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🛋 | [Confirm in advance] Is it possible to barbecue on the roof balcony of the condominium?


[Confirm in advance] Is it possible to have a barbecue on the roof balcony of the condominium?

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For example, balconies and balconies, including roof balconies, and private gardens on the ground floor.

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roof balcony

roof balconyWhat is (heavenly garden)?ApartmentI used the roof part of the downstairs dwelling unitバルコニーThat thing.Sometimes referred to as a roof terrace.


  • Compared to ordinary balconies, it can secure a large space, so it can be said that it has excellent sunlight and a feeling of openness.
  • gardeningAlthough it is a trend to use it for parties and parties, it may be difficult to ensure privacy because it may be completely visible from the surroundings in places such as Tokyo where it is set up.

注意 点

  • In condominiums, there are many residents under the balcony, so it is necessary to consider the sound.In addition, when using it as a gardening (sky garden), it is necessary to keep in mind the presence or absence of drainage outlets and cleaning.

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