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🛋 | Used condominiums tend to forget the “maintenance cost” after purchase ... What is the case where the burden becomes heavy?


Second-hand condominiums tend to forget the "maintenance cost" after purchase ... What is the case where the burden becomes heavy?

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Since the ratio of unit price to contract will be heavy, I would like to make a purchase plan with not only the mortgage repayment amount but also the running cost in mind.

You know that if you buy an apartment, you will have to pay management costs and reserves for repairs as running costs, but which one is actually ... → Continue reading

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running costIsBusiness Administrationthe termOne of theCompanyInFacility,HouseTheMaintenanceNeeded tocostSay that.This is after the building and equipment are completed and put into operation.AbolishedIt is the cost of the period until you can get rid of it.What is recorded in the running cost isUtility costs,MaintenanceInspection service costssupplies expenseIt is the cost that is required on a regular basis.

On the other hand, the cost for things that can be used for a long time after the initial cost isinitial costIt turns out that.

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