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👩‍🎓 | Photobook "Augmented Moment of Happiness of Animals" Released on July 7th (Tuesday) "Wildlife Photo ...


Photobook "Augmented Moment of Happiness of Animals" Released on July 7th (Tuesday) "Wildlife Photo ...

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His major books include "Happy Animals That Can Go to Rabbit Island Meeting" (Nikkei National Geographic), "PENGUINLAND Penguins' Country" (Aoisha), "Horse Unko", "Nemuidamon", "Giant Salamander", and " "Oshiri Pocket Wonbat no Akachan" (above, Soensha), "Rabbit Jima no Usagi-chan" (Shogakukan), "Anaguma is not a bear" (Tokyo Bookstore) and many more.

Nikkei National Geographic (Representative: Shin Takiyama, Location: Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo) said, "The happiness of animals ... → Continue reading


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Rabbit island

Rabbit(I.e.-Rabbit island(Rabbit Jima / Rabbit To)

National Geographic (Magazine)

National Geographic Partners > National Geographic (Magazine)

"National geographic』(English: National Geographic) IsNational Geographic Partners Ofmagazine.. The first issue is1888 so,National Geographic SocietyIt was published as an official magazine nine months after its founding.The original name of the magazine was National Geographic Magazine..After a whileCover Of黄色 OfframeHas come to be characterized.

Twelve monthly magazines are published annually, in addition to thatappendix OfMapIs issued.It also occasionally issues special issues.Geography,Anthropology,NATURE-Environmental studies,Popular science,History,culture, Latest event,写真Articles such as are posted.The current editor-in-chief is Susan Goldberg.

Published in 36 languages ​​worldwide and subscribed to 180 million people in more than 850 countries[1]..The circulation of the Japanese version is about 8 (Japan ABC AssociationThe number of copies of the 2009 public inspection), and the readersCapital AreaOnly over 42%.In addition, the average annual household income (SA) of readers is high, and it occupies a part in Japan.

2007, 2008, 2010 three times,American Society of Magazine Editors Received the (ASME) General Excellence Award (with a circulation of over 200 million). In 2010News photoとessayHas also won the highest ASME award in the category of.

It was published as an official magazine of the non-profit organization "National Geographic Society", but in 2015 in the United States21th Century Fox(CurrentWalt Disney Company), And became a publication of the new company National Geographic Partners.[2].


National Geographic Magazine The first issue of was published on September 8, 1888, just eight months after the association was founded.[3]..National Geographic was published in the January 1905 issue because it is an academic journal that makes heavy use of pictures and photographs.Russian EmpireTwo explorers Gombojab Tsybikov And Ovshe Norzunov's photos of the Tibet expedition are posted in the size of the entire page, which is a characteristic of this. On the cover of the July 1985 issue,アフガニスタン13 year old girl Sharbat Gluttony Photographs are used, making it one of the most famous images in the magazine's history.

National Geographic digitized the content of the magazine for more than 1997 years in 100.CD-ROMとDVDPut in The Complete National Geographic However, several proceedings were filed for not obtaining the permission of the copyright holders of individual photographs, articles and paintings, and the trial continued for a long time.In December 2, a federal court ruled that National Geographic had the right to make electronic copies of paper magazines.United States Supreme CourtDismissed the appeal.In response, National Geographic is a new edition with all the back issues from 1888 to the December 2008 issue. The Complete National Geographic Was released in July 2009.The following year, we released a version with the addition of 7.There is also a disc containing only the added parts for those who purchased the previous version.The electronic version will be released every year in the future.

2006, National Geographic Writer Paul Salopek Is for coverageスーダンTovisaEnter withoutspyWas arrested on suspicion of.Article written by National Geographic and SalopekChicago TribuneWorked on the Sudanese government and eventually Salopek was released.


Cold WarAt the time, the magazine expressed a neutral position,Iron curtainHe said that he would present a perspective on physical geography and human geography beyond.The magazine is in Berlin, occupied Austria,Soviet Union,People's Republic of ChinaFor, I posted an article that dilutes politics and focuses on culture.Space development competitionWhen dealing withnuclear weaponsIt dealt little with development relationships and focused only on the scientific side.

Then the environment, deforestation, chemical pollution,Global warming, Has come to deal with issues such as endangered species.The articles in the series deal with the history and diverse uses of specific metals, gems, crops, and archaeological discoveries.Occasionally, it will feature themes such as specific countries, past civilizations, and endangered natural resources.recentlyNational Geographic SocietyHas launched several magazines that deal with different subjects.


Top quality record写真It is also known that it has posted.The standards for posting photos are extremely strict, and out of the large number of photographs taken by cameramen, 1 to 1-2 are published in the magazine.He is also enthusiastic about responding to technological innovation.tripodとPhoto plate35mm from a big camera that usesReversal filmFrom black-and-white photography to color, from silver halide filmデ ジ タ ル 写真The transition to was also quick. In 2006, National Geographic held an international photography contest, collecting photographs from 18 countries.Photos published in magazines may also be published as photo books.As a style of photography that originated in National Geographic Red Shirt School of Photography There is something called.In recent years, he has also published how-to books of photographs by photographers who have contributed to magazines.In particular, the series of "Professional shooting" is published not only by situation such as "landscape", "wild animals" and "travel photography", but also by specialized contents such as "exposure", "composition" and "image editing". There is.


To supplement the article, in the corresponding areaMapMay be attached to the magazine.

National Geographic Society in 1915 National Geographic Maps Established a department (originally named Cartographic Division).The magazine's first appendix map, from the May 1918 issue, is for soldiers and their families who traveled abroad during World War I. The Western Theater of War It was a map titled[4]..The association's map archive was sometimes used by the United States government, which has a limited budget for its own mapping.[5].President of the United StatesFranklin Roosevelt OfWhite HouseThere were many National Geographic maps in the map room.LondonChurchill MuseumIt is,Winston ChurchillmyselfYalta talksThe map of Europe made by National Geographic written in is exhibited.

Contains all maps from 2001, 1888 to the December 2000 issueCD-ROMA set of 8 has been released.Printed maps are available at NGMapcollection.com.

National language version

In April 1995, the Japanese version was launched as the first non-English periodical foreign language version.[6]..It is now published in 32 languages ​​around the world.Besides EnglishBulgarian,Chinese(Simplified charactersと繁体字),Croatian,Czech,Danish,Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek,Hebrewと Orthodox Hebrew Edition, Hungarian,Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish,Portuguese(Two),Romanian,Russian,Serbian,Slovenian,Spanish(2), Swedish,タイ 語,TurkishThere is. The 33rd language version is September 2009, 9,リトアニアIssued in. In October 2010Abu DhabiでArabicThe edition has been published, and National Geographic is now published in 34 languages.[7].

言语WebsiteEditor-in-chiefFirst issue
Englishwww.nationalgeographic.com/magazineChris Johns1888/10
Japanesenatgeo.nikkeibp.co.jpHiroyuki FujitaApril 1995 (There was also a special issue before the first issue before April)
Spanish (Spain)www.nationalgeographic.com.esJosep Cabello1997/10
Spanish(Latin America)www.ngenespanol.comOmar Lopez1997/11
Italianwww.nationalgeographic.itWilliam Pepper1998/2
HebrewDaphne RazFebruary 1998 (Orthodox Hebrew Version is April 2007)
Greek languageMaria Atmatzidou1998/10
Germanwww.nationalgeographic.deErwin Brunner1999/10
Frenchwww.nationalgeographic.frFrançois Marot1999/10
Polishwww.national-geographic.plMartyna Wojciechowska1999/10
Korean (Republic of Korea)www.natgeokorea.comKay Wang2000/1
Portuguese(Brazil)Matthew Shirts2000/5
Swedishnatgeo.seKaren Gunn2000/9
Danishnatgeo.dkKaren Gunn2000/9
Norwegiannatgeo.noKaren Gunn2000/9
Dutch(Netherlands / Belgium)www.nationalgeographic.nlAart Aarsbergen2000/10
Chinese(Taiwan)2019.natgeomedia.comRoger Pan2001/1
Finnishnatgeo.fiKaren Gunn2001/1
Portuguese (Portugal)nationalgeographic.sapo.ptGonçalo Pereira2001/4
Turkishwww.nationalgeographic.com.trNesibe Bat2001/5
タイ 語ngthai.comKowit Phadungruangkij2001/8
Czechwww.national-geographic.czTomáš Tureček2002/10
Romanianwww.natgeo.roCristian Lascu2003/5
Russianwww.nat-geo.ruAndrei Doubrovski2003/10
CroatianHrvoje Prćić2003/11
Indonesiannationalgeographic.grid.idYunas Santhani Azis2005/3
Bulgarianwww.nationalgeographic.bgKrassimir Drumev2005/11
Slovenianwww.nationalgeographic.siMarija Javornik2006/4
Serbianwww.nationalgeographic.rsIgor Rill2006/11
Chinese(China)www.ngchina.com.cnYe Nan2007/7
Lithuanianwww.nationalgeographic.ltFrederikas Jansonas2009/10
Arabicwww.ngalarabiya.comMohammed Al-Hamady2010/10

The Hebrew versionイ ス ラ エ ルPublished in. April 2005 Gramedia MajalahIndonesianStarted publishing editions, and jointly invested with Sanoma Publishing in November of the same year.BulgarianThe edition has begun to be published. In May 2006, Rokus began publishing the Slovenian version.The Serbian version began in the November 5 issue, jointly funded by Sanoma and Gruner + Jahr.A partnership between Beijing's Trends Publications and IDG Asia began publishing the Chinese version in Beijing in the July 2006 issue.

Until recently, the magazine was only available in the United States as a member of the National Geographic Society, but the national language editions can be purchased as magazines at general bookstores and can be subscribed to.In countries such as Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and Turkey, there was only a subscription, but recently it has become available in bookstores.

The publisher of the Japanese version isLtd.NikkeiAt National Geographic (Nikkei NNG)Nikkei BPBelongs to a group.

The Japanese version of the website has been published by the Renaissance Academy (Softbank GroupIsBroad mediaThe site operated by Nikkei NNG, the publisher of the magazine, is parallel to the site operated by Nikkei NNG, but from January 2015, it will be integrated into the website operated by Nikkei NNG. Is supposed to do.[8]


Awarded for magazine article content in the American magazine industry on May 2008, 5 National Magazine Awards Was awarded in three categories.In the reporting departmentPeter Hessler OfEconomy of the People's Republic of ChinaReceived an article about.In the news photography department John Stanmeyer OfThird worldInmalariaAwarded the photo.In addition, received an honorary award in the general excellence category[9].


Linda Steet is a book Veils and Daggers: A Century of National Geographic's Representation of the Arab World Criticized National Geographic as follows.

To see the rhetorical technique of masculineism, to see the contact of different cultures from a one-sided point of view, and to insist on objectivity while seeing the world as a layered structure.[10]

Lutz and Collins are books Reading National Geographic He argued that National Geographic was closely related to the established system of the United States and was closely related to the interests of high-ranking government officials and businesses.[11].Reading National Geographic Then, the posted photoEdit electronicallyGives an example that has been[12]..A photo of a Polynesian woman with a naked upper body had dark skin[12]..Topless photographs of women with light skin have never been published in the magazine.[12]..The book also describes how National Geographic photographers recommended changing to a lighter-colored outfit if the subject's outfit felt too dark.[12].. Analyzing the photographs published in the magazine from 1950 to 1986, the authors of the book claim that they have the following themes:

Third worldPeople are portrayed as exotic.It is idealized, stripped into a shape that fits one historical view, and given sexual characteristics.These themes flourished during the post-war period and then declined, but they have not completely disappeared.[13]

Rothenberg argues that National Geographic is part of mainstream popular culture and has helped clarify America's identity as historically different from the old European and non-Western wilderness.It's a civil and technologically superior, but at the same time a mild and friendly identity.[14].


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