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👶 | Eh, a suspicious person in the nursing room! ??Moreover, there is no husband who should have been waiting ...! Two shock experiences


Eh, a suspicious person in the nursing room! ??Moreover, there is no husband who should have been waiting ...! Two shock experiences

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The private room next door is still vacant, and no one can be found at the diaper changing table.

Introducing a shocking episode of a mom using a nursing room in a commercial facility.For a 5 month old baby in a nursing space ... → Continue reading

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Diaper change stand

Diaper change stand(DiapersEnglish: diaper-changing station, changing table ) Is乳 幼 児On topDiapersA small stand designed for replacement.Baby SeatSometimes called[1].

One of the children's room supplies, generallyWoodenIs.The top is designed to allow babies to lie down during the diaper changing process, with a drawer or space underneath the diaperWipe the buttocks,Baby powderIt is designed to store things needed for changing diapers such as.

Diaper changing table in public toilets

Public toiletMany of them have diaper changing tables.Most of these exchangesPlasticIt is made of wood and is a wall-mounted type that can be folded out of the way when not in use.

The reason why diaper changing tables became popular in public toilets1990 eraThat is.When it first became popular, diaper changing tables were installed mainly for women's toilets, but Eric Let's, the founder of the "Equal Parenting Project" (Eric Letts)[2]By lobbyingThe United States of America,カナダThen, the exchange table became widespread in men's toilets.Some studies suggest that a shortage of changing tables may lead to refraining from going out because of children.[3].

In the United States,Barack ObamaSigned in 2016(English edition)Mandated that all publicly available federal facilities, both men and women, should have diaper changing tables.[4]. AlsoNew York CityHowever, in 2017, an ordinance requiring the installation of diaper changing tables in all toilets open to the public, regardless of gender, was passed.[5].

In Japan,Public transportThe guideline "Guidelines for facilitating the movement of public transportation passenger facilities" was compiled in 2001.This guideline considers passengers with infants and disabled people.Multifunctional toiletIs required to install one or more places and install a "diaper changing table for infants" as standard, but there is no binding or compulsory force[6].. In June 2004, the "Outline of Measures for the Declining Birthrate Society" was published.Basic Law for Countermeasures Against a Declining PopulationCabinet decision and announcement based on[7]..This outline states, "For buildings, public transportation, public facilities, etc. used by pregnant women, children, and people with children ... Facilitate"[8]And the content based on childcare by men was included[9].

As a local government ordinance, the floor area is 1,000 square meters or more.Department store, restaurantThere are ordinances of Tokyo, Osaka, and Hyogo prefectures that oblige the toilets such as those to be equipped with facilities for changing diapers for infants.[10].

The diaper changing table may come into direct contact with the excrement of infants, and sometimesnorovirusMay become the infection route of[11][12][13][14][15][16].


Infants aged 6 months can turn over on the diaper changing table.[17]..In order to prevent falls, it is necessary to prepare the necessary items for changing diapers in advance, and then change them quickly while making a mistake.[17].

Many accidents with folding diaper changing tables have been reported. 2007 cases by September 9, 26[1], 2006 cases between 2010 and 18[18]Each fall accidentNational Life Center,Consumer Affairs AgencyIt has been reported to.Due to its convenience, the diaper changing table is also used to keep infants asleep when excreting parents and sisters and siblings, but this is an unintended use.[1].

In addition, the foldable diaper changing table may be equipped with a belt, but it is a mechanism "to prevent lateral slippage" and does not include the effect of preventing infants from falling.[18]..In addition, some older products installed before the early 2000s have flat pedestals and no fences.[1]..Therefore, manufacturers and the Consumer Affairs Agency are calling for caution when using the diaper changing table.

Major manufacturers

  • Japan
    • Combi with[19]
    • TOTO --The product number YKA25, which is sold under the name of "Baby Seat", won the 2010th Kids Design Award in 4.[20].
    • Water metal (Omoio)


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