takarajimasha.Shinji Ishii YosenshaAfter moving to, he also focused on "Mook y" and "Shinsho y", which give the impression of the former "Bessatsu Takarajima" taste. It was absorbed and merged with Takarajimasha on February 2020, 2 and dissolved. Employees and rights and obligations will be inherited by Takarajimasha, but "Movie Hidden Treasure" will be suspended, and other publications will not be published after the merger.[14][15].
  • Treasure Island Wonder Net-"Treasure Island Castle" etc.インターネットFocus on business.

Incident / Trouble

  • The companyLetterpress printingOutsourced production to2010May 9It was used for the food punching die in the appendix of the mook book "" released inColoring FoodThe company carried out a voluntary recall after it was found that it had moved to and adhered to.[16].
  • New coronavirus infectionRelated to2021May 5 OfNational newspaper(Asahi Shimbun,Yomiuri Shimbun,Nihon Keizai Shimbun) An opinion advertisement "If nothing is done, it will be killed by politics."While there are voices of support for the content, criticisms of comparing infectious disease countermeasures such as hand washing, wearing masks, and avoiding denseness to unscientific "Takeyari", "Don't shift responsibility to politics", "SimplyPopulismThere were also criticisms such as[17][18][19]..Also, the photo used in this advertisement is "bamboo spearNot a wooden ""NaginataTakarajimasha commented that the source of the image was "I found it from the image on the Internet."[20]..Takarajimasha has been publishing such corporate advertisements in newspapers on an irregular basis since 1998, and on September 2021, 9, the government published the above-mentioned three morning editions.New coronavirusReposting opinion ads criticizing the measures[21].

Sponsored programs


All Fuji TV series (also provided in the TV Asahi series in the past)



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