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🎁 | BOOK ☆ WALKER, Takeshobo work half price + point return campaign


BOOK ☆ WALKER, Takeshobo work half price + point return campaign

If you write the contents roughly
BOOK ☆ WALKER has been unique in its own way, such as the "Secret Book X" (2020) campaign, in which the point return rate fluctuates according to the number of points sold from reviews that hide the title of the work, according to the day of Takeshobo. We are developing a project.

BookWalker is a comprehensive e-book store "BOOK ☆ WALKER" with more than 14,000 books by Takeshobo ... → Continue reading

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Mynavi News is a comprehensive information news site with more than 100 categories updated daily. It consists of the latest news and analysis reports and columns from a wide range of genres such as business, digital, lifestyle, and entertainment to niche categories such as management, technology, railways, and cars.

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Take Shobo

Takeshobo Co., Ltd.(TAKESHOBO Co., Ltd.)Japan OfInfomation.. The location isTokyoChiyoda WardSanbancho.


1972In 10 monthKyoichiro NoguchiEstablished by Japan's firstMahjong magazine"MonthlyModern mahjong] Is launched.afterwards,Mahjong cartoon magazine,4 comic strip cartoonWe have also started publishing specialized magazines.

Currently, comic magazines and comic books,Novel,Sensual novel,Photo albumWe publish mahjong videos, original dramas, foreign movies, etc.Image VideoWe also sell video software such as.

Live doorWas deliveringDaily 4 framesCo-sponsored the exchange between the authors and the 4-frame rookie award "Y-1 Grand Prix", and jointly operated with Livedoor in the aforementioned "Daily 4-frame"4-frame web comic distribution site"Manga Life WINWas opened.Currently, with the completion and closure of the "Daily 4-frame" update, "Manga Life WIN" is operated independently by Takeshobo, and the "Rookie 1-frame Cup" is being established in place of the "Y-4 Grand Prix".

other than this,Production Committee MethodBroadcast time of 5 minutes (net 2-3 minutes)Mini animeAlso entered.The first work, "Morita is quietWas able to generate profits at low cost, so the number of broadcasts was gradually increasing, butChitose Get You !!"LaterProduction Committee MethodIt has become.

The labels are except for "Kindai Mahjong" which has its own label.Convenience store comicsPublished by Bamboo Comics, including.

In the past, there were no human resources who were familiar with legal affairs, and measures against illegal distribution sites were not aggressive, butLawyer dot comUse of countermeasure servicesCloudFlareBecame active in civil lawsuits against[5].

List of published magazines

The classification of each magazine by genre is on the Takeshobo official website.[6], And conforms to the official website available in the web archive[7].

Magazines being published

Mahjong drama magazine

Gekiga magazine

  • Monthly Drama Special (released on the 18th of every month)

4-frame magazine / short comic magazine

Seinen manga magazine

  • Kisca(Released on the 8nd of every month)

Boys love comic magazine

  • Reito (released on even-numbered 9th)

Digital comic magazine

Magazines that were once published

Mahjong magazine

  • Monthly Kindai Mahjong (1973-1987)[8])
  • Separate volume Kindai Mahjong (1975) → Rock-paper-scissors (1975-1977)[9])

Mahjong drama magazine

  • Kindai Mahjong Original(1977-2013[10]) * The magazine after the continuation is "Kisuka"
  • Kindai Mahjong Gold (1987-2006[11]) * The magazine after the continuation is "Kindai Mahjong Gambling COM"

Gekiga magazine

  • Feature-length one-shot historical drama (2013)

4-frame magazine / short comic magazine

Information magazine

  • Monthly Men's Street(2004-2008)[13]
  • Nicky * Women's fashion magazine. Transferred to Seven & i Publishing in 2012[14].
  • Top Yell (2011-2018[15]) * Renewal from "Special Volume Fresh Group DX".Idol magazine.

Seinen manga magazine

Ladies comic magazine

  • Lady's comic rouge (1993-1999[19])
  • Woman Theater (released on the 6th of every month)
  • Neighborhood scandal (2001-2014)[20])
    • Really there was a neighborhood scandal (2004-2008)[21])
    • Really scary neighborhood scandal
  • Manga Grimm Children's Story Scandal (2005-2007)[22]) → Forbidden Grimm fairy tale scandal (2007)
  • Love Experience Special DX (1997-2013)[23])
  • Love heaven(2004-2019[24])
  • Mini Para (2004-2015[25])

Boys love comic magazine

  • Reijin Bravo!

Pachinko magazine / pachislot magazine

True story popular magazine

  • True Story Nippon (Edit: Genbusha, 1982-1996[30]) → True Story Performing Arts Nippon (Edit: Genbusha, 1996-1998[31]) → Performing Arts Nippon (1998-2004)[32]) * New launch of "Monthly Men's Street" taking over the magazine code[33]
  • True story document(1983-2013) * My Way Publishing → Transferred to J's Keibunsha.
  • Special Volume Fresh Group (1991-2005)[34]) → Special Volume Fresh Group TIMES (2005-2006) → Special Volume Fresh Group DX (2006-2011)[35]) * The magazine after the continuation is "Top Yell"
    • Special edition special volume fresh group DX
  • Married Woman Fresh Group (2006-2013[36])
    • Special volume relief corps
  • Pirate No. 1 (2000-2009[37])
  • True Story Time Report (2007-2012[38]) → True Story Time Report Golden (2012-2015)

Digital comic magazine

  • Modern Manga (2014-2017)

Other (classification unknown)

  • Cartoon gambling punch
  • Monthly I'm sorry (1984)-First published in[39].
  • Monthly Sinbad (1989-1991)
  • Young club
  • Monthly Manga Paro Baseball News (1991-1998[40]) → Monthly Spocomi (1998)[41]) * The new issue of "Manga Club Original", which inherits the magazine code.
  • Comic Ganma
  • A-sh! (1995-1996)[42])
  • Nyao-Launched in 1996, singing the world's first cat manga magazine.
  • Kindai Mahjong Gambling COM(2006)
  • P.can (1995-1996)[43])
  • BIG4 (1992-1995)[44] --Photo magazine.Seitaro Shimizu,Tatsuo Watanabe,Seiichi Nomura4 people are in charge of gravure.
  • Endless (1993-1998)[45] --"BIG4" special edition.
  • Monthly The Tenmei (1993-1995)[46]) *Noriaki KanoRelated magazine.
  • Crash! (1995-2000)[47])

Digital media

Publishing label

Label being published

  • Takeshobo paperback
  • Takeshobo Kaidan Bunko
  • Takeshobo Loveroman Bunko
  • Takeshobo Shinsho- 2012May 10First issue[Note 4].
  • Raspberry Books
  • Lovers Bunko- 2004May 5First issue[Note 5].
  • Honey Cat Bunko- 2014May 2First issue[Note 6].
  • Honey cat novels
  • Mitsumu Bunko
  • Moon Drops
  • Variant Novels
  • Kindai Mahjong Comics
  • Bamboo Comics
    • Bamboo Comics MOMO Selection
    • Bamboo Comics WIN Selection
    • Bamboo Comics COLORFUL SELECT
    • Bamboo Comics Koi Para Collection
    • Bamboo Comics Junkoi Adult Selection
    • Bamboo Comics Reijin Selection
    • Bamboo Comics Reijin uno!
    • Bamboo Comics Qpa Collection
    • Bamboo Comics moment (edit: cream puff) [54]
    • Bamboo Essay Selection
    • Bamboo Comics Tatan (Edit: Coamix Publisher:North Stars Pictures)[55]
  • Suku Para Selection
  • Takeshobo Manga Bunko

Label that was suspended

  • Gamma Bunko --First published in 1996, suspended in 1997.
  • Zeta Bunko --First published in 2006, suspended in 2007.
  • Lovers Bunko GREED- 2008May 4First issue[Note 7], Last published October 2010, 10.

Video work

Original video drama

TV drama





List of programs offered

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注 釈

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