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👩‍🎓 | International Chemistry Olympiad, all four medals won for 18 consecutive years

Photo International Chemistry Olympiad Japan Tournament (IChO 2021 Japan)

International Chemistry Olympiad, all four medals won for 18 consecutive years

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During the period, the participating students created their own avatars (alternate characters), touched on Japanese science and technology and culture online, and deepened international exchange.

The International Chemistry Olympiad Japan Committee announced on August 2021, 8 that the 3rd International Chemistry Olympiad Japan Convention (IChO… → Continue reading


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International exchange

International exchangeThere are various dimensions of (Kokusai Koryu).まずFirstStudy abroad, Technical training at the corporate unit or government invitation level, which is actively carried out from within the framework of the company to industry, agriculture, forestry and fisheries, medical nursing and so on.There are also invitations and dispatches of scholars and cultural figures.As for what goes out from hereJapan Overseas Cooperation VolunteersAnd sports instructors dispatched by sports groups.

By prefecture,International Exchange CenterIn many cases, such as is provided at the location of the prefectural office.In urban municipalities, there are affiliated organizations such as "○○ City International Association".

At the private level,UNESCO,Lions ClubInternational goodwill activities such as mediation of short-term study abroad,NPO,NGOActivities such as overseas cooperation volunteers of various organizations such as, Japanese culture, technology, sports guidance, etc. are also carried out.

Cash flow

There are few private foundations that subsidize joint research and international conferences (omitted) on various international issues such as international commerce, currency relations, East-West relations, North-South problem, security problem, etc., and corporate donations lack tax exemption measures. Because of this, it is difficult to collect.このため、日本国内の研究機関、国際交流団体、あるいはこれらの分野の学者・研究者はいまだにFor this reason, there are still research institutes, international exchange organizations, and scholars and researchers in these fields in Japan.Ford foundation,Rockefeller Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Foundation,Henry LuceIn many cases, we have to rely on foreign foundations such as foundations, the US-Japan Friendship Fund, and the newly established US-Japan Foundation, which are located overseas or in Japan.[1].


  1. ^ "Japanese Private Foundations and Corporate Donations-Overview of International Exchange and Cooperation Activities" Japan Center for International Exchange December 1985 P.12. Tadashi Yamamoto

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