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🛋 | Concentric cities centered on child-rearing are needed Balance is important for controlling new corona infections

His specialty is physiology and anthropology and ergonomics.We are researching and developing various designs from the perspective of how the body works and how to use it in the field. He has received numerous awards, including the 2008, 09, and 11 Good Design Awards, the 12 Ergonomics Good Practice Award Special Award, the 14 Anthropological Society of Japan Paper Award, and the 16 Anthropological Society of Japan Encouragement Award.

Concentric cities centered on child-rearing are needed Balance is important for controlling new corona infections

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As mentioned earlier, sports sports games cannot be freely played in apartments.

Humanity and housing [Part XNUMX] ── Infection protection is drawing attention due to the corona sickness.Taking masks and face shields as an example ... → Continue reading

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For more than 1986 years since it was first published in 30, we have been covering a wide range of coverage areas such as administration, housing / real estate, equipment / construction materials, and related services ... It is explained from the point of view of the person.

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housing complex

housing complex(House) is oneHouseIn multipleHouseholdIs resident住宅Form of.


RegulationAbove isApartment house(Today's house)Row house(Townhouse) Is roughly divided.The oldest example of this isAncient romeOf the eraInsulaと 呼 ば れ るRomanLived on a large scaleApartmentIs.This is also famous as.In addition, as an old apartment houseChugoku OfHakka OfTulouIs famous.19st century OfBerlinThen, a high-rise apartment building called (Mietskaserne, rental apartment building)German EmpireIt is built under the initiative of the government[1]..The world's first public apartmentUKBoundary Street by LCC (,1896).

Macau,Hong Kong, Japan, etc.landIs narrow,The population densityHigh regions or countriescityMany are built in the department.Also,Public housingMany of them are in the form of apartment houses.

in JapanRelatively largeReinforced concreteApartment houseApartmentIt may be called, but as described laterEnglishIt is not the original expression.In addition, it should be noteddecree,CensusThe term "apartment house" is used in.Dormitory,hospitalEtc. are distinguished from nagaya by whether or not all the dwelling units go in and out directly from the site without going through the building.


Classification by usage relationship

Apartment houses are divided into condominiums and rental housing depending on the usage relationship.[2].

Classification by housing type

Apartment houses can be divided into staircase type, single corridor type, middle corridor type, void type, center core type, twin corridor type, etc. depending on the type of residence.[2].

A word for an apartment house

North AmericaThe most common word for apartments."Apartment building" is used to refer to the division of each household and the entire building, and "apartment" commonly used in Japan corresponds to this.
An expression unique to Japan that stands for "apartment".Use only for small-scale rental properties.In a wooden building○○ ZhuangThe name of is sometimes used.
Flat, that is, each household is limited to one floor.The United Kingdom,CommonwealthA term often used in countries instead of apartments.Plural to refer to the division of each household and to the entire building.
Apartment (mansion)
"Large" in EnglishMansion".In English, there is an apartment house that calls itself "~ Mansions" as a proper noun, but it does not mean an apartment house as a general noun, and it is an expression peculiar to Japan that it is understood that condominium = reinforced concrete apartment house.Japanglish).
Means "joint management"Latin.For saleThe format.
French"House" and "building".There is no particular meaning of an apartment house.The etymology is the same as the English mansion, but it is not necessarily a mansion.
Townhouse (townhouse)
Two or more houses are built in a row, and each house has a common wall and each has a separate entrance to the outside.Row houseAlso called. ""Terraced HouseThe house called "" is also included here. "
Maisonette (maisonnette)
"Small maison" in French. One house is divided and rented.Usually, each house spans multiple floors.
An abbreviation for "corporate house," it is mainly used in Japan as the name of a rental apartment building that is smaller than a reinforced concrete or steel-framed condominium. "Cooperative houseThere is a theory that it stands for, but it is generally irrelevant.
1960'sSoviet UnionThe government has built many apartments of this type in the Soviet Union.It is low cost, made of panel construction or brick, and has 3 to 5 floors.For construction, as the name implies,Nikita KhrushchevIs supervising. Originally this building was matureCommunismIt was thought to be a temporary housing until the housing shortage was alleviated. Khrushchev within 20 yearsSocialismPredicted that we could move from to communism. afterwards,Leonid BrezhnevPromised to each family "to secure one room for each person and add one room", but many people continue to live in Khrushchyovka today.
(German version,English edition)
mainlyFormer East GermanyA prefabricated apartment building built in.

Famous apartment house


Architectural Institute of Japan AwardThe apartment works that received the Best Picture Award are shown below.

Year of completionTitle of workDesignerAddress
1969Sakuradai Court VillageShozo UchiiKanagawa横 浜 市Aoba-ku
1986GAZEBOYamamoto RikenKanagawa横 浜 市Kanagawa ku
1991Nexus world Rem Koolhaas BuildingRem KoolhaasFukuokaFukuoka CityHigashi Ward
1993Yoga A FlatKunihiko HayakawaTokyoSetagaya
1994Kumamoto Prefectural Ryujadaira housing complexMakoto MotokuraKumamotoKumamoto-shi
1999Nakajima GardenYasumitsu MatsunagaShizuokaFuji city
2000Kumamoto Prefectural Agricultural College Student DormitoryTerunobu FujimoriKumamotoKoshi City
2000W-HOUSEAkira WatanabeTokyoMeguro
2006Senzoku connected housing buildingKitayama Hisashi-Katsunori KanedaTokyoOta-ku

Other notable ones are as follows


UNESCO Ofworld HeritageThe apartments that are registered on the list are shown below.


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