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👶 | "I'm sorry I couldn't give birth well" A hole in my heart ... I was informed that surgery was necessary #Story of my daughter and heart disease 6


"I'm sorry I couldn't give birth well." A hole in my heart ... I was informed that surgery was necessary. #Story of my daughter and heart disease 6

If you write the contents roughly
I draw a picture diary of a strange family.

"The story of my daughter and heart disease" Episode 6Suddenly hospitalized.Mama was informed that Saku-chan had a large hole in her heart and needed surgery. "... → Continue reading

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The Baby Calendar provides daily information on topics related to pregnancy, pregnancy, childbirth, childrearing, infertility, and information useful for daily life that supports pregnant women, pregnant women, mothers raising children, and dads. I will. It is full of information taught by professionals in the fields of pregnancy, childbirth and childcare, such as registered dietitians and midwives.

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Strange heaven

Strange heaven(Let's listen)

Picture diary

Picture diary(Enikki) is written with a picturediary.


Old timesHeian periodWritten by aristocrats fromThe Tale of Genji"Eawase”Contains the content of trying to show a picture diary.The content of the picture diary depicts the scene of the trip between Suma and Akashi, and it is said that it was written to look back on the past (as a form, the space between the document and the picture is separated by the method of alternating picture scrolls).

The early modern periodEdo PeriodAt that time, even lower-ranking samurai will keep a picture diary.As an example,NinjaClanOzaki Ishijo BunkyuNew Year (1861) To the following year and a lot of picturesIshiki diary] Is left. The ratio of pictures and letters in "Ishijo Diary" is mainly paintings, and there are few letters, and the space between pictures and letters is not divided like in modern picture diary.[1]..The Japanese at that timebirthdayAt the time ofRed riceEtc.[Note 1], I understand customs.

artistThere is also an example of attaching it for the purpose of searching for a subject or training.Hiroshige Utagawa TheKaei6 years(1853)'S trip is left as "Hiroshige Buso Famous Place Travel Picture Diary".Kikukawa EizanThe picture "Kamikaze Diary" (FujiokaIn the case of Takei family collection)Ise visit("Gunma Prefectural History History 6 Modern 3 Life and Culture" page front photo), but the proportion of paintings is still large, and paintings are the main in the early modern period.Besides this,Kyosai KawanabeHas left a picture diary from the end of the Edo period to the Meiji period.

Before the mechanization of video recording media, that is, the development of cameras, scholars used it as a method for recording foreign customs and culture.As an example,Meiji OfHired foreigner OfMorsePresumed that Japan at that time would rapidly absorb Western culture and the culture unique to Japan would disappear, and described the events of Japan in detail. "Morse's Diary"1879May 5th, as for KobeJapanese boatHowever, I wrote down the contents that such a ship will disappear soon because the Japanese learned Western ships and built them (strictly speaking, I wrote a diary and sketches. A book entitled "Japan That Day That Day").An example of a method that combines a diary and a sketch as one book by later generations.

Born in the Meiji era as a modern picture diaryCoal mineBe a workerYamamoto SakubeiCoal mine painting and diary (including picture diary)UNESCO Memory of the World ProgramIt has been reviewed as a historical material value, such as being certified as (Memory of the World) in 2011.

In modern times,<span>Grade 1-2</span> Summer Vacation OfhomeworkOften imposed as.

Picture diary as homework

It used to be normal to write every day[Source required]However, in recent years, only a few days' worth of specific days have been prepared in the summer vacation study journal or for that purpose.Drawing paperShould be written inDedicated to pre-school and extra curricularIs also coming out.

Morning glory,LoofahEtc. for summer vacationFree studyI chose it as an issue forplant,AnimalIn some cases, the observation record of is written in the form of a picture diary.

Picture diary as a contest

During the summer vacation from 2001 to 2004JR West JapanSponsored byTrain travelA contest for children was held with the theme of.


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  1. ^ The description can be found on December 2, 12nd year of Bunkyu in "Ishijo Diary", on the first birthday of Okinu, the child of Ishijo's younger sister.


  1. ^ Toshiaki Ooka "Samurai's Picture Diary: Life and Living Scenery at the End of the Edo Period" Kadokawa Sophia Library 2014 ISBN 978-4-04-409217-7..Refer to the picture.

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