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👶 | [Episode XNUMX] Until my son is diagnosed with a developmental disorder-Future policy decision- | Pino's Childcare Diary


[Episode XNUMX] Until my son is diagnosed with a developmental disorder-Future policy decision- | Pino's Childcare Diary

If you write the contents roughly
However, since there are so many children who want to undergo a developmental examination, it seems that there are many hospitals that basically guide the second opinion as NG.

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 Mama Square

"Mama Square" is filled with daily thoughts such as troubles, worries, fun, relaxed feelings, and things that we solved in this way.
I would be happy if it could be a clue to solving troubles to everyone reading it, empathy and hints for childcare

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Developmental examination

Developmental examination(Hatatsukinsa) is mainly for infants and<span>Grade 1-2</span>It is a test to check the degree of development of the child and use it for raising.Intelligence test,Personality testAlong withPsychological examinationIs a kind of.

Concrete example

Inspection name著者InfomationRequired TimeBe applicableage
Enjoji style infant analytical development test methodEnjoji Munenori15 minutesUp to 4 years and 8 months
Infant mental development diagnostic method (Tsumori type)Makoto Tsumori20 minutesUp to 7
New version K type development testKyoto CityKyoto International Social Welfare Center30 minutesUp to adults
K is an acronym for Kyoto.For children, it can be tested as if playing.
Japanese version of Denver Development Screening Test (JDDST-R)[1]15 to 20 minutesUp to 6
Seiken CLAC-II (for general use)40 to 50 minutesFrom 2 to 12 years old
Grasp the characteristics of children with autism and use them for medical treatment.Healthy children have a circular diagram, but autistic children have a jagged star shape.
Seiken CLAC-III (for behavior therapy)Below 60 pointsFrom 3 to 12 years old
Frostig visual perception development test30 to 40 minutesFrom 4 years to 7 years and 11 months
strokeCan also be used by adults such as
KIDS Infant Development ScaleAbout 10 to 15 minutesInfants from 0 years 1 month to 6 years 11 months
Exercise, manipulation, comprehension language, expression language, concept, child sociality, adult sociality, discipline, diet
Marie Infant Development Diagnostic Test・ ・Kohei MatsudaOtherChiba Test CenterAbout 10 to 15 minutesNewborn to 1 year old baby
Diagnostic screening of developmental stages from XNUMX areas of stimulation, exercise, personal autonomy, cognition, language, and sociality is useful for infant care and promotes infant development.
Uzugiris Hunt Development Scale40 to 60 minutesUp to 2
Painting Vocabulary Development Test (PVT)Individual 15 minutes, group 20 minutes3 years 0 months to 10 years 11 months
Measure the development of "speaking comprehension"


  1. ^ In Denver II, we received an explanation from the author of the new edition that the gnome error in the old Denver was corrected.


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Second opinion

Second opinion(British: second opinion) Means "opinion" or "action to seek opinion" from a third party with specialized knowledge other than the parties concerned in order to make a better decision.

JapanMainly inMedicalIt is a term used in the field of, and it will be explained in this section as well.


MedicalIn the field ofpatient Inspection,治療In receivingAttending physicianOther thanDoctor"Opinion" or "act of asking for an opinion".Breaking away from the traditional doctor-patient relationship of "leaving everything" to the attending physician, multipleExpertBy listening to the opinions of, a more suitable treatment methodPatient's own choiceIt is in line with the idea that we should do it.

When seeking a second opinion, first ask your doctor for a letter of introduction to another doctor (Medical Information Provision Form), It is necessary to request the provision of information such as diagnostic imaging film and creation of inspection records.This is because it is difficult for a doctor who is asked for an opinion to give appropriate advice without grasping the progress of treatment and the transition of medical conditions so far.MoreoverIntroductionYou will see the destination and ask for your opinion.At this time, a new inspection may be required.[Source required]..At the second opinion outpatient department, a report will be prepared for the attending physician and the materials submitted by the attending physician will also be returned.

Second opinion outpatients will be treated at their own expense.This is the second opinion "Medical treatmentBecause it becomes "consultation" instead of "Health insuranceYou will not be eligible for the benefits and will be responsible for the full amount (please consult an insurance medical institution)Insurance cardIf the patient wishes to receive medical insurance at a general outpatient clinic,Insurance medical treatmentWill be handled).Also,WelfareIf the doctor does not deem it necessary, the beneficiary will be treated as "own expense medical treatment", so it will be a life protection.Medical assistanceIt is virtually impossible to consult a doctor at another hospital for a second opinion.

MedicalIn recent years, not only the therapeutic effectQuality of lifeIs becoming more important, so the problem is how to achieve both.cancerTreatment andPsychiatricIt has been attracting attention in the medication treatment of.

Examples that do not correspond to the second opinion

  • If you do not agree to receive a second opinion without the information provided by your doctor
  • If you wish to see a doctor other than your doctor
  • Consultation on the premise of changing doctors
  • Consultation of dissatisfaction and complaints with the attending physician
  • Consultation for the purpose of proceedings, etc.
  • Checking for medical errors and malpractices
  • Checking if the treatments given so far were correct
  • Consultation for those who have already completed treatment or died
  • Consultation on medical expenses and medical benefits

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