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👩‍🎓 | Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Faculty of Engineering Holds "Fortnite Virtual Campus Tour"


Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Faculty of Engineering Holds "Fortnite Virtual Campus Tour"

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The moderator is "Hama Kahn", a laughing combination of the university graduate and public relations ambassador.

At the Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, at the open campus in the summer of August 2021, 8, "Fortnite Virtual ... → Continue reading

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Hama Khan

Hama KhanIt is,Kay dash stage,Mankai AssociationBelong toComedy combination.2000Formed in. Until August 2006Keystone ProBelong to.THE MANZAI 2012champion.


Kenji Hamatani(Kenji again, (1977-11-19) 1977May 11(43 years old)-)- TsukkomiIn charge (formerlyBlur(Responsible), the standing position is on the left.

  • SaitamaIruma-shiI'm from. O type.Height 174 cm.
  • Graduated from Iruma City Kurosu Junior High School,Sayamagaoka High SchoolGraduate,Tokyo University of Agriculture and TechnologyGraduated from Applied Physics Course, Department of Electronic and Information Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, dropped out of the same graduate school[1].
  • He has revealed on his blog that he has poor eyesight and is using contact lenses.
  • Regarding eyebrows, the shape (the letter "H") is inherited from the father, and the darkness is inherited from the mother.[2].
  • The costume is basically a suit without a jacket.
  • There are "Quotations" such as "If you want to be stronger, eat bread" (which is also the title of our book) and "Lend money to those who gamble"[3].
  • As a group of fellow entertainers, "Hamatani Juku" (members are junior duo from the same office,Tom BrownEt al.), There is a "lower party" (members are high spats of colleagues in the Keystone pro era)[4].
  • Tone deaf[5]..In addition, there is no sense of rhythm, and the clapping of hands has the property of steadily shifting from music.
  • judoTwo-stage,Black beltall.TBS"Flame sports club tv』Has participated in the war as the strongest army of entertainers a total of four times.Can[6].
  • I am familiar with insects.The recommended insect is "".cockroachAlso has a deep knowledge[7].
  • I liked gambling and mainly played pachinko and pachislot.[8], Also enthusiastic about horse racing[9]..Therefore, the name of the jockey often appears in the story.
  • XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayMasayuki WatanabeEnrolled with the manager of[9].
  • In the future, the goal is to make the main business an actor business and a manzai with insurance.

Shinichiro Kanda(Kanda Shinichiro, 1977May 3(44 years old)-)-In charge of blurring (formerly in charge of Tsukkomi), standing position is on the right.

  • IndonesiaJakartabirth.KanagawaKawasaki CityRaised. O type.Height 172 cm.
  • Kawasaki City Sumiyoshi Junior High SchoolGraduate,Kiri Koen High SchoolGraduated from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Department of Applied Biological Sciences, dropped out of the same graduate school (Plant Pathology Laboratory, Department of Biocontrol Sciences)[1].
  • The second child of three siblingsKanda Uno..His younger brother Shojiro is a former actor (currently an office worker).
  • Since he had LASIK surgery, he has been on stage since 2006 wearing Date glasses.[10].
  • I had a knee surgery in August 2011.For this reason, Hama Kahn did not enter the King of Conte qualifying this year.Also, when I was a student, I was in the judo club with Hamatani, but I quit judo after this operation.
  • Currently, my hobby is cooking, and I grow vegetables for cooking on the balcony.[11]..Also, due to my sister's influenceBeauty,SweetsI am familiar with information such as.In addition, Kanda's feminine side, such as her favorite, is often used as a comic story.
  • My father was an elite bureaucrat who graduated from the University of Tokyo and grew up in a fairly wealthy family, and his parents and grandparents loved him very much and he was brought up carefully, so there is a slight gap with the world, for better or for worse.Basically, like my sister's sister, she speaks slowly at her own pace and likes everyone, but because of that, Hamatani was shocked to say "speaking badly about a good entertainer". Even if I was disappointed, I couldn't get rid of the impression that "Hamatani speaks badly" for about a month, and I really hated Hamatani.
  • Around 20 years old, as mentioned aboveMinistry of International Trade and IndustryAccompanied with my mother to my father's assignment as a careerViennaThere was a time when I lived inGermanCan speak, and the official profile also says "Special skill (as one of them) German".However,2012May 3Tweeted on his own twitter, "Two women on the train were talking in German, but I could only understand it in some places. (At that time) I didn't speak German for 15 years." There is.
  • The pictures are good, and the questionnaires for the talk shows that are held every other month have illustrations such as portraits of the people themselves.
  • He is on good terms with Hercules (now disbanded), a junior at the same office.Kazunori Inoue, And the three of them form a team called "Kanda Kingdom". Kanda is the king, Sawada is the minister, and Inoue is the commoner.2012May 10The three of us performed a live performance entitled "Kanda Kingdom ~ Ball ~" that included comics, tales, talks and projects.[12].
  • I used to work in a band called "Figure Four Leg Rock".The band name isLeg 4 hardenedThat thing.Other membersHi-HiIwasaki,screwSasaki et al.[13].
  • He is a big liquor lover and has a strong liquor.However, around 2011goutI've been refraining from beer since the signs of[14][15].
  • When I started as an entertainer, I didn't want to be noticed because I was Uno Kanda's younger brother, so I didn't announce it.I taught only to close entertainers, but at that timeTokyo SportsHad a serialization inBaron BeardAn article appeared in the same paper due to a leak from Yamada[16]..Since then, Uno and Hama Kahn have often worked together, and Uno's blog has also been described about Hama Kahn.
  • 2018May 2,marriage[17].2019Ceremony in Okinawa in March[18].
  • 2020May 12,New coronavirusAnnounced infection to[19].
  • In the future, my goal is to run a cafe as my main business and to be a manzai as a hobby.


  • Kanda, a senior, invited Hamatani, who belonged to the same judo club, to form a combination in January 2000.
  • 199910, Tokyo, just before the formation中First stage with two people at the live "Afro Theater" held at the live house "studio twl"[20].
  • 2005,NHK New Artist Performance AwardParticipated in the main performance of the entertainment division.
  • 2006 years,M-1 Grand PrixOn condition of advancing to the semi-finalsKeystone ProからKay dash stageTransferred to.
  • 2007, 5thComedy Hope Awardsecond place.
  • 2008, M-1 Grand Prix semi-final advance[21].
  • 2009,R-1 Grand PrixParticipated in the second round of 2009 (Hamatani only: Kenji Hamatani)
  • 2009, 8thMansai Rookie Award Grand prize[22].
  • 2009, M-1 Grand Prix semi-final advance[23]
  • 2010, R-1 Grand Prix 2010 2nd round participation (Hamatani only: in the name of Hamatani)
  • 2010 years,King of conteAdvance to the semi-finals
  • 2011, R-1 Grand Prix 2011 1nd round participation (Hamatani only: in the name of Hamatani)
  • 2011 years,THE MANZAI 2011 Advance to the final in 3rd place in the qualifying circuit ranking, 4th in the final B block.
  • 2012, King of Conte semi-final advance[24]
  • In 2012, advanced to the final in 2012th place in the THE MANZAI 5 qualifying circuit ranking, passed the final A block in 1st place, and won the championship.[25].
  • 2013,Breaker rent rankingHamatani was in 2nd place and Kanda was in 4th place.
  • 2014,Hanshin Electric RailwayAppeared in the commercial "Hanshin Line Story".
  • In 2019, "If you think about an environment where you can continue to be a manzai even as you get older, you belong to the Manzai Association, an office that does not have a theater, so it is a manzai teacher to regularly stand in front of customers in Asakusa It ’s very important for me to join the Manzai Association.[26].


  • Mainly doing comics.In Hama Kahn solo live etc., there are times when the main is the control, but the so-called orthodox schoolTalking manzaiIs the mainstream.
  • In Manzai, Kanda's mobile phone model change andGoldfish scoopingHamatani exaggeratesly denies ordinary acts that are not bland, such as, with a noisy analogy.At that time, Hamatani took action by Kanda."Extreme of the people", "Devil's work", "Not in humans", "Hell's demon's anti-vomiting work", "Spitting in heaven", "Devil's work in the form of a person" , "I don't think I'll be born in the next generation."I blame it with a decisive line such as.At the end of the story, Kanda forcibly ends the story, and while Hamatani asks Kanda, he bows his head together and brushes. The "extreme of the lower class" is "Fist of the North StarFrominspireIt is said that it was done[27].
  • 2012'sTHE MANZAI』, Turns the style, Hamatani emotionally plunges into the annoying opinion released from Kanda's female perspective, while Kanda tries strangely with theoretical reasoning and Hamatani involuntarily reflects on it. Play the story and win the championship.Even in this story, I was forcibly interweaving the above-mentioned deciding lines in the middle[28].
  • In the past, Kanda bowed at the end of the story with his arms down like a ballerina, and Hamatani bowed like an Edokko.In addition, regarding the reason for quitting bowing, the two talked in an interview that "the" on-air battle "regular broadcast ended (March 2010)."[29].
  • In the past, he frequently used the story of "Hamatani dressed as a robot and challenged various professions."Currently, it is not done because the style has been changed as described above.
  • I sometimes talk about off-color humor on late-night TV and radio, but I don't use it much for the story.


  • The origin of the combination name Hama Kahn is the two surnames "浜谷(HamaTani) "and"神田(CanIt is a combination of "da)".When he was just formed, he continued to perform live under the name of "Hamatani Kanda", but he became friends through the live co-starring, Serious Ono (Cool poco) Was abbreviated as "Hamakan-chan", so this was adopted.In addition, it is said that it was on the spot that it was extended as "Khan"[30].
  • As mentioned above, both of them are doing judo, and both of them are doing judo.Black beltowner.Hamatani is 2nd dan and his specialty isUchi mata, Kanda is the first stage and his specialty isValley.
    • Of these, Hamatani is still continuing judo (affiliation, affiliation)Yoshida DojoAt the 2010th Yoshida Dojo Cup Judo Tournament in 4 (Umegaoka Dojo), he won the 35rd place in the "(at that time) 3 years old or younger section".
    • Kanda suffered a series of injuries such as ruptured leg ligaments from around 2010, and stopped judo after undergoing knee surgery in the summer of 2011 (published on Kanda's own twitter).
  • As mentioned above, Kanda did not appeal that he was a younger brother of the past because of reasons such as "consideration for siblings' different offices" and "want to sell and live with their abilities". , I sometimes declined the interview request because I was a younger brother.However, at the time of my sister's marriage announcement and wedding timeDaily GendaiAfter being featured on the variety shows of each station and being asked for comments, I used the pantyhose produced by my sister instead of a handkerchief, said "Uso-su", and said "Sister-chan-mi". I'm gradually starting to make a story, such as waving at the screen.
  • Hamatani mistakenly tried to brush his teeth with Clearasil facial cleanser.In addition, Kanda has lined up in a line of women's toilets on fair days, thinking that they are stalls, and sometimes called "takeout" as "takeoff".Natural bokehThere is an anecdote reminiscent of[32].
  • Hamatani paid 10 yen as a celebration when Uno got married.Then, the father of siblings Kanda worried, "Is it okay to receive a huge fortune?"[33].
  • On New Year's Day the following year, Uno returned 7 yen to Hamatani as a New Year's gift.At that time, "Thank you for congratulating Hama-chan. But I'm sorry to receive 10 yen, so I thought I'd give back the full amount, but my mother told me that it was too rude, so I'll get only 3 yen and I'll return the rest." It is said that he told Hamada himself.On the other hand, my younger brother Kanda was following me saying, "My sister has that kind of place."[28].
  • Uno is for Hama Kahn liveKenichi MikawaI have come.Since it was a live performance by Hama Kahn, I wore a big hat to hide my face if I had to stand out, but the hat that appeared in the girl's manga was too big to stand out.[34].
  • Immediately after winning "THE MANZAI 2012", he revealed that he couldn't perform as he should in 2011 because he was too conscious of winning in the final. In 2012, I was worried about thisTakahiro AzumaTo relieve tension, he called them on the eve of the final and drank them as a celebration.In addition, Kanda crouched down on the spot while crying when the victory was decided, and was thrust into "like a girl" by Ninety-nine who served as the moderator.[35].
  • At the All-Star Thanksgiving '2013 Spring on March 3, 30, Hamatani defeated So Takei and won the rock climber for 13 yen.
  • Appointed as a public relations ambassador for Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology at his alma mater for two years from March 2014, 3.[36].
  • Broadcast on July 2014, 10LincolnThen, Hamatani finished in 1st place in the obstacle race, and Hamada-gumi won the 3rd straight victory without any damage.However, it turned out that he had fallen from the balance beam and was disqualified.After returning to the tent, Hamatani was slapped in a sitting position like Tamura and Kinoshita (Tamura and Kinoshita were in 4th place (because there were 4 participants, that is, the lowest), and Hamatani forgot to start over (fall). I tried to deceive).).
  • Discovered in August 2016Beckyとindigo la End,Guess's ultimate maiden. OfKawane EonIn the aftermath of the alleged infidelity riot, Hamatani said, "OriginatorIt came to be called "Gesu no Kiwami"[37]..By the way, strangely, Hama Kahn and Kawatani,Holiday managerThe four members (members of "Gesu no Kiwami Otome.") Are also from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.

LOL on air battle

Participated in "Bakusho On Air Battle" for a long time from 2002 to 2008.It is a regular combination that represents this program, and has always been active with stable results from the beginning.

  • First appearance on February 2003, 2 (broadcast timesAichi-Nagoya city(Recorded), at this time, although he recorded 413KB, he was eliminated in 6th place.By the way, Hama Kahn was off-air this time and on November 2004, 11 (broadcast time)Hokkaido-KitamiAlthough it was recorded only twice, it was defeated in 2th place while recording 417KB when recording in Kitami City.For this reason, it is rare in the program, "All defeat times exceed 7 KB in local recording."
  • The first on-air was the second challenge, broadcast on April 2, 2003, recording 4KB and passing 25th place.Initially, KB was low, but on September 385th of the same year, it was broadcast.OsakaHigh scores were fired in the wake of recording 489KB in the recording, and it was broadcast on November 11th of the same year (Kagawa(Recorded) recorded his first over 500 (509KB) and top pass.With this momentum, he made his first appearance in the 6th championship, but the result was only 438KB in the semi-final and he was eliminated in 9th place.
  • In 2004, we had one off-air as mentioned above, but in all the times we won the on-air.450KB or more(うち1回はオーバー500)を記録し、2年連続でチャンピオン大会に出場を果たす。更に自身初のファイナル進出も果たしたが、最終的な結果は642KBで9位敗退となる。なお、2005å¹´1月1日放送回(本年度最後の出場回)から2007å¹´11月9日放送回までOver 12KB for 450 consecutive racesRecorded (2nd place in history)[38] Was.
  • In 2005, he achieved stable results as in the previous year, participated in the championship tournament for the third consecutive year without danger, and advanced to the final for the second consecutive year.In the final, he lost 3nd place (2KB) and ended up losing.Taka and ToshiI couldn't prevent the consecutive championship of (942KB).By the way, if it became a champion in this year, it would be the birth of a duo champion formed after 2000 for the first time in the history of the program.
  • In 2006, in all the times that I participated470KB or moreShowed an astonishing sense of stability to record, and played the championship tournament for the fourth consecutive year. Although he advanced to the final for the third consecutive year, he was 4th (3KB).[39] It ended in defeat.In the finalNON STYLEBecame the first champion in a combination formed after 2000, and was overtaken.By the way, after the end of this tournament,Gold ButlerHas been certified.
  • In fiscal 2007, the sense of stability was further refined, from the May 5th broadcast to the November 18th broadcast.Recorded over 3KB for 480 consecutive races(Two of them are over 2), and in allTop passを果たすという絶好調ぶりであった。ところが2008å¹´2月15日放送回において、まさかの自己最低KBとなる361KB(5位通過)を記録してしまい、2005å¹´1月1日放送回から続いていた「連続オーバー450KB以上」の記録が12でストップしてしまったが、この年の年間ランキングには2度オーバー500を記録していたおかげで16位に入り、何とかチャンピオン大会に出場したが、チャンピオン大会においても4大会ぶりにセミファイナルで敗退(690KB・8位)となってしまうなど、序盤から中盤までの好調から一転して終盤では苦汁を舐めた年となってしまった。
  • In 2008, it was scheduled to participate in the broadcast on April 4, but it was excluded from the examination because an unexpected happening occurred during the story of Hama Kahn that the staff played a voice that signals the end of the story due to a mistake. Only Hama Kahn was not reviewed and weighed[40](Therefore, this time was not included in the battle record and was not counted).Kanda wrote about this on his blog, "I'm full of anger and regret that I can't hit." "Nobody's bad. We were just out of luck."[41] I was mourning.By the way, the story that was shown at this time will be the first in the 22nd participationControlMet.After that, on May 5nd, he rematched with this story and played on air (22KB, 389th place).At the same time, it was the first time in the program that it was on air at Tale.Perhaps the fact that he recorded his lowest KB in February mentioned earlier also had an effect on this year, and although he had won consecutive wins until the middle stage, the number of KBs was sluggish.However, when he recorded 4KB in the broadcast on December 2, and passed the top and recorded 12KB or more for the first time in four races, he recorded 4KB in the broadcast on January 481, 4, and scored high points in rapid succession. I got it back.It was ranked 450st in the annual total KB ranking of this year, and although it was originally out of the championship competition range, it was ranked high in this year's ranking.オ ー ド リ ーとIwaigawaDeclined to participate in the championship due to schedule reasons, so he was ranked 22nd in the annual ranking.Superior armyIt was advanced with.Finally advance to the final[42] However, he was eliminated in 5th place (786KB). Since he hasn't participated since 2009, Hama Kahn became a de facto "Ombat" graduate this year.
  • 23 times in totalEdo MurasakiIt is the second most recorded record along with[43].
  • For the championship6 timesI have participated, this isUntouchable,Total Ten BossAlongsideProgram Thailand recordIt has become.In addition, the continuous participation record of the tournament is also alongside Total Ten Bosch.Program Thailand recordHolding[44].
  • He has demonstrated unrivaled strength in Tokyo recording, and has never experienced a defeat (as mentioned earlier, the two defeats are due to local recording).By the way, among the entertainers who have won more than 1 wins in total, the one who has never lost in Tokyo recording is Hama Kahn.shooting starOnly 2 pairs[45] .
  • In the normal times, I have never recorded below the 1KB level (300-100KB level), but the improvisational story battle project that was held in the "Bakusho On Air Battle Coming-of-Age Day Special" broadcast on January 200, 2006[46] Recorded 218KB when challenging[47] I have been off-air[48].
  • By the way, Kanda was watching "Bakusho On Air Battle" and once said in the official book of the program that he was inspired to start laughing.After that, he invited Hamatani to form a combination, but Hamatani was originally not interested in laughter and thought that laughter was all a control.[49].


At THE MANZAI, he was selected as a certified manzai teacher twice, the 1st (2011 tournament) and the 2nd (2012 tournament), and advanced to the final for the second consecutive year.In the secondWinPlayed.

1st (2011 Tournament)
  • 29 points in total at each main race circuit (1st time:20 points, 2nd time: 9 points), passed the circuit ranking in 3rd place and advanced to the final.In the first round of the final, he was assigned to Group B and showed the story in the fourth place.In National WaratinHi-HiAlthough it recorded 75 points after 74 points, the vote of the professional judgeMasayuki WatanabeOnly one vote was received, and it ended up at the bottom of Group B.Strangely, it was Hi-Hi, who was a senior member of K-Dash Stage like Hama Kahn, who advanced to the final round from Group B.[50]..Also, in this tournament, only this group got votes for all four groups.
  • As mentioned in the above item, the manzai that was shown this year was a story of the style that Hamatani exaggeratedly denied various bland and ordinary acts performed by Kanda with a noisy analogy.By the way, in an interview after winning THE MANZAI 2 the following year, the two of them thought about this style, "(I changed the form from the previous Manzai control to this style of Manzai) and I thought that I was able to form my own Manzai. However, when I appeared in "THE MANZAI" last year with that weapon, it was a sword that I couldn't cut at all (laughs). At that time, I threw away all the swords and armor. (Hamatani) "[51] And so on.Although the result was not good enough, this defeat triggered a change in the manzai style, which led to the victory of the following year.
2st (2012 Tournament)
  • In each main race circuit, he got a total of 30 points (1st time: 14 points, 2nd time: 16 points), passed the circuit ranking in 5th place, and advanced to the final for the second consecutive year.In the first round of the final, he was assigned to Group A and showed the story in the third place.As a result, he got 2 out of 1 votes from the professional judges and made his first final round advance.After that, in the final round, 3 out of 9 votes from the professional judges[52] Acquired, almost unanimously with an overwhelming differenceWinPlayed.Hama Kahn was the first entertainer belonging to the K-Dash Stage to win the Owarai Tarento race (M-1, THE MANZAI, King of Conte, R-1, etc.).Also, it is the only champion of the tournament.Yoshimoto Creative AgencyIt is a combination that belongs to an office other than.
  • This tournament changed from the previous year's style and reversed the blur and tsukkomi[53] However, as mentioned above, "Hamaya emotionally plunged into the annoying opinion given by Kanda's female perspective, and Kanda responded strangely with theoretical reasoning, and Hamaya involuntarily reflected. It was successful to challenge with the style of "I will end up".This style was created after the first tournament last year, and after the new year, Hamatani told Kanda, "You don't have to think about anything anymore. Please tell me what you usually think. It was said that it was the beginning[51]..In addition, the two said about this manzai style, "I was forced into a corner and thought" what should I do? "There was a little gap so I went in quickly. Then I felt like I was able to win" THE MANZAI " (Laughs). (Hamatani) "" Even if you do this story on TV, "Who are you?" Will come first. So, I thought that such a manzai couldn't be understood. Some people said, "Your manzai have evolved," but it's not evolution (laughs). (Kanda) "" That's right. It's not evolution, it's degeneration. I just returned to the original "Mr. Kanda". I spent 2 years learning the technique of Tsukkomi, learning the technique of making material, and in the 13th year I threw it all away (laughs). "I didn't even have the consciousness of changing the style. When I was making one or two new stories a month, I felt that the elements that Mr. Hamatani was addicted to gradually increased. (Kanda) "and so on, confessing that it was a product of chance, not a flash of worries.[51].
    • However, Hamatani was a little confused by the reporter, "After the two won the championship, the reporters said," Which one should be out of focus and which one should be written? "( "Oh, I'm glad that ... I used to think that it would be ideal if I could have such a manzai," he said.[51].
  • Served as a judge at the 2nd competitionMakoto OtakeHas a close relationship with Hama Kahn, such as co-starring on his own radio program, and before the performance, he showed a strict attitude to the two people, "I will not give any compassion", but he himself was broadcast after the tournament In the radio program of "Hama Kahn was the most interesting!", He praised him by letting go, such as shaking his voice.Otake explained the reason, "I can understand how other stories take laughter from the flow of the story, but the story of Hama Kahn is interesting as to where to take (the audience). There was, "he explained, and he was praised very much.He also said to Kanda's pretense, "It was a reasonably life-sized pretending to suit the character, and it was really accurate."[54].
  • Tournament Chief AdvisorBeat takeshiSaid to Hama Kahn's manzai at this tournament, "I understand that three groups came out (in the final round), but the other two groups just" picked up "the head. I made a mistake in the selection of the material and the tempo. The tempo of this one (Hama Kahn) was the best when everyone was tired of laughing. There are 3 groups, but the last (= final round) method, the one who lost was wrong. The result was better before the final. It was a little thin. This (Hama Kahn) was a little up. " Was described as[55].
  • Comedy criticRally TodaCommented on the manzai that Hama Kahn showed at this tournament, "I was able to create a unique pattern by further evolving the traditional style of manzai."In addition, "Hama Kahn's manzai expresses the reality of everyday conversation. When we usually have a conversation, there is a" blurring role "that keeps blurring unilaterally, and a" tsukkomi role "that just sticks in. No. Depending on the flow of conversation, the people who take the initiative change, and it is not decided who is decent and who is strange. Sometimes one person says something strange, and another person does something more strange. Sometimes I swear. All of them are put together and the conversation between people is interesting. Hama Kahn succeeded in extracting the essence of the thrilling fun of everyday conversation and putting it together in the form of a comic book. " It's not a "baseball" type manzai where the attacking side and the defensive side are fixed, but a "soccer" type manzai where the attacking side and the defensive side change rapidly. , It is a superb gem that leaves a name in the history of comics. "[56].


tv set

Current regular program

Current semi-regular program

Past regular programs

Single appearance

Online delivery

Current semi-regular program

  • Best recommended TV "Ma Kyun!"(BS Fuji, February 2013, 2-July 2, 2016, changed to video distribution (YouTube, FRESH!) Only for GI week after October 7, 30) Only Hamatani appears irregularly

Past regular programs

Other appearance programs


Past regular programs



  • Stupid(2009) -Hamatani only (as Kim Hyun Joong)




  • Comedy popolo February 2008 issue Vol.2, May 22 issue Vol.2008
  • Owarai TV LIFE Vol.1
  • ViVi February 2013 Issue No.7
  • InRed July 2013 No.7 --Hamatani only
  • Da Vinci February 2013 Issue No.2



  • Eat bread if you want to be extremely strong with the people and girls (issued in June 2013)Pia)


  • Target age 5 years and over
  • Entertainer's ally! THE DVD Neta Battle vol.1
  • Entertainer's ally! THE DVD Neta Battle vol.2
  • Entertainer's ally! THE DVD Neta Battle vol.3
  • Hama Kahn in Entertainment's ally! LOL story BEST10 (released in 2008, released by TBS)
  • Digital Comedy Lab Cafe de Toriko (Released in 2010 / Publisher:Bop)
  • Hama Kahn Neta Best "Cardboard, Wallet & Three Boxer Briefs" (Released in 2010 / Publisher:Pony canyon)
  • Hama Kahn Neta Best DVD 2013 "KIWAMI" (released on August 2013, 8)


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