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🛋 | Is there a fear that electricity will be tight nationwide this August ?! Explaining the impact on households


Is there a fear that electricity will be tight nationwide this August ?! Explaining the impact on households

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Source: Created by Manene Co., Ltd. based on data from the Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, "Household Survey".

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Household survey

Household survey(Kakechosa) isMinistry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsIs doingDesignated statistics.. In JapanHousehold OfexpenditureStatistics that can capture personal consumption through. Since 2002, savings and debts have also been surveyed, and the survey results have been published separately for household income and expenditures and savings and debts.


The outline of the household survey is described below.

Survey method
The survey method is a sample survey. Approximately 4,700 households will be extracted and surveyed from approximately 9,000 million households nationwide.
Survey target
Basically, households nationwide are targeted, but the following households are excluded because they may be distorted from the perspective of capturing consumption activities.
  • Student single-person household
  • Households of combined housing that run restaurants, inns, etc.
  • Households with family meals
  • Households with 4 or more live-in business employees
  • Households with no head of household for a long period of time (3 months or more)
  • Foreign household
The household survey before 1999 did not cover agriculture, forestry and fishery households, but since the farm economic survey conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries was abolished in 1999, the results including agriculture, forestry and fishery households have been announced since 2000. It came to be done.
For working and unemployed householdsincomeWe are investigating spending for non-working households (excluding unemployed households) such as private businesses.Household account bookIt is necessary to enter the purchased items and prices in detail in the same way as. The period for one household to fill out the survey form is 6 months for households with two or more people, and 3 months for single-person households.
For household assets and liabilities, a savings trend survey was conducted from 1958 to 2002, and the status of savings and liabilities was investigated at the end of the year. Since 2002, household surveys have been surveying savings and liabilities as well as income and expenditure, and the results are announced quarterly. For this reason, there is no strict continuity between the survey of savings and liabilities at the end of the year based on the savings trend survey and the results of the annual average household survey (savings and liabilities) since 2002.
The predecessor of the survey isSecond World WarThe "Consumer Price Survey" that started later. After that, it became the "Consumption Survey" (November 1951), which was revised so that income could also be investigated, and from April 11, the name was changed to the current "Household Survey". Since then, he has expanded the population and improved the survey, and continues to the present.

The above isOutline of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications household surveyMore excerpt. See the link for details. Also, regarding the transitionHistory of household surveySee also


Although there are some statistics that can be seen from the supply / sales side of personal consumption, this statistic is the only one that can be seen from the demand / consumer side, and since the items are detailed, it is easy to use in analysis and it is about consumption. Widely used in various analyzes.National accountsIt is also a basic material for making estimates.

the term

The income of the household survey includes not only "actual income" such as the monthly salary of the employer, but also "income other than the actual income" such as withdrawal of deposits and savings and borrowings. The sum of the "carryover money" that is the balance on hand at the end of the previous month is called income in the household survey. What is said to be income in daily life is the actual income part of the household survey.

On the spending side, "actual spending", which is a combination of "consumer spending" such as purchasing groceries and clothing and payment of rent, and "non-consumer spending" such as payment of taxes and social insurance premiums, as well as deposits and savings and insurance money It is divided into "expenditures other than actual expenditures" such as payments and "carry-over" which is the balance at the end of the month.


Some of the problems surrounding this statistic are described below.

Small number of samples
As mentioned above, it has been pointed out that the number of samples is small compared to the number of households nationwide, and the value may be distorted. In particular, for high-priced products such as automobiles and home appliances, the amount of expenditure in the survey results fluctuates greatly depending on whether the households that purchased the product are subject to the survey, and household surveys are used.GDPThe problem of affecting the estimated value of (GDP) has become more serious. For this reason, the number of surveyed households has been expanded to about 3 for some products and services such as automobiles, air conditioners, and personal computers, but this has been implemented since 2001.
The problem of a small number of surveyed households is a major obstacle to conducting detailed analysis by household type, such as examining the difference in consumption expenditure depending on the number of household members by age of head of household.For this reason, the number of surveyed households was significantly increased once every five years.National consumption surveyが実施されており、2004年(平成16年)調査では約60,000世帯を対象に調査が実施された。全国消費実態調査は調査サンプルサイズは多いが、二人以上の世帯については9月から11月の3か月間、単身世帯は10月から11月の2か月間だけの調査であり、1年間の所得や支出の調査ではないという制約がある。

Survey cooperation household bias-non-cooperation in the survey
There are not many households that cooperate with the household survey for the following reasons, and therefore, they do not cooperate with the survey unless they have some time to spare, and as a result, the responding households are biased.
  • As mentioned above, the survey items are as detailed as the household account book, so it takes time and effort.
  • Furthermore, the completed questionnaire will be collected and will not remain in the households cooperating with the survey. Therefore, it is a burden for households that keep a household account book to make two identical items.
  • recent yearsPoliciesWith increasing awareness, an increasing number of households do not want to disclose personal information such as household finances.

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