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🎁 | Ashiya Boat Venus Series Round 10 Cuoca as a gift


Ashiya Boat Venus Series Round 10 Cuoca Present

If you write the contents roughly
If you wish, fill in the postal code, address, name, age, telephone number, opinions and requests for the Nishinippon Ashiya boat side on the postcard, and contact the Nishinippon Sports Department "Ashiya Venus Cuoka" section. ..

Cuoca of the Venus Series Round 25 "Monthly BOAT RACE Cup" to be held on the Ashiya boat from 30th to 10th ... → Continue reading

 West Japan Sports

West Japan Sports (West Sports) is the first sports newspaper published in Kyushu in 1955.
Lots of detailed information about Fukuoka Softbank Hawks that can only be read in "West Sports"!
In addition to professional baseball and high school baseball, J-League information of Kyushu teams such as Sagan Tosu, V. Farren Nagasaki, Avispa Fukuoka and news of basketball, rugby, HKT48, bicycle races, boat information etc. will be distributed as needed.

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Zip Code

Zip Code(Yubinbangou, common to English-speaking countries: postal code . American English: ZIP code) IsMailWritten in addition to the destination, to help in the classification of数字,TextIs[1].


Due to the nature of postal codes, a nationally unified code system is used.However, the code system is unique to each country, and the system consisting only of numbers like Japan,The United KingdomlikeThe alphabetThere is also a system that is composed by combining numbers and numbers.


The zip code is1857 ToLondon cityIs divided into 10 postal districts, each of which is assigned a one-letter or two-letter code.This system1864 ToLiverpoolBut introduced, thenWorld War ITriggered byThe United KingdomからEuropeIt expanded to big cities in various places.At that time, it was only a division within a limited metropolitan area, and not all districts throughout the country were assigned codes.

There was an early idea to extend this system not only to big cities but also to smaller cities and smaller villages.1930 Previously it was not feasible.The modern postal code system that has spread nationwide isUkraine Soviet Socialist Republicで1932 First introduced in November[2]..But the system is1939 Was abolished in.After that, the zip codeGermanyで1941 To[3],continueアルゼンチンで1958 In the whole of England1959 To[4],The United States of Americaで1963 To[5],スイスで1964 To[6]Introduced.



JapanThen, generallyPrefectures,Municipality OfCollection and delivery post officeA separate number is assigned.


フィリピンThe postal code (Philippine Postal Corporation) calls the zip code a ZIP code, as in the United States, but unlike the ones used in the United States, it is a four-digit code with no other extensions.Metro ManilaIn, multiple numbers are used, but outside Metro Manila, only one number is assigned to each city or town.


SingaporeIn, a 6-digit number is used.The first three digits indicate a street or a small area.Zip code usually identifies a building or condominium.


Thailand uses 5-digit numbers.For example, in Wattana Ward, Bangkok, it is "10110".

People's Republic of China

People's Republic of ChinaThe postal code is "Postal Code,Postal code(You Jung Biemmer,yóu zhèng biān mǎ) ”, Which consists of 6 digits.The first two digits areprovinceOr indicate the equivalent municipality or autonomous region to the province.The third digit is the postal zone, and the fourth digit is the prefecture or prefecture-level city.The last two digits are the collection and delivery post office.A separate number is assigned to large collection and delivery destinations such as government agencies.The specific number is the Chinese versionPeople's Republic of China Precincts District Postal CodeOr the English versionList of postal codes in ChinaSee.

Republic of China (Taiwan)

Republic of China(Taiwan) In "Postal Code (Yodi Chuhao,)yóudì qūhào) ”, And 5 digit (3 digit + 2 digit) number is used as in the conventional Japan.The first three digits represent the local government, and the remaining two digits represent the collection and delivery station or large collection and delivery destination. The first digit of the three-digit municipal number represents a large collection and delivery zone from 3 to 2.Initially, it started with only 3 digits, so for general destinations, you can write only 1 digits.The specific number is the Chinese versionTaiwan area postal zone number listSee.

South Korea


  • 1970 May 7 --Zip code is introduced.Numbers were assigned by post office, but the unit isholeIf it is a level, 3 digits + 2 digits (example: Susaek-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul ... 120-01), and if it is a ward level, 3 digits (Jung-gu, Seoul ... 100) are assigned. It was. The area classification of the first digit is as follows.
    • Seoul Special City, Gyeonggi Province-1
    • Gangwon-do-2
    • Chungcheongbuk-do, Chungcheongnam-do-3
    • Jeollabuk-do, Jeollanam-do-5
    • Busan City, Gyeongsang North Road, Gyeongsang South Road-6
  • 1988 May 2 --By administrative areaEupsurfaceA new 6-digit number has been assigned to the cave.In addition, the first digit area classification has been changed from 1 to 1 for Incheon-directed cities and Gyeonggi-do, 4 to 6 for Daegu-directed cities and Gyeongsangbuk-do, and 7 to 5 for Jeju-do.
  • 2000 May 5 - while the number that was assigned in 1988 to the basic gist, collection and delivery people in charge of the area by the number have been allocated in order to achieve flights of delivery.
  • 2015 August-Changed from 8 digits to 6 digits.

Number structure

The postal code up to August 2015 is a total of 8 digits, including the 3-digit number assigned to each region (shipping number) and the 3-digit number assigned to each detailed address (delivery number).The earliest number is "6-1" in Chungmuro ​​100-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul.

After August 2015, the first and second digits are wide-area administrative areas (special cities, metropolitan cities, roads, special autonomous roads, etc.). The third digit is the city / county / ward. The 8th and 1th digits are the serial number, which is a total of 2 digits.

Shipping number
The number assigned based on the destination administrative area is used for shipping sorting at the collection and delivery station.The following are the standards up to August 2015.
  1. The first digit is by wide area administrative area (special city, metropolitan city, road, special autonomous road, etc.).
  2. The second digit is by area of ​​residents' living area and centralized station.Even in the same basic municipalityChangwonThere are different cases like.Masanhoewon-guとMasanhappo-kuThe first two digits are 63,Uichang-guとSeongsan-gu,Jinhae-guIs 64.
  3. The third digit is assigned to city / county / distinction.However,Pyeongtaek City(The first three digits in the former Pyeongtaek city are 3, the former Songtan city is 450, and the former Pyeongtaek county is 459),Lishui(The first three digits are 3 in the former Yeosu city, 550 in the former Yeosu city, 555 in the former Yeosu county), and it may be different even in the same city. )
Delivery number
Are allocated is subdivided so as to coincide with the charge zone of the collection and delivery personnel in number used to deliver the mail piece to each household.Some sections of the unit, such as sinus or face, there are also those that have been divided up into finer buildings and post office box unit.As a general rule, based on the statutory cave, if there are multiple administrative dongs in the statutory cave, each statutory cave / administrative cave, and conversely, if multiple statutory dongs are one administrative cave, only the statutory cave Is given a zip code.

In the case of an apartment house, 1 mails are assigned per day, and in the case of buildings and institutions, if there are 500 or more mails per day, individual postal codes are assigned.In this case, permission from the postmaster in charge of delivering the area is required.



GermanyThe postal code is called Postleitzahl (abbreviation: PLZ) and is numbered with 5 digits nationwide, and one city is divided into several areas.Therefore, the zip code may also be used to search for city maps.Also, in Germany, if the postal code is not written correctly in the mail, there is no guarantee that it will be delivered even if the address is correct.For more information on German postal codesen: Postal codes in Germany, For a listList of postal codes in GermanySee.

The United Kingdom

A 5- to 7-character zip code that uses both alphanumeric characters is numbered throughout the country.It is divided into two parts, front and back, with a space for one character in between.The front part (outward code) consists of a one- or two-letter alphabetic code and a one-digit or two-digit number code (only part of London may have one digit + one alphabetic character), and the back part ( inward code) consists of one digit and two letters.The front and rear are further divided into two parts, and the delivery area is specified by each combination.Numbering example (reprinted from the English version page.London Victoria Station(From nearby Ebury Street)

Outward CodeInward Code
Postcode AreaPostcode DistrictPostcode SectorPostcode Unit

As mentioned earlier, Greater London was the first city in the world to introduce a postal code system.After that, it spread to each city in the country, but this system was not unified and the format was different.It was fine while it was being processed manually,1950 eraWith the introduction of mechanical sorting machines due to the advanced automation that entered, it became a problem, and it was necessary to introduce a unified postal code system throughout the country.The unified system1959 ToNorfolkStateNorwichThe trial operation was started at.At this time, the number was 3 letters + 2 digits + 1 letter, 6 digits, but after that, improvements were made and it changed to the current one.It was gradually introduced nationwide, but it became widespread throughout the country.1974 It was that.For the convenience of users, the old system was also used instead of being abolished immediately.

Liechtenstein, Switzerland

スイスとリヒテン シュタインIs common and the postal code system is complete even in Europe from early on, and each prefecture is divided into 9 regions and represented by 4-digit numbers.For exampleZurichIs 8000,BernIs 3000, and these are treated according to the prefecture code.Map,HotelIt is also on the list.Also used in SwitzerlandpostmarkThere is a postal code on all of the machine stamps, hand stamps, landscape stamps, and commemorative stamps.

North America


A1A A 1-digit alphanumeric character consisting of 1 + 3 digits such as 3A6.The first three digits have the same meaning as the first three digits in Japan.In addition, the machine postmark of Canada does not display the station name and only the zip code is written.

More en: List of A postal codes of CanadaSee.

The United States of America

The United States of AmericaThen.ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) orZIP CodeThe postal code format is adopted.United States Postal Service Of商標.JapanIt is different from the postal code format ofStateとcityIs assigned a 5- or 9-digit ZIP Code.To put it bluntly, the 5-digit ZIP Code is close to the meaning of the first 7 digits of a Japanese 3-digit zip code.


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