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👩‍🎓 | University “Job Hunting Ranking” by HR staff, topped by Hokkaido University for 2 consecutive years


The university's "employment ability ranking" by personnel personnel, the top is Hokkaido University for the second consecutive year

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According to Nikkei HR, the survey was conducted from February to March, targeting all listed companies including emerging markets such as Jasdaq as of February and 2 companies that are some of the leading unlisted companies. We listened to the image of the university and received valid responses from 4,850 companies.

Nikkei HR, a job information service, and Nikkei Inc. conducted an image survey of the university from the perspective of the person in charge of human resources at the company ... → Continue reading

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This is a news site specializing in Japanese universities and education. We publish news related to universities such as research results and industry-academia collaborations, interviews with key people at each university, and columns by experts about student recruitment status and brand power.

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ListingWhat is (jojo)?stock,BondSuch asSecurities,Commodity futures tradingProducts that are subject tooil,sugarEtc.)Exchange(Market) To be available for sale.When selling a product on the wholesale market, it is also said to be listed by explaining the attributes of the product (production area, shipper name, brand, grade, quantity, etc.) and clarifying the sales intention.

Stock listing

Initial public offering and listing

In general, a joint-stock company whose shares can be transferred to a new investor solicited from outside the company and whose shareholders are unspecified and widely distributed.Public company(Publicly held corporation)[1]..会社関係者のみの間で制限的に所有されていた株式を新たな出資者に譲渡できるようにすることを株式の公開というMaking it possible to transfer shares that were restrictedly owned only by company officials to a new investor is called an initial public offering.[1].

When the shares are public, in principle, the owner of the shares can realize the transfer of the shares by bilateral transaction with the transferee.[2]..しかし、複雑化した現代社会では株式の相対取引は経済的合理性が失われるほど取引コストの負担が大きくなるため、株式投資に関する高い専門的知識を有するHowever, in today's complicated society, bilateral trading of stocks has a high level of expertise in stock investment because the burden of transaction costs increases as the economic rationality is lost.Institutional investorMamiyabankBilateral transactions are carried out only in limited cases such as between and loan affiliates[2].

Trading of stocks by the general public is often done in the open market.[2], The fact that stocks, etc. can be bought and sold in the market opened by the exchange is called listing.[3][4].


DelistedMeans that stocks, etc. that were targeted for trading in the market opened by the exchange due to listing are excluded from the trading target in the market.[4]..上場が廃止されるとその取引所の売買対象からは除外されるが、その会社の株式等の売買が一切できなくなるわけではないWhen the listing is delisted, it will be excluded from the trading target of the exchange, but it does not mean that you will not be able to buy or sell the stock of the company at all.[4].. Certain companies, such as amendments to the Articles of Incorporation, will be required in order to restrict the transfer of shares of unlisted stock companies.[5]..一方、上場会社が定款変更によって株式の譲渡制限を設けることとした場合、不特定多数による市場での売買とは相容れなくなるため上場規程等で原則として上場廃止の対象とされているOn the other hand, if a listed company decides to impose restrictions on the transfer of shares due to amendments to the articles of incorporation, it will be incompatible with buying and selling in the market by an unspecified number of people, so in principle it is subject to delisting in the listing rules etc.[4].

Advantages and disadvantages of listing

The merits of listing are that it meets the listing criteria, which raises the reputation of the general public and financial institutions, makes it easier to hire excellent human resources, facilitates fund procurement by increasing name recognition, and strengthens discipline for management. Can be mentioned[6]..一方、上場のデメリットとして、投資家の短期的利益の追求によって長期的視点での会社経営が難しくなること、経営者の意思に拠らない買収リスクが挙げられるOn the other hand, the disadvantages of listing are that the pursuit of short-term profits of investors makes it difficult to manage the company from a long-term perspective, and the risk of acquisition that does not depend on the will of the management.[6]..また、上場企業は利益が出たら配当する必要があり、これは企業の経営体力を削るとする指摘もあるIn addition, it has been pointed out that listed companies need to pay dividends when they make a profit, which reduces the management strength of the company.[7].

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