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👶 | Get out in 5 minutes!Easy arrangement of short and long hair # Hairstyles from 40s 3


Get out in 5 minutes!Easy arrangement of short and long hair # Hairstyles from 40s 3

If you write the contents roughly
Now that loose style is the mainstream, even busy adult girls can easily adopt trends.

Hairstyles from the 40s have a lot of worries. The most common problem is that the volume does not come out.Experience as a beautician ... → Continue reading

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Adult girls

"Adult girls』(Adult) is2015 May 10からMay 12Until every Thursday from 22:00 to 22:54Fuji Television Network, IncOf the systemThursday TheaterJapan broadcast in the frameTV drama.. StarringRyoko Shinohara[1].



main character

Aki Nakahara <40>
Performance- Ryoko Shinohara
An office lady who works for a major romance app company.Even as he gets older, he is fashionable, beautiful, and can work, but he is clumsy for romance, such as being shaken by a man who is not good at private.At work, a young colleague forcibly tells me that she is a girl.Good at cooking.I can't really make a point in front of my boyfriend, and I can only forgive my girlfriend, Moeko, Midori and my cat Chikuwa of the same age.
Moeko Osaki <40>
Performance- Michiko Yoshise
Flower shop owner.Aki has been a friend since high school.He approaches various men like a horror, but he is still single because he is caught only by bad guys.His mother, Kinoe, hastened him to get married.I have always lived as my mother wanted, such as taking entrance exams for junior high school and working on flowers.Although he is dating Kurita, he is betrayed repeatedly while being jealous of the existence of another woman.Kurita avoids the fact that her mother interferes violently even after her marriage, and because that is my way of life, she says goodbye to Kurita.
Midori Sakata <40>
Performance- Suzuki Sane
A single mother who raises three sons in a dizzying manner.Part-time work at a bento shop.Aki and Moeko's friends.I have been busy with housework and child-rearing, but when I was approached by my third son's homeroom teacher, I was confused because my thoughts grew.The eldest son made her pregnant, the second son started a part-time job at a dubious shop because he could not see the painful household budget, the third son was bullied, and so on.
Junichi Kurita <42>
Performance- Shosuke Tanihara
President of Aki's company "FRUITAGE".He is rich and popular with women, but he is single because he is the type who wants to enjoy romance forever.She's a playboy and she always has more than one girlfriend, and every time she cooks at home and receives flowers at that time, she runs the same date plan.Moeko's rental boyfriend Tashiro's existence is impatient, and she proposes to cut off all at once with her and meet Moeko's mother, but Moeko has lived according to her mother's obedience and her mother's Overwhelmed by the willingness to push into a new house every day, he declares that marriage is unthinkable.Aki, who has been a member since the company was founded, has an old relationship.
Fumio Takayama <45>
Performance- Yousuke Eguchi
Writer. A screenwriter who produced many hits in a romantic drama more than 10 years ago, but has not released many works recently.He is in charge of supervising the romance app developed by Aki's company, colliding with Aki who he met at the train and the cafe he always works at.Has a unique philosophy about romance.There is a section that looks at the world diagonally with a biased personality, and says only things that make people angry, Aki says.I always work at the same cafe and can easily talk to the master.I approach Aki, who is injured by work and love, but apparently it is for writing my own novel? ??My car is a 1969 modelMinica 70 GSS..The last is tied to Aki

Persons involved in the main characters

Shinji Yamaoka <34>
Performance- Saito Ko(Friendship appearance)
Aki's ex-boyfriend and fledgling musician.A typical string.He lived with Aki and was fed, but during that time he had an affair with a young staff member.When Aki came home earlier than planned, she was witnessed at the flirtation scene, but she said, "Young girlfriend can be on an equal footing, and her parents agree."However, when he gets stuck in work or in love with an affair partner, he returns to Aki, but with the cooperation of Takayama, he leaves Aki.
Yu Ikeda <38>
Performance- Hiroyuki Hirayama
Appeared from the second episode.Office worker who works for a publishing company.Takayama's editor in charge.Dating with Aki.I like horse racing, but I'm a small person and have never spent more than 2 yen.I'm not good at unexpected things, so I go on a date preview.I'm not good at interacting deeply with people, and I'm having trouble getting someone into my life, and I feel relieved that I'm busy with work and have no dates. ..He tells Aki to that effect and shakes it, but after that he refuses to tell Aki that he wants to appear before Aki as a friend and return to his side.
Kenta Sawada <28>
Performance- Chiba Yudai
Appeared from the second episode.Ling's homeroom teacher.Although he wanted to be a dancer, he became a teacher in search of stability, and now he is dancing alongside his work.Repeat the approach with a thought on Midori.I want to help Midori, so I'm worried about not only my third son but also my second son.Midori reports that her third son has been bullied, but the truth is unknown.
Kenzo Shimoda
Performance- Shigeru Ikeda
Master of the cafe "caldo", which is a favorite of Aki and Takayama.


Miwa Kudo <35>
Performance- Miwako Ichikawa
Aki's colleague and Kurita's lover.I hide my private life at work.It is an intermediate position between Aki and young people, and he feels impatient with his age in front of his young colleagues and is sensitive to delineation.
Saori Tachibana <25>
Performance- Aya Hirayama
Aki's colleague.He criticizes Aki's way of life by hitting a bitter secret, saying, "I'm forced to be a girl" and "I'm annoyed even if I think I'm a friend."I think it's better to find a better person and be a happy aunt than to force a girl.
Ryosuke Maekawa <25>
Performance- Ryo Yoshizawa
Aki's subordinates.I am in love with Aki.
Keiko Kawakami <24>
Performance- Seiko Fujimura
Aki's subordinates.
Reina Endo <26>
Performance- Hikaru Horiguchi
Aki's subordinates.
Reiko Yanagida <28>
Performance- Kanako Higashi
Kurita's secretary.

Sakata family

Subaru Sakata <21>
Performance- Generation
Midorino's eldest son.College student.Make her pregnant.
Aoi Sakata <17>
Performance- Yabe Masaaki
Midorino's second son.I started a part-time job at a dubious bar in the downtown area, not seeing a difficult household budget.
Ryo Sakata <15>
Performance- Urakami Akira
Midorino's third son.It seems that he is being bullied, but the truth is unknown.


Performance- Tomomi Maruyama
Appeared from the 5th episode.Rental boyfriend ordered by Moeko.He began to approach him positively and took charge of the relationship between him and his mother.
Performance- Yasuyuki Maekawa
Appeared in episodes 6 and 7.Photographer.
Kinoe Osaki
Performance- Mayumi Asaka
Moeko's mother.
Performance-Alice (cat)
Aki's beloved cat and counselor.Idol among female friends.Speak with a speech bubble about what you are thinking smartly.

ス タ ッ フ

Broadcast schedule

Each storyAirdatesubtitlescriptShowAudience rating[7]
Episode 1May 10I want to grab happiness !! I won't give up on girlsMasaya OzakiRyo Tanaka9.9%
Episode 2May 10Great reversal of love and life9.2%
Episode 3May 10We are too clumsy7.2%
Episode 41105 days40 years old crawling up !!Muneki Sekino9.0%
Episode 5May 11Adult kiss8.3%
Episode 6May 11Finally the counterattack started !!Masaya Ozaki
Yoko Izumisawa
Ryo Tanaka7.5%
Episode 7May 11Reversal from the losing womanYoko IzumisawaMuneki Sekino9.0%
Episode 81203 daysNight aloneRyo Tanaka8.7%
Episode 9May 12Shining kissMuneki Sekino9.2%
The last episode ofMay 12This is my way of lifeMasaya OzakiRyo Tanaka9.2%
Average audience rating 8.7%[8](The audience rating isVideo researchLook up,Kanto area・ Household)

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