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👶 | Butt rubbing View from Sakagami


View from butt rubbing Sakagami

If you write the contents roughly
In the Yokohama version,
Companies that can cooperate with cover photography, mothers who work individually,
Dad who wants to write daddy style,
Do you know this information?

I was driving just behind Nogeyama Zoo.If you make a mistake and look for a big road, you will find yourself in a great place ... → Continue reading

 Mom industry newspaper

Really communicate casual life with children. Mother's University is a place to learn the mother's heart. The campus is home and the teacher is a child. I am learning to hold my own pen and use the text “Mom Industry Newspaper” as a text. Approximately 500 "mother reporters" nationwide send. "A certain article," in which the discoveries and emotions of child-raising, as well as worries and anxieties are spelled, creates a sense of sympathy and creates a connection with mothers.

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