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👩‍🎓 | The world's first analysis of the entire genome of Nori, Saga University in the Ariake Sea


World's first analysis of the entire genome of Nori, Saga University in the Ariake Sea

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As a result of analyzing the genomes of chloroplasts and mitochondria, it was clarified that the genomes of cultivated and wild seaweed in the Ariake Sea are extremely small compared to those produced in Shandong Province, China, and are genetically very similar.

The research group of Yukio Nagano, Associate Professor, Center for Comprehensive Analytical Experiments, Saga University, Kei Kimura, Associate Professor, Faculty of Agriculture, inhabits the Ariake Sea ... → Continue reading

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Shandong(Santosho,Shandong Province,pinyin: Shāndōng Shěng, Shandong)People's Republic of China Ofprovinceone of. Abbreviation isweekFrom the country name of the generationLu..山東とはWhat is ShandongTaihang MountainsTouhou meaning.北にはTo the northBohaiTo the eastYellow seaThere,Yellow RiverLocated downstream of.It has a population of 9579.3 and an area of ​​157,126 square kilometers.The provincial capitalJinan City.. otherQingdao-Tai'an City-YantaiThere are major cities such as.


NorthHebei ProvinceIn contact with the southHenan Province-Anhui Province-JiangsuContact with.Shandong PeninsulaProtrudes into the Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea,Liaodong PeninsulaIs opposed to.

Northwest, West, Southwest are allNorth China PlainIt occupies a part of and is almost flat.しかし中部は山がちで、蒙山山脈やHowever, the central part tends to be mountainous, such as the Mongsan Mountains.Mount TaiThe mountains are especially famous.The eastern part is the Shandong Peninsula with many hills and faces the sea.The highest point in Shandong Province is the Jade Emperor of Taishan, which is 1,545m above sea level.

Yellow RiverPenetrates the western part of Shandong Province and flows into the Bohai Sea in the northern part of Shandong Province.多くの土砂を運ぶ黄河は自然堤防を形成しThe Yellow River, which carries a lot of earth and sand, forms a natural leveeCeiling riverEnter the Yellow River in Shandong ProvinceTributaryThere is no.このため山東省は黄河を境に北はFor this reason, Shandong Province is north of the Yellow River.HaiheIn the basin, southHuaiheIt is a basin.また黄河とAlso with the Yellow RiverYangtze RiverTieGrand CanalAlso runs through the province from northwest to southeast.At the southwestern end is the largest freshwater lake in North China, 120 km north-south and 1,266 square kilometers in area.

The coastline of Shandong Province extends over 3,000 km.Shandong PeninsulaThe coast is rocky, with many cliffs, bays and offshore islands.Laizhou BayIs the southernmost bay of the Bohai Sea, on the north coast of Shandong ProvinceDongying CityIt spreads from to Yantai City.On the south coast of ShandongJiaozhou BayIs digging into the Shandong Peninsula, and the port city of Qingdao is on the coast.The Miaodao Islands extend northward from the north coast of the Shandong Peninsula.

The climate is mild, but because it faces the east coastSummer: Is hot and humidWinter:Is dry and cold.Average temperatures range from -1 to 5 degree in January and 1 to 7 degrees in July.The average annual rainfall is 24 mm to 28 mm.

Administrative division

Shandong administrative division
Shandong prfc map.png
numberNameChinese notationpinyinarea
Government location
#ShandongShandong ProvinceShāndōng Shěng156,510.00101,527,453Jinan City
Deputy city
1Jinan CityJinan CityJǐnán Shì10247.019,202,432Lixia District
2QingdaoQingdao CityQīng dǎo Shì11175.3010,071,722Shinan District
3BinzhouBinzhou CityBīnzhōu Shì9444.653,928,568Bincheng District
4DezhouDezhou CityDézhōu Shì10356.325,611,194Decheng District
5Dongying CityDongying CityDōng yíng Shì7923.262,193,518Dongying District
6Heze CityHeze CityHézé Shì12193.858,795,939Mudan District
7JiningJining CityJǐníng Shì11186.988,357,897Rencheng District
8Zibo CityZibo CityZībó Shì5965.174,704,138Zhangdian District
9LiaochengLiaochengLiáochéng Shì8714.575,952,128Dongchangfu District
10Linyi CityLinyi CityLínyí Shì17191.2111,018,365Lanshan District
11Rizhao CityRizhao CityRì zhào Shì5347.992,968,365East Minato
12Tai'an CityTai'an CityTài'ān Shì7761.835,472,217Taishan District
13WeifangWeifangWéifāng Shì16143.149,386,705Kuiwen District
14WeihaiWeihaiWēi hǎi Shì5796.982,906,548Huancui District
15YantaiYantaiYāntái Shì13746.477,102,116Laishan District
16ZaozhuangZaozhuang CityZǎozhuāng Shì4563.223,855,601Xuecheng District


Celebrity from Shandong


On an economic scaleGuangdongIt has the second highest ability after, and constitutes the Bohai Bay economic zone.山東半島沿海部の青島、威海などの都市がCities such as Qingdao and Weihai along the Shandong PeninsulaSouth Korea,JapanIt has been a driving force in the economy by collecting investment from.Shandong Province is also known for exporting vegetables to Japan.また、日本のAlso in JapanChinese cabbageIs said to have been brought in from here after the Sino-Japanese War and the Russo-Japanese War.



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