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👩‍🎓 | Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University opens Japan's first “Knowledge Cafe” online store


Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University opens Japan's first "Knowledge Cafe" online store

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"Knowledge Cafe *" used by university students to support career development.

Enrition Co., Ltd. opens Japan's first "Knowledge Cafe" online store at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University ... → Continue reading

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Career formation

Career formation(Career Keisei) is an activity in which a person acquires vocational ability through work.

Purpose of career formation 

The purpose is to develop human resources who play a central role in the business through vocational training.On the other hand, there are pros and cons as to what it means to form vocational ability (career formation) in the essential sense because the labor force required by the times fluctuates gradually.

Significance of career formation in Japan

In the employment environment in Japan,CareerCareer development is important for many companies that value the world.

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