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👩‍🎓 | [Summer vacation 2021] Tokyo Dome Hotel, table manners class for parents and children 8/21

Photo Tokyo Dome Hotel holds "table manners class for parents and children"

[Summer vacation 2021] Tokyo Dome Hotel, table manners class for parents and children 8/21

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In addition to basic table manners, the hotel chef will also hold a petite cooking class and a napkin folding class.

Tokyo Dome Hotel will hold a "table manners class for parents and children" as a summer vacation experience event for elementary school students on August 2021, 8. → Continue reading


The educational environment, university entrance examination reform, and the environment surrounding children are undergoing major changes. Amid the changes of this era, parents' interest in the education and career of children is only increasing. Risemum will transmit accurate and useful information centered on educational information, as a medium that is close to the hearts of parents. We will promptly deliver information that parents are interested in such as education reform, international education, examinations, educational events, STEM education including programming.

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Table manners

Table manners (English: Table manners) Means eachFood culture:According to the rules thatMealProperly use the tools used in the event and respect the people with whom you eatEtiquette That is.

History of Japanese dietary practices

"Wei ZhajinThere is a description that "Wajin eats by hand" in the description.Nara periodPreviously from ChinachopsticksIt is probable that he had eaten by hand until he was introduced.Heian periodBy the time you enter, chopsticks have been excavated from the ruins of the city.Common peopleIt can be seen that the chopsticks had penetrated to[1].

There is a theory that table manners in Japan were established as food etiquette around the Heian period, but a definite record was recorded in the 13th century.DogenIt is a commentary on the "rice cooked rice method" written by.According to this content, a method that is familiar to modern Japanese table manners has already been established.

Food culture

It is a food culture that carries food directly from the hand to the mouth instead of using tools.mainlyMiddle East,IndiaIt can be seen in other cultures, but also in other cultures.sandwich,Bread,pizza,rice ball,SnacksSuch assnackHowever, there are many dishes that are premised on hand-holding, and it is considered to be the basic culture of humankind.

In a culture that mainly eats by hand, wash your hands before and after meals and limit the hands and fingers you eat.healthHas evolved and refined its own manners in consideration of[2].

History of table manners in Europe

In Europe, there were no rules until the Middle Ages, and most people, including privileged people, ate by hand.For example, I came to Japan in the 16th centuryJesuits OfMissionaryIs,Louis FroisTestified in his book "Comparison of Japanese and European Cultures" that "We eat everything by hand. Japanese men and women eat with two sticks from childhood." There is. Sebastian Brandt's 15th century bookShip of FoolsIt seems that the concept of table manners was formed by this time because the manners on the table were mentioned in.Table manners developed with the development of human culture[3].

Muslim,HunsAlong with international exchanges including wars with such people, suppression of desires such as appetite and consideration for the other party were cultivated, and table manners that the other party did not dislike at the meeting were formed.


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