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🛋 | We will carry out community-based sales unique to Porus centered on a single exhibition hall


We will carry out community-based sales unique to Porus centered on a single exhibition hall

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Furthermore, after-sales service is also professionally handled by a company within the group called Housing Quality Assurance.

Mr. Yuichi Hashimoto, Director, Wooden Building Business Division, Polartec __ The Porus Group is a custom-built housing business, for sale of detached houses ... → Continue reading

 Housing tribune

For more than 1986 years since it was first published in 30, we have been covering a wide range of coverage areas such as administration, housing / real estate, equipment / construction materials, and related services ... It is explained from the point of view of the person.

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After-Sales Service

After-Sales ServiceorAfter followSoldProducts OfRepair-maintenanceThe seller provides to the buyer aboutServicesIs[1][2].


After-sales serviceJapanglishAnd the correct English is After-sales service[3]..It's a similar wordCustomer service (Customer service) has a broader meaning.After-sales service has a narrower meaningCustomer support Almost synonymous with (Customer support)Repair service(Repair service)Maintenance serviceSynonymous with (Warranty service)[3].

一般 的 なConsumer electronicsProductsManufacturerIt comes with a one-year free warranty, but some major consumer electronics retailers offer a service that extends the warranty period every few years.When requesting repairs, the damaged part of the product is usually replaced and sent back to the requester, but in some cases it may be replaced with a new one due to cost reasons.

Traditionally, the after-sales service business is within the companyCost centerIt has played the role of, but in recent years it has tended to play the role of.This is because the company activates the after-sales service business,Customer satisfactionThis is because we wanted to achieve "improvement", "securing revenue sources that are not affected by the economy", and "retaining customers by differentiating from other companies' services".After-sales service motivates customers before purchaseBefore serviceBecause it will be an activity equivalent to[2]..Domestic and overseas that quickly focused on these changes in trendsSystem integratorManufactures and sells packaged software for the after-sales service business.

Also in recent yearsStandard disputeI bought a standard that was defeated inuserOn the other hand, repairs such as receiving conversion to another standard only by the difference from the purchase pricemaintenanceOther support may also be provided.

Package software for major after-sales service businesses

  • Syncron Inventory (Synchron Japan)Ltd.)
  • AsteaAlliance (AstaireInternational Japan Co., Ltd.)
  • ESCORT(Co., Ltd.)
  • IFS Applications (IFS Japan Co., Ltd.)
  • Servigistics Asia Co., Ltd.
  • CSOne (CSOne Co., Ltd.)

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