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🎁 | Hirohide Yakumaru reveals gifts for his wife "31st wedding anniversary"


Hirohide Yakumaru reveals gifts for his wife "31st wedding anniversary"

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On this day, I updated my blog with the title "Wedding Anniversary".

* From the official blog of Hirohide Yakumaru, the talent Hirohide Yakumaru updated his Ameba Blog on the 11th. 31st marriage ... → Continue reading


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wedding anniversary

wedding anniversary(Kekkon Kinenbi) is personalanniversaryIn one of the couplesmarriageWhat you did year by yearCommemorativeDay to do.


There are various ideas about when to decide when to be a wedding anniversary, and it is generally done with the consent of the couple.For legal couplesMarriage registrationOn the day you submittedwedding(≒a wedding ceremony) In many cases, the date of the event is a wedding anniversary.Shotgun wedding(Marriage after the pregnancy of the child between the parties is confirmed),lawDo not make the above notificationCommon-law marriageAs such things permeate society, the day when both sexes reach a marriage agreement is becoming an increasing number of wedding anniversaries.

Customs may be celebrated by only two parties, or by a child, to a parent, depending on the family.Between husband and wife or relatives贈 り 物Is often handed over.

Depending on the culture, each culture may have its own name for each age (described later), and the 25th anniversary "silver wedding anniversary" and the 50th anniversary "gold wedding anniversary" are especially celebrated.

Local customs

In Europe and the United States, at the "paper wedding anniversary" of the first anniversary of marriage,Wedding cakeEat the top of the head with a couple.For this reason, the cake stand should be designed so that the top of the head can be taken home and kept for a long time.sponge cakeMade withreceptionStore in a refrigerator so that it will not deteriorate from the day until one year later.

In Japan, congratulatory gifts are given to married couples, from husbands to wives, and from children and grandchildren to married couples.In addition, there are various shapes depending on the couple, such as going out for a meal (eating out) or buying a cake.

Commemorative name

Below isThe United KingdomIn the formula, some of them are generalized names in Japan.It is a custom to give something named after the name as a gift.

Initially named after cheap, soft and everyday items, it gradually turns into expensive, hard and valuables. Celebrate every year until the 15th year, and every 1 years thereafter.

  • 1st anniversary:paperWedding ceremony
  • 2st anniversary:strawWedding ceremony,cottonWedding ceremony
  • 3st anniversary:leatherWedding ceremony, sugar fruit wedding ceremony,草Wedding ceremony
  • 4st anniversary:flowerとfruitWedding ceremony, (silkWedding ceremony,LinenWedding ceremony),皮Wedding ceremony (leather wedding ceremony),BookWedding ceremony
  • 5st anniversary:ThuWedding ceremony
  • 6st anniversary:鉄Wedding ceremony
  • 7st anniversary:copperWedding ceremony
  • 8st anniversary:青銅Wedding ceremony,rubberWedding ceremony,Electric appliancesWedding ceremony
  • 9st anniversary:陶器Wedding ceremony
  • 10st anniversary:AluminumWedding ceremony,tinWedding ceremony
  • 11st anniversary:steelWedding ceremony
  • 12st anniversary:silkWedding ceremony,flaxWedding ceremony
  • 13st anniversary:raceWedding ceremony
  • 14st anniversary:ivoryWedding ceremony
  • 15st anniversary:crystalWedding ceremony
  • 20st anniversary:磁器Wedding ceremony,ChinaWedding ceremony
  • 25st anniversary:SilverWedding ceremony
  • 30st anniversary:pearlWedding ceremony
  • 35st anniversary:coralWedding ceremony,JadeWedding ceremony
  • 40st anniversary:RubyWedding ceremony
  • 45st anniversary:sapphireWedding ceremony
  • 50st anniversary:FriWedding ceremony
  • 55st anniversary:エ メ ラ ル ドWedding ceremony
  • 60st anniversary:diamondWedding ceremony
  • 65st anniversary:jasperWedding Ceremony, Blue Star Sapphire Wedding Ceremony[1]
  • 70st anniversary:platinumWedding ceremony

In Britain and the United States, the 75th year is "diamond and gold" and the 80th year is "オ ー ク(Nara) ”, the 85th year is“Wine"(See below).

In France, it is set for all years from the 1st anniversary to the 80th anniversary, and for the 85th, 90th and 100th anniversary respectively (French articleSee).

Comparison of US and UK names

The United States of AmericaAnd in England, the names are slightly different.

4thLinen, silkFruit and flowers
7thWool, copper
9thPotteryWillow, Pottery
12thSilkSilk and fine linen
35thCoral, jadeCoral
65thBlue Sapphire
75thDiamond & Gold



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