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UNIQLO "UNIQLO Pay" is even more convenient! Also available at GU

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Payment Method


deposit(Yokin,British: deposit) IsFinancial institutionMoney forConsumer deposit(Depositing about the return of the same amount of the same amount, in the point that you can request the return at any time if there is no fixed time limitConsumption loanDifferent) or the money deposited.


Depending on the mode of deposit, there are checking account, ordinary deposit, fixed deposit, and the like. In essence, depositors lend money to financial institutions. Liquid deposits that can be paid out at any time if requested by depositors (demand deposits) and time deposits that do not respond until the expiration of the specified deposit period.

Japanese deposit system

Distinction between deposit and savings

In Japan, the terms “deposit” and “savings” are used differently according to the financial institutions they handle, but they have the same nature. Originally, it was said that what was intended for savings was called savings, and what was intended for settlement was called deposits, and deposits have a broader meaning, but are now treated as synonymous.

Handling deposits isbank,Credit union,Credit union,Labor unionDo a credit businessAgricultural cooperativeSuch asFinancial institutions handling deposits and savingsIs. other than this,Bank of JapanAlso accepts deposits.
Of financial institutions that handle deposits and savingsAgricultural cooperative・Shinnoren (JA Bank) AndFishery cooperative・Shinsenren (JF Marine BankIn), it is called savings rather than savings.2007 May 10ToJapan PostWas spun off and privatizedJapan Post Bank ThePostal savingsIn light of the history of inheriting some of the business, although it is a deposit by law, it is still called a savings for business purposes.

Account type

General account
In general,One passbookYou can deposit time deposits together with ordinary deposits, and when the balance of ordinary deposits becomes insufficient due to a request for refund or automatic transfer, those time deposits are used as collateral.Lending is done automaticallyPayment received (OverdraftThat). Overdraft interest is accrued during each overdraft use period in addition to the interest rate on each deposit as collateral. Settlement of interest on loans is done twice a year (often in February and August).
For each financial institution,
  • Case of 1 transaction at 1 branch
  • A financial institution where only one of the branches can use the general account in the transactions of all branches, and only one book is available for one financial institution
  • As a booklet, you can trade as many books as you like with one branch, but a financial institution that allows only one transaction for time deposits and overdrafts.
For example, the handling differs depending on the individual financial institution. When issuing a general account passbook with integrated savings and deposits, you may be able to trade multiple booklets that are all in one (actually, the total account is treated as one book, and the remaining booklet is simply It will be used only in the state that a savings book and savings deposit are included in a bundle). Exceptionally, in the case of store integration, if there is originally a general account transaction at the integration destination and there is a general account transaction even at the abolished store, there are cases where two comprehensive accounts can be used (ordinary deposit and time deposit In some cases, you may be requested not to purge and treat as a general account.)
Repayment of the loan is automatically made by depositing the savings account.
Some financial institutions set up automatic financing,MinorIn some cases, it may not be permitted to open a general account, and in that case, the account will be opened using a savings account passbook.
Incidentally,Japan Post Bank"General account (passbook)" refers to ordinary savings and ordinary savings savings with a transfer function, so the concept is different from what is generally done by other financial institutions, so be careful when using it properly. necessary.In addition, even if you use only regular savings, the passbook used as regular savings isGeneral account passbookIt is called.However, like a general financial institution,Normal savingsFixed amount savingsIt should also be noted that it is necessary to distinguish such as.
Transfer account[1]
Japan Post BankAn account dedicated to payment. Settlement deposits defined by the Deposit Insurance Act.

Deposit type

Ordinary deposit
You can deposit and refund freelyA deposit account, which is the basic deposit product for bank transactions.
It is common in Japan, but it is rare in the world that interest rates are attached as demand payment accounts, and in the US,Savings loan associationThe NOW account of is close to this.
Cash cardCan be issued,Automatic transaction equipmentYou can make transactions such as deposit, refund, and transfer using (ATM).
Current accountAlong withTransfer moneyAcceptance of various public utility charges and fees,Credit cardSuch asAutomatic account transferYou can contractSalary,pension, Receiving dividendsIt also plays a major role as a payment account.
For the daily final balanceinterestIt will be paid every six months (Sumishin SBI Net BankThere is also a monthly interest rate, etc.), liquidity that can be freely deposited and refunded, and various settlements such as automatic transfer and receipt are handled, resulting in a lower interest rate than regular deposits.
In addition, in addition to ordinary savings accounts at some banks,Savings account with combined benefitsIs being handled. There are certain conditions for using the privilege.
Before the warSavings bankIs a product ofOrdinary bankHad a "special checking account" as a similar product. During the war, most savings banks were merged into ordinary banks, and as a result, ordinary banks also operated as savings banks.
Savings deposit
Ordinary deposit with special interest-free contract.. Even if the financial institution you deposit fails,Full protectionTo be done. Other product characteristics are similar to ordinary savings accounts.
Since April 2005, it has also been applied to the savings accounts of private financial institutions.PayoffHas been lifted (when a financial institution goes bankrupt, the deposit insurance is limited to the principal of 1,000 million yen and its interest per depositor), but in addition, payment services (acceptance of transfer money, automatic transfer, etc.) ), refundable at any time, and interest-free depositsSettlement depositThe Deposit Insurance Act stipulates that the full amount of this will be protected permanently. The ordinary deposits for settlement have started to be handled as ordinary deposits satisfying these conditions.
Ordinary deposits in general accounts can also be settled as ordinary deposits for settlement, but collateral fixed-term deposits in such comprehensive accounts do not fall under “deposits for settlement” and are not subject to full-scale protection.
Current account (current account,British: kiểm tra tài khoản
Generally, depositors (consumer,business person,Corporation)ButBill,checkSettle payment forThis is an account forInterest-freeIt is stipulated. In addition, there are financial institutions that set an opening fee (and vice versa). In principle, requests for refunds shall be made by check or bill.
According to the Deposit Insurance ActSettlement depositAnd even if the deposited financial institution goes bankrupt, it will be fully protected.
Opening an account involves a current account contract, and it is necessary to go through an examination by the financial institution. This is because bills and checks are securities with an economic value similar to cash, and the issuer is required to have financial credibility that can be responsible for the settlement.
Generally, if the current account is used by a large good company for business, the financial institution can open the current account by examining the transaction status. On the other hand, opening an individual is almost impossible in Japan in recent years, with the exception of exceptions such as the Maru-exclusive account, which will be described later. This is because the issuance of checks is not only financially credible, but it is not accepted unless there is a special reason because the financial institution requires a lot of administrative work. As a means of fund settlementCredit cardThis is due to the fact that there are sufficient payment methods that do not require checks and bills, such as the use of credit cards, direct debits, direct debits, and automatic withdrawals.
If there is a payment request that exceeds the balance of the deposit account, the financial institution can make a contract to loan and pay the shortfall within the contracted maximum amount (Overdraft). In addition, overdraft interest will be accrued until the amount borrowed reaches zero. The depositor makes a guarantee contract in advance or inserts another deposit or bond as collateral for the loan.
In addition, consumersCard loanA dedicated account for repayment of installments and installments (also called a Maru-exclusive account) may also be opened as a checking account, which is an account for settlement.
In some cases, financial institutions do not issue passbooks or cash cards. In that case, the deposit book (the form used when depositing at the window of the account store) or the current account deposit book/depositing passbook (the passbook corresponding to the window of stores other than the account store or the deposit at the ATM, There is also a case of issuing a record of withdrawal or a record of the case of depositing by another method such as transfer).
Savings deposit
Set a standard amount for the balanceAbout the date when the final balance reaches the reference amountHigher interest rate than ordinary depositsApply deposit and withdrawal free deposit. Only individuals can open an account. It can be designated as a transfer account, but for receiving direct debit, salary, pension, dividend, etc.Cannot be specified.. Other product characteristics are almost the same as those of ordinary deposits. In addition to the above, some financial institutions have established provisions such as applying lower interest rates than ordinary deposits on lower days and setting a limit on the number of free refunds per month.
1992 There were two types of standard amount, 20 yen type and 40 yen type, at the start of simultaneous release, but now that they have become diversified and concentrated due to the progress of financial liberalization, it is roughly10 million yen (The amount of capital is incorrect here and in history, and should be divided by one hundred correctly.)(In addition to 20 yenShizuoka Bank, Some of which also handle 30 yen typeLabor union, 50 yenSumitomo Mitsui Banking CorporationSuch).
In addition to this, financial institutions with compound interest for one month (Mizuho Bank,Sumitomo Mitsui Banking CorporationEtc.), a financial institution that determines a more favorable two-stage or higher standard amount,debit cardA financial institution that can trade, a financial institution that offers an interest rate that does not make a difference in the interest rate hierarchy for each standard amount (or often the same interest rate as ordinary deposits), opening a new account in response to the government's zero interest rate policy. Bank to cancel (Resona Bank,Sumitomo Mitsui Banking CorporationEtc.) is a product that has a large difference in characteristics between businesses.
JA BankBut,Savings savingsThere is a union that treats as (a former character)ChokingyoWas initially introduced to carry out this promotion).
Japan Post BankInRegular savings savings(Also, as with regular savings, whether or not to accept the transfer depends on whether or not the transfer account function is available. Will be).
A new form of bankBanks that can be opened in the banks classified asEveryone's bankOnly (attached to the savings account)[2].
Time deposit
A deposit that sets a maturity date or a deferral period and deposits a certain amount until the maturity date or during the deferral period without refund. It is a deposit product that is the basis of savings and medium-term operations, as opposed to ordinary deposits, which is the basis of settlement and cash management on hand. In response to lending and operation by financial institutions as funds that have little liquidity within the period, interest rates higher than ordinary deposits are attached depending on the period.PrewarSavings banks inDeferred savingsWas called.
The following points can be mentioned as the distinction between commercial properties.
  1. Short and long deposit period (1 month to 10 years. Generally, the longer the interest rate, the higher the interest rate, but there is a reversal depending on the market interest rate situation)
  2. Single interest or compound interest
  3. Different interest rate hierarchy by deposit amount
  4. Whether it is a maturity date only setting type or a deferral period setting type (definite date fixed deposit, 6 month deferred type fixed deposit)
  5. Fixed rate and floating rate
  6. Whether to continue automatically
  7. Whether or not there is a special contract for operation
Above allDerivativesIncorporating embedded currency that changes the refund currency or maturity in response to fluctuations in interest ratesStructured depositCall.
Accumulated deposits and accumulated time deposits
Generally, a contract to deposit (automatic transfer) a fixed deposit every month (or for a fixed period) on a fixed day. There are the following methods, and each financial institution has a different name.
  • A method in which a target date is set and a fixed deposit with the maturity date (with all maturity dates) is created each time a deposit is made.
  • A method of establishing a consolidation date, creating a time deposit with the maturity date on each deposit, and consolidating into a long-term, large time deposit with a higher interest rate on the consolidation date.
  • A method of creating fixed-term deposits with specified dates each time a deposit is made by automatic transfer.
The products are mainly for consumers, but there are also financial institutions that deal with businesses and corporations.
Term deposit
A contract in which a customer pays monthly contributions for a fixed period of 6 months to 5 years, and benefits are paid on the maturity date, plus benefit compensation (interest).
The following points are different in system from funded deposits and funded time deposits, where each deposit is an independent time deposit.
  • At the time of contract, the monthly payment amount, the benefit amount at maturity, and the payment period are set. For setting, you can use either the method of calculating benefits from the monthly desired amount of benefits, or the method of calculating monthly benefits from desired benefits at maturity. There is also handling such as increasing the amount.
  • The fixed yield is the same from the first time to the last call. The interest (advanced discount) when the contribution is made ahead of the due date is settled on the maturity date, and the maturity date is deferred if the contribution is delayed on the due date.
  • It is a product that is premised on visit collection, and yields are lower than time deposits. In addition, over-the-counter payment and transfer payment can also be used.
  • Each time a contract is issued, one certificate is issued with the contract details clearly stated.
Consumers, businesses and corporations are widely targeted for recruitment. In particular, it is the main product of credit unions and credit unions. Immovable savings bankMakino GenjiroDevised by It is a bilateral contract unlike a deposit, but is equated with a deposit.
Negotiable deposit
A time deposit that can be transferred to another person.
Notification deposit
Deposits that are suitable for deposits of approximately one week to less than one month. Usually, a grace period of 1 days is set, and after that, 1 days before the desired date, a notice will be given and refund will be given. Corresponding to the operation in the interbank short-term money market, etc., the interest rate is generally intermediate between that of ordinary deposits and one-month time deposits. General notification deposits are often used by corporations due to the system and interest rate standards.
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation(OldSakura Bank) "Can" is a notification deposit for individuals, and it was a product that can be opened, deposited, and canceled by ATM and telephone banking / internet banking (SMBC Direct). Stopped opening.
Tax reserve
A deposit that deposits funds for tax payments. Tax interest is not taxed, as we recommend systematic savings of tax payments and tax payments from direct deposits. You can deposit at any time. Depending on the financial institutionAutomatic teller machine (ATM)You can also deposit at. However, refunds are limited to the time of tax payment (some financial institutions may only be able to withdraw tax payment funds at the stores that opened the tax reserve account).
Some financial institutions do not handle tax reserve deposits.
MunicipalitiesSo, for example,National Health InsuranceInsurance premiumTax treatmentThere are cases where payment by direct debit with tax reserve deposits is possible and cases where payment is not possible (payment at the financial institution window will be described later).
On the other hand, even if it is used for depositing,Cash cardCannot be issued.
Zengin SystemIt is usually not possible to make a transfer because it is not connected to[3]In some cases, you can make a transfer from a financial institution that has a deposit subject. However,National Tax AgencyFrom local governments, etc.RefundIf there is such a thing, you may be able to deposit it in the tax reserve deposit.
For refunds other than for tax purposes, the interest on deposits is taxed at a rate of 20.315% (15.315% for corporate depositors). Therefore, as an example,National Health InsuranceInsurance premiumTax treatmentInterest will be taxed if the balance of the reserve requirement is applied to the settlement of insurance premiums of local governments.
Regarding the stamp tax return payment, which is displayed on the double-page spread of a general passbook, the XX tax office approval isStamp tax lawTo the passbook in the proviso of Article 5Stamp taxSince the tax exemption applies,Tax Special Measures ActArticle 92 Applicable passbook" is displayed. Therefore, stamp duty on the passbook for financial institutions is exempt.
Extra deposit
Deposits that do not fall under banking. Also called miscellaneous deposits. The following applies.
  • Temporary deposit (when the depositor has instructed to withdraw money and before the actual receipt of money, etc.)
  • Transfer funds, etc.
  • LotteryMoney deposit management account (Mizuho Bank
  • Because it will not be used for many years,Dormant accountCustomer's deposit turned into.
Non-resident Yen Deposit
JapanToliveYen deposits for individuals and corporations who have not done so.
Foreign currency deposits
YenNon-currency deposits.

Security of deposits (prevention of fraud)

Bankbook andCash cardIf you lose your account due to theft or loss, you may be fraudulently refunded to a third party and stolen (False payment). PassbooksealBy checking, or in the case of a cash cardPINThe authenticity of the depositor is confirmed by collation, but the forgery is made by electronically copying the seal imprint, stealing the secret code, and the forgery of the magnetic encoding of the cash card (Skimming) Has caused damage and various measures have been taken.

Fraudulent refundRegarding the liability of the bank for2005 May 2, The Tokyo District Court ruled against the two actions.1998 For the victims who had been illegally withdrawn by the bank, they were told to the bank side that the imprints were the same.LiabilityThere was no2002 For the victims who had been illegally withdrawn, the bank was liable for liability because "there were many illegal refund cases at that time, there were typos on the slip name, and the refund amount was also high" It was For the cases that occurred up to 2000, exemption was granted as long as the bank did not overlook, but after that, in view of the improvement of criminal technology, in the case of suspicious cases, the responsibility for taking identity verification other than seal verification will be added. I have a judgment.

Currently, the following measures are essential to protect deposits from unauthorized refunds.

  • Passbook and seal of notificationAvoid storing in the same place.
  • Currently in passbookIf there is a secondary seal stamp, remove it(If you need to take the procedure at the counter to remove the supplementary seal stamp, such as Japan Post Bank, do not remove it yourself.)
  • Especially for large-scale deposit accounts and general accounts with mortgage deposits, use cash cards or Internet transactions.Set a lower daily refund limit.EuropeConsidering the limit amount in, it will be about 10 yen (Financial Services Agency Overseas Survey Report (PDF) ※Than).
  • Your cash card will have your birthday, address, telephone number, etc.Do not use a PIN that is easily guessed by a third party.
  • PINAvoid telling others to request a refund.
  • PIN and passwordNever write down on cards.. Also, avoid writing notes and keeping them as much as possible.
  • Automatic machineDepositors who do not need a refund due to do not apply for a cash card.
  • BiometricsUse the service.
  • I'm scam (transfer scam),Fictitious billing fraudRecognize the frequent occurrence ofNever make careless payments by telephone instructions, etc... A police officer gives a settlement to his family (Settlement agreement) Will not be offered or a settlement request will not be made (Website of the National Police Agency-Beware of so-called "Oreore fraud (blackmail)" cases!).

Tightening at the start of trading and after trading

In recent years,Wire fraudFor example, there are many cases of opening bank accounts for criminal purposes and misuse, and due to this, the standards for opening new accounts are becoming stricter.

Even for the case of savings, after privatization,Normal savingsThere is no limit on the number of passbooks such asJapan Post BankAlso about2012 After that, unless there is a suitable circumstance, it is stated in principle that new savings deposits will be limited to 1 book per subject.Liquid savingsFor regular savings,Regular savings savings,Transfer accountIn principle, each is limited to one transaction.

In addition,Gangsterな どantisocial forcesbyMoney launderingTo prevent being used forPoverty businessIn relation toPenbyFree low-priced accommodationSince there is also the purpose of preventing illegally opening an account in the name of a resident inAct on Prevention of Transfer of Revenue from CrimeDue to the amendment of the above, you cannot open an account unless you declare and make a commitment that you are not an antisocial force. Even before the amendment, there are some cases in which confirmation is made at any time by making a written commitment or declaring the transaction purpose or occupation when conducting transactions at the counter or other procedures.

For bank accounts opened by existing gang members,2017 January,Act on Prevention of Unjust Acts by BoryokudanRuling that the cancellation based on the gang exclusion clause ofSupreme CourtConfirm with.Yomiuri ShimbunAccording to a survey by2018 By May, 5 banks and 59 bank accounts had been canceled. Some of these accounts also have retroactive application to those prior to the expulsion clause.[4].

In addition, administrative costs, account maintenance costs,Name identificationTightening deposit management expenses such asWorld Financial Crisis (2007-)If it is found that there is a false matter in the notification contents at the time of opening the account, or if the submitted materials at the time of opening the account are found to be unauthentic, the statements and affirmations made at the time of application for opening the account If you find that you have falsely declared that you have to cancel your deposit account and collect your deposit from the bank[5].Local bank,Second regional bankNow, there is a lot of reluctance to open even branch offices on the Internet aimed at securing customers for customers outside the sales area. On the other hand, some antisocial forces say that they repeat marriage and divorce in order to change their names.[5].

In addition, due to the problem of account management expenses due to the decrease in deposits caused by the economic downturn and credit insecurity,Resona Bank Dormant accountThere are also situations in which new burdens are imposed, such as collection of management fees and tightening of preferential programs at major city banks and online banks (for example, restrictions on the number of free times per month such as overtime fees and convenience store ATM fees). ing. Since the establishment of the Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds, cash cards have been delivered by mail that does not require forwarding and can be sent by limited recipients (transmission of specific matters), making it extremely difficult to open an account for criminal purposes.

If it becomes clear that an account has been opened for criminal purposes, it is possible to freeze the account and confiscate the property. Regarding this, it is said that crime prevention has a certain effect, but on the other hand, a complaint that an account unrelated to crime was accidentally frozen and living expenses could not be withdrawn,Deposit insurance mechanismHave been sent to many. There is also a problem that there is no system for third companies to review when frozen.[6].

Taxation of deposits

In JapaninterestAs a general rule, (interest rate)2013 After January, 1% tax (income taxas well as the Special income tax for reconstruction15.315%,Resident tax5 isTax withholdingHave been equalized (Withholding tax). However, the resident tax (interest rate) for corporations was abolished after January 2016.

The depositorDisabled,Bereaved family basic pensionIn the case of an individual who meets certain conditions such as the recipient ofSmall savings tax exemption systemBy using (Maruyu), you can exempt interest up to the principal amount of 350 million yen. Also,Property savingsAs a general rule, asset-based housing savings and asset-based pension savings are also tax-free if the interest is up to 550 million yen.

National tax,Prefectural tax, city (ward) municipal taxThe tax reserve, which is used for depositing funds for payment, will not be taxed on interest only if the payment is made at a financial institution window or automatically deducted for the purpose of tax payment. In the case of corporate depositors, even if tax is levied on a non-purpose withdrawal,Corporate taxThe same effect as tax exemption can be obtained by applying the upper income tax deduction.

together,Stamp tax lawStipulated in Article 5BankbookExceptions regarding taxation documents will be applied, and accordingly, for passbook booklets of the same subjectTax Special Measures ActAs it is subject to Article 92, not only income tax and resident tax on deposit interest but also on passbookStamp taxWill be tax exempt.

In addition, the portion of interest on current accounts that does not exceed 1% per annum is exempt from taxation, but interest cannot be attached under the Act on Extraordinary Interest Rate Adjustment Act.

Deposit statistics

The key statistics are:

Savings distribution status of various households

From Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications2018 May 5"Financial Survey" announced in2017 Survey, I Savings> 1 Overview> (2) According to the fact that about two-thirds of households have current savings below the average (1,812 million yen).[10][11].

Savings for households with two or more people Looking at the distribution of households by high class,averageHouseholds below the value (1,812 million yen) account for 67.0% (67.7% of the previous year), which is about two-thirds, and the distribution is biased toward the class with low current savings.


Households with two or more people who have savingsMedian(The boundary value that divides the income in order from the lowest income to the highest income and divides it into two equal parts) is 2 million yen, and the median value (reference value) including savings "1,074" households is 0 million yen. The average value is 1,016 million yen, and the ratio of average savings or less is 1,812% (67.0% last year).


Of households with two or more people, the median value of households with savings is 2 million yen, and the median value (reference value) including households with savings of "792" is 0 million yen.The average value is 743 million yen.

* Figure I-1-3 Distribution of households by current high class-2017-

The Bank of Japan Central Committee for Financial Information and Public Relations2017 According to the survey, “Public opinion survey on financial behavior of households” [Household survey for two or more people] (2017), “Popular survey on financial behavior of households” [Single-person household survey] (2017)[12][13][14], "Households with two or more people"> [BOX1] Average and median.The average amount of financial assets held was 1,151 million yen, but there were 249 households owned (excluding 2,345 households with no answer) and 0 households not owned (assumed to be owned = 1,177 yen). , About 249% of all households (3,522 households excluding 7 households that did not answer the amount) had less than the average amount.The median amount of financial assets held is 380 million yen.

"Single-person household" survey> [BOX2] Average and median.The average amount of financial assets held was 942 million yen, but there were 22 households with owned households (excluding 1,318 households with no answer) and 0 households without owned households (assumed to have owned amount = 1,160 yen). , A little less than 22% of all households (2,478 households excluding 8 households that did not answer the amount) had less than the average amount.The median amount of financial assets held is 32 yen.

American deposit system

Handling financial institution

There are three types of deposit handling financial institutions: commercial banks, savings associations, thrift institutions, and credit unions.[15].. In addition, there are industrial loan companies and trust companies. Also,Federal Reserve BankAlso accepts deposits from member financial institutions.

Deposit type

List common deposit account types.

Current account(kiểm tra tài khoản

From the ordinary people to the super-large companies, they are indispensable as the main means of pooling payments and living and operating funds. Individuals and small companies often have only checking accounts. With no interest to low interest rate monthly, unlimited withdrawals and deposits. Traditionally, check payments are mainly used, and regardless of individuals or companies, a driver's license or a business license issued by the citysocial Security number(SSN) andTaxpayer identification numberIf you bring (TIA), you can open it without any special examination, and you will also receive a temporary checkbook on the spot.Many banks have a minimum deposit amount at the time of opening an account and a minimum balance (if it falls below this, an account maintenance fee of about $ 5 to 10 will be charged each month).A statement of accounts that records the history of monthly transactions (bank statement) Will be sent the next month.

principle,OverdraftDon't do it, if you collect more than your balance (check,Bill), the balance will temporarily become negative, but if the balance does not become positive by the end of that business day, billable securities (checks and bills)UnpaidThe funds that were returned to the claimant and temporarily withdrawn are also returned, but a fine (about $30) for overdraft will be imposed on the account. Normally, the collection side also collects money through its own bank, but a delinquent fee of about $10 to 30 is collected from the collector (account holder) for each securities that has been delinquent, and the collector ultimately transfers the securities. Since the person (the person who caused the non-payment) will be required to bear the burden, a double fine burden will result if the non-payment is issued due to lack of funds. There is also an "Overdraft Protection" contract in which, in the name of reducing this fine burden and the trouble involved with it, if there is a shortage of balance, the credit card under the name of the account holder will automatically exchange funds in units of $100. , This financing iscachingIn addition to immediately imposing a fairly high interest rate on the credit card account, a transaction fee of about $1 is also charged once (harmless to the collector).

Ordinary deposit(savings account

As its name implies, it is a “savings” account rather than “normal”, and it earns interest on a monthly basis. You can't use checks. In most cases, there are restrictions on withdrawal frequency (for example, up to 5 times a month, withdrawals that exceed the limit are subject to a fine of, for example, about $1 once, unlimited deposits), and are therefore rarely used for settlement. Many banks have set a minimum deposit amount when opening an account and a minimum balance (below which, an account maintenance fee of about $15 to 5 will be charged per month). Unlike Japanpassbook(Pass Book) ”is usually not available, and a monthly statement is sent instead.

Time deposit (time deposit) AndNegotiable deposit(certificate of deposit; CD)

We promise fixed interest for a period of 3 months to 5 years. There is a minimum amount of money and a penalty for withdrawal (cancellation) before maturity. Previously, as the name implies, it issued a "deposit certificate".

Incidental services

It has a simple function compared to JapanTMJHowever, since there is no habit of carrying large amounts of cash or using it for payment, cash deposits and withdrawals are limited (in the first place, the withdrawal amount per day is usually limited to about $200 to prevent accidents). It has features not found in Japan, such as automatic depositing of checks received.
ATMs are often installed on the outer walls of bank stores (also in supermarkets, etc.) and can be used 24 hours a day (usually there is no fee depending on the time of use and the day of the week).
Online banking
The American consumer banking service, which was in a sense pre-modern from the perspective of Japan, such as paper checks and monthly postal statements, has entered the 21st century and is mainly based on the circumstances of banks trying to reduce costs. Online use is accelerating.For example, statement statements that were previously mailed free of charge each month are now charged ($ 2-5 per month), forcing rather than recommending.On the other handITConvenience on the part of consumers who are familiar withTablet,SmartphoneNot only can you access your deposit account at any time, but you don't have to bring the check you received to a bank store or ATM.Mobile deviceDedicated check footage taken with the cameraAppsThe functions are being expanded, such as sending them for use in collection.
Utility charges(Utility expenses), credit cards, rent payments, etc. are also shifting from mailing paper checks to payments by direct transfer between banks, but the payment system by direct transfer between banks until the 20th century is immature and not a few. Perhaps from the memory that the accident occurred, instead of "automatic transfer" of the billing amount as in Japan, the consumer confirms the billing amount and explicitly states either the full amount billed, the minimum payment amount, or an arbitrary payment amount The method of specifying and transferring is the mainstream. Also, "transfer" does not necessarily mean a direct transfer between the payer and the recipient's bank account, and in fact the recipient may receive a check from the bank (especially if the recipient is the payer). If you do not have an account with the same bank).
Lock box
Although online banking payments are becoming more prevalent, traditional paper check mailing payments are also common, especially for seniors and low-income earners.Digital divideA lot of checks are mailed to the electric power companies every month. The lockbox service allows banks to process this payment.ア ウ ト ソ ー シ ン グUsually, the post office box of the post office near the contract bank branch is designated as the check destination, and the bank collects the remittance envelope from the post office box several times to ten times a day and collates it with the customer (consumer side) account. After that, by directly depositing into the checking account of the company and undertaking the deposit processing, the user company can save the trouble of receiving, storing, and depositing the check, and losing the check.embezzlementIt can prevent accidents such as. The use is actually limited to users (utilities, banks, credit cards, large apartments), etc. who can expect a certain amount such as using possible payment slips to improve processing efficiency.


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