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👶 | Masako Ohara's eldest son's piano recital video has been released.Reasons to have your child do multiple lessons


Released a video of Masako Ohara's eldest son's piano recital.Reasons to have your child do multiple lessons

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In addition to the piano that started four months ago, Seiki Chi-kun is working hard on lessons such as English conversation, swimming, karate, and baseball training by his father.

Talent Masako Ohara moves on YouTube with her 6-year-old eldest son playing "Amazing Grace" at a piano recital ... → Continue reading

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English Classes

English Classes(Eikaiwa,English: english conversation[1]) IsEnglishDo in会話Refers to[2].


FrenchConversations held inChineseAs you can see from the fact that the expressions abbreviated as French conversation and Chinese conversation are not everyday,JapaneseTheLife Of言语Used asJapanIn particularForeign languageExpressions that are routinely used in the context of learning and acquiring English as a representative. However, EnglishMother tongueDo notRussianとChinese peopleBut,BrazilIt does not specify the context as in the case where the conversation conducted in English can be expressed as English conversation.

in JapanEnglishEducation itselfPrewarIt was held from the beginning, but English conversation began to be learnedU.S. ArmySince I was stationed in Japan. JapaneseEnglish education grammar,Reading comprehensionCriticized for being the center, English conversation flourished. Various in JapanEnglish conversation schoolThere is. However, in countries and regions other than Japan, there is no idea to specially learn conversation only.English conversation schoolSome even offer courses in other languages ​​such as French or Chinese.


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