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💳 | How long will the cashless return be? Review the deadline for minor points


How long will the cashless return be? Review the deadline for minor points

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Mina Point, a business that promotes the spread of cashless payments to consumers, has been extended for half a year.

The national cashless return business is a minor point for users as well as subsidizing the introduction of cashless payments to businesses. → Continue reading

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Minor point business

Minor point business(Minor points)Personal number card(My number card) andElectronic paymentFor the purpose of spreadingMinistry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsConsumption revitalization policy implemented byPoint programIs[1][2].


2019May 9,Japanese GovernmentIs the spread of personal number cards by giving minor points and from the next monthconsumption taxAnnounced a policy to consider measures to stimulate consumption in line with the rate increase[3].. As business expenses, FY2019Supplementary budgetJPY 21 billion, FY2020budget2478 billion yen was recorded[4].. Of this amount, about 2000 billion yen is the source of return points, and about 500 billion yen is the cost.[4].. This project is a general incorporated association from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.Environmental co-creation initiativeFor 350 billion yenConsignmentAnd furtherDentsuAnd someCompanySubcontracted, re-consigned, re-consigned to[2].

Got a personal number cardconsumerCan receive minor points redemption from one of the selected electronic payment services[4].. 25% of the total deposit or purchase, up to 5000 yen will be returned[4].Cashless and consumer return businessEnds2020May 6The day afterMay 7Reservation/application acceptance starts from.


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