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🛋 | Water leak trouble in the condominium caused damage to the lower floors!First Aid and Subsequent Remedies


Damage to the lower floors due to water leaks in the condominium!First Aid and Subsequent Remedies

If you write the contents roughly
It will be easier to convey your apology if you go to the discussion with a candy fold.

For those who live in condominiums and other condominiums, we want to avoid troubles that affect other dwelling units.Especially water leaks ... → Continue reading

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Confectionery folding

Confectionery folding(Kashiori) isConfectioneryIs a confectionery for gifts in an outer box.[1][2].


It is often used as a gift of gratitude or apology to the other party.For gratitude and greeting scenesIronIs often attached.On the other hand, NoshiMizuhikiIs reminiscent of a celebration, so in the case of an apology, it is safe to use only the wrapping paper of the store or plain hanging paper.[1].

In the first place, confectionery folding meant the outer box of confectionery, but it became a term that refers to all the confectionery for gifts in the outer box.When the high-class confectionery was in the box, I put it in the boxOribakoIt is derived from the fact that it was expressed as.The oribako served as an item to enhance the prestige of the high-class confectionery.[1][2]..This is why when you buy sweets at a supermarket's famous store corner, you may be asked "Is it for your home?" There are many).

How to hand over sweets

The timing of handing over the confectionery fold depends on gratitude and apology.In the case of gratitude, it is usually given after the first greeting.For carrying aroundpaper bagIt is etiquette to remove the item and give it to the person you want to give it to.Basically, the highest role on the giving side is given to the highest role on the other side.[2].

In the case of an apology, if you first put out a confectionery fold, it may be considered that you are trying to cancel your own side with a gift, and it is said that you should give it after the other party accepts the apology.The room I visitedWestern style roomThen before you sit down,Japanese-style roomIf so, it is recommended to hand it over after sitting down.In the unlikely event that you refuse to receive it, it is better to take it home without forcing it.[1][2][3].


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