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🛋 | [Road to Osouji Meister] CASE1 Doorknob is dirty than the floor! ?? ~ Contact point cleaning ~


[Road to Osouji Meister] CASE1 Doorknobs are dirty than the floor! ?? ~ Contact point cleaning ~

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Even in my private life, I have learned a delicate cleaning habit, and when I get home, I try to disinfect my smartphone and remote control with alcohol every day!

Do you clean the doorknobs and electric switches that someone touches every day?In fact, this is a "contact point" that easily gets dirty ... → Continue reading


Chugoku Shimbun Ashitano is a cross-media between the Web and free papers that delivers content that "enjoys tomorrow" centered on Hiroshima.In the latest issue, you can enjoy the summer of Suooshima, which is also called "Hawaii in Setouchi", on a drive trip!

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