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👶 | "That's the cause !?"Is the stool strange?eat too much!Baby food worries Unexpected pitfalls


"That's the cause !?"Is the stool strange?eat too much!Baby food worries Unexpected pitfalls

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Baby food has just started, and I think there are many expectations and joys about eating it.

Kaoru Nakata, a nursery teacher, told me about her concerns about when to start baby food.Get out!Is the stool strange?eat… → Continue reading

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Baby Food

Baby Food(Rinyusho) is for infantsNutritionSourceBreastmilk,ミ ル クTo switch fromFood.

Weaning and baby food

Transition to weaning

Weaning is a process in which the feeding function of chewing food is developed along with the transition from milk nutrition (such as breast milk and infant formula) to infant food.[1].

The optimal time to introduce baby food to babies under US guidelines has changed significantly, with 1958 guidelines starting at 3 months and solid food, 1970s at the end of the 4th month to the 1990s. Settled on the introduction from the month[2].

Published in Japan in 1966 (Showa 41)Benjamin Spockof"Dr. Spock's childcare bookFrom 3 months after birthoatmealIt was recommended to give baby food. In 1980 (Showa 55)Ministry of Health and WelfareCreated a guideline for weaning and described in the Mother and Child Health Handbook to provide baby food from 5 to 6 months. According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's "Feeding/Weaning Support Guide" in March 2019, "Promote support while respecting the thoughts of mothers, etc. regarding when it is appropriate to continue breastfeeding."[3].

Weaning period

The period for serving baby foodWeaning periodSay. Although there are individual differences in the period, it is common to complete baby food from 4 or 5 months to about one and a half years old and shift to a normal diet (this period has various opinions, but in any case, Also, it is desirable that it be done at a reasonable time for the baby.

Also, during weaning, depending on the age of the infant and the condition of food,Gokkun period,Mogmog period,Kami kami period,PeriodIs classified as. Although not included in this category,Weaning preparation periodThere is also a period of time (also referred to as the preparation period). The age is only a guide, and the way to proceed varies depending on the developmental status of the child. If you force it to the next stage because you want to complete it quickly,diarrheaBe cautious as it may cause you to lose your interest in food.

The concept of complementary food

who(WHO) Complementary feeding: Family foods for breastfed children. 2000 (“Complementary diet: Home meals for breast-fed children” 2006) uses the concept of complementary feeding rather than baby food.[4].

Weaning period classification

Preparation period

As preparation before weaning,fruit juice,barley tea,VegetablesSoupEtc. are given with a spoon (This isDr. Spock's childcare book』(Described to give from 2 to 3 months). ). The fruit juice is not seasonedOrange,Apple,Strawberry,watermelon,Peachな どacidityLessfruitSqueeze and dilute with hot water to give. However, the pros and cons of giving fruit juice because it contains a lot of sugar have been debated both in Japan and overseas (in November 2007).Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareIt was clarified that there is no need to give fruit juice before weaning in the "Support Guide for Breastfeeding and Weaning" issued by Dr.

Breastmilk,ミ ル クOther tastesspoonThe purpose is to get used to. It may be given from about 2 to 3 months of age, but if a child dislikes it, do not force it and give it when the child is in a good mood.

Gokkun period

Aim for age of 5 to 6 months.tongueでfoodThethroatYou can send it to the back and swallow it. CrushPorridgeGive a muddy food that you can swallow without chewing, such as grated food. As a guidePotageIs the hardness of.BreastfeedingReduce the number of times by 1 and switch to baby food (if you get used to it, reduce the number of breastfeeding further and change to 2 times for baby food).

It's the first food for kids, so start by giving 1 scoop and gradually get used to it.

FishesIs only white fish,meatIt is hard to swallow, so it is better to refrain from it.grease,salt-SugarSuch asseasoningRefrain fromMaterialGive only the taste of.

Mogmog period

The target age for age is 7 to 8 months. Movement of the tongue becomes active, move the tongue back and forth, up and down,chinI can crush food with my tongue. A measure of hardnesstofuIs the hardness of.BreastfeedingThree times and two baby foods are recommended for one day.

Fish will also be given red fish. Meat isfatLittlechickenMinced meatIs often used.greaseAnd seasonings may be used, but should be very light (most adults are not satisfied with or feel the taste).

Kami kami period

The approximate age of the moon is 9 to 11 months. The movement of the tongue becomes more active and moves to the front, back, up, down, left and right. Food that you can't crush with your tongueGumsYou can chew with. A measure of hardnessbananaIs the hardness of.BreastfeedingThree times and two baby foods are recommended for one day.

Cereals ThePorridgeShifts from rice to soft rice,Whole egg(Egg white) Is also good from a small amount. Also, from this time, children may want to try their hand and eat.


The approximate age of the moon is 11 to 15 months. You can move your tongue freely, andtoothAlso grows and the feeding activity becomes active. The hardness of food is a little harder than the kami-kami period,Meat ballsIs the hardness of. From this timeBreastmilk,Powdered milknotFollow-up milkThere is a case to move to.

Grains are from soft rice same as adultsWhite riceCan be eaten. You can eat the food that you have selected from the adult meal, but the basic rule is to make it light.

Foods that should not be given

Food allergyThe risk of developingdigestionDevelopment of ability,ImmunologySome foods and foods should not be given until a certain time, or should be refrained from considering the development of[5].

  • honey-brown sugar…Do not use until 1 year of age to prevent infant botulism[1].
  • Buckwheat,squid,Octopus,shrimp,crab…Do not use until the beginning.
  • egg…egg yolkthanEgg white, Allergic symptoms are more likely to occur in boiled rice than in boiled[1].. Egg whites are not used from mid to late.
  • Mochi…Do not use until mid-term. Give finely chopped even after the latter period.
  • milk…It is not suitable for drinking until 1 year of age because it cannot be processed by the digestive function of infants due to its high amount of proteins and minerals and it is highly allergenic.[1].. When giving milk by drinking, it is desirable after 1 year of age from the viewpoint of preventing iron deficiency anemia.[3].. It should be noted that it is a major cause of food allergies in infants and young children.[3].
  • garlic…Do not use until late.

However,学会,Expert,Region,家庭According to his own teaching, "it is better not to give juice for up to 6 months"bananaIt is better not to give until 1 year old." The contents of foods that should not be given differ depending on the time and the case. It is thought to be based on the idea). By any chanceACCIDENT,AllergiesIn order to prevent the disease, determine the condition of the child,Doctor,Health centerIt is essential to receive appropriate guidance such as.

Commercial item

From numerous manufacturersRetort food,BottlingBaby food (theseBaby foodIs called). mainlySupermarket,Drug store,Convenience storeIt is sold at, such asNutritionWell balanced.TablewareThere are things withEating outTimeTravelSometimes convenient.

Also somefamily restaurantThen baby foodMENUThere is also a place offering.

Eat your hands

Hand-grip eating, which is carried out from the late/completed period of baby food, is a coordinated movement of the eyes, hands, and mouth in which the baby checks the food with his/her eyes, grasps it with his/her fingers, carries it to the mouth, and puts it in the mouth. Play an important role.

  1. Visually check the size and shape of the food.
  2. By grabbing it with your hands, you can check the temperature and hardness of the food and gain experience of how much you should hold it. 
  3. At the stage of carrying it to the mouth, the experience of coordinating the mouth and hand is utilized by sucking fingers and licking toys.


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