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🛋 | [Ping Pawn] History and sound types related to doorbells and door chimes


[Ping Pawn] History and types of sounds related to doorbells and door chimes at the entrance

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As a countermeasure in such a case, doorphones with a voice change function are now on sale.

The sound of a doorbell / door chime comes to mind when you think of "ping pong".Everyone's home doorbell, doorbell ... → Continue reading

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IntercomIt is,HouseDedicated to the premises installed inTelIs.LegallyWired Telecommunications ActandLaw Concerning Wired Broadcast PhoneRefers to those to which the regulation of.In this itemRailway carWe will also explain the intercom for communication between crew members and passengers / crew members.

In a narrow senseExtension phoneIn the sense of distinguishing fromLeased lineThe one that is not connected.In a broad senseNTTSuch asPublic switched telephone networkWithout connecting to住宅·Office·Ship-aircraftThis refers to general communication equipment that allows calls only on the premises line.

In addition, "intercom" isJapanglishAnd in JapaneseHigh voice telephoneThat is.in Englishinterphone(Intercom, Intercom).In French "interphoneIn addition to spelling it as "interphone", it is sometimes spelled as "interphone" in English-speaking countries.

Residential (doorphone)

Residential intercoms (doorphones) are residentialEntranceIt consists of an entrance slave unit installed on the side of the outside and an intercom master unit installed indoors, and you can call the room from the entrance and talk.Because you can talk and confirm with the visitors without opening the entranceCrime preventionIt is installed for the purpose of.

System configuration
The minimum configuration is one entrance and one room, but there is also a multi-station type that can accommodate up to three entrances and five in the house, which can be selected according to the size of the house.
  • Visitor call: In a house, it has advantages such as operability and the appearance of the wall surface.hands freeThe method has become mainstream in recent years.
  • Visitor video: To improve crime preventionTV monitorThose with are popular.In the past, there was a black and white liquid crystal type, but the current model is a color liquid crystal type.
  • Of the visitorsRecording-recording: There is also a type that can record.Depending on the model, there are still images and video recordings.
  • Interlocking with a sensor camera: A function that allows you to catch, monitor, and record an approaching person with a sensor camera installed at the entrance.
  • Residential fire alarmInterlocking with: Alarm sounds from the intercom master unit, entrance slave unit, etc.voiceIn addition to notifying with, there is also a type that allows you to check the fire alarm by operating the intercom side.
  • Crime preventionInterlocking with the sensor: A function that issues an alarm when the entrance or window where the security sensor is installed opens.
  • Interlocking with electric lock: The electric lock can be unlocked by operating the intercom in each room.It cannot be locked.
  • Room-to-room calls: Some systems that can connect multiple intercoms in the house allow calls between rooms.
  • インターネットAlerts for visitors and homes by connectingMobile phoneAbility to notify to.
  • ElectricalAbility to monitor usage.

For condominiums

auto lockBecause it is possible to remotely unlock the entrance after talking and confirming with the visitor in conjunction withCrime preventionIt is highly convenient and convenient, and is an essential facility for newly built condominiums.In addition, the intercom equipment installed in condominiums of a certain size or largerFire Service ActSpecified inAutomatic fire alarm systemIt is also a receiver of, and works in conjunction with the connected fire detector.火災Has a function to warn.

System configuration
  • Common entrance: A master unit for the common entrance is installed,Numeric keypadYou can call the dwelling unit you are visiting and make a call.Some have a camera.
  • Dwelling unit room: An intercom master unit is installed, and visitors can be confirmed by calling and video, and the auto lock can be unlocked.
  • Dwelling unit entrance: A front door slave unit is installed, and you can call the intercom in the dwelling unit and make a call.Some have a camera.
  • Management room: A management room master unit is installed so that the dwelling unit can be called and talked to, and various alarms in the dwelling unit can be monitored.
Since the intercom master unit in the dwelling unit has the following various functions, it is sometimes called a "housing information board".
  • Call / Video: Similar to the intercom for detached housesカ ラ ーliquid crystalThe built-in hands-free type has become mainstream in recent years.
  • Of visitorsRecording-recording.
  • Emergency push button.
  • Fire detectorGas alarm・ Interlocking with water leak alarm v
  • A function that works with a security switch (magnet switch) installed on the front door or window to warn the opening and closing of the door or window.
  • Broadcast: A function that broadcasts from the management room master unit through the speaker of the dwelling unit intercom.
  • Delivery boxInterlocking: A function that notifies the arrival of goods in the delivery box on the LCD screen of the intercom.
  • Alarm in the apartmenttelephone lineA function to report to the management center etc.
  • Japan Meteorological AgencyEarthquake early warningA function that receives (forecast) and notifies the inside of the dwelling unit by voice or liquid crystal display.
  • A function that incorporates a non-contact key reader in the entrance intercom to unlock the auto lock, and at the same time, display the arrival of delivery and call the elevator.
  • エ レ ベ ー タ ーInterlocking: A function that determines the target floor from the call of the intercom and the information of the non-contact key, and automatically stops the elevator on that floor.
  • インターネットCooperation: A function that can notify a mobile phone of a visitor or an alarm via the Internet, and control the electrical equipment in the house from the mobile phone.
  • Mobile phoneLinkage with: There are various patterns depending on the manufacturer and model, such as linking via the Internet or converting a room number into a phone number to call a mobile phone.SmartphoneIt is possible to unlock the auto lock by responding from, so-called propertyIoTIt is said that it can be changed and it will lead to the solution of the redelivery problem.


The following are manufacturers that deal with other specialized fields.

  • : We sell communication systems for all applications such as broadcasting, stage, military facilities, public facilities, and commercial facilities.
  • : We sell communication systems used in large-scale sites such as broadcasting, theatrical performances, and factories.
  • TELEX: Sales of various communication systems.The so-called income is the RTS brand.
  • Matrix Electronics: Entrance management device XDP-810C (tele opener series) with telephone intercom for common entrance of condominiums.
  • San Nobel: Telephone intercom system "Trim X" etc.

A company that used to produce doorphones


Railway carInDriverとconductorIn terms of operation, a communication device for communicating between the two is also called an "intercom".One handset is installed in the driver's cab, and in addition to vehicles that communicate via this, there are also improved ones that take into consideration the operability of the crew, and a flexible microphone that takes hands-free into consideration (free neck angle). There are vehicles that use a microphone that can be changed to.Also, for the conductorIn-car broadcastingSome vehicles have a microphone that doubles as a microphone.In addition, inform the crew of any abnormalities in the cabin.In-car emergency notification deviceThere is also.

  • BroadcasterLarge-scale audio equipment such as Intercom-Talkback
  • Elevator: Used for calls from inside the car to the machine room / management room.telephone lineThere is also a call with an elevator maintenance company by using.


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