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💳 | DoCoMo's "Marutoku d Festival!" 3rd is a d-payment new use & 1000 points when you show your d-point card!

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DoCoMo's "Marutoku d Festival!" 3rd is a d-payment new use & d-point card presentation to win 1000 points!

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The main stores targeted for the campaign are Lawson, FamilyMart, Poplar, Matsumotokiyoshi, Cocokara Fine, Yamaya, Takashimaya, Edion, Joshin, Nojima, Big Camera, Kojima, etc.

Following the first bullet in July and the second bullet in August, NTT DoCoMo will announce "[Marutoku d Festival! 7rd] d POINT Double Dori Campe ... → Continue reading

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The website "BCN + R" is a specialized online media for people who sell or make things, who understand "now" and "tomorrow" of digital products and home appliances in Japan.

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Matsumoto Kiyoshi Co., Ltd.(English: Matsumotokiyoshi Co., Ltd.)ChibaMatsudo-shiHeadquartered inDrug store(Drugstore)chain OfJapanA major company.Matsumoto Kiyoshi GroupTo be a subsidiary ofMatsuki Yokokara & CompanyIt is one of the core companies in the group.President and CEOTakao Daejeon..The official abbreviation isMatsukiyo.


mainlyKanto region(Chiba-TokyoSuch),Tokai region, Small stores in urban areas of the Kansai area, in the suburbsRoadside store(Other areas are operated by Matsumotokiyoshi Group companies).Dispensing pharmacyIt also has an annex store.Also,2005 First in the drugstore industry in AugustElectronic money"Rakuten Edy'[1]Have been introduced.

Private brand"MK CUSTOMER" has been released as a product, and it is divided into four categories: pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, miscellaneous goods, and foods.[2]..We are also developing cosmetics jointly developed by Matsumoto Kiyoshi and a cosmetics manufacturer. "MK CUSTOMER" is available not only at Matsumotokiyoshi but also at the stores of group companies and partner companies. On December 2015, 12, "matsukiyo" was announced as a new private brand.

At each Matsumotokiyoshi store, the number of the store is clearly stated on the store front (eg, in the case of the 300th store, the No. 300 store). The 1000th store is the Shinkyogoku store in Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture.

The company name "Matsumotokiyoshi" is the founder'sMatsumoto KiyoshiTaken from the name of.

2020 May 6ToWakayamaOpened the first store, which was the first drugstore under the same brand to open in all prefectures.[3].

Business to expand

The drugstore business is the main business, accounting for more than 9% of sales.2005 From August, drugstoreFranchiseIn addition to starting deployment2006 3ToEchinakaNew store for2010 In July, Co., Ltd.LawsonWe are opening a store jointly developed with.

1990 eraUntil, Kogane district, Matsudo city, Chiba prefecture (formerly)Higashi KatsushikaKoganecho) And its surroundings (Nagareyama,Kashiwa), Not only the drugstore business, but also the supermarket, home improvement business and the convenience store business (currently called convenience store business).Benly) And diversified managementDominant strategyAs a result, high-density stores were opened in the Kogane / Kashiwa area. Although it has weakened slightly since it was integrated into drugstores in the late 1990s, many stores are still open in the area.

  • supermarketBusiness (The store name is "Super Matsumotokiyoshi" or "Max"[4])
  • Home centerBusiness (The store name is "Home Center Matsumotokiyoshi")
  • convenience storeBusiness (The store name is "Benley".1996 Convenience store was abolished in April, and 4 convenience stores have been absorbed into the cosmetics department.[5])
  • discount storeBusiness (store name is "Discount BOX"[6])

Supermarket business in 2006 due to intensifying competitionMay 8Withdrew completely.Many supermarket stores have been converted to drug stores, butMom Food Museum(Some stores coexist with drug stores),Consumers' Co-op Chiba Corp,Comodiiida, Tsurukame Land (currentlyMaxvalu Express) In some cases.The convenience store business was integrated into the drugstore business in 1996.The discount store business and home center business have already withdrawn, and there are no stores that call themselves "Super Matsumotokiyoshi," "Discount Box," or "Home Center Matsumotokiyoshi."

2006 May 3, Opened a new format "COS-MEDI Station".Also2009 May 7Has started developing a new type of convenience store pharmacy "Medi + Matsukiyo" specializing in pharmaceutical products.

Most of the stores are operated by our company, but the stores in Hokkaido, Tohoku, and Kita-Kantou2008 May 7WithMatsumoto Kiyoshi East Japan saleTo, stores in Kyushu and Yamaguchi prefectures excluding Okinawa prefecture2012 May 4WithMatsumoto Kiyoshi Kyushu salesTo, stores in Chugoku / Shikoku area excluding Yamaguchi and Shimane prefectures and Himeji city in Hyogo prefecture are in the same yearMay 10WithMatsumoto Kiyoshi Chushikoku salesThe operation was transferred to each.

  • Pharmaceuticals business (drugstore business) --760 stores (18 of which are franchises)
    • Urban store- 1987 Expand from
    • Suburban store
    • Dispensing pharmacy store
    • Dispensing pharmacy
    • New type drug store (Echinaka) "COS-MEDI"
    • Convenience store type "Medi + Matsukiyo" specializing in pharmaceutical products
    • Discount type new format "petit madoca"[7]
    • Next-generation store "matsukiyo LAB" where registered dietitians, cosmetologists, and pharmacists are stationed to provide total advice[8]
    • Nail Salon "Sweetie Nail"
    • H & B Place

In addition, companies that have business alliances with us, and we offer franchise packages based on contracts, supply products, and receive the use of "Matsumotokiyoshi" CI.FranchiseThere are also member companies.Detail isMatsumoto Kiyoshi GroupSee.


1930 era

1950 era

  • 1954 May 1 --Established Matsumotokiyoshi Drugstore Co., Ltd.

1970 era

  • 1975 May 4 --Reorganized into Matsumotokiyoshi Co., Ltd. (72 stores owned at that time).
  • 1976 September --Entered the supermarket business and changed the format of the Oganedaira store (Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture) from a drug store to a supermarket.
  • 1978 October-Entered the convenience store business,BenlyOpened Shinmatsudo store (Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture).

1980 era

  • 1981 --Achieved 100 stores.
  • 1983 August --Acquired Eucalyptus Advertising Co., Ltd., which aims to distribute leaflets (later made a consolidated subsidiary).
  • 1984 October --Established Matsumotokiyoshi Insurance Service Co., Ltd. (currently a consolidated subsidiary), which operates a life insurance and non-life insurance agency business.
  • 1985 May-Established Matsumotokiyoshi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (currently a consolidated subsidiary) for the purpose of placing and selling pharmaceutical products.
  • 1987 July --Opened Ueno Ameyoko store (a pioneer of urban drug stores).
  • 1988 November-Entered the home improvement business.Opened Home Center Minamimasuo store (11th store,2011 Closed in May).

1990 era

  • 1990 August-Japan Securities Dealers Association (JASDAQ, nowJasdaq) To register the stock over the counter.
  • 1991 November --Established Matsumotokiyoshi Real Estate Co., Ltd. (currently a consolidated subsidiary), which operates a real estate business.
  • 1993 October --Headquarters is a small gold store (Miyamotocho)[Source required]) To Koya (later Shinmatsudohigashi).pharmacistA store without a shop was discovered.
  • 1994
    • March --Opened the first drugstore Kashiwa Kaga store (3th store), which is the first roadside store.
    • 8 month - prescriptionOpened the first dispensing pharmacy Kita-Matsudo store (1th store).
    • FukushimaIwakiOpened the Yaku Iwaki Station Building store, which will be the first store in Fukushima Prefecture (1th store, currently closed).
  • 1995
  • 1996
    • 4 month - TV commercialStart.
    • 4 month - GunmaOta CityOpened Ota Takaramachi store, the first drugstore in Gunma prefecture (1th store)[9]).
    • 11 month - TochigiAshikagaOpened Ashikaga Asakura store, the first drugstore in Tochigi prefecture (1th store)[9]), As a cosmetics departmentKanto regionOpened stores in all prefectures of Japan.
  • 1998
    • May 11 - MiyagiSendai citySendai, the first store in Miyagi prefecture, at Jujiya Department Store in front of Sendai StationCross shopOpened store (567th store, now closed[10]).
    • December --Established MK Planning Co., Ltd., which operates the construction industry (currently a consolidated subsidiary).
  • 1999
    • 7 month - NiigataNiigataIn addition, the drug store that will be the first store in Niigata PrefectureNiigata StationOpened Patio East store (621st store)[11]).
    • August --Listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

2000 era

2010 era

  • 2010
  • 2011 May 2 --Concluded a franchise agreement with Yasui Co., Ltd. (Chiba Prefecture).
  • 2012
    • April 4-Transferred the operation of our stores in the Kyushu area excluding Okinawa and Yamaguchi prefectures to Matsumotokiyoshi Kyushu Sales (Midori Yakuhin changed its trade name on the same date) through an absorption-type split.
    • May 5 --The point system has been partially revised, and points will be doubled or tripled for a certain period (next month or next year) depending on the purchase amount for each month or year (annual unit, cumulative addition from April before the start in 2012). Introduced "premium points" to be added.
    • May 7 - SmartphoneFree call / email app forLINEOfficiallyAccountAnd started an information dissemination service such as discount coupons for the same user.
    • May 9 --Already signed a business allianceOkuwaConcluded a franchise agreement with.
    • October 10-By splitting the operation of our stores in Chugoku, Shikoku, and Himeji, Hyogo prefectures, excluding Yamaguchi and Shimane prefectures.Matsumoto Kiyoshi Chushikoku salesTransfer to.
  • 2013 May 7 -Co., Ltd.Entetsu storeConcluded a franchise agreement with (Shizuoka Prefecture)[20][21].
  • 2014
    • May 3 --The online shopping business developed by Morris Retail, a group company, was succeeded by an absorption-type company split (Morris Retail was merged into Matsumoto Kiyoshi Chushikoku Sales on the same day).
    • May 8 -Co., Ltd.Super DaieiConcluded a franchise agreement with (Fukuoka Prefecture)[22].
    • May 10 - ToyamaHimiOpened the first store in Toyama prefecture.
    • May 12 -Co., Ltd.Not inConcluded a franchise agreement with (Tottori Prefecture)[23].
    • May 12 --Food Mikuni Co., Ltd. (Fukui Prefecture,Hanasaki Fukui Agricultural CooperativeConcluded a franchise agreement with (a wholly owned subsidiary invested by JA Hanasaki Fukui)[24].
  • 2015 May 9 --Opened the first next-generation healthcare store, matsukiyo LAB Shinmatsudo Ekimae, in front of Shinmatsudo Station in Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture.
  • 2016 October 10-Group companiesSugiura PharmaceuticalA joint-stock company merged with a joint-stock companyTobu drugTakes over the drugstore business from Japan through an absorption-type company split (Tobu Drug Co., Ltd. will be merged into Matsumotokiyoshi Pharmacy Co., Ltd. on the same day).
  • 2017
    • April 4-Merged with group company Koyo Yakuhin Co., Ltd.
    • May 4 --A & S Takashimaya Duty Free Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Co., Ltd.)Takashimaya-ANA TradingCo., Ltd.Hotel XinluoAirport-type market as a joint venture of three companiesDuty-free shopConcluded a franchise agreement with the company that operates[25].
  • 2018
  • 2019 August 2- Tokyo City Air Terminal Co., Ltd.Concluded a franchise agreement with (Tokyo)[29].

2020 era


Matsukiyo reward card

  • Card type
If you apply at the store, you can issue it on the same day, and you can get points such as "cash point card" that you can collect points by paying in cash, and points will be given as "credit card points" when you give a gift certificate or pay credit.Credit cardIntegrated "members credit card" (issued and reviewedOrient CorporationIs in charge of).
In addition to our company, other group companiesMatsumoto Kiyoshi East Japan sale(Dharma),Matsumoto Kiyoshi Koshinetsu sale(Family drug, Nakajima family pharmacy, Simeno drug), Matsumotokiyoshi Kyushu sales (Midori drug),Matsumoto Kiyoshi Chushikoku sales(Love Drugs),PapasuAlso issues cash point cards with the same function, and can be used interchangeably at all stores within the target group, including "Matsumotokiyoshi" operated by the Company, group companies, and franchises.
Regarding "Members Credit Card", if the cardholder has not used it with credit for 3 years or more, it will not be possible to ship a new card after the card expiration date has been renewed, so especially when using it as a cash point card Caution must be taken.In this case, a guide postcard is sent 3 months before the card expiration month, and points can be transferred from the "members credit card" to the "cash point card" at the store if desired.
  • Matsumoto Kiyoshi Official App
App Store,Google PlayAn app for smartphones provided by.It will be possible to use it by migrating from the previously provided "Matsukiyo Point App", linking it with a card type (either a cash point card or a member's credit card is acceptable), and registering as a member of the app alone.
It is also possible to collectively manage the points given by the card type and the application, and use the points collectively.Since it has a membership card function, it is an app instead of a card type.barcodeIt is possible to give points by presenting the screen on which is displayed.other than this,CouponIt is also equipped with distribution, active rewards, and prescription transmission functions (prescription transmission functions are only available at stores with dispensing facilities).
  • Edy de Matsukiyo Point
Mobile walletFor smartphones and mobile phones that supportRakuten EdyA service that allows you to add Matsukiyo point granting functions to Rakuten Edy by installing the "app", opening the setting screen, and entering the membership number printed on the back of the card-type "cash point card".As a result, Matsukiyo points will be awarded even if Rakuten Edy payments are made at Rakuten Edy member stores, and if you present a "cash point card" and pay with Rakuten Edy at "Matsumotokiyoshi" stores, you will receive regular points and Rakuten Edy payments. Both points will be awarded.


Trademark lawArticle 4, Paragraph 1, Item 8 includes the names of others商標There is a provision that can not be registered without the consent of others[31]..Therefore, as mentioned above, the company name of Matsumoto Kiyoshi was taken from the name of the founder, but the katakana "Matsumoto Kiyoshi" filed in 1999 and the Roman alphabet "Matsumoto Kiyoshi" filed the following year (2000). Was registered because the rules at the time of filing were loose.[31][32].

However, the sound trademark of "Matsumotokiyoshi" filed in 2017[33] ThePatent OfficeBut"Phone book(Hello page) Has multiple people who can be read as "Matsumoto Kiyoshi".Moral rightsMatsumotokiyoshi Holdings filed a lawsuit in October 2020 because it did not approve the registration, saying, "It is necessary to protect the company."Intellectual Property High CourtSentenced a ruling on August 2021, 8, in addition to the number of its drugstorescommercialMatsumotokiyoshi says that because he uses a wide range of sound phrases, "it is usually associated with drugstores (from sounds consisting of linguistic elements), and it is not recognized as referring to a person's name." Acknowledged the claim of the side[32][34].

TV commercial

Broadcasting of TV commercials started in April 1996.

Main sponsor





  1. ^ Currently depending on the storeSuica-PASMO-ICOCA-WAONHas also been introduced.ExceptionallyRakuten EdySome stores cannot use electronic money at all (2009 In March, Suica was introduced in the entire station building, which is a tenant.In addition, Razawalk Kai Futaba store, dispensing pharmacy Matsumotokiyoshi Chijodai shopping center store, drugstore Nishitomo Kawaguchi Akayama store), stores where Edy cannot be used and only Suica / PASMO (including those that are mutually used) can be used (Matsumotokiyoshi) There is also a Dila Sendai station store, etc.).
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外部 リンク


ン エ デ ィ オ ン(British: EDION Corporation) IsJapan OfConsumer electronics storechain..かつては複数のチェーンブランドを展開するOnce developed multiple chain brandsHolding companyMet.売上高はSalesYamada Denki,Bic cameragroup(KojimaIt ranks third in the industry after (simple total value).


The origin of the company name is "Exciting Discovery In One Network(Exciting discoveries in one network.) ”[1].

2002 (Heisei14) In March,Chubu regionBased onAidenとChugokuBased onDeo deoEstablished as a joint holding company of both companies through the management integration of.2005 (17) In FebruaryKinkiBased onMidori electrificationThesubsidiaryBecoming2006 (18) In FebruaryKanto regionBased onIshimaru ElectricWas gradually expanded in scale, such as by making it an affiliated company.

2009 (21) Established a business subsidiary in OctoberEDION EAST,EDION WESTOne year later, the East and West operating subsidiaries were absorbed and merged to shift from a holding company to an operating company, completing a series of integrations.[2]..At the same time as the series of reorganizations, a "regional brand" strategy was established and stores outside the territory were transferred to the original regional management company.

Tokyo Stock Exchange-Nagoya Stock Exchange1 partListing(Company code 2730), the head office aims to strengthen the foundation of the Kansai region2007 (19) From January to JulyAichiNagoya cityChikusa WardからOsakaOsakaKitaRelocating to Dojima[3]..傘下にはUnder the umbrellaHokuriku regionとHokkaidoIs expanding toThank YouThere is.傘下を合わせて1,212店舗(2014年3月時点)を展開し、売上高はWith a total of XNUMX stores under its umbrella (as of March XNUMX), sales areYamada Denki,Bic cameraIt is the fifth place after.

Also in 2007 (Heisei 19)May 2In order to develop a business format in front of the city stationBic cameraFormed a business and capital tie-up with.Ultimately, the company was aiming for a business integration, but as the difference in direction became clear, it was limited to a business alliance, and the integration was blanked out.その後、2年間の契約有効期限の満了をもって、ビックカメラとの業務提携を解消したAfter that, with the expiration of the two-year contract expiration date, the business alliance with Bic Camera was dissolved.[4].

In the past, Kanto affiliates such as Yamada Denki, which is expanding nationwideConsumer electronics storeFrom 2002 (Heisei 14)Kamishindenki, Midori Denka, Thank You,DenkoBusiness tie-up with 5 companiesVoice networkWas formed, and was planning and developing original products.But,2004 In (16), the management integration between EDION and Midori Denka was decided, and the tie-ups with the remaining three companies were temporarily dissolved. 3 (Heisei 2007)2Acquired a 40% stake in Thank You Co., Ltd. and made it a consolidated subsidiary.2006 In (18), the core company of the Marni Group, which manufactures furniture.Maruni WoodworkInvested inSPAHe also showed his willingness to change.

There is a registered head officeEdion Hiroshima Main StoreThe site of the main building is also the founding site of one of the source companies, Deodeo (formerly known as Daiichi Sangyo → Daiichi).

2012 (24) Yamada DenkiBest electric appliancesFormed a capital and business alliance with.同年same yearMay 12ToFair Trade CommissionHowever, with the approval of the merger on the condition that 10 stores out of 8 regions where there are no stores other than both companies are transferred to other businesses,2013 From September to November (25), from Yamada Denki and Best DenkiSaitamaChichibu City-FukuokaAsakura City-SagaKaratsu City-NagasakiShimabara·Nagasaki PrefectureIsahaya-KumamotoHitoyoshiAcquired 6 stores located in[5].. at the same timeTanegashimaIs a problem-solving areaKagoshimaHas a franchise agreement for Best DenkiKakoi ElectroAnd, after canceling the franchise agreement of Best Denki on October 2013, 10, signed a franchise agreement with EDION.[6][7], Old from October 10th of the same year: 25 Best Denki stores opened as "EDION Kagoshima" (Kaseda store opened in December), etc.[8][9], Eight small stores in Kagoshima prefecture that were operating as "best family shops" have been operating as EDION stores since October 8st of the same year.[10].

2013May 8ToLIXIL Group, Inc.Announced to form a capital and business alliance with.同時にat the same timeThird-party allotmentAnd the same yearMay 9With this, LIXIL Group became the largest shareholder holding 8.00% of the shares (currently the second largest shareholder).[11], EDION strengthens home remodeling business[12][13].

Brand unification

EDION has a history of consolidating consumer electronics mass retailers in some regions, and even after the integration, it has taken a strategy of using store brands rooted in that region, and has expanded stores outside the area of ​​each brand in each region. The store brand was unified for each region, such as by changing to a brand name.

2011 May 10, the web article that the policy of the shop name unified prospect 2013[14], Announced on May 2012, 5 that the brand of 11 directly managed stores will be unified to EDION on October 10, 317, on the occasion of the 2012th anniversary of EDION's birth.[15](As of the end of March 2012, just before the announcement, 3 "Deodeo" stores, 121 "Aiden" stores, 98 "Midori" stores, 87 "Ishimaru" stores)[16]..変更そのものは同年のThe change itself is the same yearMay 9It was done sequentially fromMay 10Officially unified the store brands of directly managed stores in Kyoto and franchise stores in Okinawa to "EDION", which is the same as the company name.In the spring of 2013, the franchise stores (“Family Shop” format) excluding Kyoto and Okinawa Prefectures were renamed to “EDION” and unified.

The "100 full volt" operated by the subsidiary was operated under the same store name and service content (guarantee, points, etc.) as before, but since 2017, some stores will be operated in the Kinki and Kyushu regions. After transferring to the EDION main unit, the store brand was changed (Yofu store, Maizuru store, Hida store, Fukuchiyama store) and integrated into the nearby EDION store (Miyazaki Higashi store → Edion Miyazaki main store). In other stores, the service content has been gradually revised to the same as that of EDION itself, and in Tottori and Shimane prefectures where both EDION and 100 full volt are open, both companies plan advertisements and bargains. We are doing it jointly.


  • 2001 (13)
    • May 5 --Aiden Co., Ltd. and Deodeo Co., Ltd. conclude a memorandum regarding business integration.Initially the company name was planned to be "D & E"[17].
    • May 11 --Aiden Co., Ltd. and Deodeo Co., Ltd. conclude a stock transfer agreement.The holding company name was changed from the initial schedule,ン エ デ ィ オ ンDecided[18].
  • 2002 (14)
    • May 3 --Listed on the First Section of each stock exchange in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya[19][Broken link].
    • May 3 --Deodeo Co., Ltd. and Aiden Co., Ltd. jointly established EDION Corporation.デオデオ社長のDeodeo PresidentMasataka KuboBecame chairman of President AidenShoichi OkajimaBecame president[20].
    • 9 --Edion Corporation, Joshin Denki Co., Ltd., Midori Denka Co., Ltd., Thank You Co., Ltd., and Denkodo Co., Ltd. have formed a business alliance.Voice networkFormed.
  • 2003 (15)
    • May 3 --Gigas Kansai Co., Ltd. (currently Co., Ltd.Gigas) Will be a wholly owned subsidiary.しかし同年11月にギガスは株式会社However, in November of the same year, Gigas Co., Ltd.K's DenkiShifted to business integration with EDION and the integration with EDION was blank.
    • May 7 ――In order to clarify the command system, the chairman was vacant, and former chairman Masataka Kubo was appointed president (at the same time, he was appointed chairman of Deodeo), and former president Shoichi Okajima was appointed vice president.
  • 2004 (16)
  • 2005 (17)
    • May 1 --Start of sales of our original product "KuaL"[23][Broken link].
    • 1 - Corporate rehabilitation lawI applied for the application ofNinomiyaAnd take over the business of some stores.
    • May 4 - Stock exchangeMade Midori Denka Co., Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary.Along with this, Masayuki Umehara, president of Midori Denka, and Kazutoshi Tomonori, former director and president of Deodeo, will be appointed as vice presidents, and there will be three vice presidents.
    • May 5 --Unify the online shopping sites of four companies: Deodeo, Aiden, Midori Denka, and Living Design.
  • 2006 (18)May 7 - Ishimaru Electric33.4% stake inEquity method affiliateAnd
  • 2007 (19)
    • 1 --The head office was moved from Nagoya to Osaka.
    • May 1 --Vice President Masayuki Umehara will be appointed as General Manager of Logistics and Service Integration Promotion Office, and there will be two vice presidents.
    • May 2 --Concluded a capital and business alliance with Thank You, which develops "100 full volt". EDION has decided to acquire 2007% of the company's shares by the end of 19.
    • May 2 -Co., Ltd.Bic cameraConcluded a capital and business alliance with. Started discussions for business integration two years later.
    • May 2 --Aiden,Mitsuishi electrification centerAcquired all shares of the company and made it a subsidiary.
    • May 3 ――Blank the business integration with Bic Camera.Business alliance continues to be discussed.
    • May 3 --Increased the investment ratio in Ishimaru Denki to 40% and made it a consolidated subsidiary.
    • May 6 --Acquired a 40% stake in Thank You and made it a consolidated subsidiary.
    • May 10 --Subsidiary / Co., Ltd. for the purpose of expansion in the Kanto regionTokyo EdionEstablished.2008 After (20), the stores in the Kanto region operated by Deodeo and Midori Denka subsidiary Midori Co., Ltd. were transferred to Tokyo EDION and then converted to the "EDION" brand.
    • May 11 --Transferred Ishimaru Denki shares owned by EDION to Tokyo EDION.
    • May 11 --"EDION", the first store in Tokyo EDIONTakaido"Store" opens (closed in 2009).
  • 2008 (20)
    • May 3 --Until the 31st of the same month, at each group storeHD DVDFor customers who have purchased players and recordersBlu-ray recorderWe accept exchange correspondence.
    • May 6 --Moved the head office from 8-9-5 Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo (inside the Living Design Headquarters) to 6-13-10 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (inside the Tokyo Edion head office)[24].
    • May 6 --Design of Living Co., Ltd., a subsidiaryNissen HoldingsSold to[25].
    • May 9 --Tokyo EDION will acquire additional Ishimaru Denki shares to make it a wholly owned subsidiary of Tokyo EDION.
  • 2009 (21)
    • February 2-Aiden merges with Tokyo Edion, Ishimaru Denki and Ishimaru Denki's three subsidiaries, and Mitsuishi Denka Center, a total of six companies.
    • May 2 --Dissolved the capital and business alliance with Bic Camera Inc.
    • May 2 --Due to the merger on February 2, EDION's head office is located from 1-6-13 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (inside the Tokyo Edion main store) to 10-1-9 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (inside the Ishimaru Electric main store). ) Moved to.
    • April 4-Subsidiary Aiden merges with Aiden subsidiary Home Expo.
    • May 9 - Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustryIs EdionAct on Special Measures for Industrial Vitality RegenerationCertified as an application target of.Registration license tax exemption is available for the merger of Deodeo and Midori Denka.
    • May 10 --Reorganization of operating subsidiaries into two East and West companies[26][Broken link]..株式会社デオデオが、株式会社ミドリ電化を吸収合併し、株式会社Deodeo Co., Ltd. merged with Midori Denka Co., Ltd.EDION WESTChanged the trade name to.株式会社エイデン(石丸電気等を吸収済み)が、株式会社Aiden Co., Ltd. (already absorbed Ishimaru Denki Co., Ltd.)EDION EASTChanged the trade name to.
    • May 10 - Walt Disney JapanConcluded a promotional license & ad sponsorship agreement with.
    • May 11 --The cashier system has been unified, and EDION cards can now be used in common at all stores except 100 full volt.
    • May 11 --All store brands in the Kanto region have been unified to Ishimaru Denki, and "EDION" brand stores have disappeared.
  • 2010 (22)
    • April 4-Acquired shares from EDION EAST and made it a wholly owned subsidiary.
    • October 10-EDION EAST Corporation and EDION WEST Corporation merged to become an operating company.
  • 2011 (23)
    • April 4-Merged with EDION subsidiary Comnet.
    • May 4 - Electronic money(Edy,iD,QUICPay) Will be introduced at all directly managed stores by the end of June of the same year.
    • May 6 --At the general meeting of shareholders held on the same day, the registered head office was changed from Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (Ishimaru Electric Main Store) to Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture (Deodeo Main Store) Proposed and approved.即日施行されるEnforced on the same day[27][28][Supplement 2] .
    • August 9- Taniyama Radio ElectricConclude a franchise agreement with a corporation.The store brand was changed to Midori, and the Teramachi main store was changed to the EDION directly managed store, and the other stores were changed to the franchise store "Midori Taniyama".
    • May 10 --Acquired all shares of Thank You and made it a wholly owned subsidiary[14][30].
    • May 10 --Determine a policy to unify the store names under EDION by around 13[14]
    • May 10 - RakutenOpened in[31].
  • 2012 (24)
    • May 4 --Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustrySubsidy businessIn "Energy management system introduction promotion business"BEMS aggregatorAnnounced that it was registered in.
    • May 5 --Unification and new store names of 4 affiliated brandsCorporate identityAnnounced the introduction of[15].
    • May 7 --Some of the items soldLight bulb type LED lampIs shown to be significantly better than it really isFreebie display methodAs violatedConsumer Affairs AgencyAnnounced a public notice in the newspaper advertisement section based on the measure order of.
    • May 8 - AEON Co., Ltd.Electronic money developed byWAONIntroduced payment by "" to all directly managed stores, Neverland Hiroshima main store, some mobile phone shops, some in Kyoto prefecture and franchise stores in Okinawa prefecture[32].
    • May 9 --Started unifying the shop brands of directly managed stores "Deodeo", "Aiden", "Midori", and "Ishimaru" to "EDION"[33].
    • May 10 --Formally unified the shop brand to "EDION" (including Midori Taniyama in Kyoto Prefecture and Sanei Denkikan with Deodeo store in Okinawa Prefecture)[34]..At the same time, the corporate logo has been unified to the same "EDION" as the shop brand logo.
    • May 10 --EDION, the first new store after the integration of shop brandsAEON Town KariyaOpened "Store"[35].
  • 2013 (25)
    • May 8
      • Ltd.Yamada DenkiIs a corporationBest electric appliancesOn capital and business alliance withFair Trade CommissionYamada Denki Co., Ltd. announced that it will transfer the Techland New Chichibu store in Saitama Prefecture, and its subsidiary Best Denki Co., Ltd. will sequentially transfer five directly managed stores in Kyushu to the Company from September.[36].
      • At the same time, Co., Ltd.Kakoi ElectroAnnounced that it will inherit 10 stores in Kagoshima prefecture as our franchise store, including the Tanegashima store, which had a franchise agreement with Best Electric on October 16th of the same year.[10][36][37][38].
    • May 8 -Co., Ltd.LIXIL GroupTo enter into a capital and business alliance with LIXIL GroupThird-party allotmentAnnounced to do.
    • May 9 --The payment for the capital increase through third-party allotment has been completed, and LIXIL Group Co., Ltd.Largest shareholderBecome[12][13].
    • May 9 --Before concluding a franchise agreement with Kakoi Electro Co., Ltd., 28 "Best Denki" stores in Kagoshima Prefecture will be closed by this date.[39]
    • May 9 --Acquired two stores, "Best Denki BB Amagi Store" and "Best Denki BB Karatsu Bypass Store", from Best Denki Co., Ltd.[40]).After renovation, "EDION Amagi store" on November 11st of the same year[41], "EDION Karatsu store" on November 11th of the same year[42] As each new opening.
    • May 10 -
      • Transferred "Yamada Denki Techland New Chichibu Store" from Yamada Denki Co., Ltd. (The business as Yamada Denki ended on September 9 of the same year prior to the transfer).After renovation, the same yearMay 10Newly opened as "EDION Chichibu store"[43].
      • Prior to concluding a franchise agreement with Kakoi Electro Co., Ltd., eight stores in Kagoshima Prefecture, which had been operating as "Best Family Shop", which is a small store format of Best Denki, started operations as our franchise store.[10].
    • May 10 --Formally signed a franchise agreement with Kakoi Electro Co., Ltd.
    • May 10 --17 "Best Denki" stores in Kagoshima Prefecture will be opened all at once as "EDION Kagoshima (2 of which are" EDION Terex ", a mobile phone specialty store)" Specialized corner) will also be set up)[8][9][10][44].
    • May 11 --Acquired three stores from Best Denki Co., Ltd., "Best Denki Sun Road City Hitoyoshi Store", "Best Denki B / B Shimabara Store", and "Best Denki B / B Isahaya Store" (October 3, the same year prior to the transfer) Closed business as Best Denki).改装を行った上で、同年10月14日に「エディオンサンロードシティ人吉店」として新規オープンAfter renovation, it will be newly opened as "EDION Sunroad City Hitoyoshi Store" on November 11, the same year.[45]..同年12月6日には「エディオン諫早店」・「エディオン島原店」を新規オープン"EDION Isahaya store" and "EDION Shimabara store" are newly opened on December XNUMXth of the same year.[46][47]..With the transfer of these three stores, the transfer of all stores from Yamada Denki Co., Ltd. and Best Denki Co., Ltd. was completed.
  • 2015 (27) April 4-Concluded a point program contract with T Point Japan Co., Ltd., and became the first consumer electronics retailer from April 3 of the same year.T pointStart service[48].
  • 2016 (28) April 2- Osaka Mitsui Bussan BuildingMoved the head office to[49].
  • 2017 (29) April 4- Culture Convenience ClubBusiness tie-up with "Tsutaya Home Appliances" managed by[50]..同月14日にはOn the XNUMXth of the same monthHiroshima StationSouth exit "EKICITY HIROSHIMAOpened "EDION Tsutaya Home Appliances Hiroshima Store".
  • 2018 (30) October 10-EDION subsidiaryEdion CommunicationsAbsorption merger[51].
  • 2019 (31)May 4 --In addition to the previously introduced T pointsd pointIntroduced[52](Except for some directly managed stores and franchise stores, but will be introduced at any time except for some stores), EDION original design d point cards will also be issued at the corresponding stores[53].
  • 2020 (2nd year of Reiwa)May 4 --Logo, provided credits (excluding programs marked "EDION" in some programs because they will continue in this state), "EDION" disappears from store buildings, signs, signboards, etc., and only the "EDION" logo Renewed to.
  • 2021 (3nd year of Reiwa)May 4 -Common point service "Rakuten Point Card" is now available. One Rakuten point will be awarded for every payment of 200 yen (excluding tax).

Store brand

Immediately after the establishment of EDION, each store continued to use the conventional brand.その結果2008年頃の関東地区では、傘下の5ブランドに加えてAs a result, in the Kanto area around XNUMX, in addition to the five brands under the umbrellaTokyo EdionAs a result, a total of 6 brands of "EDION" operated by the company were crowded.After that, from 2009, the brand was unified for each region ("Ishimaru" in the case of the Kanto area), and in October 2012, the directly managed stores of EDION were changed to the unified brand "EDION", and the franchise The store was changed in the spring of 10.The "2013 full volt" operated by Thank You has remained unchanged.

The store name after the integration will be inherited from the old brand stores as it is, but the "Deodeo Main Store" in Hiroshima Prefecture, the "Aiden Main Store" in Aichi Prefecture, and the "ishimaru Main Store" in Tokyo will be changed to "ishimaru Main Store" due to the store brand integration.Edion Hiroshima Main Store"" ""EDION Akihabara Main StoreIn addition to changing the names toAEON TOWN,AEON MALLSome stores that are open in the store (eg Midori Aeon Kobe Kita store → EDIONAEON MALL KobekitaStores) and some stores in Okinawa Prefecture (eg San-A Tamata Denkikan With Deodeo → Edion Tamata City) have also changed their store names.However,Kitakyushu"Deodeo Tokuriki store" is nearbySunrib MoritsuneDue to the overlap with the relocation to, the store was closed after being sold out as "Deodeo" for a while after the brand was unified (the new store name is "EDION Sunlive Moritsune Store").At the "ishimaru main store" in Tokyo, after the brand was unified to EDION, some letters of ishimaru remained in the store for a while.

Current store brand

Operating company: EDION
2012 May 10Since then, it has been used with the unification of the brands of its directly managed stores (Deodeo, Aiden, Midori, Ishimaru) (signboards were replaced in sequence prior to that).The logo mark is different from the EDION logo that was conventionally used by the EDION Group.
FukuokaOutlet store "EDION outlet(Formerly Deodeo Outlet) has two stores[Supplement 3].
100 full bolt
Operating company:Thank You
Hokuriku regionAroundHokkaido,Kanto region,Shizuoka,KinkiNorth,San'in districtas well as the KyusyuExpanded to rural areas.2007 May 6Joined the EDION Group.2011 May 10It will become a wholly owned subsidiary of EDION, but unlike other companies in the EDION Group, it will not be merged with EDION and the store brand will continue to exist.

In-store corner

Originally with AidenITOCHU Corporation OfJoint VentureIt was a store specializing in information equipment that was operated by the company, but now it is a store name common to the EDION Group.It used to have a large number of stores mainly in Tokai and South Kanto, but now there are no stores that exist independently.Instead, some large stores are developing Compmart as the name of the PC corner.
Originally in the Aiden storeComputer gamesAlthough it was the name of a specialized sales corner, it is now common to the EDION Group.toyAnd the name of the store that sells computer games.Currently, even in Aiden's Neverland, stores that sell toys as well as computer games are appearing.

Past store brands

Deo deo(DEODEO, logo mark notation is DeODEO)
Operating company: EDION (formerly Deodeo →EDION WEST)
Directly managed stores:2002 May 3(EDION Group established) --2012May 9
Franchise: March 2002, 3 (EDION Group established) --Spring 29
1997 May 4A store brand that appeared when the former operating company Daiichi changed its name to Deodeo.Chugoku, Shikoku-KyusyuExpanded to rural areas. It became an EDION Group store from March 2002, 3.
Aiden(Eiden, logo mark notation is EIDEn)
Operating company: EDION (formerly Aiden →EDION EAST)
Directly managed stores: March 2002, 3 (EDION Group established) --September 29, 2012
Franchise:2005 April 4 (Start of development by providing know-how) --Spring 1
Former Eidensha. 1989年から店舗ブランドがエイデン(当時のロゴマーク表記はThe store brand has been Aiden since XNUMX (the logo mark at that time wasEiDEnWas).Tokai regionとNaganoExpand to. It became an EDION Group store from March 2002, 3.
Midori electrification(The name of the shop is midori)
Operating company: EDION (formerly Midori Denka → EDION WEST)
Directly managed stores: April 2005, 4 (joined EDION Group) --September 1, 2012
Franchise: March 2010, 3 (Start of development by providing know-how) --Spring 12
KinkiExpand to. It became a wholly owned subsidiary of EDION on April 2005, 4.Previously, both "Midori Denka" and "Midori" brand names were mixed, but since the CI mark was changed on April 1, 2010 (at the same time, the alphabetic logo will also be in lowercase), "Midori Denka" The name is no longer used.
Ishimaru Electric(The shop name is Ishimaru, ishimaru)
Operating company: EDION (formerly Ishimaru Denki → Aiden → EDION EAST)
Directly managed stores:2006 May 7(Joined EDION Group) --September 2012, 9
AkihabaraAroundKanto regionExpand to. Joined the EDION Group on July 2006, 7.It used to be a store under the brand name "Ishimaru Denki",2008 12After that, a new CI (the same as the one used at the EDION store developed by Tokyo EDION at that time) and the "ishimaru" logo were introduced.2009 May 11The EDION Group's store names in the Kanto region, excluding 100 full volt, were unified to "ishimaru" (however, at the Akihabara store, the neon sign labeled "Ishimaru Denki" remained).
(XNUMXst generation) EDION
Operating company: EDION EAST (formerlyTokyo Edion→ Aiden)
2008 Since then, some of the Deodeo stores in the Kanto region and all Midori Denka stores have been transferred in sequence, creating a store under the same "EDION" brand as the group name. 2009å¹´XNUMXMay 2Tokyo EDION was merged with Ishimaru Denki into Aiden and became EDION EAST on October 10st of the same year.On November 1, the same year, the store brand in the Kanto region, excluding 11 full volt, was unified to "ishimaru", and EDION's store brand disappeared once.

Business other than home appliance sales

For former Deodeo companies,Maruni Woodwork(Furniture manufacturing), Deodeo Enjoynet (Internet service provider)and so on. Also,Sanfrecce Hiroshima,Fureai Channel(Cable TV) Is the largest shareholder.

Former Aiden companiesEdion Communications(Mobile phone sales), N-work (system development work), etc.In addition, it was absorbed and merged with Aiden on April 2009, 21.Home expo(Former Sakakiya Home Center)Home centerWas running, but in 2014 Kama (currentlyDCM kerma) Was transferred to).Comnet (delivery of home appliances, merged with EDION on April 2011, 23), Mitsuishi Denka Center (operates 4 full volt of home appliances store, absorbed by Aiden on February 1, 100) There was also a merger).

Thank You operates the Kingdom of Treasure Island (game sales, CD sales / rental) and Mr. Outlet (home appliance repair).

Provider business

From the old Deodeo eraInternet service providerIs provided.The original name was "Deodeo Enjoy Net"Met. As of June 2012, 6, the name of the provider business will be integrated into "EDION Net", and the old name will continue as the name of the service form.In addition, "Enjoy Net" and "Quor Net" can be used together depending on the combination of plans.

  • Enjoy net
    • Service for fixed lines.NTT East/NTT Westof"FLET'SPlan using "NTT DoCoMoPlan using "docomo Hikari" (started in February 2015),SoftbankThere is an in-house plan (SoftBank Alliance) jointly provided with.
  • Quornet
    • Service for mobile lines.既存の回線を利用したUsing an existing lineMVNO.UQ CommunicationsWe offer plans that use the net.Y! MobileNet (formerlyE-MobileThere was a plan to use the network), but now the acceptance of new subscriptions has ended.Also,NTT DoCoMonetwork·auNet and Y! MobilePHSLine (old /WILLCOMThere is also a service that provides access points for the network.

Product brand

The following products are being developed as the group's original brands.

  • Keyword: Home appliances for single life
  • MY & OUR: Consumables for batteries and tubes
  • KuaL: Manufacturer jointly developed brand

The above three types were once sold by voice network member companies.

  • Egg Plus (EGG +):Mouse computerLow-priced PC made by
  • E-angle: Home appliances developed independently.

Also, at some storesEpson directWe are cooperating with dealers.

Related Companies

Consolidated subsidiary

  • Thank you Co., Ltd. --Operating the home electronics mass retailer "100 Man Volt". 100% owned.
  • EDION House System Co., Ltd.-Sales of home remodeling, all-electric, and solar power generation systems.Former thank you house system.Originally affiliated with Thank You, EDION was a subsidiary company, but in 2012 it became a subsidiary of EDION. 100% owned.
  • IR Japan Co., Ltd.-Purchase and sale of used home appliances. 55% stake.Kimura Metal Industry,MitsuiJoint venture with.
  • N-Work Co., Ltd. --Operation and development of IT system. 100% owned.
  • ForestCo., Ltd.-Mail order of daily necessities, household goods, stationery, office supplies, etc. 100% owned.

Equity method affiliate

Franchise member company

  • Taniyama Radio ElectricLtd.- Kyoto City5 stores in.The store operated by the company uses the store name "EDION Taniyama".
  • Ltd.Kibi Cable TV - Okayama OfYoume Town TakahashiOperation of one EDION Marufuji store inside.
  • Ltd.Fuji --One EDION Fuji Grand Mihara store in Hiroshima prefecture.EDION, which is located in another Fuji Gran, is a directly managed store of EDION.
  • Ltd.Kakoi Electro ――17 stores of "EDION Kagoshima" in Kagoshima prefecture.
  • Ltd.SAN-A --Operating all stores in Okinawa Prefecture.
  • Culture Convenience ClubCo., Ltd. (commonly known as CCC) --Operating Tsutaya Home Appliances in Futakotamagawa.Initially operated by CCC, it joined the EDION franchise in April 2017.[54]..On the contrary, TSUTAYA in Gifu and Aichi prefectures and "" in Hiroshima prefecture.EDION Tsutaya Home AppliancesIs operated by EDION as a member of the CCC franchise.

In addition, each of multiple regionsElectronics storeIs a member of the franchise under the name of "EDION Family Shop".

Former affiliate

  • EDION WEST --A operating company created by integrating Deodeo and Midori Denka.Merged with EDION.
  • EDION EAST --Aiden, Ishimaru Denki, and Tokyo Edion are integrated operating companies.Merged with EDION.
  • Living design --Mail order company
    2008 (20)May 6ThanNissen GroupHowever, after that, the same businessplusTransferred to[55].
  • Ltd.Edion Communications --Mobile phone agency.Career shopIt also operated the mobile phone section of some EDION stores.Former Aiden Communications. 100% owned. Merged with EDION on October 2018, 10.

Past partner companies

  • Bic camera - 2007 (19)May 2Concluded a capital and business alliance with, and started discussions for business integration two years later.However, 2 (Heisei 2007) because the image that BicCamera became a subsidiary of EDION preceded and there was a backlash within BicCamera.May 3The management integration plan was blanked out, and a 3% mutual investment was made.Outside directorOnly mutual dispatch.2009 (21) The alliance was canceled when the contract period expired on February 2, and the outside directors of both companies resigned on the same day.We will discuss the shares that are mutually invested in the future.
  • Voice network- 2003 On April 4st, EDION, Midori Denka, Thank You,Kamishindenki,DenkoAffiliated for the purpose of joint development of a private brand by the five companies.2004 The alliance has been dissolved as of October 10th.[56]..After that, Midori Denka and XNUMXQ became a subsidiary of EDION, and DenkodoK's DenkiBecame under the umbrella of.

Card / original guarantee system

2015 (27) Currently, the membership cards issued by the EDION Group (excluding Thank You) are divided into the following four types.

EDION card

  • The "EDION Card" is a credit card with a long-term repair warranty and point service function of the EDION Group.
  • An annual membership fee of 980 yen (excluding tax) is required as a "membership service usage fee" such as a repair guarantee fee and point acquisition benefits for use outside the group.
  • 2009 (21)11Subsequent new EDION card issuers areCedina(OldOMC cardHandling ・JCBOr VISA) and Orient Corporation (Orico.master CardOr JCB).
  • As an incidental cardETCCards can be issued.Free issuance for cards issued by Orico.For cards issued by Cedyna2010 (22)2A new issuance fee of 1,000 yen (excluding tax) is required for subsequent applications.
  • Shortly after the introduction, additional "family cards" could be issued for Cedyna Orico.Applications will be accepted at each EDION Group store.It is necessary for the member who has the EDION card to come to the store to apply.[Supplement 4].
  • 100 full volt "shareholder pointsJacks cardHowever, since the points were changed to "2015 full volt card" in October 10, the membership agreement has been shared with the EDION card (the online shop related agreement applies only to the EDION card). ), Because some stores have changed from 100 full volt to EDION[57], EDION stores are now able to use long-term repair guarantees and points, and if you wish, you can switch to an EDION card.In addition to JACCS, Orient Corporation tie-ups have also been issued, but the one issued by Orico is that the logo on the upper right has been replaced from "EDION" to "100 full volt" with the name and design of "EDION Card". It has become.In addition, the Anshin Guarantor Card is now issued even at 100 full volt.
  • When using payment at each EDION Group store, cash is required by presenting the EDION card.debit card-Electronic moneyAlternatively, when purchasing a product with credit, points will be added after paying the full price for each product (100 point for every 1 yen excluding tax for home appliances, computers and consumables. 100 points for every 3 yen excluding tax for toys and games. Games. 100 points for every 5 yen excluding tax for software, video, and music software).When using the EDION Card at stores outside the group, 100 point will be added for every 1 yen including tax. One point is worth one yen, which can be used for the purchase price of the product in units of one yen.The expiration date of points isRemaining acquisition year (until March 3) + 31 years..Even if you register for Rakuten Edy, QUICPay Mobile, or Mobile Suica, you will get 100 point for every XNUMX yen including tax.[Supplement 5]
  • The 5-year and 10-year long-term repair warranty covers products designated by the EDION Group with a purchase unit price of 5,500 yen or more including tax and a manufacturer's warranty of 1 year or more.For each product, the guarantee is provided until the cumulative repair amount excluding tax during the warranty period reaches the purchase price (so if the cumulative repair price exceeds the purchase price, the excess amount will be paid separately or the repair will be stopped. Become).During the manufacturer's warranty period, the manufacturer's warranty has priority.
  • All long-term repair warranty ends when the EDION Card is canceled or the membership is lost.In addition, personal computers (excluding models designated by the EDION Group) and mobile phones are not covered by the long-term warranty.Items subject to long-term warranty can be confirmed on the warranty statement (receipt) at the time of purchase.
History of EDION Card
  • 2008 (20)10From the newly issued version, Deodeo Aiden's (including the former Tokyo EDION) "ee card" (see past system) has been renamed to "EDION card". All ee cards issued by Cedyna (formerly OMC Card) can be switched to EDION cards when renewed.[Supplement 6].
  • At the same time, Midori Denka became a "Pokkiri Card" (JacksAlliance) → "Midori-chan Card" (NICOSAbolished the alliance) and switched to the EDION card.石丸電気『アイアイIshimaru Denki "Aye-aye"UC card] Also in 2009 (Heisei 21)May 11It was abolished as far as possible and moved to the EDION card.
  • The EDION card of Deodeo Aiden has been able to use points for both brand stores since the ee card era.Midori Denka's EDION card is also available in 2009 (Heisei 21).11It is possible to use points in common with Deodeo Aiden by operating the group integrated system of.
  • In response to Life's drastic reduction in the affiliated card business, Deodeo's EDION card was issued by Orico from the new application in October 2009, and the store information pamphlet was updated.In addition, DM will guide you through the procedure for changing from existing life to Orico.In addition, cardholders who applied at Deodeo stores in the Kanto region (currently closed) are informed of the transition to Cedyna.公共料金などの支払いなどを旧カードで登録している場合の新カードへの登録変更手続は、カード保有者が契約先ごとに独自でしなければならず、切替えにかかる手間への代償に、店舗での購入合計・税込21円ごとに10円分ずつ利用できる割引券を、切替えた会員に5000円分程度ずつ発行しているWhen paying utility bills, etc. is registered with the old card, the procedure for changing the registration to the new card must be done independently by each contractor, and the cost of switching is to be paid. We issue discount coupons for 500 yen for every 13,000 yen including tax, which is the total purchase at the store, for about XNUMX yen to the switched members.[58].
  • The ee card and EDION card issued by Life will be discontinued on September 2010, 22, regardless of the expiration date stated on the card.After that, it will continue to be usable as a Prover card issued by Life, and will be sent to existing members including those who switched to a new card issued by Orico Cedyna with a Prover card with the same number and brand as the ee card and EDION card at the time of renewal. To.In addition, the Life ETC card will be treated as an accessory to the Prover card.At the same time, it was announced that the old card members would switch to a gold card (JCB brand) with no annual membership fee.
  • Aiden's ee card and EDION card were issued by Life, but due to the contraction of Life's affiliated card business, they shifted to issuing Cedyna. In April 2011, we started accepting applications issued by Orico from new applications.
  • Ishimaru Denki and Midori Denka's EDION cards were initially issued by Cedyna, but in April 2011, we started accepting applications issued by Orico, and together with Aiden, the acceptance of applications issued by Cedyna at stores has decreased. Has been done.ただしセディナのホームページでは引き続きエディオンカードについても案内されHowever, the EDION card will continue to be announced on the Cedyna website. [1], "Anshin Guarantor Card" members can apply online.Also, as for the already issued portion, unlike the Life affiliated card in Deodeo, there is no guidance to change to Orico, and it is possible to continue using it with the card issued by Cedyna.
  • The design of the card face has been changed from the September 2012 issue, which unified the store brand to "EDION".For this reason, many of the new design cards issued by Cedyna, which have reduced new applications at stores, are renewed and reissued by existing members.


  • A membership card with the same "long-term repair warranty" and "point service" as the above EDION card without a credit function.

Anshin Guarantor Card

A new free admission card that replaces the EDION point card, no annual membership fee, and no credit function. Points are cash.debit card-Electronic moneyIt is given only when purchasing at.The point award rate isNo points will be given to home appliances and PCsEquivalent to EDION cards and ID cards except for points.ポイントの有効期限はThe expiration date of points isRemaining acquisition year (until March 3) + 31 yearsIt was fixed to.

The major difference from point cards is that they come with a long-term repair warranty as standard, just like EDION cards and ID cards.The number of items covered is less than that of EDION Cards, but there are products covered by compensation for 5 years in addition to 10 years and 3 years.However, the conditions for the 5-year and 3-year warranty are stricter than those for EDION cards.

T card

From April 2015, 27, EDION began issuing and handling T-cards.Already another T Point member store (TSUTAYA-FamilyMartIf you have a T card issued by (etc.), you can use it as it is at EDION.

Unlike the "EDION Card" and "Anshin Guarantor Card", points are awarded for every 200 yen excluding tax, regardless of the purchased product (the points to be added are calculated based on the total purchase price. It is calculated for each item purchased, not).In addition, points will be awarded under the same conditions for credit card payments and application credits other than the "EDION Card", which are not eligible for points with the "EDION Card" and "Anshin Guarantor Card".The accumulated points can be used as 1 point for 1 yen, just like the "EDION Card" and "Anshin Guarantor Card".

Past system

Golden Apple Member

In the past, Deodeo (Daichi) attracted customers who frequently purchased home appliances.Good customerAlso called "Golden Apple Member".At a specific time, "Golden Apple Business Meeting" was held at each store, which is an invitation sales event for top customers who are not notified to general customers.店頭で一般客向けセールと同時に行われるが販売価格が異なり、会期中に商談会案内It is held at the same time as the sale for general customers at the store, but the selling price is different, so we will inform you about the business meeting during the exhibition period.DMIf you bring it with you and show it to the clerk, you can buy it at a cheap price posted on the DM.

Currently, "Golden Apple Member" is almost synonymous with "EDION Card Member", and even customers who meet the above customer clause are excluded from the "Golden Apple Member" clause if they do not have a credit card.Therefore, there is no "Golden Apple member who is not a card member", and DM destinations are limited to EDION card members.

Before card establishment → Member's card → ee card
  • During the Daiichi era, home appliance purchasers who were good at visiting and purchasing frequently were given a three-year free repair warranty (including the manufacturer's warranty) when purchasing the target product almost unconditionally.There are no membership cards, and the extended warranty card for the target product was printed and issued by verbally telling the clerk the home phone number (the one registered in the store together with the address and name).
  • 1997 (9)4, Changed the trade name from Daiichi to Deodeo, and at the same time introduced the "Deodeo Members Card".国際ブランドのないハウスカードで、発行元はA house card without an international brand, issued byLife card-Orient Corporation-Nippon Shinpan-All Nippon Shinpan..その後、長期修理保証の期間が3年間から5年間に変更されるが、対象者は従来の「上得意様」ではなくAfter that, the long-term repair warranty period will be changed from XNUMX years to XNUMX years, but the target person is not the conventional "superior customer"Cardholders onlyIt became.For customers who have not subscribed to the card, only the normal manufacturer's warranty is available, and in this case the after-sales service content has deteriorated, but on the other hand, even customers can receive a long-term warranty at first glance if they subscribe to the card.
  • A card point system was introduced for member's cards, and at the same time, the point-only card "Deodeo Enjoy Card" (later EDION Point Card) was also issued.This is a cash payment point card for "customers under the age of 18 or high school students" and "customers over the age of 18 who do not require a credit function / long-term guarantee system".
  • after that,Idemitsu cardThe "Deodeo Idemitsu International Card" with an international brand was also issued in partnership with "Dodeo".shoppingPoints were also given for "use" (card payment).
  • After that, when the issuer is unified into Life, it will become a "Deodeo ee card" with an international brand (master card, later VISA will be added), and points will be given for "use of all card payments" other than Deodeo. Became.Regarding the switch to the Deodeo ee card, those who had the Deodeo Members Card Life issue were automatically renewed, but those who had other card company issues had to apply for the switch.
  • Aiden tooOrico-Million card,OryxThe club card was issued in partnership with the company, but in 2003-2004 after the establishment of the EDION Group, the company's point card (The club card) and long-term guarantee system (Mamoru-kun) were switched to ee cards, and the system with Deodeo. Was unified.
EDION reward card

With the introduction of the EDION Anshin Guarantor Card, this card has been newly issued and reissued.The service used is continuing.

A point-only card with no admission and no annual membership fee.No credit function.ポイントは現金もしくはPoints are cash ordebit cardIt is given only when purchasing at.The point award rate is the same as EDION cards and ID cards.ポイント有効期限もPoint expiration dateRemaining acquisition year (until March 3) + 31 yearsEquivalent to EDION cards and ID cards (at the beginning of the service, it is one year shorter than thisRemaining acquisition year (until March 3) + 31 yearsMet).

It can be used in common at EDION Group and 4 brand stores, but whether it is issued or not depends on the store brand.There is no issue at Aiden stores.Each of the three issuer brands is included in the card surface design.

The point-only card alone does not have a long-term warranty function, but if there is an EDION card / ID card member in the family living together, register as a "family member" with mutual consent with the member, and the family member can purchase points and products for a long time. A repair guarantee can be given to the member's card (however, the accumulated points can only be used by the member).Family members may unintentionally give points to their membership card if they do not specify the point grant destination when presenting their point-only card at the time of accounting, so it is more reliable to specify the grant destination for each accounting. is there.

Deodeo EDION reward card
Of the EDION reward cards, those issued by each Deodeo store.
2009May 8It was introduced in advance at the Deodeo Outlet Kashiihama store (Higashi-ku, Fukuoka City), which was reopened in the outlet store.
Daiichi changed its trade name to Deodeo1997 (9)4It was introduced at each Deodeo store from October 2009, 21 (Heisei 10) in place of the "Deodeo Enjoy Card" issued by.I was able to receive free issuance at each Deodeo store (a reissue fee of 1 yen was required to reissue when lost).
ishimaru EDION reward card
Of the EDION point cards, those issued by each Ishimaru Denki store.
Ishimaru Denki used the old point card "Aye-aye Card" in 2009 (Heisei 21)May 11It was abolished to the limit, and new issuance / switching reissue was made mainly at stores handling software.For points awarded when purchasing music / video software by presenting the EDION point card and EDION card / ID cardIshimaru Denki storeOnly "For every 100 yen excluding tax10 points(Same rate as the old Aye-aye card. 5 points at other brand stores).In the old Aye-aye card, points were given even when using other companies' credit cards, but with the EDION point card, points were given only when purchasing cash or debit cards.
Midori EDION reward card
Of the EDION reward cards, those issued by each Midori store.
Midori had issued a point card "Pokkiri Card" that was different from the EDION Group, but from the spring of 2010 (Heisei 22), it began issuing EDION point cards common to the EDION Group.However, in order to use the rental function, a conventional pocket card is required.
Since the point number inquiry on the EDION members site cannot be used with the "Pokkiri Card", the EDION point card was switched to the Anshin Guarantor card.The Pokkiri Card will end in March 2013, but points will be carried over until the expiration date.



We are broadcasting commercials as sponsors on the following national online programs (all network sales slots). CMキャラクターは、2012年9月10日から100満ボルトを除く店舗のブランド名統一に伴い、ブランド名統一を案内するCM characters will announce the unification of brand names with the unification of brand names of stores excluding XNUMX full volt from September XNUMX, XNUMX.Celine DionBroadcast the appearance CM. (When there was a program provided by EDION on BS broadcasting, it was broadcast nationwide with the content that Deodeo would become EDION.) After that.Nozomi HondaHas been appointed. 2013年3月からは本田とWith Honda from March XNUMXTokui Yoshimi(チ ュ ー ト リ ア ル) Was co-starring as a clerk, but due to Tokui's scandal, the CM was replaced and broadcasted from October 2019, 10, and it was dropped as it was.[59].. (In some areas, the commercial before the replacement was flowing as it was) After thatHonda SaraiJoined and became a co-star with my sister, Miyu.Before Tokui was appointed, he belonged to the women's track and field club of the company.Ayako KimuraThere was a time when he appeared as a clerk. From July 2021Mukai OsamuHas appeared.

Before the unification of store brands, from July 2008 (Heisei 20)talent OfTokoro GeorgeFrom October 2009 (Heisei 21)Walt Disney JapanSince 2010, the original character "Eddie store manager" has been appointed as the Disney character managed by.スポンサー表記は「エディオングループ」であり、CM内容は地域別店舗ブランド時代はThe sponsor notation is "EDION Group", and the content of the CM is the store brand era by region.[Supplement 7]The principle is the same[Supplement 8], Store brand name varies by region[Supplement 9].

  • Kanto region --ishimaru
  • Tokai region, Nagano prefecture --Aiden
  • Kinki region --Midori
  • Chugoku / Shikoku / Kyushu Region-Deodeo
  • Hokkaido / Hokuriku region-100 full volt (thank you)

In the Tohoku region, Niigata prefecture, and Yamanashi prefecture, there are no EDION group home appliance mass retailers, but group commercials[Supplement 10]Was aired (often the sponsored program was also broadcast in the area mentioned above).In addition to being common to the group, each had its own commercial.


EDION Women's Athletics Club[Supplement 11]And the EDION archery club is in DeodeoBusinessmanWas transferred.

Prior to the integration into the EDION brand, sponsors were sponsored by the store brand notation of the region they were in charge of, similar to commercials.They have also been reorganized due to the brand integration, but here they are classified by the old brand name.The team names in bold below are the organizations (as of 2016) specified on the official website as social contribution activities.

Deo deo
  • Sanfrecce Hiroshima - related company.エディオンが球団筆頭株主であり、社長のEDION is the largest shareholder of the team and the presidentMasataka KuboIs also the chairman of the team. 1997年からユニフォーム(胸)スポンサーUniform (chest) sponsor since XNUMX[Supplement 12]..また、統合以前からエディオンとして提供も行っておりIn addition, it has been provided as EDION even before the integration.[Supplement 13], 2012 The first uniform for logo design after EDION integrationFIFA Club World Cup 2012It is used in.
Prior to the reorganization to the EDION brand, uniform sponsors were provided to the J.League team for each brand, but due to the contact with the J.League regulations due to the brand integration, it was consolidated only in Sanfrecce Hiroshima.
  • Hiroshima Toyo Carp --Mainly in the Hiroshima area.MAZDA Zoom-Zoom Stadium HiroshimaIn addition to providing bench advertisements, a signboard with a bounty was set up along the middle right on the day of the official professional baseball game from 2013 (a prize of 100 million yen will be paid if a hit ball hits this place).
  • Fukuoka Softbank Hawks --Mainly in the Fukuoka area.
  • Chunichi Dragons --Concluded an official partnership agreement from 2010 (Heisei 22)[61]..Includes rights such as helmet advertisements (matches sponsored by Chunichi Dragons) and official partner naming rights.In addition, professional baseball has regulations on uniform left sleeves and helmet sponsors.Central LeaguePosting on is limited to home uniforms[Supplement 14].
  • EDION BLITZ --Has been a sponsor since 2007 (Heisei 19)Adult baseballteam.The team name was changed due to the brand integration.
  • VERTEX Hockey Team --Former Nagoya Fullertel.In the past, one of the players he belonged to was an EDION employee. Reorganized as VERTEX in 1. It was listed on EDION's website as a social contribution activity until 2016, but it has been excluded from 2015.なおスポンサーとしては継続しているIt continues as a sponsor[62].
  • FC Gifu --Uniform sponsors from 2010 (Heisei 22) to 2012 (2010 sleeves, 2011-2012 back).エディオンブランドへの統合に伴い規定に抵触するため、2013年以降ユニフォームスポンサーからは外れているSince XNUMX, it has been excluded from uniform sponsors because it violates the regulations due to the integration into the EDION brand.[63].
Midori electrification
  • Gamba Osaka --I have been a club sponsor since 2006. It was removed from the sponsor when it was integrated as EDION WEST in 2009 (Heisei 21).
100 full bolt

Naming rights

Currently, we have acquired the naming rights for the following facilities.

  • Edion Stadium Hiroshima-Since 2013, it is the home of the track and field club and Sanfrecce Hiroshima.Hiroshima Wide Area Athletics StadiumAcquired the naming right of (Hiroshima Big Arch)[64].. However,Clean stadium regulations(Prohibition of exercising naming rights) applies to FIFA (International Football Federation) Excludes international soccer matches sponsored and supervised.
  • EDION Arena Osaka-From September 2015, 9Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium OfNaming rightsWas acquired.However,NHKAtGrand SumoSpring placeIn the report ofBroadcasting lawDue to conflicts with Article 83 (prohibition of advertising and publicity broadcasting), the information is provided only by the official name.
    • Regarding information on the NHK sumo program, among the other venues of this venue,Ryogoku Kokugikan-Fukuoka International CenterHas not given a naming rights name (Aichi GymnasiumFrom 2018Nagoya Diamond Dolphins”Acquired the naming right) and, in consideration of the name recognition of the conventional name,“ If the facility name excluding the company name etc. is established in the “NHK Broadcasting Guidelines”, the company name etc. was excluded. This is due to the application of the "sometimes use names" standard.
    • Meanwhile, other competitions at the same venue (B LeagueWhen NHK broadcasts events other than sports (such as live music), and in the program guide on the NHK official website for those competitions and events, similar competitions held at other venues that have introduced naming rights.・ Combined with the event, the guideline says, "As long as it is the name of the facility, it is unavoidable to use it for broadcasting, but since the name includes the company name etc., it will be repeated in news and programs. In some cases, the name is given by the naming right name (in some cases, it is written together with the official name) by applying the "Avoid and use the name in a restraining manner" standard.[65].
    • On the side of the Japan Sumo Association, which is the organizer, both the official name and the naming rights name are listed together in the ranking table.
    • Perform at the same venue新 日本 プ ロ レ スSome professional wrestling organizations, such as, also provide information with both official names and naming rights names.
    • Table tennisT LeagueIf the same venue is used in, of competing peersNojimaIs the crown sponsor (title partner) of the league, so advertising[66] It will be introduced by the official name in the schedule and venue information on the official website.


From EdionKamishindenkiFormer manager who changed jobs to Joshin Denki Co., Ltd. for illegally acquiring EDION's business secretsOsaka Prefectural PoliceTo2015 May 1ToUnfair Competition Prevention LawArrested for alleged violation[67].


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