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🛋 | Do you know exactly what "completion" means? How is it different from "completion"?


Do you know exactly what "completion" means? How is it different from "completion"?

If you write the contents roughly
The start of construction (reading: Chakko) means that the construction work will start.

Some people who are considering purchasing their own home talked about the completion date from the contractor, but what does the completion mean ... → Continue reading

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Construction work

Construction work(Kenchiku Koji) is a comprehensivePlanning,Teaching,AdjustmentUnderBuildingTheconstructionToConstructionso,Building confirmationOf architecture that requiresNew construction,Extension work,Reconstruction workAnd so on. JapanInConstruction business lawbyConstruction workIn one of 28 industriesConstruction set constructionThere is (Kenchiku Isshiki Koji).

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismGeneral Policy Bureau[1]Construction work order dynamicsstatisticsResearch[2]So, II.公共 機関There are the following items regarding construction in the classification of orders received from (construction of 1 million yen or more per case). 500 Education-hospital 8 住宅-Lodging 9 Government building 10 Redevelopment 11 Land reclamation 12 Train-Orbit 13 Post

III.According to the classification of orders received from the private sector, "architecture / architecture"Facility construction", And it is as follows.

  1. 住宅
  2. The office
  3. store
  4. 工場-Power plant
  5. Warehouse-distributionFacility
  6. Education-Research-
  7. Medical-welfare facility
  8. hotel
  9. amusement facilities
  10. Other building work


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