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👩‍🎓 | Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Tokyo Junshin Girls' Junior and Senior High School conclude high school cooperation agreement


Concluded a high school cooperation agreement with Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Tokyo Junshin Girls' Junior and Senior High School

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The "TAMA Rikejo Training Program" proposed by Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Technology has been adopted by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) "Science Career Selection Support Program for High School Girls" in 2021, and both schools are also part of this program. We plan to develop various businesses at.

Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Tokyo Junshin Girls' Junior and Senior High School aim to strengthen cooperation from the perspective of high school connection education. → Continue reading

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TAMA Rikejo Training Program

Tokyo Pharmaceutical University

Tokyo Pharmaceutical University(Tokyo University)English: Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences) IsTokyoHachioji CityHorinouchiHeadquarters in 1432-1Japan OfPrivate universities.1949 Was installed in.Abbreviation of universityIs Toyaku and Yakudai.


The predecessor of Tokyo University of Pharmacy was Tokyo Yakuho School, which was founded in 1880.1883 It became Tokyo Pharmaceutical School.1929 Ueno Women's Pharmaceutical School was established in1931 Became a girls' club at Tokyo Pharmaceutical College.1949 Tokyo University of Pharmacy was established by combining the Tokyo Pharmaceutical College and the Women's Department of the Tokyo Pharmacy College.

From such a background, the men's club and the girls' club came to exist.Men's and women's clubs are the samecampusI started learning at1976 After relocating to the Hachioji campus.Remarkably high proportion of girlsPharmacyIn order to equalize the number of male and female students, even todayGender-specific studiesContinuing the system of[1].

In addition, it is the oldest private pharmacy university in Japan, producing many outstanding human resources in the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industries, and is active not only in the medical field but also in a wide range of fields such as education.

Campus area 4.1Ha OfMedicinal plantThere is a garden, and about 500 species of plants, including about 2000 species in the wild, grow.[2].

School emblem

The predecessor of Tokyo University of Pharmacy, the first principal of a private pharmacy schoolJunichiro ShimoyamaBut,MeijiTo learn Western pharmacy in the 20sGermanyI was studying abroad in Japan, and the university president in that area expected that Western pharmacy would take root in Japan and bloom big, and it was called "Flore Pharmacia!"LatinWas given the phrase.It is said that this phrase "Flore Pharmacia!" Was used as Fph! And the stylized one was used as the school emblem.[3].

School color

The school color isTokyo University of Pharmacy Ancient Purple(Finally, Kodaimurasaki)   .. WEB color No. # 6D2970. 2009 (Heisei21) It was enacted on April 4, 1.It is based on the image that is still used for school flags and has been popular for many years.[3].



  • 1880 --As Tokyo University of PharmacyFujita MasakataWas founded[4].
  • 1883 --Renamed to Tokyo Pharmaceutical School.
  • 1886 --Established a pharmacy training center.
  • 1886-Fujita Masakata died suddenly,Kaoru Yamada,Oi Gendo CaveTakes turns to serve as the principal of Tokyo Pharmaceutical School[5].
  • 1888 --The Tokyo Pharmacy School and the Pharmacy Training Center were merged to establish a private pharmacy school.Junichiro ShimoyamaInaugurated as principal (May 11 Anniversary of the founding).
  • 1917 --Professional school ordinanceBased onTokyo Pharmacy CollegeEstablishment approval.Keizo TambaBecame the first principal.
  • 1929 --Established Ueno Women's Pharmaceutical School.
  • 1931 --Renamed Ueno Women's Pharmaceutical School to Tokyo Pharmaceutical College Women's Club.
  • 1949 --Based on Tokyo Pharmacy College and Tokyo Pharmacy College Girls' ClubTokyo Pharmaceutical UniversityEstablished.
  • 1963 - Graduate SchoolsGraduate School of Pharmaceutical SciencesMaster's CourseInstalled.
  • 1965 --Graduate School of Pharmaceutical SciencesPhDInstalled.
  • 1976 --The entire university moved to the Hachioji campus.
  • 1981 --Established the Department of Medical Pharmacy, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  • 1994 --The Faculty of Life Science was established.
  • 1998 --Established a master's program at the Graduate School of Life Sciences.
  • 2000 --Established a doctoral course at the Graduate School of Life Sciences.
  • 2006 --Transition to the 6-year pharmacy system based on the revision of the School Education Law.Completion of Education Building No. 5 of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  • 2007 --Environmental Life Science DepartmentgenomeName changed to department.Japan University Accreditation AssociationAccredited by institutional certification evaluation by[6].
  • 2008 --Faculty of Life Science introduces 2 departments and 4 courses.
  • 2013 --Faculty of Life Science shifts to a three-department system.



  • Department of Medical Pharmacy
  • Department of Medical Pharmacotherapy
  • Department of Medical Hygiene and Pharmacy

Gender-specific studies

The Faculty of Pharmacy has a "boys'club" and a "women's club", and is a single-sex school.Originally, it was a separate vocational school, but since it was integrated, classes have been held separately for men and women.However,CurriculumThe contents (class subjects, number of credits, etc.) are the same.In addition, from the 4th yeargraduation research(LaboratoryRegarding (assignment), there is no distinction between men and women, and it is in the same state as co-education.Elective courses and club activities are for both men and women[7].

From FY2008Toyo Food Industry Junior College CoeducationAs of 2018, it can be seen as the only men's college in Japan.

Faculty of Life Science


  • Department of Molecular Life Science
  • Department of Applied Life Sciences ("Environmental Genome Department" until 2012)
  • Department of Life and Medical Science

Graduate Schools

University personnel and organizations

List of university personnel

Foreign relations

Sister school relationship

Agreements with other universities

Industry-academia collaboration

With Takao Beer (Hachioji City)Craft beerIs co-developed[2].


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