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👩‍🎓 | International University GLOCOM announces research report on fake news in the corona era


International University GLOCOM Announces Research Report on Fake News in the Corona Era

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In addition, contacting information and news on social media does not weaken the ability to judge the authenticity of fake news, but rather it is clear that people who ingest information from various sources have a high ability to judge the authenticity. It has become.

The Global Communication Center of the International University conducted a questionnaire survey of 15 men and women aged 69 to 5991 years old ... → Continue reading


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True and false judgment ability

Social media

Social media(English: Social media) Is designed to spread through social reciprocity using a wide range of information transmission technology that anyone can participate in.MediaIs. BidirectionalcommunicationThe feature is that often,Tim O'ReillyAdvocated byWeb 2.0Can be thought of as a form that embodies the concept of[1].

Information transmission between individuals, individuals, organizations, organizationsWebsiteMakes sense by going throughBoardAnd became widely spread in the real world. The media that started to have an influenceYouTube,Twitter,FacebookSuch asplatformBy making it easier to visualize information transmission between individuals,Social networking services(SNS)networkBeyond the traditional concept, it is permeating as a new medium.


Social media uses technology that presupposes that the Internet is used to convey the content (contents of information) of transmitted video, audio, and text information to individuals and organizations that belong to the community service. Transform into an interactive conversation with people and organizations in The content group jumps over the community lightly. Social media popularize knowledge and information and transform the masses from content consumers to content producers.

On Twitter, for example, tweet is content, and follow it is also content. The contents are useful collective wisdom, public opinion that moves the minds of society, companies and individuals, and also a grand personality attack. The aspect of the community changes according to the flow of community formation (for example, conversation).

What is commercial social media?User generated content(UGC; user-generated content) and consumer-generated media (CGM). Andreas Kaplan And Michael Haenlein describe social media as "a group of applications based on the Internet,Web 2.0Built on the ideological or technical foundation of the UGC to allow the UGC to be created and exchanged."[2]Is defined as

The term "social media" has been used successfully since July 2006[3].. "Social media" appeared on English Wikipedia on July 2006, 7. (The articleSee history). Since the end of the 2000sSmartphoneWith the widespread use of social media, it has become possible to use it anywhere, anytime, and it has expanded the range of utilization in combination with functions such as smartphone location information.[4].

With the spread of social media, a new economic activity called "sharing economy" has emerged.[4].

Difference from industrial media

Social media is distinguished from industrial media such as newspapers, television and movies. Although social media can be used by anyone (individuals and individuals) and is relatively inexpensive, industrial media are generally huge in transmitting information, such as newspaper publishing and licensed broadcasting services. Need different resources. Industrial media is usually "conventional"broadcast""troutCalled the media.


Social mediaBlog,Social networking services, Image and video sharing sites, messaging apps, information sharing sites,Social bookmarkand so on[4].. other than thisAmazonSuch asmail orderIt may include customer reviews of the site.

Features and problems

Social media is equipped with a mechanism that facilitates the connection between users and has the characteristic that the relationship between users can be visually grasped.[4].. Also,Search ProductsWith the ability to selectively contact the information you want to know by function, you can easilyマ ル チ メ デ ィ アDiffuse for immediate and widespread transmission of information[5].

On the other hand, social media is low in quality due to lack of study because users can freely send information unlike magazine posts that require readers to write a certain level of text in order to pass the selection of the editorial department. There is a point that it has a negative impact on public opinion formation[6].. In addition,Cass SansteenStates that selective and repeated contact with information that matches people's opinions leads to polarization of the opinions and strengthens thoughts that eliminate forces that do not follow their own thoughts.[5].

Social media worldwidePolitical propagandaUsed in Japan, and in Japan2013 OfPublic office election lawBy amendment,electionThe use of social media for exercise has been lifted. Also,Arab spring,Occupy Wall StreetIn response to illegal resistance movements, the existing mass media has a constitution that is difficult to keep in sync with the maintenance of neutrality and the fence with the government. For this reason, social media is often used to call for illegal civil movements and to exchange information immediately.[5].

terrorism,crime,Riotな どSecurityBecause it may be used for shaking actions,MonitoringMay be subject. In the American example,Homeland SecurityIs operating a program that monitors the words associated with terrorism and crimes written on social media[7].. Also, in an emergency, the government and social media companiesvoluntary restraintsShuts down the network,revolutionThe role of social media in social situations is also said to be limited[5].


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