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👶 | [Isn't there another person! ] For another child, a goddess-friendly older sister, but for a younger brother ...? "It's small, but it's moody!Childcare ...


[Isn't there another person! ] For another child, a goddess-friendly older sister, but for a younger brother ...? "It's small, but it's moody!Childcare ...

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(Pia) "Playing picture book for children aged 3 to 6 who develop non-cognitive ability" (Ikeda Bookstore).

Ichiko-chan has a reputation as a "gentle sister" for other children.But for my younger brother ...?A little while raising a child ... → Continue reading

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CognitionWhat is (nichi)?PsychologyEtc,A humanTargets such asPerceptionThen, the process of judging and interpreting what it is.

Cognition in psychology

Expressing deep psychology along with senses and perceptions, perceiving objects in the outside world, and thinking and consideration based on experience, knowledge, memory, and formed concepts. Interpretation, knowing, understanding, or acquiring knowledge based on reasoning, etc. In the process of information processing, in cognitive science, human intellectual functions are applied from the application side, engineering, medicine, philosophy, psychology. We will try to clarify comprehensively from fields such as science and arts or interdisciplinary fields. Also, the cognitive distance, which allows humans to perceive the target space, humans, etc., is the geographical and psychological expanse of the space and events perceived by humans as a starting point. There is a distance (cognitive distance).

Cognition is a process that is divided into two stages: "knowledge" and "association." Guidance is the function of extracting a form from the perception of a landscape, and the function of determining what the shape is is the union. Cognitive impairmentDisapprovalThey can see and hear, but they do not understand what they are (symptoms differ between union and cognitive disabilities). I cannot recognize what I see,Facelessness・There may be various symptoms.
In addition, it can be seen that it is used in the fields of medical care, nursing care, and welfare such as "has a nymph", but this is not only the correct usage but also the opposite meaning. [Nintendo] is an incorrect usage between the field and experts, and the profession teaches/enlightens the correct usage of [Cognitive symptoms] or [Cognitive impairment]. The current situation is that it has not penetrated.

Cognition in sociology

  • SociologyIn, is cognitionConsciousnessSometimes used synonymously withParent-childAmong the relationships, in the father-child relationship, the husband of the mother who conceived a child whose father in the reproductive sense is unknown is "CognitionTo do (declare a father in a sociological sense) is a condition for society to certify a child as one of its members ("IllegitimatePrinciple")[1].


  1. ^ "Introduction to Sociology (new edition)" page 38 (written by Takako Sodei), (Yuhikaku, 1990)

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