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💼 | Departure of "Job Hunting Mikata" Kagoshima Labor Bureau wraps tram

Photo Departing wrapping tram "Job Hunting Mikata" = Municipal Transportation Bureau, Uearata-cho, Kagoshima City

Departure of "Job Hunting Mikata" Kagoshima Labor Bureau wraps tram

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On the 16th, there was a departure ceremony at the Municipal Transportation Bureau in Uearata-cho, Kagoshima City.

The Kagoshima Labor Bureau is using the wrapping tram "Job Hunting Mikata" to promote various employment support 16 ... → Continue reading

 Minami Nihon Shimbun

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Municipal Transportation Bureau


Kagoshima(Kagoshimashi) isKagoshimaLocated in the middleCity.. In KagoshimaPrefectural office locationso,Core cityIs specified in.

Kagoshima BayFrom the west coast city areaSakurajima from the left bankLandscape イタリア OfNaplesからVesuvius volcanoBecause it is similar to the scenery that wantsOriental NaplesIs called[3].


South KyushuMajor in the areaBase cityOne of thePolitics-Economy-culture-TransportationCenter of[4][5][6][7]But also.Located in the Midwestern part of Kagoshima Prefecture, from ancient timesSatsuma Domain, 90 stonescastle townHas prospered as.1889 May 4ToJapanAt firstMunicipal systemTheEnforcementIt is one of the 31 cities thatFukuoka City,Kitakyushu,Kumamoto-shiKyushu's 4th placepopulationTo hold[8].. As of March 2021,Core cityThen.Funabashi(ChibaKawaguchi city(Saitama), It is the third largest (the largest core city where the prefectural office is located).or,International Conference Tourist CityIs also specified.

Heisei period Of1996 In the first periodCore city(In 8Ministry of Home AffairsSet byLocal government law OfCabinet OrderSpecified by[9].. About one-third of the prefecture population (about 35%) is concentrated in MotoichiTop cityBut also aroundMunicipalitiesKagoshima metropolitan areaMake up.Kyushu ShinkansenAlthough further development is expected by the full opening of Kagoshima City, originally Kagoshima CityGeographyFactorRegionThere is also an aspect that has developed as a block base,Fukuoka metropolitan areaBy being able to be tied in a short time,Straw effectThere are also concerns about such negative aspects.


  • Population: X NUM X people
    • Natural dynamic rate +1.3% Social dynamic rate -0.5% Birth rate 1.35 (2007)
  • Households: 262,897 households
  • Number of registered foreigners: 2,027
  • Area: 547.06km2
    • DID Area: 74.82km2
    • Habitat area: 248.84km2
    • Mainland habitable area: 214.64km2
  • Population density: 1106 people/km2
    • Population density in DID area: 6542 people/km2
    • Habitat area Population density: 2432 people/km2


Kagoshima City and Population Distribution by Age in Japan (2005)Kagoshima City Population Distribution by Age and Gender (2005)
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Kagoshima city (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Area classification

The "Kagoshima City Master Plan" established by Kagoshima City in 2007 defines areas and districts according to the following categories.[10].. Area as of January 2011, 1, population as of April 1, 2020[11].

Area/DistrictJurisdiction headquarters/branch officePopulation (people)Area (km2)Population density (person/km2)Municipal systemMunicipal systemUpon enforcementRemarks
Central regionCentral districtCity Hall Main Office287,22248.25,959Kagoshima
Kamimachi districtKagoshima City, Yoshino Village (part)Ryugamizu districtYoshino TownA part of
Kamoike districtNakamura Umura1934 Nakamura Umura transferred to Kagoshima City
Josai districtKagoshima City,Ishiki Village(part)
  • 1911 Shimo-Ishiki, Ishiki village (Kusamuta) transferred to Kagoshima city
  • In 1920, Eikichi Ishimura (Harara) and Shimoiji Ishiki (Tamari) were transferred to Kagoshima City.
Take and Tagami districtSeibu Tamura
  • In 1911, Seibu Tamuratake (Tempozan) was transferred to Kagoshima City.
  • 1934 Seibu Tamura transferred to Kagoshima City
Taniyama areaTaniyama northern areaTaniyama branch161,140106.81,509Taniyama Village
  • The town system came into effect in 1924, and the city system came into effect in 1958.
  • In 1967, merged with Kagoshima City and became Kagoshima City.
Taniyama district
Ishiki areaIshiki branch50,05557.1877Ishiki Village (part)In 1950, Ishiki village was transferred to Kagoshima city.
Yoshino areaYoshino Branch50,01533.21,506Yoshino Village1934 Yoshinomura transferred to Kagoshima City
Sakurajima areaHigashisakurajima districtHigashi Sakurajima Branch4,02176.852Higashisakurajima VillageIn 1950, Higashisakurajima Village was transferred to Kagoshima City.
Sakurajima areaSakurajima branchNishisakurajima Village
  • In 1973, the town system came into effect and was renamed on the same day
  • In 2004, Sakurajima Town was transferred to Kagoshima City.
Yoshida areaYoshida branch10,09554.8184Yoshida
  • 1972, enforcement of town system
  • In 2004, Yoshida Town was transferred to Kagoshima City.
Kiiri areaKiiri branch10,99061.2180Kiiri
  • 1956, enforcement of town system
  • In 2004, Kiiri Town was transferred to Kagoshima City.
Matsumoto areaMatsumoto branch16,93851.1331Kamiishuin Village
  • In 1960, the town system came into effect and was renamed on the same day
  • In 2004, Matsumoto Town was transferred to Kagoshima City.
Koriyama areaKoriyama branch7,06857.8122Koriyama Village,Shimoishuin Village(part)
  • In 1956, a part of Shimoishuin village and Koriyama village merged and the town system came into effect.
  • In 2004, Koriyama Town was transferred to Kagoshima City.

Town street

As of 2011 in Kagoshima City,townThere is only one, and it is written as "XX town" or "XX triangle".Large print The1911 (MeijiUntil 44, Nishida, Arata, and Shioya were installed, but most of NishidaTokiwa Town, Most of ArataKamiarata Town, Shioya is Shioya-machi (laterKoto town) And has not been installed since then.

Even when the neighboring towns and villages were transferred, the existing large area was replaced with the town at the time of the merger, and it was already established as a town when the 2004 towns were transferred in 5.MureokaThe large area except for Mureoka XNUMX-chome from XNUMX-chome is abolished in the large-area area at the time of incorporation, and the area of ​​the town is newly set.[12].

According to Kagoshima City History Volume 2015 published in 5, as of 2014, the city with the most population in Kagoshima City has 3 people.Yoshino TownAnd then the 1Kamifukumoto Town, 6 peopleShimofukumoto Townas well as the Nakayama Town(Chuzancho), 5 peopleKamoike Shinmachi,Kawakami Town,Haruyama TownHas become[13].


Near the southern end of Kyushu,Fukuoka CityFrom south to about 280km,Kumamoto-shiIt is located approximately 180km south of the city of Kagoshima prefecture.Satsuma PeninsulaThe northeastern part of Sakurajima and the entire area of ​​Sakurajima will be the city area.Kagoshima BayIt is a tourist city with a view of Kinko Bay, and about 900 million tourists visit Sakurajima every year.

Most of the plains are occupied by commercial areas, residential areas, and industrial areas, and there are few cultivated areas. Many of the slopes and mountainous areas close to urban areas have been developed as residential land andNew townThere are many. However, road development has not caught up with the development of the city, and bothMain lineBut the traffic is heavy. Since the city area is long in the north and south, commuting traffic congestion from the Taniyama district and the Yoshino area is particularly serious, which is a major issue.

National Route 10If the total amount of rainfall on the Yoshino-Aira coast of the line exceeds 200 mm, traffic will be restricted (restriction history: heavy rain disaster "Heisei 5 year 8 month heavy rain"See "8.6 heavy rain (8.6 flood)"). Therefore, also pass in parallelJR Kyushu OfNippo Main LineHowever, if it reaches near its own specified rainfall, there are times when it will be canceled.

Sakurajima, located on the other side of the city center (straight line distance of about 4km), has been much calmer compared to the 1980s and 90s, but is still active after 2000.VolcanoThey are still active and often in the city centerAsh fallTo do.active volcanoDespite this, cities with such a population scale are rare in the world.

  • Most of the bathing facilities in the city are close to the volcano and have many sources.SpaIs. For more information, seeHot spring in downtown KagoshimaSee.
  • Niijima
    Located about 1.5 km northeast of Sakurajima on November 2004, 11Kagoshima DistrictSakurajima TownWas the only inhabited remote island in the city since the transfer to Kagoshima City, but by August 2013, all residents had moved out of the island, and the number of residents of Niijima was temporarily zero.[14](* The population of Basic Resident Register became zero after December 2014.[15]Is). After that, it became a manned island again due to the migration of people in 2019.[16]As an access to the island, there is an administrative ferry from Uranomae Port in Kagoshima City's Komen Town, which is still operating as of 2019.[17].
    Area: 0.13km2 Around 2km Population: 0 Address: Niijima Town, Kagoshima City

longitude latitude

The ends of north, south, east and west of Kagoshima City are as follows:[18].

 Northern end
North Latitude 31 Degrees 45 Minutes 09 Seconds East longitude 130 degree 32 min 12 sec /31.75250 degrees north latitude 130.53667 degrees east longitude / 31.75250; 130.53667 (Kagoshima city north end)
West end
North Latitude 31 Degrees 34 Minutes 48 Seconds East longitude 130 degree 23 min 12 sec /31.58000 degrees north latitude 130.38667 degrees east longitude / 31.58000; 130.38667 (Kagoshima city west end)
municipal office
North Latitude 31 Degrees 35 Minutes 49 Seconds East longitude 130 degree 33 min 26 sec /31.59694 degrees north latitude 130.55722 degrees east longitude / 31.59694; 130.55722 (Kagoshima City Hall)
Eastern end
North Latitude 31 Degrees 38 Minutes 00 Seconds East longitude 130 degree 43 min 47 sec /31.63333 degrees north latitude 130.72972 degrees east longitude / 31.63333; 130.72972 (Kagoshima City East Edge)
Southern tip
North Latitude 31 Degrees 17 Minutes 36 Seconds East longitude 130 degree 32 min 44 sec /31.29333 degrees north latitude 130.54556 degrees east longitude / 31.29333; 130.54556 (Kagoshima City Southernmost)

Adjacent municipality


Warm and rainyPacific climatePresent. Annual averagetemperatureIs around 18℃,真 夏日There are about 80 days a year and about 160 days a summer day,Winter dayIs about a few days a year, but it often drops below 0 degrees at dawn in suburban hills and mountains. It becomes a strong winter type pressure distribution, and when cold air flows in the west, snow clouds from the East China Sea easily enter and it snows. In many years there is no snow,2011 On January 1st, the second largest snowfall in the past, 1 cm, was recorded, and although it is the southernmost location of the prefectural office in Kyushu, the amount of snow that accumulates at one time is large.But,South coast lowThere is almost no snowfall due to the rain, and it becomes warm rain. Due to the susceptibility to cold air from the continent, the temperature may drop below normal by 5 degrees or more. The annual rainfall is about 2000-2500 mm, and there is a lot of rainfall. Annual sunshine hours are approximately 1800-2100 hours[19].

The Kagoshima Local Meteorological Observatory was relocated from Kamiarata-cho to Motomachi, Higashi-gun in 1993. In recent years due to urbanization in addition to global warmingHeat islandStrongly affected by the phenomenon, the minimum temperature is rising rapidly. The rate of increase in the average price is among the highest among all government offices in Japan.

  • Temperature-up to 37.4 °C (2016 (28)May 8), minimum -6.7℃ (1923 (Taisho 12)May 2
  • Maximum precipitation-324.0 mm (1995 (7)May 8
  • Maximum instantaneous wind speed-58.5m / s(1996 (8)May 8
  • Deepest Snow-29cm(1959 (34)May 1
  • Maximum number of summer days-175 days (2003 (15))
  • Maximum number of summer days-98 days (2013)
  • Most hot days-28 days (2013)
  • Maximum number of tropical nights-72 days (2006 (18))
  • Maximum number of winter days-57 days (1936 (Showa 11))
Climate of Kagoshima Local Meteorological Observatory (Motomachi, Higashikorimoto-cho, Kagoshima City, altitude 4m)
Highest temperature record ° C (° F23.9
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F13.1
Average daily temperature ° C (° F8.7
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F4.9
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F−5.7
Precipitation amount mm (inch)78.3
Snowfall cm (inch)1
Average days of precipitation (≥0.5 mm)
Average number of snowfall days2.
Average monthlyDaylight hours132.6139.3163.2175.6178.2109.3185.5206.9176.4184.0157.7143.21,942.1
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency (Average value: 1991-2020, extreme value: 1883-present)[20][21]
Former Kagoshima Local Meteorological Observatory (Kamiarata), 1961-1990 average climate
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F12.2
Average daily temperature ° C (° F7.2
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F2.6
Source: Science Chronology


The origin of the name "Kagoshima" comes from the wilddeerThere are various theories such as the fact that many children (Kago) lived there, and many sailors (Kako) lived there, and that it was derived from the word kag, which means a volcano.[22]Furthermore, there is a theory that it came from a myth, and it is still uncertain which is correct. However, "kago" is an old word meaning cliff, and the four sides of Sakurajima were cliffs, so the island name was changed to Kagoshima (Kuroshima), and that was the opposite bank.ShrineName(Kagoshima Shrine), and evenKagoshima DistrictAscountyThe theory that it has expanded to the name is influential.

The beginning as a cityShimazu family6th headMr. Shimahisa Tofukuji Castle(Kagoshima CityShimizu Town) When I was in the castle (1340 Around).1549 (astronomical18 years),Francisco XavierWhere is the current city area (Gion Nosu TownLanded in the vicinity), the first in Japanキ リ ス ト 教It becomes the place of transmission.

19st centuryIn the middle ofEurope OfmachineAdopted civilizationResearchThe 28th head of the familyShimadzuNomoto Assembly Building (currentlyShoko Building) As a businessReflection furnace,blast furnaceWas created and became the cradle of modern industrialization in Japan, the dawn of modern Japan,Meiji RestorationIn政治家,Officials,soldierHe produced many people, etc., and became the cornerstone of modern Japan construction.

City centerIt is,Satsuei WarbyShelling,Southwest WarDue to the fire,Second World War OfKagoshima air raidSince it suffered devastating damage three times, there is almost no image of the castle town.


Medieval times

Modern times


Changes in administrative areas

Transition table

In the tableIs Kagoshima City,Excludes Kagoshima CityCity, ThetownIndicates. Other colorsvillage.

October 1889th, 41889 - 1910 1910 - 1930 1930 - 1950 1950 - 1970 1970 - 1990 1990-presentNow
KagoshimaKagoshimaOctober 1967th, 4
Kagoshima City (new establishment)
Kagoshima DistrictNakamura UmuraOctober 1934th, 8
Kagoshima DistrictSeibu Tamura
Kagoshima DistrictYoshino Village
Kagoshima DistrictIshiki VillageOctober 1950th, 10
Kitaosumi-gunHigashisakurajima VillageOctober 1897th, 4
Higashisakurajima Village, Kagoshima District
Qianshan CountyTaniyama VillageOctober 1897th, 4
Kagoshima-gun Taniyama Village
October 1924th, 9
Kagoshima-gun Taniyama Town
October 1958th, 10
Taniyama City
Yoshida Village, Kagoshima DistrictOctober 1972th, 11
Kagoshima DistrictYoshida Town
October 2004th, 11
Kitaosumi-gunNishisakurajima VillageOctober 1897th, 4
Nishisakurajima Village, Kagoshima District
October 1973th, 5
Kagoshima DistrictSakurajima Town
Hioki-gunKamiishuin VillageOctober 1960th, 4
Hioki-gunMatsumoto Town
Hioki-gun Koriyama VillageOctober 1956th, 9
Koriyama Town
Hioki-gunShimoishuin Village(part)
Yuri CountyKiiriOctober 1897th, 4
October 1956th, 10
Ibusuki-gunKiiri Town
Transition map of local governments in the current city area (Kagoshima City is purple)

Changes in city area and population

dateClassificationArea (km2Population (people)Number of towns
1889 (22th year of Meiji)0401 daysMunicipal system enforcement14.0357,82247 town 3 large characters
1911 (44th year of Meiji)0May 9First transfer15.9173,08553 town
1920 (Taisho09 years) October01 daysSecond transfer16.73103,18056 town
1934 (Showa09 years)0801 daysThird transfer78.25176,90068 town
December, 1950 (Showa 25) 01 daysFourth transfer181.54229,46281 town
19670May 4New merger279.15385,86691 town
December, 1970 (Showa 45) 01 daysFirst landfill280.72403,340101 town
December, 1975 (Showa 50) 01 daysSecond landfill284.04456,827130 town
December, 1980 (Showa 55) 01 daysThird landfill288.29503,360185 town
December, 1985 (Showa 60) 01 daysFourth landfill289.07530,502195 town
1990 (Heisei02 years) October01 daysFifth landfill289.44536,752229 town
1995 (Heisei07 years) October01 daysSixth landfill289.60546,282248 town
2000(Heisei 12)/ 1001 daysSeventh landfill289.79552,098263 town
2004(Heisei 16)/ 1101 daysFifth transfer546.80605,308322 town


Dual role

Successive mayors

In this section1889 (Meiji22 years)Municipal systemList the mayors of Kagoshima City since the enforcement[31]. Of municipalities that merged or merged with Kagoshima CityMayorFor details, see the article of the municipality concerned.

Former Kagoshima City (1889-1967)
NameTerm of officeRemarks
1Replace this image JA.svgKamimura1889 (Meiji22 years) June 5- 1891 (Meiji 24) June 3
2Replace this image JA.svgKeikichi Uemura1891 (Meiji 24) April 4- 1907 (Meiji 40) June 6
3Replace this image JA.svgArikawa Teiji1907 (Meiji 40) April 8- 1913 (Taisho 2) March 11Die
4Replace this image JA.svgKodama Rizo1914 (Taisho3 years) June 4- 1914 (Taisho 3) March 4
5Yamamoto tokujiro.jpgKojiro Yamamoto1914 (Taisho 3) December 7- 1922 (Taisho 11) March 8
6Ijuin Toshi.jpgShun Ijuin1923 (Taisho 12) December 4- 1925 (Taisho 14) March 2Die
7Ueno Atsushi.jpgAtsushi Ueno1925 (Taisho 14) December 5- 1926 (Taisho 15) March 9Sanyo Main Line Limited Express Train Derailment AccidentDied in
8Shirookawa Josuke.jpgSyosuke Shirakawa1926 (Taisho 15) December 10- 1928 (Showa 3) January 11
9Kabayama Kanari.jpgKaya Kabayama1929 (Showa4 years) June 6- 1932 (Showa 7) January 10
10Iwamoto Ki.jpgIwamoto1933 (Showa 8) July 6- 1936 (Showa 11) January 1
11Ijichi Shiro.jpgChishiro Ichi1936 (Showa 11) July 7- 1940 (Showa 15) January 7
12Kume Nario.jpgKume Shigeo1940 (Showa 15) July 7- 1944 (Showa 19) January 7
13Shigeo iwakiri.jpgShigeo Iwakiri1944 (Showa 19) July 8- 1945 (Showa 20) January 12
14Replace this image JA.svgKiyoshi Katsume1946 (Showa 21) July 6- 1959 (Showa 34) January 4First publicly elected mayor
15Replace this image JA.svgTakeshi Hirai1959 (Showa 34) July 5- 1963 (Showa 38) January 4
16Replace this image JA.svgUtsuo Mitsui1963 (Showa 38) July 5- 1967 (Showa 42) January 4
New Kagoshima City (1967-, after new merger)
NameTerm of officeRemarks
17Replace this image JA.svgToshio Sueyoshi1967 (Showa 42) July 5- 1975 (Showa 50) January 5
18Replace this image JA.svgYasuhide Yamanoguchi1975 (Showa 50) July 5- 1984 (Showa 59) January 12
19Replace this image JA.svgYoshinori Akasaki1984 (Showa 59) July 12- 2004 (16) April 12
20Replace this image JA.svgHiroyuki Mori2004 (Heisei16 years) June 12- 2020 (2) June 12
21Replace this image JA.svgTakao ShimotsuruFebruary 2020, 2 (12nd year of Reiwa)-

City administration

Area classification and city hall branch
  • Kagoshima City Fire Department: 892-0816, Yamashita-cho, Kagoshima City, 15-1
  • Kagoshima City Fire Brigade (Headquarters): 892-0816 Yamashitacho, Kagoshima City, 15-1 * Office tube is Kagoshima City Fire Department
    • One side
      • Kawauchi area: Kawakami branch, Yoshino branch, Yoshino East branch, Sakamoto branch, Ryumoisui group, Seisui group, Dairyu branch, Meiyama branch, Chuo branch, Yamashita branch, Jonan branch, Kusmuta branch
      • Yoshida area: Sataura branch, Honjo branch, Real name branch, Miya branch, Mureoka branch
    • Second division
      • Kawagoe area: Josai branch, Take branch, Arata branch, Hachiman branch, Nakagun branch, Masago branch, Minami branch, Murasaki branch, Ujuku branch, Tagami branch, Nishibeppu branch.
      • Matsumoto area: Matsumoto branch, Ishiya branch, Tosho branch, Haruyama branch
    • Third party
      • Ijiki Ward: Ishiki Branch, Nishi Ishiki Branch, Shimo Ishiki Branch, Ono Branch, Takeoka Branch, Inusako Branch, Oyamada Branch, Hishishima Branch, Minabusa Branch
      • Koriyama area: Koriyama central branch, southern branch, Hanao branch, Yae branch, Nishiyuri branch, Koriyama-machi branch
    • Fourth Division
      • Sakurajima East Area: Yuno Branch, Sakurazuka Branch, Renewal Branch, Kurokami Branch, High Exemption Branch
      • Sakurajima West Area: Sakurazu branch, Sakurajima central branch, Sakuramine branch, Akaobara branch, Futamata branch
    • Fifth Division
      • Taniyama area: Taniyama branch, Miyagawa branch, Yamada branch, Nakayama branch, Wada branch, Hirakawa branch, Fukuhira branch, Suzuyama branch
      • Kiiri district: Setosekushi branch, Nakana branch, Kiiri branch, Ichikura branch, Maenohama branch, Ikumi branch
  • Kagoshima City Waterworks Bureau (Main Office): 〒890-0064 Kagoshima CityKamoike ShinmachiNo. 1 No. 10
Transportation (city tram/city bus)
Transportation (ferry)


  • Initial budget scale (FY2009[32]
    2045 million yen (general account)
    1008 million yen (special account)

Prefecture administrative agency


National administrative agency

裁判 所

Independent administrative agency

Other local governments that set up the main office in the city


Kagoshima City Council

  • Number of people: 45 people
  • Term: Expired on April 2024, 4
Parliamentary nameof people
LDPCity council21
Corporate citizen5
Civic Union5
Japan Communist Party3

(As of May 2020, 5)

Kagoshima Prefectural Assembly

  • Election district: Kagoshima City/Kagoshima District Election District
  • Number of people: 17 people
  • Term: March 2019, 4-March 30, 2023
  • Voting Date: July 2019, 4
  • Number of voters on the day: 491,381
  • Voting rate: 37.96%
Candidate nameCommentageParty nameOld and newNumber of votes obtained
Tsutomu KuwatsuruThis72LDPNow12,793 vote
Shibate TeppeiThis39LDP12,547 vote
Takao ShimotsuruThis39IndependentNow12,329 vote
Kiyonobu OhzonoThis64LDPNow11,716 vote
Go FujisakiThis45LDPNow11,271 vote
Seiko YanagiThis58IndependentNow10,591 vote
Yasuhide NagataThis41LDPNow10,503 vote
Mori AkioThis46Komeito9,586 vote
Nobuharu NaruoThis62KomeitoNow9,316 vote
Hirotaka MatsudaThis54KomeitoNow9,297 vote
Fusuke YamanosukeThis62Social Democratic PartyNow8,923 vote
Sadashige UeyamaThis56IndependentNow8,868 vote
Yukio HiraThis59Japan Communist Party8,670 vote
Youichi TeradaThis65LDPNow8,559 vote
Ryouji HoraiThis50LDPNow8,274 vote
Hitoshi IwashigeThis45IndependentNow8,108 vote
Hidemi AnrakuThis49Constitutional Democratic Party7,637 vote
Daisuke Yoshidomedrop42National Democratic Party7,626 vote
Takeshi Yamanouchidrop37Japan Restoration Party6,976 vote
Hideaki Sakatadrop47Independent710 vote


Ballot case brought in

At the ballot counting office in Kagoshima City, which was held on April 2019, 4, in the Kagoshima Prefectural Assembly election, it was discovered that the total number of votes exceeded the number of voters by 7 votes.[33][34][35].

House of Representatives

ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Kagoshima Prefecture 1rd Ward(Part of Kagoshima City,Kagoshima DistrictHiroshi KawauchiConstitutional Democratic Party6Constituency
Kagoshima Prefecture 2rd Ward(Part of Kagoshima City not included in 1 ward)Masuo KanekoLDP3Constituency


Downtown/Commercial Area

Until recently, speaking of "towns" in and around Kagoshima City was "PlanetariumAs you can see, the Tenmonkan district in the city center was an absolute downtown area. This is because Kagoshima City is that time distanceNorthern KyushuIt was hard to be affected byLand priceIs also more expensive than a city of similar sizeRoadside storeThe reason for this is that the company's advance was slow.

However, it was triggered by the partial opening of the Kyushu ShinkansenKagoshima Chuo StationCommercial areas other than the Tenmonkan area have developed due to the increase in large-scale suburban stores accompanying the integrated large-scale development of the surrounding areas and the relaxation of the designation for urban planning. To the northern Kyushu by opening the Kyushu ShinkansenStraw effectFor the time being, it is limited, but competition in the area with Kagoshima Chuo Station area and large suburban stores is intensifying.

Tenmonkan area

The largest downtown area in Kagoshima prefecture. Each company has a branch office in the Astronomical Museum area (including its surrounding area) that has jurisdiction over the southern Kyushu area, and also has a central function of the southern Kyushu area.[36][37].. Especially in the food and drink areaSennichou Town-Yamanoguchi TownIs the largest city of the same population and one of the best night towns in the country.
The place name "Tenmonkan" is a common name for the entire area,Shimazu family25s headShimazu ShigegoIs derived from the alias of the astronomical observatory "Mitsukikan" that was built here.
The outline and features of the town are single roof typearcadeAround the main street "Tenmonkan Train Street" where is installed, relatively narrow full-width arcades intersect like a labyrinth, and color paved to narrow alleys, and the area is small and medium-sized. ofMulti-tenant buildingIt is a crowded area, and is a downtown area suitable for walking. The problem is that compared to cities of the same size, there are few large-scale commercial facilities and tenant buildings tend to be delayed in terms of time, so it may be a little late for luxury brand regular retail stores to open, and there is also a possibility of passing trains. The main street is almost complete with the underground construction of the electric wire and the laying of street lights.Cultural streetIt can be said that the streets and alleys such as are under development. If these issues are steadily improved in the future, it can be expected that the attractiveness of the downtown area will be further enhanced.
The current situation is that the pedestrian traffic in the Astronomical and Izuro areas dropped sharply by 1998% from 2006 to 8, at the end of 45.1, due to the intensifying competition between areas in the business area. The lights of the movie went out (revived in April 2006), and a long-established hotel (Iwasaki Hotel Xavier 2010), which was the core of the city,DismantlingVacant lotAnd was one of the nuclear storesMitsukoshi Kagoshima storeWas to withdraw. As a successor store to the Mitsukoshi Kagoshima store, a complex commercial facility in April 2010Maruya GardensEfforts are underway to revive the Astronomical Museum, such as the opening of. The vacant store ratio rose to 2011% in 9.9, but has improved to 2012% in 6.6.
In addition, a report compiled by the City and Regional Development Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in 2005 (17), a study on the ideal way of urban development for central city regeneration[38]Then, Kagoshima City and former Shizuoka City are listed as good examples.
  • Generic name for arcades and streets
    • arcade
      Izuro Dori, Terukuni Omotesando Dori, Astronomical Dori, Astronomical Hon Dori, Astronomical Train Dori, Astronomical G3 (Sennichiro D), Nigiwai Dori, Haikara Dori, Nakamachi Core Mall, Nakamachi Hondori, Nakamachi Berg, Piramor (Tenjin Otsukiya Store) (Town), Kinsei-dori, barn-dori
    • the mall
      Ten Park Dori, Gonza Dori, Shichimi Koji Dori, Sepia Dori, Gourmet Dori, Otsukiya Higashi Dori, Tenmonkan XNUMX-chome Shopping Street,Gofuku TownStreet
    • Red light district
      Bunka Dori, Nakamachi Betsuin Dori, Nakamachi Naka Dori, Nakamachi Midosuji Dori, Ginza Dori, Prince Matsuyama Dori, Funazucho Dori, Matsubara Hondori, Tenmonkan Bunka Dori, Hagiwara Dori, Nihonmatsubaba Dori, Yamanoguchicho Nakadori (aka cat shit) Alley[39])・Yamanoguchi Hondori・Fujikanbashi Dori・Hinoguchi Hondori・Yamanoguchi Train Dori・Takami Baba Dori・Yamanoguchi Hondori・Nikado Dori

Kagoshima Chuo Station area

Kagoshima Chuo StationA commercial district that spreads out in a radial fashion. Most of them were developed from the open-air market in front of the station and the shopping streets on the approach to the shrine. If anything, there are many stores that are strong in ordinary goods and clothing. Recently,Kyushu ShinkansenIt has undergone a major transformation due to the integrated development of infrastructure and access including station facilities and the largest large-scale commercial facility in the prefecture, which has been greatly affected by various redevelopment plans in the surrounding area. It consists of the following shopping streets, facilities and streets.
  • Main shopping street
    Central Station Ichibangai Arcade (Ido), Bell Street, Bunka Street, Miyako Street, Miyata Street, Nishida XNUMX-chome Kogane Street, Kogane Street, Nishi-Ginza Street, Ichijo Street, Chuoekimae Main Street, Nishida Street, Chuomachi Hon-dori, Akebono-dori, Konan Hon-dori, Elephant's Hana-dori, Chuo Ekimae Morning Market Dori
  • Main commercial facilities -Centered around Kagoshima Chuo Station, all connected public underground passages (Tsubame Road) are connected.
    Amu Plaza Kagoshima(Nuclear store:Tokyu Hands)・Ekimachi 1-chome Kagoshima(Nuclear store:Bic camera)・Canceville (AEON Kagoshima Chuo) ・Kagoshima Central Terminal Building (Opened in April 2012) ・Kagoma Furusato Yatai Village (Opened in April 4)

Kamimachi district

JRKagoshima StationThe area around the northeast of is commonly known locally,KamimachiCall it (Kanmachi). Derived from the wholesale commercial district of Tateba, a long-established commercial area with over 500 years of history, and remote islands and the Osumi Peninsula.Ogawa Town-Yakui TownIt consists of shopping streets such as (Easy Butterfly). In a large commercial facility, there is Urban Port 1990, which was completed in the early 21s by redevelopment. In some cases, the neighborhood also includes restaurants near the city hall such as "Meishanbori," which is also included in the area. In the port redevelopment area of ​​Kagoshima Main PortNHK Kagoshima Broadcasting StationIf the new Kaikan (completed in December 2006) is completed and there is a flow of people with Dolphin Port, there is a possibility that new developments are expected in the future.
  • Main commercial facilities and shopping streets
    Dolphin port, Kibabadori Shopping Street, Ogawamachi Shopping Street, Yasuimachi Shopping Street, Namerikawa Morning Market, Meiyamabori Dining Area

Kamoike district

  • Yojirogahama area
    Yojiro1 and 2 chomeTempozan TownOriginally it was a tidal flat that was used for salt fields, but Tempozan Town was established in the 1930s.NHK Kagoshima Broadcasting StationOpening of theKagoshima Fisheries College(CurrentKagoshima UniversityFaculty of Fisheries) Will open the city. The Yojirogahama area1972 OfNational body of the sunAlthough it was a landfill area for the construction of a sports facility, the population of residents was close to zero until very recently because the regulations of the tourist area were enacted. However, recently after the ordinance was liftedKyushu Electric PowerKagoshima Building,Minami Nihon ShimbunThe hall is also changing its appearance due to the relocation of high-rise buildings and the increase in large-scale condominiums centered on capital outside the prefecture. October 2006,Frespo Jungle Park SC(TOHO Cinemas,HandaHave moved in).
  • Kishaba area
    Arata1-2 chome andShimodarata1 to 4 andKamiarata TownCommon name for nearby shops. Originally developed from the student district around Kagoshima University, there are now a mixture of dining restaurants, hobby specialty stores, discount stores, large food supermarkets, pachinko parlors, high-rise condominiums, etc., centering on a restaurant district for students.Mos Burger-Ringer hatSince the first Kagoshima store was opened in this area in the early 1980s, industries that are targeting a customer base for young people will definitely open stores in this area.
  • Korimoto/Usuki area
    Gungen2-chome,Kamoike1-2 chome,Kamoike Shinmachi,Masago Town,Masago Honmachi,Motomachi, Higashi-gun,UjukuRefers to the area around 1 and 2 chome. Kamoike Shinmachi is the former site of the former Kagoshima Airport, and in the mid-1970sJapan Housing CorporationOpened the Kamoike New Town. At the same time, I went to Kagoshima Shoppers Plaza (Daiei Kagoshima store at the timeAEON Kagoshima Kamoike) Was opened, and commercialization of the land has progressed. The neighboring cavalry area and Yojiro area interact with each other. Kagoshima Tokyu Hotel opened in 1983, a new area with a short history, JA Kagoshima Keizai Keiren Co., Ltd. relocated in 1985, and in 1992 the Kagoshima Daini Joint Office where the 1990th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters, Kagoshima Local Meteorological Observatory, etc. will reside Government building completed, in the late XNUMXsKagoshima Prefectural Office-Kagoshima Prefectural PoliceHeadquartersKagoshima Prefectural AssemblyThe Parliament building continues to grow as it moves and ages. In the area, you can take the Tarumi Ferry terminal or tramGungenTrain stopIbusuki Makurazaki LineJR that can be transferred to and from the tramMinamikagoshima StationThere are many important public transportation points. However, the main road is one of the places where the above-mentioned traffic congestion is severe, centering on the main road that runs north-south (National Route 225Industrial roadBecause there is a branch point).

Taniyama District (South Kagoshima City)

Headquartered company


  • Taniyama fishing port


Sports team


Sister city/friendship city


Partner city


4 cities and sister cities/friendship cities[47].

sister city
Friendship city
Partnership agreement
Streets with names of sister cities



University (installer)

National university
private university
Open University

Junior college


Public high school


Private school (primary and secondary)

Public middle and high school

National elementary and junior high schools

Public junior high school

38 schools

Public elementary school

79 schools

Special school

Facilities other than school education

Vocational training facility

post office

Collection and delivery post office

Non-delivery post office

70 innings

  • Ishiki Post Office
  • Kagoshima Ohirata Post Office
  • Kagoshima Ishikidai Post Office
  • Kagoshima Ujuku San Post Office
  • Kagoshima Eikichi Post Office
  • Kagoshima Shimo-Ishiki Post Office
  • Kagoshima Nittendaira Post Office
  • Kagoshima Shimo-Arataichi Post Office
  • Kagoshima Shimo-Arata Four Post Office
  • Kagoshima Shimoda Post Office
  • Sakanoue Post Office
  • Kagoshima Shimofukumoto Post Office
  • Kagoshima Kajiyacho Post Office
  • Kagoshima Kamoike Post Office
  • Kagoshima Prefectural Office Post Office
  • Sezekushi Post Office
  • Ikumi Post Office
  • Maenohama Post Office
  • Kagoshima Yoshino Post Office
  • Kagoshima Ibuya Post Office
  • Kagoshima Tamazori housing complex post office
  • Kagoshima Hara Post Office
  • Kagoshima Kotsu Post Office
  • Kagoshima Hokutokuji Post Office
  • Kagoshima Arataichi Post Office
  • Kagoshima Arata XNUMX Post Office
  • Kagoshima Sakamoto Post Office
  • Kagoshima Sakuragaoka Post Office
  • Futamata Post Office
  • Kagoshima Sanwa Post Office
  • Kagoshima Yamanoguchi Post Office
  • Kagoshima Shigenichi Post Office
  • Kagoshima Shibara Go Post Office
  • Kagoshima Kasuga Post Office
  • Kagoshima Sasanuki Post Office
  • Kagoshima Midorigaoka housing complex post office
  • Kagoshima Kiyomi Post Office
  • Kagoshima Ogawa Post Office
  • Kagoshima Matsubara Post Office
  • Matsumoto Station Post Office
  • Kagoshima Kaminoen Post Office
  • Taniyama Kamifukumoto Post Office
  • Kagoshima Josai Post Office
  • Kagoshima Masago Honmachi Post Office
  • Kagoshima Seigamine Post Office
  • Kagoshima Nishi Ishiki San Post Office
  • Yoshida foot post office
  • Kagoshima Nishida Post Office
  • Kagoshima Seiryo Post Office
  • Kagoshima Saigo housing complex post office
  • Kagoshima Kawakami Post Office
  • Kagoshima Somuta Post Office
  • Hirakawa Post Office
  • Kagoshima Meiwa Post Office
  • Kagoshima Daikoku Post Office
  • Kagoshima Daimeioka Post Office
  • Kagoshima Dairyu Post Office
  • Kagoshima Jigeiji Post Office
  • Kagoshima Ikenoue Post Office
  • Kagoshima Nakashu Post Office
  • Kagoshima Yamada Post Office
  • Kagoshima Tagami Post Office
  • Kagoshima Karato Minato Post Office
  • Kagoshima Higashi Sengoku Post Office
  • Tomata Post Office
  • Kagoshima Minami-gun Former Post Office
  • Kagoshima Nanrinji Post Office
  • Takeshi Kagoshima Post Office
  • Kagoshima Takeoka housing complex post office
  • Takeoka Highland Post Office

Simple post office

32 innings

  • Wholesale Honmachi Simple Post Office
  • Sishan Post Office
  • Mukaihara Simple Post Office
  • Hanao Simple Post Office
  • Kagoshima Hanano Simple Post Office
  • Ichikura Simple Post Office
  • Nakamei Simple Post Office
  • Kagoshima Shichisha Simple Post Office
  • Kagoshima Kinkodai Simple Post Office
  • Satodake Post Office
  • Inuzako Post Office
  • Goka Beppu Simple Post Office
  • Kagoshima University School of Medicine Simple Post Office
  • Four yuan simple post office
  • Kagoshima Jiyugaoka Simple Post Office
  • Kagoshima Oyamada Simple Post Office
  • Ono Simple Post Office
  • Shiroyama simple post office
  • Okanohara Post Office
  • Ishiya Simple Post Office
  • Millennium housing complex post office
  • Kagoshima Taniyama Port Simple Post Office
  • Ozono Post Office
  • Naoki Simple Post Office
  • Ominebashi Simple Post Office
  • Hiroki Simple Post Office
  • Tokai Town Simple Post Office
  • New post simple post office
  • Hamahirakawa Simple Post Office
  • Ohara Simple Post Office
  • Yoshida Mureoka Simple Post Office
  • Wada Simple Post Office

Financial institution





In Kagoshima City, the railroads and roads that continue from the Honshu area have ended, and general transportation at the southern end of Kyushu begins to the Amami/Okinawa route.TerminalIt has developed as the largest transportation hub in the prefecture in modern times. From these backgrounds,HonshuNorthernmostAomoriOften compared with. EspeciallyKagoshima PortSakurajima, Osumi Peninsula, remote islands within the prefecture andOkinawaThese are the cornerstones of the shipping routes, and these are the factors that enhance and develop the city's stronghold.


Railway line

  • Central station:Kagoshima Chuo Station
Kyushu passenger railway(JR Kyushu)
Japan Freight Railway(JR Freight)
Kagoshima City Transportation Bureau(Kagoshima City Tram)


Community bus

  • Kagoshima City Community Bus
    • あいばす - 2008年10月21日から吉野地域・谷山地域・喜入地域の3地域7路線で運行開始し、その後2010年10月1日にこれまで運行されていた郡山元気バス、松元ひゃくえんバス、吉田地域巡回バス、谷山さんぽバスを廃止しそれらの路線のあいばすへの置き換え及び伊敷地域への路線新設等を行い、2011年現在は吉野地域(2路線)、谷山地域(1路線)、喜入地域(4路線)、伊敷東部地域(3路線)、伊敷西部地域(4路線)、谷山北部地域(4路線)、谷山南部地域(3路線)、吉田地域(2路線)、松元地域(3路線)、郡山地域(2路線)の10地域28路線が運行されている。(運行委託:吉野地域・伊敷東部地域・吉田地域・松元地域=Tropical transportation/ Taniyama area, Kiiri area, northern Taniyama area, southern Taniyama area =Kagoshima Transportation/ Western Ishiki area =Iwasaki Bus Network/ Koriyama area =JR Kyushu Bus).
    • Abolished route alternative bus-Kagoshima Kotsu Hayashida Bus (now Iwasaki bus network) to take over some of the abandoned route.

Express Bus

The following routes are operating as high-speed buses connecting Kagoshima City and other areas. Main terminals are Kagoshima Chuo Station and the front of the stationKagoshima Central Terminal, Tenmonkan, Kagoshima Main Port high-speed ship terminal, etc. (departure point depends on the route).

In the past, many night express buses connecting to the Honshu area were operated, but all were closed until 2016, and all night express buses to/from Kagoshima operating on Kyushu Island were also closed by 2020. It is only a daytime route to major cities in the island and other cities in Kagoshima prefecture.


Street in Kagoshima citySee also

High standard highway

Pass through Kagoshima CityHigh standard highwayOut ofHighway national roadIt is,Kyushu Transit Expressway Kagoshima Line(Business route name:Kyushu Expressway)as well as,Higashikyushu ExpresswayThere are bothCabinet Order Designating Routes on ExpresswaysHas designated Kagoshima City as the end point,National Development Trunk ExpresswayKagoshima City is the southernmost point of the end.Higashikyushu Expressway TheAira OfKajiki JCTThe section from to Kagoshima IC overlaps with the Kyushu Expressway.

High-standard trunk roads designated by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (motorways for general national roads) TheSouth Kyushu Westward Expressway(Kagoshima Road).

Regional high standard road

toll road

General national road

Prefectural road

List of prefectural roads in KagoshimaSee

Road Station


  • Kagoshima Port: The port has a history of about 650 years and consists of seven Minato Wards in the area of ​​about 20km north and south. It is the largest port area in southern Japan where urban functions and port facilities are integrated.
  • Sakurajima Port
  • Kiiri Port:ENEOS Kiire BaseThere is.

Regular routes for passengers

Kagoshima Port Honminato
Shingo Ward, Kagoshima Port (Shinko Second Waiting Area)
Relocation to the main Minato Ward is under consideration.
Kagoshima Port Kamoike Minato Ward (aka "Kamoike Ferry Terminal")
Kagoshima Minato Taniyama Minato XNUMX Wards (Nanashima Island Area)
  • Kagoshima Merchant Marine: “Haibisukasu”


Sights and historic sites

Kagoshima Castle
Shimazu77 stone residences, also known as "Tsurumaru Castle". In the buildingCastle towerThere was no. Currently, part of the stone wall and moat remains[55].
Sengokuen(Iso Garden)
In the Meiji era, it was the main residence of the Shimazu family,SakurajimaIt is a "rental landscape garden" that incorporates a part of the garden.1958 (Showa 33)Scenic spotSpecified in[56].
Shoko Building
Satsuei WarlaterAssembly building businessJapan's first western style stone building built in. At the timeAquaculture industryThere are many materials and exhibition materials of Mr. Shimazu 800 years.Meiji Japan's Industrial Revolution Heritage Steel & Steelmaking, Shipbuilding, Coal IndustryIt is a part of the component assets of.
Ijinkan(Former Kagoshima Spinning Center Technician Hall)
It was built as a lodging for foreign engineers during the Satsuma domain.1959 (Showa 34)Historic siteDesignated as a building in 1962Important cultural propertySpecified in[57].
Terukuni Shrine
The name of the Satsuma DomainShimadzuIs enshrined[58].
Nansu Shrine
Shimoryu-cho.Saigo Takamoriother,Southwest WarThe dead of war are enshrined[59].
Hanao Shrine
Hanao.. Tango station is enshrined[60].
Shiroyama Park
At the top is an observatory, and along the way there are historical sites such as "Saigo Cave" where Takamori Saigo spent the last days before the end of the Civil War. For many years, Shiroyama has been a sacred place in the local area, and except for a part of it, there was no human intervention, so it is the only place in Kagoshima City.Native forestA lot of untouched nature remains.
Private schoolTrace
On the existing masonry outer wallSouthwest WarMany lively bullet holes are seen during the total attack on Shiroyama. The site isNational Hospital Organization Kagoshima Medical CenterIs used as.
Group of young Satsuma
A bronze statue celebrating the courage and achievements of the young Satsuma clan warriors who stole into England at the end of the Edo period. JRKagoshima Chuo StationIt is built in the front square.
Saigo TakamoriBronze statue
City MuseumNearNational Route 10Along the way.Army generalDressed up.
Toshimichi OkuboBronze statue
Along the Koto RiverTakami BridgeIt is at the foot of (near Kagoshima Chuo Station).
Tomoatsu GodaiBronze statue
At the Satsuma domain at the end of the Edo periodOsakaChamber of commerceFirst generationPresident.. Asahi street,National Route 58A corner of Izumi Park is built.
Kiyoren Komatsuimage
Kagoshima Prefectural Cultural Center(Takarayama Hall) Stand in front. It is said that he was a Satsuma feudal lord at the end of the Edo period and was a very calm person who was sensible and realist, which is unusual for Satsuma people. The statue is in Nijo CastleYoshiki TokugawaAgainstResignationHe seems to be pressing for signing the document.
"A memorial to inform future generations of the struggle for road network construction in the prefecture" It is located near Central Park (Ten Park) in Yamashita Town, Kagoshima City, near the starting points of National Roads 225, 3, and 10.
HirataBronze statue
The tragedy of the Satsuma Domain, the Edo Shogunate's life, made it difficultKiso RiverFlood control work (building a bank,Houki flood control case) Command. Along National Highway 3Hirano TownIt is built in Hirata Park. In addition, in Iwasaki Valley (Shiroyama Town)Satsuma Yoshishi inscriptionThere are many samurai samurai who have been sacrificed, including Yasushi Hirata. The inscription of the night light of the place isHeihachiro TogoIs written as "God Relentless Demon God"
Kuniko MukadaRuins of residence
Hirano-cho. In childhoodToho LifeIt was drawn in the site of a company house at that time and in the novel "Apology to my father" at a place where I spent several years following the transfer of my father who was appointed as the president of Kagoshima branch, and the life here has a lifelong effect on my life.
Ryoma Sakamoto's honeymoon monument
YojiroIt is near Tempozan Park of Nori and Ryoma on the inscription sideOryoRelief of the trip of the island.ShinsengumiBeing chased by, he escaped to Satsuma with the support of Kiyoren Komatsu and stayed until the injury was healed. At that time, Ryoma and Koi-no-bori Ori went to several sightseeing spots in the territory of the Satsuma Domain in addition to the famous Kirishima Onsen hot spring treatment. This is "Japan's firstHoneymoonIt is said that. By the wayMt. KaimondakeAlso known as "Satsuma Fuji" was named by Ryoma at the time of Yuzan.

Leisure spot

24-hour operationSakurajima FerryYou can come and go with. Previously, there were only traces of Taisho lava and an observation deck, but in recent years, Sakurajima Rainbow Beach (artificial beach) and Dinosaur Park next to Sakurajima Port have become available for families to enjoy. In March 2006, the site of the Akamizu quarry (the site of Nagabuchi Sakurajima Concert)"Screaming Portrait"Is also completed,Go NagabuchiThe number of young people who love music, including fans, is increasing.National parkSakurajima-only for consideration of the surrounding landscape because it is inside溶岩ColoredLawson,FamilyMartThere are many tourists who can often see in the photos.
The only natural coast in Kagoshima city. Surrounded by the sea and mountains, you can hear the roar and whistle. In the summer, it is a beach bather, and other than that, it is popular with windsurfing. As a seasonal feature, it is the goal point of "Sakurajima Swim," and in winter it is also used as a place for martial arts training.
Hirakawa Zoological Park
The predecessor Kamoike Zoo1916 Opened in.1973 In Kagoshima CityHirakawa TownMoved to. Sakurajima and Kagoshima city area seen from the park are beautiful.コ ア ラHas the largest number of families in Japan and has had many successful births. The eucalyptus trees cultivated in the park serve as food for breeding and are distributed to other zoos.
Io World Kagoshima Aquarium
A symbolic building of the port on the north pier of Kagoshima main port. The building is AustraliaSydney OfOpera HouseIt is said that the image of. The theme is inshore fish around Kagoshima, which was blessed with the Kuroshio.Whale sharkHas a track record in breeding.
Dolphin port
Honko Shinmachi.. Opened in April 2005, it is the only type I large commercial facility in Japan with a total wooden two-story structure.
NHK Kagoshima Broadcasting Station
An observation lobby is located on the upper floor of the new broadcasting hall in Kagoshima Port. Antenna towerSatsuma KirikoIs imaged.
Kagoshima Port
Port townBut also in KagoshimaLandmark.. Especially, the Minato Ward was beautifully maintained by redevelopment in the late 1990s.
Umizuri Park
Kamoike ShinmachiIt is in. You can enjoy sea fishing like a fishing pond at a reasonable price. Since Kagoshima Bay is deep, it is a treasure trove of inshore fish, and it is possible to catch various fish depending on the season.
Kagoshima City Museum of Art
YamashitaThere is a Saigo statue along National Route 10. It is one of the oldest public museums in local cities.Kiyoki KurodaIn addition to the permanent exhibition of painters from local communities such asNika ExhibitionIt will also be a venue.
Amu Plaza Kagoshima
A commercial complex of JR Kagoshima Chuo Station Building. A place where you can see, buy, taste, play, enjoy, and enjoy Kagoshima, such as cinecon and Ferris wheel "Amulan".
Tenmonkan Mujaki
The main store in the Tenmonkan G3 arcadeThe originator of the famous shaved ice with fruitShirokumaIt is the birthplace of the store, and you can take out all year round. The white bear at the entrance is popular with tourists.
Kagoshima TramAnd lawn orbit
A moving tourist spot. 170 yen for all sections. Since 2006, work has been done to green the trackbed with grass.
It is located on the site of the main building of Kagoshima Castle. The exhibits show the nature and history of Kagoshima Prefecture from ancient times to the present day, and the cultural customs.
Riverside bank
Hirata BridgeFrom the riverside to the Tempozan Bridge, the riverbank is a green area,Saigo Takamori,Toshimichi OkuboAnd many moreMeiji RestorationAn area where the birthplaces of influential players are concentrated.
Museum of the Meiji Restoration
Kagoshima Chuo StationWalking distance fromRiverside bankIt is a museum centered around the achievements and life of the protagonists of the Meiji Restoration from the local area.
Ibusuki Makurazaki Line-Namami StationGet off at. It is speculated that the place will be the northern limit where it grows naturally. Locals don't know much about it either, so it's better to check the location in advance before visiting.Kagoshima BaySee).
Kagoshima Environmental Miraikan
Public facilities that promote public relations activities for citizens and citizens.

Historical and academic buildings

YamagatayaKagoshima Main Store[61]
In the Taisho eraKobeThe first modern reinforced concrete construction completed in the westDepartment store.
Shimizu Town. Owned but originallyShimazu familyIt was one of the villas. Kagoshima Bay and Sakurajima, with beautiful views of the Japanese garden and pond, are wonderful. Buildings and gardens have a historical and folklore value as one. It was one of the assets of the Shimazu family that became a family after the Meiji Restoration, but after the war, it was known inside and outside the prefecture as a culinary inn "Shigetomiso" famous for hunting ground ware, and often used as a place for celebrity dining It has been.
Gion Nozu
Gion Nosu Town.Satsuei WarIt was reclaimed for the turret installation at the timeDaiba.
Ishibashi Memorial Park
Hamacho.. It was once over the Koto RiverGoishibashiOf these, three, including Nishidabashi, have been relocated and preserved.
New wharf
A stone masonry breakwater built at the end of the Satsuma domainSakurajima FerryIt exists on the street near the terminal.
Kagoshima PortWarehouse group
It is often found in the area behind the north wharf in Honminato. Early 20th century1906 -1925 Gray that was built aroundgraniteThis type of stone is rarely seen except in Kagoshima. Currently, it is used in stores, but some of them are still active.
Hosangyo Head Office
Izumi TownIt is still used as a company building by a shipping company near the North Wharf in Minato Ward. It is a modern and tasteful building with an eclectic concrete eclectic structure in which the tile roofs of the dormitories were covered with stones from the end of the Taisho era to the beginning of the Showa era.
Archeological museum
Terukuni ShrineNear the end of the 19th century (1883 ) A building that is valuable in terms of architectural history. As of January 2008, you cannot enter inside the building.
Kagoshima BankAnnex
It is on the back side of the current head office, directly opposite Yamagataya.Reinforced concreteConstruction, completed in 1918, the first year of the Showa era.
South Japan BankHead office
Along Yamashita Town's train,1935 (Showa 10) It is the first modern reinforced concrete office building in Kagoshima prefecture, which was completed.Registered tangible cultural propertyRegistered in. The exterior design features curves and streamlines that were popular at the time, and features a beautiful feminine form overall. Although some of the upper floors were expanded in later years, it seems that even without that, it was one of the largest bank headquarters in Kyushu at that time.
Kagoshima City Hall Main Building
Early Showa period1937 Design supervision with completed reinforced concrete constructionHouses of ParliamentWas in charge ofMinistry of FinanceAdministration Department, Management and Administration Bureau. The architectural style isHibiya Public Hall, JGSDF Ichigaya Auditorium (existing), University of TokyoYasuda AuditoriumThere are many things in common with. The feature is that the back (mountain side) of the building can be said to have a polite makeup finish as well as the front, which is extremely unusual in the buildings at that time.
Terukuni ShrineOtorii
At the beginning of the Showa era, it was a valuable historical material as it was a large-scale reinforced concrete structure at that time.
Prefectural Museum
Near Terukuni Shrine,1927 The first reinforced concrete construction in Kyushu in (Showa 2)Central LibraryBuilt as. While it has a streamlined feminine appearance, the stucco pattern on the concrete inner wall is also impressive.
Prefectural Government Memorial Hall
Nagata TownIt is located in the former Kagoshima Prefectural Government Office near the entrance of the prefectural interchange center.Meiji EraA building that was relocated and preserved from a part of the former Kagoshima Prefectural Government Office Main Building that was built at the end.
Central public hall
Near the Saigo statue in Yamashita. At the time of completion, it was the Kagoshima City Public Hall. The designer is a famous architect of the Meiji eraKinno Hinoso,1927 Was built in. Even now, he is still active.
Prefectural Education Center
It is located in a corner of Yamashita Town's Central Park (commonly known as Ten Park). It is said that the architectural design and interior finishing of the reinforced concrete structure at the beginning of the Showa era were completed.
Kagoshima Prefectural Konan High SchoolSchool building
Near Kagoshima Chuo Station, reinforced concrete construction. It uses a lot of smart streamlined shapes that were popular at the time and still has a fresh design. The interior is still being refurbished and used.2007 In JulyRegistered tangible cultural propertyRegistered in.
Kagoshima Prefectural Kagoshima Central High SchoolSchool building
TramKajiyacho stopnear,Former Kagoshima ichikoCompleted as a school building at the same time as Konan High School. The finish of the entrance, which uses a lot of arch-shaped openings, is artistic and beautiful. In July 2007, together with Konan High School,Registered tangible cultural propertyRegistered in.
Kagoshima Prefectural Kagoshima Technical High School"Large chimney"
KagoshimaKusmuta TownIt is located in the school grounds.1920 Both the chimney part and the pedestal part completed in are filled with refractory bricks.
Nippon Gas Headquarters
1931 Completed reinforced concrete construction. Head office building of Kagoshima city gas supplier along Naples Street in front of Kagoshima Chuo Station. It's hard to see because it's pulled in a little from the road.
Signal tower
At the corner of the Takami Baba intersection, a strange reinforced concrete construction lookout tower was built in the 20's at a manual signal station exclusively for the Kagoshima City Tram. You can also manually switch the rail points. It seems that people were stationed for about 10 years after the completion. Currently emergency equipment.
Saigo mansion
It is near the beach.Saigo TakamoriIs said to have been used during the huntThatched roofA wooden Japanese house with a roof. I can’t go in,BakumatsuThe characteristics of the average private house in Southern Kyushu from the XNUMXs to the Meiji era are often seen,folkloreIt is also worthy of evaluation as a scientific material.
Kagoshima Xavier Church
Higashisengoku Town.. Although it does not correspond to a historic building, it is in the style of modern architecture, which is rarely found in Catholic churches and is left in concrete.1999 Was newly built in. Due to its innovative design and excellent functional beauty, the architectural magazine "New building』Was introduced in the gravure feature.

Gourmet spot

The largest entertainment district and entertainment district in southern Kyushu. "Cultural street" with a strong red-light district, the neighborhood of Yamanoguchi town, and "Nanami-koji" in Higashisengoku town

On "Gourmet Street", there are many famous shops such as long-established stores of traditional Satsuma cuisine.

"Small diameter of Kagoshima taste"
Located on the first basement floor of AMU PLAZA Kagoshima at Kagoshima Chuo Station, this restaurant district is centered around local specialties.Kagoshima ramenAnd original icepolar bearAnd so on.
YamagatayaLarge dining room[61]
Located on the top XNUMXth floorSakurajimaYou can enjoy various meals while enjoying the view through the window. NagasakiPlate udonWind styleYakisobaIs a popular menu that has remained unchanged for over 50 years, with most of the customers ordering it. Summer nights are extraordinary and coolBeer hallIt is also open for business and is also very popular.
Meiyamabori restaurant
Although it is a nostalgic bar area in the downtown area near the city hall, there are many celebrity celebrity stealers who come to see many authentic taste shops.
Riding range
Kagoshima UniversityNearby restaurants. There are many restaurants that are deep but delicious.
Morning market
This is a hidden spot where you can enjoy delicious B-class local food at a cheap price at the dining room and open air in the market, where you can get all the fresh ingredients from the south.Kagoshima Chuo StationNear Nishi Station Morning Market and the North Pier at Kagoshima Port, near Kagoshima StationOgawa TownThere is the Namekawa Morning Market.
Jambo Mochiya
SengokuenThere is a teahouse inside and a hot road along National Highway No. 10 IsogaidoRyobo MochiYou can taste tea. "Nakagawa Family" is a famous long-established movie "The man is painful] Also appeared.Kiyoshi AtsumiSeems to have liked even after leaving the role. The "Hirata family"Go NagabuchiIt is also my favorite store.

Hot spring spot

Furusato Onsen
Furusato-cho. Located in Sakurajima,1779 Erupted by the Yasunaga Great Eruption.
public bathhouse
It is not a tourist spot scattered around the city, but a convenient spot to heal your tiredness. Almost all the hot springs are drawn and the entrance fee is cheap, and most hot springs cost 360 yen (as of 2009). There are many places that are difficult to understand, but details are provided at the tourist information center at Kagoshima Chuo Station.

Observation/Drive/Walking spots

Shiroyama Park
Shiroyama Town.. A classic observatory in Kagoshima City.
Minato Odori Park
From the front of Kagoshima City Hall to Kagoshima Port, the central green belt of the main street is like a walking path, and Moore's abstract sculpture is a landmark. The illumination at night is very beautiful and has been selected as one of the 100 best roads in Japan. It is also a date spot and a path to get drunk and wake up in the nearby Meishanbori restaurant.
Tagayama Park
Shimizu Town.Kagoshima StationThe view from the top is good on the back mountain.Heihachiro TogoThere is a bronze statue of the Marshal.
Nagashima Museum
Take XNUMX-chome.. 5 minutes by car from the west exit of Kagoshima Chuo Station. The garden of the museum is also famous as an observatory overlooking the city recently. In the gardenSubtropicalIt is also the northern limit where plants grow naturally.
Kagoshima Prefectural Office Observatory
Kamoikeshinmachi. You can overlook Sakurajima, Kagoshima Bay, and Osumi Peninsula. Far away on sunny and clear air days in winterMt. KirishimaSystemMt. KaimondakeYou can also hope.
JR in Chuo-choKagoshima Chuo StationStation buildingAmu Plaza KagoshimaLarge installed on the roof ofFerris wheel.. It takes about 15 minutes to go around and the height near the summit is about 90m. Since there are two gondola that are all transparent, you can enjoy it as a moving observatory that is a bit different from the ground.
Toso Cemetery
A hidden observatory spot. You can enjoy the scenery centered on the Kamoikeshinmachi area where skyscrapers stand. The view of Sakurajima from this point is attractive and the night view is also beautiful.
History and cultural path
Kagoshima CastleNickname for the sidewalk from the front to the front of the Otorii of Terukuni Shrine. It's small, but there is a statue of Saigo along the road.City Museum,ReimeikanThere are many tourist spots such as, and historical buildings made of steel bars. The sidewalk is beautifully paved with cobblestonesGas lampAre installed at equal intervals. The total length of the gas lamp is at this stageSendai StationIt overtook the previous Fifth Avenue and became the best in Japan. Also from the Municipal Museum of ArtKagoshima Prefectural LibraryA small moat-style irrigation pond is created on the sidewalk to the sidewalk, and many Nishikigoi are released. You can also do it.
Naples Avenue, Perth Avenue, Faculty of Engineering Mae Street
A main street that represents the wide central city area with beautiful roadside trees.
Tempozan Seaside Bridge
Tempozan Town.. The view of the city and Sakurajima are beautiful.
Yojiro / Kamoikeshinmachi
A drive spot in the tropical harbor area where palm trees along the road, wide roads, and sea breeze are comfortable.
Taniyama Rinko Ohashi
Tokaicho.. You can see the city center with Kagoshima Bay and Shiroyama in the background. If you come, we recommend evening to night.
Timber harbor wharf
Tokaicho. A spacious and comfortable spot with a nice view. It is also a point where anglers gather by car at night.
National Route 226
Ibusuki OnsenThe main road to the road, the palm trees, and the sea breeze are comfortable. However, since there is no detour, there are many traffic jams on weekends, mornings and evenings, and in the rain.
Yaeyama Park
Koriyama Town.. It is the border with Satsumasendai CityIriki PassNear the top ofキャンプField. You can enjoy a different view as if you were looking at the city, which is quite high in altitude and far from the sky. Flow through the cityKoto RiverIt is close to the water source of.
Prefectural Yoshino Park
Yoshino Town.. The beautiful green belt and the magnificent view of Sakurajima from here are attractive. It is crowded with cherry blossom viewing visitors in spring.
Muregaoka Wind Farm
It is a wind farm located in the hills in the northern part of the city, which is rare in Japan and close to the city.



Famous people

(* TaiziIs the deceased)

Pre-modern people

Modern times



Army soldier
Navy soldier


Academic research






  • Shirahama Waka(Longevity Japan's No. XNUMX) * Born in the former Nishi Sakurajima Village (later Sakurajima Town)

Works set in Kagoshima City

Novel / Essay
Graphic novels / comics


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